Gohan easily dodged the fist that was aimed at his face, twisting to the side in his effort. Vegeta threw another one and it nicked Gohan’s ear as he tried to dodge that one two.

“I love it when you fight me, Vegeta,” Gohan said seductively. Vegeta hissed and brought another fist back but Gohan had other plans. He threw himself up from the comfortable satin bed and into Vegeta, throwing the two of them off and rolling across the floor. Howls of anger and purrs of pleasure filled the room as the two wrestled each other on the thick carpet. Gohan huffed as he was thrown off once again from Vegeta’s sexy hips and onto his back. The carpet saved most of his fall and his landing caused the faint scent of pride and sweat to waft from the carpets. Gohan would have gone further with his investigation of the blue carpet except Vegeta had ki blasted him in the chest. That was painful…Gohan thought, wincing.

Vegeta was back on his feet within a second and advanced on the stun demi, “I’m going to Big Bang your ass until-.”

“Promise Vegeta?” Gohan cooed with a seductive grin. He attacked the Prince again and both of them crashed against a dresser that splintered, cracked, and shattered against their force. They were then against the wall, Vegeta throwing every available hit at the teenager.

Unfortunately, Gohan wasn’t very affected.

Frustrated, Vegeta gave another howl and slammed his fist into the washboard stomach before him, receiving no effect. Gohan grabbed his fists as they flew for another attack and smiled at the struggling Saiyan.

“Oh Vegeta,” Gohan mumbled, face inches from the Prince. “I knew you would fight me. That’s why I’m saving myself for you. Only a Prince is worthy of me.”

“Get your fucking hands off me!” Vegeta howled with pure rage. Not even the scent affected him; his pride had been completely damaged and broken. The stupid brat had pinned him and was going to have his way with him even if he died in the process. A Prince was worthy to NO ONE!

“You can’t order me around,” Gohan purred, licking his jaw with a chuckle. “I don’t take orders when they are being so mean.”

Vegeta whirled his head, trying to get it away from the teasing tongue but it was no use. It stayed right on track, up to his earlobe, where lips came to suck and caress. Vegeta stilled to try to speak reason into the boy before blasting him into the next dimension.

“I am your Prince. Get the fuck off me,” Vegeta growled lowly. An amused chuckle was his first reply.

“But Vegeta-san, I’m a Prince too,” Gohan replied and then continued his baby sucking on the earlobe before him.

“Nani?” Vegeta gaped. “Liar! You are nothing but a low life-.”

Suddenly a fist flew and slammed across Vegeta’s cheek, sending his world spinning. Gohan…never hit…with all his strength…Vegeta thought inside as the corners of his eyes began to black out. He blinked repeatedly; he wasn’t going to go down because of one stupid hit!

Gohan gripped the jaw before him and brought it far up, squeezing so hard that it could have shattered the bone in his hand with a flick of his wrist. Vegeta stared at the ceiling as Gohan spoke again.

“I am a Prince, you baka,” Gohan growled, the softness in his voice erased. “My mother was a goddamn Princess. My father married her, thus he is King when my Grandfather is dead. You hear that, Vegeta? On earth, he is King. I am his son. I am a Prince.”

Vegeta’s head was still spinning but he heard those little words. Was the brat right? Kakarott being a King…A prince of some sort…just like him…No, it wasn’t possible…But…

No, it doesn’t matter! Vegeta fused. He’s still not of royal blood; it’s just a stupid title!

“Just a title,” Vegeta grunted out, his teeth grinding together from Gohan’s forced hand.

“Like yours!” Gohan yelled. “You have no planet now, but my father does! He is more of royalty then you are! Just a stupid title…how is it, Vegeta? To know that your ‘low class baka’ is more of royalty then you!”

“Let go,” Vegeta grunted. The hand didn’t though and Vegeta was powering up to free himself when suddenly he fell to the ground on his butt as Gohan did let go.

“Gomen, Vegeta-san,” Gohan pleaded and hugged the Saiyan. “I didn’t mean to lose my temper.” “Let go,” Vegeta grunted again, his jaw not working correctly from the strong hold it was in before. The boy’s arms tightened.

“Vegeta, please,” Gohan said softly. “I want you. Don’t you want me?”


Gohan’s head jerked back to look at the Prince’s cold coal eyes. Nothing was hidden there; he didn’t really care. He really didn’t want him. Gohan frowned slightly, his hope slowly eating away inside of him.


Gohan’s brows fell again, his features becoming determined. No, he would have what he wanted. Vegeta does want me, he thought. He just doesn’t know it. I’ll prove it to him.

“Let go br-,” Vegeta’s voice was cut short as soft, gentle lips covered his. It wasn’t demanding…in fact, it wasn’t anything. They just sat there against his lips, non-moving, non-threatening. Just settling there as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

Something stirred deep within Vegeta.

Finally the lips moved, breathed, and said one single word:


And then the lips left. Vegeta’s eyes, which had somehow closed between the few seconds of lip touching lip, watched as the boy slumped to the carpet. Confused, Vegeta looked up to see Bulma in the doorway, eyes wide, and hair slightly messy from the ponytail that held it, and looking out of breath. In her hand was a gun that she still held up, hands white from gripping it so hard.

“Woman?” Vegeta rasped.

“Vegeta…” Bulma whispered. The first tears began to fall. “What's going on?”

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