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“Will one of you tell me what the hell is going on?” Piccolo demanded looking every bit the demon king at that moment in time.

The younger Namek looked around nervously. There was only one way for him to tell if the suspicions were correct but it was not a very scientific method. Dende searched Piccolo’s ki and sure enough something was there. A tiny ki that was almost indistinguishable from the older Namek’s but there nonetheless. He noted that probably unless one was distinctly looking for it right now, one would just notice that Piccolo’s ki was slightly off.

“This is…” the young Kami wanted to say bad but caught himself. He did not want to say anything that could be taken negatively. “Interesting…odd but interesting.” ”And what is that supposed to mean, squirt?”
”It means… it means that, umm, I’ll have to do some research before I can give you definitive answers,” Dende said biting his lower lip with one of his fangs. “Can you come back tomorrow morning?”

“Whatever,” the green-skinned warrior said turning to leave. She flew off without another word or a look back.

Dende turned slightly to see the retreating back of the android. “I didn’t say you could go anywhere.”

The cybernetic-teen froze mid-step. He did not turn around as he spoke, “You didn’t say that I had to stay either.”
”We need to talk,” the young Kami said sternly. “Now.”
The dark haired boy turned around but did not raise his ice-blue eyes from the tile floor. He stood with his arms hanging limply down at his sides looking like a child who was being scolded for not picking up his toys. He wet his lips as she groped for something to say but silence remained his safest choice.

“What did you do?” Dende started sharply. “I trusted you to tell Piccolo not to…not to… ah… cause this!”

“Hey, last time I checked it takes two,” Juunana-gou said becoming defensive.

“What are we going to do? I’m down right afraid to tell Piccolo. I don’t have a clue how she’ll take it…”
The cyborg looked up despondently. “So it is true… is she? She can’t be...I mean this is all impossible… There has to be something else causing it… She can’t be… can’t be…be…”

“Piccolo’s pregnant,” the youthful guardian stated bluntly finally vocalizing what they had both been dreading to say.

“Are you sure?”
”Positive, unless there would be another reason for Piccolo to have two ki’s within her body.”
”Shit,” the boy said sinking down to the tile floor. His legs decided to quit working as his brain went into over drive. “You can sense its ki already?”
The Namek watched Juunana-gou as he slowly started to come to terms with the situation. The boy-Kami also noted the reason behind the other’s apprehension. “Don’t worry, right now the ki is so small that I doubt anyone will really notice it now.”
Slowly, a silky-haired head nodded, “Good then Piccolo can be told before someone else notices and then something can be done about it.”

“Yes, I need to speak with a few…experts first and then tomorrow I will break the news to her,” Dende said. “She’s not going to take it well. Being pregnant is hard enough as it is, but when you’re really not expecting it, poor Piccolo’s going to be a wreak. She’ll need all the support you can give her.”

“Oh, don’t worry about me,” the cyborg said coolly while standing. I’ll be so supportive, I’ll be like the underwire in her bra.”

“Piccolo doesn’t wear a bra…”
The cyborg smirked at the youth and just shrugged, “Whatever.” He thought to himself though, my point exactly. “Well it’s been interesting but I’ve got things to do. So I’m going to go now, unless the Earth’s guardian has anything else to say?”
”No, go on, I have things to attend to myself.”
With that, the cyborg took off leaving the young Namek alone. Dende walked slowly inside still mulling over what had just happened. This is bad. Well maybe some good will come of it. Although I don’t know that much about pregnant, female Nameks…actually I don’t know much about pregnant, female anything.

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