Fact: This story is AU. Meaning, I have complete changed everything. No ki. No bad guys. Normal human beings…Well, as normal as I’m going to make them.
*snickers* The DBZ characters don’t know each other. Vegeta aint a prince. But all the characters are IC to their extent.

Well, all except Gohan, Goten, and Goku…

Hey, this is a lemon story! They are going to act a little OOC at one point!
*huffs and runs off*

Thank you: Thanks JJ for insisting I write this and then doing that yummy lemon
to get me in action. *licks lips* After this chapter, the real fun begins…

~…..~ - Flashback/past.

A light that emerged from the dark forest around it flickered continuously. A lake stood by the small cabin, where the mysterious single form of light came from, that contained the stars and moon in its shallow depths. The cabin wasn’t large, looking like it contained very little room. In the place where the light came from, a fire crackled from the fireplace, giving the living room a fiery yellow glow and shadowed the corners. Within the room paced a man with spiky black hair that reached for heaven itself. The orange glow that radiated from fire reflected upon the clean and shiny hair, giving it spikes of dark orange. The man paced within the small room, 6 paces to the fire where he would make an about-face and walk to the other end of the couch and turn around to repeat the process. Within his hand he clutched a gray small cell phone, with its antenna and speaker up and open. The guy mumbled to himself, dark black eyes glaring at everything as if the whole world was against him. Lines on his face were mostly because of the frown that seemed permanent on his face and lines under his eyes from lack of sleep.

The short man was about to sit down on the couch again when he immediately jumped back up as someone pounded on his door. Grumbling irritated he went to the door, brushing back his hair as if it was out of place, and opened it slowly. Peeking out, he at first didn’t see anyone. Blinking, he opened the door wider and poked his head out side. Turning to the side, he saw the source of the caller leaning casually by the wall next to the door. Starting from the shiny black shoes, where one foot was on one wooden step and the other on the porch, the man moved his eyes upwards. Taking in the tight leather pants the glued themselves on actually long legs; the shiny leather caught some of light in the dim forest.

Moving on, the man’s eyes actually stopped around the crotch and butt area. Though the leather covered ass was leaning against the wall, it was easily noticeable the man had a fine ass. Even the front area was nice to look at, with all the ripples of clothes that covered it. Blinking, the short man continued onwards. The knocker wore a white long shirt, tucked in lazily to the belt of the pants he wore. Over it was another large leather coat, but it looked flexible and lazy like the shirt. It caught the light just like the pants.

Finally, came the face.

The man’s eyes stopped short once again upon the lips this time. They were full and large, almost like a woman’s, and pale. Between the lips was a small cigarette, almost down to the base. The owner of the lips sucked on the cigarette nonchalant, the whiff of smoke coming from the black and red embers of the end of the cigarette, and the soft smoke being released from the mouth, made the man’s lips feel suddenly very dry. Moving up, dark eyes, as black as the other man’s, met his. Obviously, the knocker had known and let the man of the cabin inspect him over. The eyes were cool, calm, and collected. A single thick strand of hair lay in the middle of his head while the rest was upright like the still man.

The guy blinked slowly.

The whore smiled slowly, faintly, and took the cigarette out of his mouth. Soft trails of smoke leaked from the full sexy lips, the wind taking the gray fog away. A lurched feeling settled in the pit of the cabin man’s stomach.

“ Hello Vegeta,” the slut said smoothly. “ I’m Gohan. Aren’t you going to invite me in?”


Vegeta was in the living room, pacing within the living room when his eyes set upon the open cell phone in the chair across from the couch. A considering emotion spread across the scolding look of the buff small man before he grabbed the phone and stared at it in his fist.

He had built this cabin to get away from the city, the sneaky, snobby people, and from problems. But some strange reason, he didn’t want to be alone tonight. In all hard-core truth, he wanted someone to make love to.

Oh lets face it. He is a man and having had no sex from his wife in two months was driving him mad. Usually the bitch would be totally giving but suddenly she had put her foot down, and hard, and said ‘no’. No, to him! The richest man on earth…it made his blood boil at the mere thought of it. No one said ‘no’ to him. He got to have everything he ever wanted.

