The lips were just as they looked; soft, smooth, and totally wild to suck on. It was like candy in his mouth when Gohan entered his tongue, flicking his tongue with expert ease. Vegeta moaned against the experienced player, strong arms circling his waist and bringing him close, away from the couch. Hips pushed against hips and Vegeta immediately thought that the whore was going to grind them together like any other woman whore.

Funny thing was, they didn’t.

Instead, they were just pushed hard against each other, like their mouths. The one to push harder would win. The victor would get a kiss. Vegeta groaned. He liked this game.

Both of them huffing, their wet lips parted and each of them pushed their hips hard against each other. The boy grinned down at the billionaire…Vegeta grinned back and pushed harder, using his legs’ strength. With confident eyes, Gohan pushed back.

“Tell me your fantasy,” Gohan breathed, running a hand up the muscled side of his payer.

Vegeta didn’t have the strength to tell him to figure it out himself. Instead, he just told him.

“He always got me from behind…” With a grunt, Vegeta pushed harder. Under all this pressure from his private area, Vegeta began to feel aroused. “He was…g-gentle…”

“When did you dream of him…?” Gohan asked, beginning to lose the pushing game as he raised some in the air.

“Once a month…Always…the same…” Vegeta grunted with triumph.

“Well Vegeta…You’ll be dreaming about me tonight…”

And suddenly all the pressure against Vegeta’s hips were gone as Gohan caught up and out from either side of the rich man’s body. He moved over to the stereo quickly and turned it on.

“What the hell are you doing?” Vegeta growled, beginning to get up. But by that time, Gohan had found some hot hit station with tons of mixes and turned back to him. The heat that radiated from those eyes made Vegeta grow very still.

“Shh, Vegeta…” Gohan cooed as he stretched his arms back and the silky leather coat slipped from his body and to the floor without a sound. Reaching behind him casually, the whore turned up the music to a level that they’d be lucky to hear each other.

“Are you mad!?” Vegeta shouted, but he didn’t move from his place. The beat of the stereo vibrated the couch and its perfect tempo seemed to go with the hot mood inside the room. Slowly, the whore made his back to Vegeta and the man backed up until his back was to the arm of the couch. Gohan crawled onto it with slowness, hot eyes never leaving the proud man, whose eyes were wide with excitement. The boy crawled until his hands reached the belt of Vegeta’s pants…and began to unbutton them.

“Did the man ever say anything to you, Vegeta?” Gohan said as his pants were unbuttoned and unzipped.

“ Y-Yes…” Vegeta stuttered. Not that he was nervous or anything. “ How much… he wanted me…”

“ Mmm, good, good…” Gohan said as the pants were slowly being brought down to show the startled erection.

“ No underwear, hm, Vegeta?” Gohan teased.

“ Ah…No…” Vegeta whispered as Gohan began to lower his head.

“ That’s even better…” Gohan whispered too and the cool breath went over the steamy dick begging to be touched.

But Gohan didn’t.

Instead his mouth went over the tip, big and wide, and Vegeta held his breath for the mouth to envelope his cock.

Funny thing though. He didn’t.

Instead, the slut breathed over the warm dick in his mouth, teeth nor tongue touching it by mere centimeters. Vegeta got a chill when the breath leaked over his pre cum, seeming too cold for comfort.

He needed that wetness.

Like a woman’s pussy to thrust into, over and over again.

He needed that goddamn tongue to push against his tip and swirl around like a whirlwind.

“ You fucking teaser,” Vegeta hissed and thrusted his hips forward. Gohan had no choice but to close his mouth around him as dick hit the back of his throat.

Vegeta thrusted forward again, into the easy, awaiting mouth. Again…And again…Take it like a slut, bitch…

Reaching down, Vegeta gripped the fine locks of black and pushed his head down while thrusting his hips up. He heard a startled gag as his dick hit the back of the whore’s throat. Yes…Vegeta lowered his hips again but before he could take another thrust, the slut did something nobody would ever dare to do.

He bit the tip of Vegeta’s erection.

