Vegeta’s unmoving gaze glared through the glass as he watched the still form of Son Gohan lay upon the table. Burnt rubber was filling the Prince’s scent and he looked over at the black coals of the destroyed computers from his seat in the silent viewing room.

Bulma hadn’t taken it very well to the news of a Saiyan’s…mating habits. She then gave him an excuse about going to lie down.

Vegeta sighed and returned his eyes forward to the snoozing half Saiyan. It was true; to a human their bizarre cravings were unnatural. The craving to have mind blowing sex…to have the best mate they were capable of having…the sex…So what if Saiyans all of a sudden had awful urges to screw like mad? It was natural where he came from. It was also a way to find a livable mate, who’d always be there to carry children…


Vegeta made a face of disgust. Though the heat process was mainly used for finding a mate, there was always a chance to get pregnant. But the last Saiyan man that had a child had been many, many years ago and all by chance.

Vegeta hoped that this didn’t change because of Human DNA…and that Kakarott had kept his dick in his pants until they knew for sure. Sighing, a hand ran up to rub a sore temple. Who would have guessed even half-breeds went heat crazy? And what was up with Kakarott and his mate?

Vegeta knew for a fact that Saiyans did not have sex until they found their chosen mate. But the way…the way Kakarott and his mate looked was too odd, as if they were under a spell that Gohan had woven. What did the half-breed do to them?

Why was Gohan so different…?

Sudden movement. Vegeta’s eyes grew unclouded from thought and watched as Gohan gave a big long yawn. The Prince immediately stood and went to the door of the closed off room. The door slid open as he stood before it and he slipped inside, watching the half-breed give a slow stretch, eyes closed with furrowed eyebrows.


Gohan opened his eyes then grinned slowly.

“Vegeta…” Gohan purred. Behind the Prince, the door slowly slid shut. Gohan, who seemed oblivious to it, shifted down the white blanket over him and started undoing his pants.

“Now wait for a moment, baka,” Vegeta barked. Gohan looked up innocently, zipper halfway down.

“Yessss?” Gohan cooed. Goddamn him, Vegeta snarled inwardly. He _is_ completely serious about taking me.

“You are in no condition for this,” Vegeta snapped.

“But Vegeta…” Gohan whined quietly. “I’ve…waited so long…for you.”

Against protests, the half-breed began to unbutton his shirt.

“Then wait longer!” Vegeta snapped, leaning back against the wall, back straight as he firmly convinced himself to ignore the horny teenager.

“I…can’t…” Gohan panted, eyes growing hazy.

Gohan’s eyes slowly then met the older Saiyan’s, as he was lying down on the metal table with his pants undone and shirt open, revealing perky, eager nipples. Vegeta hissed, eyes closing from the lustful sight as the small lab room was beginning to be filled with the scent of mind-blowing sex, coating the Saiyan over once again. It was all of his will power that he didn’t leap on the boy and demand the brat to turn over for the lay of his life. Oh Kami, why did I come in here? Vegeta wondered.

Slowly, Vegeta opened his eyes, the scent wafting into his body and making him slowly eager to see what the boy was going to do next. Gohan smirked faintly at him, making his appearance even more appealing. The aura of sex around the boy was so strong; it was maddening! But it was wrong, so wrong. The boy didn’t even know what he was doing and…what was he doing now?

Gohan moved his hand down his stomach very slowly and Vegeta’s eyes followed their path. The fingers barely caressed the muscular curves of stomach abs, showing the power and what this half-breed could handle. Gohan’s legs drew up, bending at the knees and spread even farther. Vegeta held his breath unknowingly.

“Oh Vegeta…” Gohan moaned seductively and his head flew back just as his hand disappeared into his pants. “Play with me, Vegeta.”

The hand shifted crazily under the dark black pants, giving the viewer the exact idea what was going down on there. The boy’s moans grew louder, mumbling more and more.

“Oh god, Vegeta, yes.”

“Right there, Vegeta! AH!”

“Oh harder, harder!”

The boy’s breath grew louder and heavier and so did Vegeta’s. The scent was beginning to suffocate him, clouding in his rational thoughts. He knew he couldn’t give in, but it was so. Damn. Tempting.

Hesitantly, Vegeta’s hand took the same course at the boy’s and held his hard member in his pants, hand resting above the fabric. He leaned heavily against the cool wall, just gently massaging the ache in his legs. The boy continued his mad ranting. Vegeta found himself joining in, getting lost in the sexy smell around him.

“Oh oh, Vegeta!”

“You like that brat?” Vegeta hissed.

“Yes, Vegeta!”

“You want it harder?”

“Oh Kami, yes! Harder, Vegeta! AH AH!” The hand beneath the pants jerked hard against the fabric that hid the prized possession Vegeta was aching to spot.

“That hard enough!?!”

“Hai, Vegeta-san!” The boy cries grew louder, sweat coursed down his forehead. Vegeta’s hand had now disappeared under his own pants, huffing and panting with his illusion of screwing Gohan.

“Beg, you worthless half breed!”

“Faster, Vegeta!!!! Make me come everywhere!!!”

Vegeta and Gohan both obeyed, the jerking under their pants growing steadily faster. The pants in the rooms increased and soon turned to cries of passion. Cries turned to shouts, shouts turned into screams, until finally they released together.

Gohan’s head fell to the side, completely out from the illusion of Vegeta.

Vegeta followed suit and collapsed to the floor, hand still in his pants and getting coated with warm, luscious cum.

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