Vegeta stood in a dark room, arms crossed tightly over his chest. The hanging lamp behind him shined brightly to draw back the darkness in the room, but it wasn’t strong enough. Instead, it barely lit up Vegeta’s blue spandex body suit that he wore. He was standing in front of a bunch of computer consoles but they didn’t seem to interest him with those blinking and flashing lights. Instead, he looked beyond them out the window. Behind it, laid a still form, covered in a white blanket from the waist down. A bandage soaked with red liquid was wrapped above his ribs where a wound was inflected and made.

Moving up the firm chest, Vegeta’s eyes went to the innocent face that slept by. Black locks were messily across his forehead where a helmet looking thing was placed on his head. Lights blinked and flashed from time to time and little tubes hooked to the metal hat disappeared into the white wall.

Something shifted from the corner of Vegeta’s eyes and he turned his head to watch three scientists enter the room, dressed in respectful white coats. They took their seats at the computer consoles and started to work, not seeming to notice the shadow within the room. The last one to enter was Bulma Brief, wearing the same white coat and her hands in her pockets. Her hair was down now and one side was held back with a pencil behind her ear. Shoving her hands in her pockets and walking importantly towards him, Vegeta turned to greet her.

“Well?” Vegeta said when she didn’t say anything for a moment.

“The bullet entered around his ribs,” she said slowly. “Two of them are broken and one is fractured.”

“Otherwise?” Vegeta pushed.

“He’s going to be just fine,” she finished. “What were you guys doing anyway?”

Vegeta paused for once. He stared at those blue orbs as they waited for a simple answer from him but he found not one ‘simple’ answer. How could he explain that a half-breed had gone into heat? It was simply impossible as it was. The boy was more human then Saiyan…or at least was. It had just seem in the two days that the boy had been out that Vegeta became more convinced that a secret, full bred Saiyan was screaming and beating to get out of the human body it was held back in. But was always pulled back by that annoying human self. Vegeta wasn’t sure if he should be glad or not…

“Vegeta?” Bulma asked, breaking Vegeta’s train of thought.

“What?” He grunted, blinking.

“I asked you what was wrong with Gohan,” she said, somewhat impatiently.

“I don’t know,” the Prince lied.

Bulma knew it, “Bull shit, something is going on! Look at these-.”

Grabbing a stack of papers from the consoles she held charts and nonsense and threw them practically in his face.

“His hormones are off the chart, his brain is going crazy, and he has a fever up to 103 degrees and rising!” Bulma screeched, almost looking panicked. “Is this some sickness?”

“Woman, would-,” Vegeta started but then a computer screen lowered from the other side of the room, bearing Dr. Brief’s old face.

“Bulma, Vegeta, we have some visitors,” he said and ran a hand though his gray beard. The black cat on his shoulder meowed in agreement and a hand went up to stroke the fur.

“Who is it Dad?” Bulma asked, looking annoyed. “We’re a little busy.”

“Its Goku and ChiChi,” Dr. Brief explained. “They demand to have Gohan back right now. I tried to explain about his wound but they aren’t listening. They said if you don’t come up, they’re going to come down.”

Vegeta snickered under his breath, “They’re actually agreeing on something?”

Bulma gave him a scolding look before looking back at the screen. But when she did, her father was gone, leaving open space and kitchen background.

“Dad?” Bulma questioned. “Where’d you go?”

A figure from the kitchen moved quickly, all coming in a blur, too fast for the computer to catch.

“Dad, stop playing around,” Bulma ordered, face determined. She waited. Vegeta waited. But what they waited for was completely unexpected.

Goku’s face filled the screen, dark green eyes sparkling with pure fury. They flashed and glittered like his body, which circulated white electricity. Blonde hair swayed in invisible wind and a tight drawn frown was placed firmly about the usually friendly face.

“Bulma,” Goku hissed with venom. The woman scientist took a step back in shock.

“I want my son…NOW!!!!”

At that, the entire screen exploded.

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