Vegeta screamed…but not at pain. But at how fucking good that felt. Yes, yes do that again, please!!! Thrusting his hips wildly at the startled emotion, Gohan easily pushed the bucking thighs back down and began to bob his head, back and forth. From hilt to tip, Vegeta received the most amazing blowjob of his life. It was like the boy had more then one mouth. There was licking, sucking, even biting, all at the right moment…all in the right places…

Before Vegeta realized it, he was coming into the hot awaiting mouth, nails digging into the couch and going completely rigid. Yes, fuck yes! Curses of pleasure slipped from Vegeta’s parched lips, as if his whole body was responding to every touch this man lay upon him. This man…was just…just…. perfect!!!

Breathing heavily, Vegeta raised his head from against the arm of the couch; he met the ebon eyes staring hotly at him. Feeling his breath getting caught in his throat, he just realized this was just the beginning of the man’s extraordinary talents…

“ What are you?” Vegeta breathed as his back was pressed firmly against the arm of the couch as the figure loomed over him. Hips grinded gently against hips bringing Vegeta’s arousal to a painful realization. The scent of sex, that beautiful smell of sweat and godly fluids, was filling every sense, every hole, and every thought with sinful desire.

Swollen beautiful lips lowered, glistening with soaked cum that caught the light of the fire across from them. His own scent now filled everything and that was even more arousing. The thought of what those lips would possibly do…

The lips touched, gently, to the fantasizing man. Deepening the kiss, Gohan entered his cum tasting tongue to touch the other. For the first time in Vegeta’s life, he tasted his own labor, his own bodily fluids.

Vegeta’s arousal stirred.

“ Oh Vegeta…” Gohan murmured against his payer’s lips. “ Can’t you see how much I want you?”

No…Vegeta thought but as soon as he did, he was proved wrong. Gohan had bucked his hips forward and through the thin leather fabric he felt an imprudent force against his ass. Grinding his hips gently against the frozen man, the whore deepened the kiss; tongue tossing tongue, lip-sucking lip, and teeth sliding teeth…

It was before Vegeta realized it that something was in his ass. And as soon as he did, a rush of unimaginable passion cursed through him. His body was immediately alive, bucking, rocking, and screaming for more of the passion that this boy, this whore, could give him.

“ Yes, yes!” Vegeta screamed, not even realizing that the slut had tossed him over so his chest was against the arm of the couch, butt high in the air and being thrusted from behind.

“ I want you so bad, Vegeta!” Gohan’s voice cooed, his hips rocking forward, back and forth between the proud man’s legs and into the ass that begged for more. Vegeta huffed and moaned into the couch, gripping the cushions with all his might. More, more, more…Vegeta moaned with all his might. The furious roar, the begging of release, filled his head, losing himself in passion.

“ Faster, bitch!” Vegeta screamed. A hand curled into his hair and pulled his head back. Grimacing at the tight hold, Vegeta’s back was forced to be arched…and the whore hit something that made him scream louder then the booming music behind them.

Vegeta felt himself come all over the couch and on his legs. The whore rode on for a few more moments, slamming into the petty and willing butt before him. Black eyes widen as for the first time in Vegeta’s life he was being filled with a man’s essence.

Oh god, how it felt so GOOD.

The whore fell with Vegeta upon the couch, his manly hood still resting into the rich man’s crevices. Gentle touches along his back and sucking kisses among his neck made Vegeta reach a peaceful state between awareness and dreamland. It was here that Vegeta realized that he DID have the best time of his life. Nothing was like this. Nothing. No words could describe what this man was doing to him. Everything said about him was true; he was perfect. He was better then perfect. He knew everything. He wasn’t afraid for ‘new’ experiences. No, he did it. And he did it very, very well.

Those sinful lips lowered again, caressing over Vegeta’s cheek. Hot breath breathed against his sweaty skin, bringing about a chill that ran down his spine like electricity. The moment was perfect; he honestly didn’t want it to end. This man was good. He was beyond good. He had looked for something like him for ages, never finding what he was searching for. Now he had it and he wasn’t going to let it go.

Vegeta opened his mouth to speak, but the slut beat him to it.

“That’ll be $400.”

For once, Vegeta didn’t know what to say or do.

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