Vegeta’s eyebrows lowered and tilted his head towards the door, the only entrance to the private lab. Bulma, who had momentarily gone into shock, was trying to calm down her scientists. Papers from the interruption was scattered everywhere and smoke filled the tiny room.

“Please calm down!” Bulma screamed, hands up to calm the scientists and keep everyone from the door. “Everything is all right…Vegeta!”

“What?” The Saiyan Prince muttered, eyes locked upon the door.

“What's going on?” Bulma said hysterically. The calm tone in her husband’s voice not helping her any.

“I don’t know.”

Bulma threw up her hands in exasperation…at the same time the door blew open. Cries were heard as the door flew across the room and slammed against the glass of Gohan’s resting chamber. The heavy metal door bent upon impact and fell, crashing over the computers who read off continuous data of the half Saiyan’s condition.

There was an explosion as the computers bursted into flames.

Vegeta’s burning gaze lowered upon the open doorway as a form began to appear in the cloud of smoke.


Goku filled the doorway, golden aura surrounding his muscled body. Orange clothes ruffled with the power level that kept rising and flickering green eyes settled past Vegeta and into the chamber where Son Gohan slept on. A faint smirk appeared upon the collected full bred and slowly Goku took a step forward.

Vegeta knew that smile.

Vegeta knew that calm aura.

It came from one of the maddest criminals in the world. Behind the calm eyes, behind the collected body, behind the smooth words was a mind that was slowly going crazy. A mind that thought that what it was doing was the best for all mankind.

A mind that was being controlled by another.

Vegeta slowly took a step back and the sudden movement made the glittering green eyes to settle upon the Prince. The evil smirk wavered a bit before a cold chuckle erupted from his throat.

“G-Goku?” Bulma whispered from the floor with her scientists. Goku tilted his head and gave a look over glance before returning full attention to his half-breed son.

“You’ve hurt my son,” called a new voice. Vegeta’s contemplating gaze flew to the doorway and within it was ChiChi, both hands on the side of the doorframe. Her hair was down falling heavily over her shoulders and back. Calm eyes watched her breathing son in the other room, a faint frown upon her glistening lips.

If Vegeta didn’t know better, she almost looked attractive. In an odd way.

“ChiChi?” Bulma gasped. ChiChi’s eyes left the window and looked down at Bulma on the floor.

“You hurt my son,” ChiChi accused in the blankest monotone voice Vegeta could ever possibly hear.

“W-What?” Bulma shuddered, a hand flying to her lips.

“The guilt is all over you…” ChiChi whispered, moving forward. Slowly, the wife of Kakarott, leaned down, hands on her knees over her red dress. Locks of black hair trailed forward and Vegeta watched, as if mesmerized, as ChiChi’s hand reached out and touched Bulma’s cheek.

“Gohan isn’t happy with you, Bulma.”

Suddenly the hand flew to the pale neck and Bulma was lifted from her feet. Gasps of fear came from the scientists and they all eagerly crawled from the room. Although, they were never missed.

“Kill her,” Goku whispered, hands on his hips as he stared at his son. His voice, emotionless, dead…

“Drop her,” Vegeta growled. But he might as well have not been in the room as ChiChi’s grasp tightened and Bulma made gasping, horrified sounds. Legs kicked wildly in mid air, eyes wide towards the ceiling. Vegeta moved forward but Goku was immediately right in front of him. Smirking blankly down at him, Vegeta heard from behind his foe as Bulma tried to breathe.

It was useless.

“Stop!” Vegeta growled and moved forward again, but Goku again stopped him. Vegeta’s fist flew but it was easily caught. Goku’s strong hold began to tighten, readying to break the fist in his hand.

And then suddenly, everything stopped.

ChiChi and Goku’s heads whirled towards their sleeping son and together, they dropped their loads. Bulma fell to the ground, gasping, coughing, with a thud. Vegeta jerked away from the insane Saiyan and stared wide eyed as both ChiChi and Goku turned around and marched back out of the room…without a word.

“Vegeta…” Bulma whispered, lying dazedly on the ground. “What's…happening!?”

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