If I Could Melt Your Heart


By: Scarlet Crimson

Title: If I Could Melt Your Heart

Status: Multi-Chapter Fan Fiction

Rating: NC-17

From: Dragon Ball Z

Warnings: Yaoi, male X male relationships! Angst, lemon, AH/AU, monkey tails

Pairing: Gohan X Vegeta, as strange as it may seem this will make more sense as you read it!

Summary: Gohan has some family problems and needs a place to stay while his parents are trying to solve the flaws in their relationship. The Briefs take Gohan and his brother Goten in during the whole situation. Gohan soon realized that there is more to Vegeta than he lets the others know and he wants to find out what that may be.

Author’s Note: I ‘m so happy! I just love this pair! I just adore Gohan…I’m rambling I’m so sorry >.< My bad. I know I haven been around FF.net for a while…sorry. But I’ve been busy with…other things. Happy Readings!


"Out! Now!"

"But ChiChi, I live here too…"

"No, not any more you don’t!"

"But, ChiChi!"

"Get out of my house now! I am so tired of all this! All you ever do is spar and train with my boys and that damned Vegeta! Why don’t you ever help around the house, huh?"

"I’m sorry ChiChi, I’ll try better to be more of a help, I promise…"

"Goku!" SLAM! Gohan couldn’t take it anymore. For weeks, no, months those two had been at it. Gohan couldn’t even get an ounce of his desperately needed sleep because of their rambling. He really didn’t know whose side he should be on so he was stuck uncomfortably on neutral territory, it was the same as well in Goten’s case. Gohan had just turned 18 about a week ago and neither of his parents knew or even cared anymore. Goku was always sulking out somewhere in the forest and his mother was constantly ranting and raving at the two boys to either clean or study. Luckily, Gohan would start college in the fall so he could finally get away from it…for a few hours of the day anyway. Unfortunately, the fall was quite a ways away so that would be a while.

Gohan flopped down on his bed with a loud thump. As Gohan was beginning to fall asleep he heard a slight sniffling noise. He shifted on his bed so he could get a decent viewpoint of the entire room. Over in the dark corner of the room he saw small feet quickly get pulling back to it’s owner.

"Goten?" No reply, just more sniffling. Instead of calling out for his brother again, Gohan pushed himself off the bed and over to the young child and lifted him into his arms then sat back down on the bunk. Goten made no struggle to get away but continued to quietly cry. Gohan raised his right arm and began to gently stroke his brother’s back until he stopped the tears. Goten was leaning up against his older brother’s chest and let out a deep sigh.

"Gohan…I don’t like this, they shouldn’t be fighting…" Gohan lifted his brother up off his lap to sit on the bed with him.

"They just need to sort things out, Goten. I’m sure everything will be fine sooner or later."

"But Gohan, they shouldn’t be fighting at all! They should just talk it out or something like Mom makes us do." Gohan didn’t quite know what to say or what to do. He was stuck in the middle of something that he could get out of so easily.

"Goten, I’m sorry, but I really don’t know how to handle this." So the boys just sat there together until they heard the yelling and fighting drop to lower levels of just plain conversation. After about an hour and a half, the two emerged from their bedroom and sat down beside their not so loving parents.

"Boys, your father and I have a few problems that we need to sort out," Gohan rolled his eyes thinking ‘What else is new?’, "and we need to do this alone, without you children to be around to get involved. We’re sorry you were put on the spot like this so…we are sending you to the Brief’s home until we have figured things out between you’re father and myself. I hope you two don’t mind. We only want the best for you two." Gohan studied his parent’s faces. ChiChi was always the better of the two at hiding their emotions, but you could tell that she was emotionally hurt inside. His dad only other hand, he looked like shit. His hair was a mess, his eyes were red, filled with unshed tears, and he had a blank expression, but his eyes revealed all. Sadness, fear, hope; it was all there and Gohan felt a stab in the heart every time he looked up into those ebony depths. This is what must be done, thought Gohan, even if it doesn’t work out, this is for the best.

So ChiChi helped the boys gather their belongings, called Vegeta to tell them that they would arrive shortly, and sent the boys on their way after their good-byes. Not once did Gohan look back, he couldn’t. Somethings are better left untouched, and unseen.

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