If I Could Melt Your Heart

Chapter One: Hybrid Refuge

By: Scarlet Crimson

Title: If I Could Melt Your Heart

Status: Multi-Chapter Fan Fiction

Rating: NC-17

From: Dragon Ball Z

Warnings: Yaoi, male X male relationships! Angst, lemon, AH/AU, monkey tails

Pairing: Gohan X Vegeta, as strange as it may seem this will make more sense as you read it!

Summary: Gohan has some family problems and needs a place to stay while his parents are trying to solve the flaws in their relationship. The Briefs take Gohan and his brother Goten in during the whole situation. Gohan soon realized that there is more to Vegeta than he lets the others know and he wants to find out what that may be.

Authorís Note: I Ďm so happy! I just love this pair! I just adore GohanÖIím rambling Iím so sorry >.< My bad. I know I haven been around FF.net for a whileÖsorry. But Iíve been busy withÖother things. Happy Readings!


Vegeta stood still, staring at the white powder substance that had formed on the ground over the past few days. Trunks was cheerfully running through the "filth", as Vegeta had called one winter, making snow angels and snow forts left and right, never seeming to run low of energy. ĎHeís just like his mother when it comes to these Earthling seasons and such,í sulked Vegeta.

Two years ago Bulma had been assigned a job to work on some android technology (since she was very experienced in the field) in America. On one of the heavily condensed highways in New York, there was are car chase and Bulma just so happened to make that left turn at the wrong time and her car was hit. Instant death or at least that is what the doctors had told Vegeta and his son. Trunks was clearly emotionally hurt but far too young to understand the entire concept of death. Vegeta, on the other hand, he was stung badly by the unfortunate twist of fate. He didnít show it but on the inside it was like a part of himself was stolen away with the loss of his mate. The bond the two shared hadnít been complete on Bulmaís part because she wasnít a Sayian like Vegeta. So, since the bond was uncompleted on one end, it could not exist entirely on the other, but it was still there, just not as strong as a full-fledged Sayian pair should be. Now, two years after the tragic loss, Vegeta was finally healed but of course, there would always be some pain and memories buried deep inside the princeís thoughts.

A few minutes later, a slight jet sound could be heard and two star-like twinkles could been seen from far away, a clear sign that the two cross breeds would be arriving very soon. Vegeta wasnít the only one to notice either, Trunks had sensed their powers just as soon as his father had and became very excited.

"Dad! Look itís Goten and his brother! Theyíre here! Finally, some one whoís an equal spar opponent!" Vegeta gave his trademark smirk.

"What, you canít handle your old man or do I bore you now, Prince?" Trunks laughed.

"Nope! Just like to have an equal, my-sized fighter to tag along some times! No one is better than you dad!" Vegeta smiled at his son. ĎNo matter how much his mother influenced him, he still thinks like a Sayian as far as fighting goesÖunlike that other brat, Goten I believe is what they call him. Gohan on the other handÖheís got some Sayian habits, maybe itíll take some more time for him to realize it and put it to use.í Just then, two pairs of feet landed gracefully on the ground in front of the young prince.

"Goten! Gohan! Youíre here! Yeah, alright!" Vegeta just nodded the acknowledgement and greeting to the two hybrids.

"GotenÖwhatís wrong? Arenít you glad to see me?" Goten just cast his glance towards the snow covered earth without a word to say to the other boy.

"Trunks, heís just a little upset about the reason weíre here. Give him a little time and space. Heíll come around sooner or later. Okay?" Trunks gave a cute little snobbish pout and finally said, "Okay, I guess I can do that much, but I except a good sparring match from him while heís here." Then the boy turned on his heels and ran back into the house.

"Come on Goten, letís get you set up in a guest room. Vegeta?"

"What is it now, boy?"

"Is there a certain room that you want us to stay in?"

"I donít care as long as itís far from mine." Gohan let out a quick laugh. ĎFigures,í he thought and grabbed his brotherís hand and bags then led him to their rooms to unpack.

