Vegeta couldn’t understand it. No matter how hard he tried to understand, the answers just left more questions. He was just a young boy when his planet blew up, but he did know about Saiyan rituals and such nonsense to an extent. And from his knowledge, Gohan was peculiarly out of character. There were rules to follow when trying to find a mate. There were guidelines to take into consideration. You just didn’t jump the Saiyan Prince because you were horny. You didn’t just jump Vegeta period unless you were in need of a great beating. But Gohan was breaking all the rules. The boy was practically already in Vegeta’s bed with the way he was preceding.

But it was all wrong! The human DNA must have been really screwing up Gohan’s mind and body, because, for one, heat did not affect bloodline. It just wasn’t possible. And yet the boy held his parents in a strangle hold, pulling and pushing strings that made his elders move and talk. Not even Vegeta knew the real extent of Gohan’s powers. What was really making Kakarott and ChiChi act the way they were? Did the smell of Gohan affect their will power? Did his presence shift their protective gears?

Or did it go much deeper? Like sex and the essence of the young man that marked his parents as willing and devoted slaves?

This single fact was yet another broken rule. No Saiyan, while in heat, was capable of having sex with another unless it was his or her mate. It just didn’t interest them except the dire need to screw their lustful heart’s desire. But if the above assumption was true, it seemed Gohan, while in heat, craved sex, sex, sex, and, oh yeah, more sex. Body grinding, hip pumping, tails whipping, tongue twisting and moan full cries of unbelievable passion was something the half-breed craved more then life itself. Fuck eating. Let’s have sex on the table.

So, if all assumptions were correct, why was Gohan after him? Did he get bored with his parents and looking for a better joyride, came to the Prince of the Saiyans? Or did he come to have a mate for life? Who knew what a crazed Saiyan in heat knew, wanted, and said? The words in the bedroom could have been lies to get Vegeta’s pants down and off. And if Gohan had won, in which he almost did, Vegeta thought as a bit of his pride broke off, would he become one mindless slave like Kakarott and his true mate? The questions kept on unraveling and yet no answer came forth to either, or. The only one that could really answer the questions was Gohan, but he was too cum-crazy to answer anything coherently. It seemed that Gohan was beginning to lose control of his need for, unlike the moment in time when he had entered his home with confidence and cool, he was no longer able to do anything but tempt Vegeta to his bed.

Which, at the time, Vegeta had been able to dodge. But he must give credit where credit was due, for the half-breed tried very, very hard. The smothering hot looks he would throw at Vegeta through the glass window that separated them. The gentle caresses, places that Vegeta noted must be the most sensitive parts of his body, as he shivered and trembled with need. The sensual licks and moves of the mouth as he ate with coolness, seduction upon his perfect lips. The times when he danced to his own music, running his hands over himself with delicate slowness and delicate seduction, hips swaying with his tail weaving and caressing. He especially liked the lap dance he received with Gohan on the table, the last desperate tactic of to date. He had been in that room for five days all-together. And even though the boy tried his hardest to be screwed like mad by the Saiyan Prince (and working most of the time as the Prince left each night with a terrible hard-on), it wasn’t what Vegeta wanted. Sure, he liked the wham, bam, thankyouverymuch fling but this was a ritual that was farther back then Vegeta’s first ancestors. It wasn’t some sort of sex addiction that wore off after a few days. It was the real deal, the closest thing to marriage. Vegeta couldn’t accept that fact that Gohan might think this all but a game of cat and mouse. Once Gohan had him, would he just leave for his next victim? Or was he really taking this seriously and wanted to be with him forever?

And then came the next difficult problem. Vegeta didn’t know how he felt for the boy. Sure, he had an erection on each heart-filled attempt but anyone with a sane mind would. But did Vegeta feel like committing himself to a…a child? To say the truth, Vegeta didn’t fully discard the idea. It wasn’t the sex that Gohan promised. It wasn’t anything physical. But emotionally. Did Gohan really love him? Did Vegeta really love Gohan?

