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A/N: Hello and welcome to my very first sequel! It’s not as much of a sequel as it is a direct continuation of the first story, Adolescence. I highly recommend reading that one first. It will give you the whys and wherefores to understand what’s going on here.

Teen Pregnancy

Juunana-gou’s eyes fluttered open. He was aware that he was lying on his back on the ground. His mind raced trying to figure out why he was down there in the first place. It all came back to him when a large, green form leaned over him. The cyborg wished that he could pass out again. Things were definitely less complicated in his unconscious at that particular point in time.

“It’s about time you woke up.”
The youth tried to wet his dry lips with an almost equally dry tongue. He leaned up slightly to look the Namek in the eye. “Tell me again what you said before I… before I…um... passed out.”
”Whatever, I don’t know why you’re making a big deal about it,” Piccolo replied slightly annoyed. “I had just said that I couldn’t be female. Whatever it was that was going on before has quit in the last couple of months. I wish I could say that I am back to feeling like my old self again but I think I have what humans call the flu. I’m tired, I feel a little weak…weak for me that is – I could still kick your ass any day. And starting a few days ago, I can’t seem to drink anything before noon with out feeling sick.”

“Shit shit shit shit shit shit…” Juunana-gou said before falling back to lie on the ground again. This time he covered his face with his hands. The world was playing a cruel, cruel joke on him.

The Namek looked at her companion like he had gone insane. “Is there something wrong or do you like acting like you on drugs?”

“WRONG??!” The artificial yelled. He jumped to his feet continuing to yell; “You say all that and ask if there is something wrong? Are you insane?” Piccolo crossed her arms over her chest. She had no idea what was going on and she did not like it. She just glared as the teen started to pace frantically.

“This is bad,” the youth muttered to himself forgetting his companion’s acute hearing. “I gotta go…Dende would know…that’s it…I’ll go to Dende’s to get this fixed…This just cannot be happening…but if I go to Dende, I’ll have to tell him what happened…son of a…”

Juunana-gou sank to his knees on the ground. A string of profanities in every earth language one could think of came out of his mouth. After a minute he took a deep breath and stood up. Squaring his shoulders he looked right at the Namek. “We are going up to the Lookout to speak with Dende about this.” With that the engineered boy took off towards the Lookout. The now confused Piccolo stared at his back for a minute before deciding to follow him. Humans made very little sense most of the time but artificial humans rarely made sense at all.

Upon reaching their destination, Juunana-gou touched down and stood still. He bit his lip while looking around for the young Kami. He had a feeling that if he were still completely human, that his palms would be sweating, his heart would be racing, and he would probably be shaking all over. Of course, considering the circumstances, he mused that if what he feared had happened, then anything would be possible.

The youthful guardian of the Earth walked quickly over to his two friends. He smiled cheerfully at both of them for the moment ignoring their negative expressions on their faces. “Hey, Juunana-gou I didn’t think I’d see you for a long time – especially not with Piccolo. What brings you here?”

The dark-haired teen just glared at the overly happy Namek while trying to figure out what to say. Dende choose that moment to assess the looks on his visitors’ faces. Finally catching on somewhat, he decided that it was not a social call.

“I take it that you spoke to Piccolo…” Dende said a bit apprehensible.

“You could say that,” the youth said dryly.

“Oh, now I get it! You went behind my back and talked to the squirt here about me didn’t you?” The tall one accused. Her voice was steeped with anger and betrayal. “I trusted you and you ran to someone else and told them everything? Who else knows?”

The young kami looked at the other of his species. His voice was as stern as he could make it. “Your friend over here did what was best for you. I assume that he told you about how Nameks can become differentiated and that you are becoming a female…”

Before he could finish, Piccolo smirked somewhat condescendingly. “Yeah, he said all that to me a long time ago. You’re both full of it. Whatever my problem was, it’s gone now. It stopped completely since the windup toy over there brought me the news.”
Dende’s expression turned into one of pure confusion and concern. “What do you mean it stopped?”

“I mean all those unpleasant things stopped.”

“Unpleasant things…” the little green being said thinking as fast as he could. “Would that be like bleeding on a monthly basis?”
”How’d you know about that?” Piccolo said starting to get confused more. “Oh well, it doesn’t matter. The last time it happened was when tin boy found me. Since we’ve been spending time together it hasn’t happened again although I’m don’t feel so well lately.”
”I’m afraid to ask,” Dende said looking to the cyborg that was not making eye contact with him. In fact he was acting quite guilty. “What have you two been doing together?”
The blue-eye boy shook his head still declining to speak. Piccolo crossed her arms over her chest. She was getting aggravated that no one was saying what was going on but they were acting like it was the end of the world or something.

“Well, to put it like you’re little mechanical friend over there so eloquently states it, ‘we fucked’.”

“HOLY SHIT!” The young guardian of Earth exclaimed.

“That’s exactly what he said!” Piccolo was now getting a little worried. Something was definitely going on that she did not have a clue about. “Will someone explain to me what the big deal is?”

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