Growling, Vegeta began to punch in numbers on the cell. If his wife didn’t give him what he wanted, then he’d search some whore who would. Putting the speaker to his ear, a man, to Vegeta’s surprise, answered.

“ Good evening,” the soft voice said. “ Need some help?”

“ Uh, yes,” Vegeta said uncertainty.

“ How much are you willing to pay?”

“ Enough,” Vegeta answered gruffly.

“ Then I guess you want the best.” It sounded like the voice was smirking from the other line. “ I can tell by your voice.”

“ I don’t care what you can tell. Just send someone over.”

“ Of course. I’ll be right over.”

“ WHAT!? You!?”

“ Of course, baby. What, you expecting a woman to do the best job? Somebody fucking shoot me.”

“ I don’t want a fag.”

A chuckle. “ Baby, that’s too fucking bad.” A little kissing noise. “ I’ll be there in 15 minutes. Be prepared for the best fuck in your life.”


Just looking at the man, Vegeta could tell that by look wise, this man had it cover. With the lazy stance, the cool confident air around him, he was definitely a man’s man. That is, if he wasn’t gay. Or a slut.

Blinking, Vegeta realized that the whore had let himself in, pushing the owner of the house against the wall.

“ Man, you are rude,” Gohan chuckled. He traced a little finger down his cheek about the same time he shut the door with his heel. “ I like your staring though.” “ I wasn’t staring,” Vegeta growled, tilting his head away.

“ No, no, of course not,” Gohan soothed, leaning over the short man. “ I mean, that burning stare did not hover around my private area for 5 minutes. That was definitely my imagination.”

Vegeta began to feel his cheeks burn up but he refused to prove some fag slut right. He was pretty sure he did stare at that area for a little bit but he had every right to look. Gohan was a slut; he should be use to being stared at.

“ You’re right,” Vegeta hissed and pushed the hovering whore back. “ It was your imagination.”

With that, Vegeta stormed back into the living room but he felt the burning stare at his back as the harlot followed him all the way. Whirling around, Vegeta expected the whore to be right behind him, but instead the boy had stopped right in the doorway of the living room, looking at him blankly. Huffing, Vegeta sat down on the couch and glared at the slut with all his might. This seemed not to be effective to the low class tart as he continued to stare at him.

Finally, the whore spoke, “ So why’d you call me?”

Vegeta blinked, “ What?”

“ I said, why’d you call me? You had to reason to ring me up besides an idle chat.”

“ I wanted a woman,” Vegeta answered gruffly.

This seemed to make Gohan laugh, “ So you’ve never tried a man before?”

As he asked the question, the prostitute began to play with the frame of door. Vegeta specifically made sure it had been polished and waxed when made, to give it a fine smooth finish. Having a splinter on one of his important fingers was not something the rich man wanted. Vegeta’s eyes watched the boy’s long slim fingers move up and down over the surface of the expensive wood, rubbing his gently and adding small little circles from time to time.

When Vegeta hadn’t answered, Gohan continued, “ You know, I’m known for being perfect.”

“ Are you?” Vegeta asked distractedly, eyes glued to the traveling, soft fingers.

“ Oh yes,” Gohan cooed, moving close to the frame, chest pressed against it. “ I do everything right. I know exactly what you are thinking right now, Vegeta.”

“ Oh yeah?”

“ Oh yeah. By guessing that intense stare on these delicious fingers, I can guess you are wondering what beautiful tricks I have up my sleeve.”

“ Uh huh…”

“ And now you are going to awaken from this little trance, screaming your head off…” Gohan smirked as he said his words quietly.

Vegeta shouted right on cue, “ What would you know, you stupid slut? I bet-.”

Gohan moved forward quickly, stopping Vegeta’s train of thought as those sexy hips swayed and the leather caught the light. Gohan stopped right before him and leaned down, making the rich man to push back against the back of the couch. His face hovered inches above his and the scent of wooden spice wafted the stubborn man.

“ I bet,” Gohan said softly, his soft, sweet smelling breath brushing against his skin. “ That I could make your fantasy come true.”

“ My fantasies…are with woman…” Vegeta tried to tell the man.

Gohan smirked slowly, “ Then why am I still here, Vegeta?”

Slowly, the whore lowered his hot, wet lips upon the non-resisting billionaire.

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