About three hours later the two Sons had unpacked and were sitting together at the kitchen table sharing a quick snack together. Goten was still in his silent stage as he had been in earlier that day.

"Goten, talk to me, please. I know how it feels. Iím going through this too, you know. Come on, you have to talk to somebody or itís going to eat you up inside. I donít want that to happen. Do you?" Goten shook his head "no" and replied "no" to confirm it.

"IímÖI feel so bad, Gohan. Are they going to pull through? Are they going to be together like they were before or is everything going to be different?"

"I donít know, but knowing our parents, this is probably just a phase. Iím bet they, I mean, WE will make it out of it and things will return to the norm. Even if they donít Goten, I promise that nothing will change between us. I will always be here for you. I swear it. Okay?" Goten smiled his usual brilliantly warming smile and tightly hugged his brother at the waist.

"Okay! Thank you Gohan!" With that, Goten left his brother and his snack in the kitchen and ran off to find Trunks for that sparring match he promised him. Gohan just sat there in the silence. ĎGoten, your not the only one who needs a shoulder to cry onÖIím just the one who has to be strong and hide my fearsÖlike Dad did waiting for the Cell Games.í Gohan leaned forward on the wooden table and placed his head on his folded arms and allowed silent, hidden tears to gently streak down his cheeks. To tell the truth, he actually didnít think his parents would be able to work all this mess out this time. Maybe he was just losing his faith in his parents or maybe he just wasnít seeing things the way he was supposed to. He was beginning to thing that it would be the best thing for his parents to separate for a while and see how everything unfolds from there. Gohan didnít really care much anymore, he was just beginning to feel a part of him was being ripped out and tossed away like a worthless piece of trash that no one would ever take any interest in. Part of this was because he felt that his parentsí arguments were started because of him. ChiChi was always yelling at his father for training Gohan instead of studying like she had wanted him to. Even if he had been the center of their past problems, he sure wasnít there problem any longer since he was now 18.

Vegeta leaned heavily against the wall of the hallway outside the kitchen where he was watch the hybrid rest on the sturdy dinning table and stutter. He figured that the boy was crying. Normally Vegeta would storm away in disgust thinking that no grown Sayian male should ever cry like some human child but he didnít. He knew just how it felt to want to cry, to release all the pain and sorrow that was built up inside. Vegeta was torn. He was unsure of what he want to do. The young man looked like a fallen angel who was desperately seeking for help and the warm of anotherís comfort but his Sayian side wanted him to ignore the boy. Over his years on Earth, Vegeta had learned a thing or two about how to handle human emotions. He had to so he could remain with his mate but now that she was gone, Vegeta decided another person needed it more than a now non-existent lover would. Vegeta slowly and unnoticed walked behind Gohan and placed a hand on the emotionally disturbed young manís shoulder. Gohan, shocked, jumped away from the touch. "Vegeta! What...what are you doing," asked Gohan as he tried to wipe away the tears, blushing as he realized he had been caught. Vegeta grabbed the boyís hands and pushed them back down. Gohan was further shocked by this action.

"Gohan, under any other circumstances I would be disgusted at the sight of you crying but I know how it feels when losing and growing distance from a loved one. I felt the pain as well. Itís okay to be sorrowed. Listen boy, Iím not much on the subject of the human emotions so I make this quick and simple. If you need to talk, I will listen." Gohanís jaw must have hit the floor by now, or at least it seemed that way to Gohan. He had seen Vegeta do some pretty unexpected things before, like what he did after Cell shot Trunks, but this was insanely not like the Sayian prince. Vegeta slyly grinned at the eldest of the Son brothersí reaction and strolled out the room leaving a stunned Gohan.

Gohan finally got over the episode with Vegeta and went of to his room to do some thinking about the past few hours, how he was going to handle things with the Briefs family, his brother, and the daily phone calls his mother had promised to send to her sons.

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