Frustration burned through Vegeta’s body as he punched the air with efficiency, trying to block out the millions of questions. Answers he would not receive until Gohan was sane again. And then, it might be too late. So it was up to Vegeta to take a chance. A decision. A risk. Something that would tip his world off balance or make everything perfectly all right.


Gohan was getting tired of waiting. Watching Vegeta keep his distance from him was almost maddening. He tried everything to get Vegeta to come to him, but he seemed not in the least affected with anything he tried. He was getting frustrated, desperate, and his 24/7 erection was driving him mad. He needed to push Vegeta harder, right over the edge. He needed him so bad. If the Prince didn’t do something soon…Gohan didn’t really know how frantic he would get.

Which left to the next extremes. Even though he liked the whole caged-up deal and your cool mate on the other side watching, Gohan couldn’t take it anymore. Which left him to the next step:


Gohan walked calmly upstairs, hands behind him, and wicked smile on his face. The thought of just getting near his stubborn desire and seeing his shocked face was making Gohan’s heart pump with excitement. Oh, he just couldn’t wait to touch Vegeta. The thought had been pure maddening in his little cell. He needed to feel his Prince’s hot flesh against his more then he needed to breathe right now. He could already feel his Prince’s cock inside him, rubbing and brushing his walls, as he panted and moaned like an animal beneath him. Oh, Kami, he just couldn’t wait!

Gohan looked around the kitchen slowly, tidy and clean, with the fresh scent of warm water and soap in the air. Lunch had just gotten over with and above him, Gohan could hear quite clearly two hyperactive, yelling, and fighting toddlers. Gohan grinned slowly…before making his way to the staircase.


“I had it first, Trunks!” Goten argued with the older half-saiyan, clutching a toy truck protectively against his chest. Trunks towered over him, hands on his hips, and a scowl on his face.

“It’s my toy, Goten!” Trunks shouted back. “Give it back!”


“Hey, kids.”

Two heads whipped towards the sound of a third voice in the room and Gohan leaned casually on the doorframe, arms crossed and a tiny smile upon his lips. His white, button-up shirt was wide open to expose his delicate, yet muscled, chest and abs, his black pants cutting off the view of faded tan skin. Goten lifted a curious eyebrow at his brother, for, one, he had been sick as he was told and that he had to stay away from Goten incase he caught it too. Second, Goten never saw his brother so…relaxed and mellow before.

“Gohan,” Trunks addressed slowly, looking at the new man before him. Did Gohan-san have two different personalities? “I thought you were sick.”

“Yeah, that’s what Bulma-sama told me too,” Goten agreed, looking up at his tall brother across the room.

Gohan chuckled lightly. “Yeah, but I’ll be all better soon. You guys can’t catch it though, so don’t worry.”

“I hate being sick,” Goten exclaimed, wrinkling his nose. “I can’t go home either ‘cause Bulma-sama says Mom and Dad are sick too.”

“They’ll be better soon.”

“Like you?” Trunks asked.

“Yeah. But I need Vegeta to make me feel all better.”

“Vegeta?” Goten echoed, confused. “What can Vegeta do?”

Gohan smirked slightly. “Many things.”

Goten decided he didn’t like Gohan’s smile anymore. He was going to ask more, but suddenly a fresh scent entered the room, like upon the tide of the wind. Goten sniffed the air at the same time with Trunks, overtaken by the warm, fluttering feeling in his tummy. The scent was odd, unfamiliar at first, but Goten soon recognized the yummy, warm scent as something he smelled sometimes when he would lay down on his parents’ bed. Goten didn’t realize that the truck had slipped from his grip.

“Would you guys like to play a game?” Gohan asked, his voice so far, far away. Goten felt himself nodding, his head all foggy and sight unclear. Submission was upon him before he knew it as he freely gave away his will to his brother.

With the click of the door shutting, Goten listened to his brother’s heavy footsteps upon the floor, coming closer, nearer. Then Gohan was right before him, his black gaze boring through the haze in his eyes. The beautiful obsidian watched him, a hand upon his cheek and stroking gently. Goten felt so calm. So protected. He sighed.

“My pet,” Gohan whispered before he kissed his brother gently.

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