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You've found your way to the archive of (many of) the Firelizards of PernMUSH (NC). These pages are a personal labour of love - or a genealogist's nightmare - and would not be what they are today withoout the painstaking patience of so many players on PernMUSH (NC), and their willingness to freely give me any and all information they have for those little creatures that have overrun the game (more credits follow!) You can find out more information about PernMUSH at the website here, or telnet to pern.mccr.org:4201.

First the small print: Pern and the Dragonriders of Pern are registered trademarks of Anne McCaffrey c. 1967 etc.
These pages are in no way intended to infringe on her legal/personal/intellectual rights and are merely a reflection of the admiration many people share for her work.

Then we can plow on to the real information:

Please be advised that these pages are constantly under review and may be subject to change at any given moment. Some links may be broken as a consequence, or may mysteriously start working overnight. We apologise in advance for any difficulties in navigating these pages.

For Individual Name entries (listed by firelizard name) please click on the alphabetical links listed below:


(Latest updates: November 2005)

or if you wish to find the outcome of a particular Clutching (where known), head to the Beaches.

Logs will soon be forthcoming in the Hatchery, but meanwhile some history of the Original Database can be found here,
and also a listing of Firelizard Names as found in Anne's DragonRiders of Pern Series. A Selection of Links can also be found here.

And if what you're looking for isn't in the main pages, head over to the Unknown and Unnamed Firelizard Nexus.

Please send your UPDATESto [email protected] via +mail; or email Selandra (additional information can be found behind the update link)

Now the Important bit, roll the CREDITS!

Thankyou people, I could not have done so much without you all!

The list of people I have to thank has grown exponentially as the DB expands, so this goes out to all of you who've offered your help,
your time, or your ears at one point or another. And last but not least, all those of you who kept 'trivial' information long after it's use by date.
I could not have done so much without your amazing help Thank you! Many of your names have been recorded within these mini-annals of PernMUSH history. I would however like to point out a few special thanks:

To Kassima - For staying sane through 60 odd 'lizards and a hundred requests from me.
To Roanne for your gracious help and painstaking work and help in tracing the old db
To Katany - For your wonderful offers of Help with the old firelizard db.
To Talea - for maintaining the old db in the first place - before it got too big.
To C'trel and Jellan for their help in tracing the old fldb as well
And lastly to S'rist - a truly amazing (and patient) person!

To Kassima and Rulana for their tireless hunts for firelizard information and logs

To the lovely people who helped me host on other websites before 'yahoo ate my homework' (ahm homepage rather).
and more recently for Anlin and Kahalla's players for offering to host the database.

An especial thanks to Kassima, Kindre and Meli @NC for their fantastic multicoloured dragon-bar graphics
To [email protected] for his coloured bullets (blue, green, brown and bronze) and permission to use these.
And one last mention for the neat letter gifs that were last seen hosted at http://www.dragon.ctrl-c.liu.se/ which had one of the best dragon art archives I've ever seen.

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