“Hello Vegeta.”

Vegeta stared at Gohan before him, as if he didn’t recognize him. Well actually, he didn’t. The boy he knew was always in some sort of suit, very prim and proper, keeping a straight posture at all times. But this Gohan was like another being altogether. He was wearing a white shirt and a Hawaii over shirt with brown baggy pants. All in all, it looked like the boy had just gotten back from a vacation on the beach. He had a lazy smirk on his face and his eyes were hidden behind the sunglasses he wore. He was standing in the entrance, an arm keeping his leaning body up as it rested above the top of the door. So relaxed, it was unbelievable.

Something teased Vegeta’s nose and woke his stupor to go into another one. A scent filled his senses and it was honestly overwhelming.

He knew he had smelled that before.


“Of course, Vegeta,” Gohan seemed to purr. “Can I come in?” The boy leaned forward and the scent increased.

“H-hai,” Vegeta said uncertainly. There was something different about the half-breed today and even though Vegeta’s groggy senses screamed a warning, he ignored it. The scent was too nice; all that mattered right now was the smell.

Gohan walked inside, grinning and passed Vegeta. Vegeta’s eyes locked upon the tight ass that the baggy shorts seemed to cling onto. Yes, that was very nice too…

Vegeta blinked franticly. What the hell was he doing!?! The Prince of the Saiyans did not look at men! Fragrances, even though very appealing, did not matter-

Wait a minute.

Vegeta sniffed the air hard and the smell immediately invaded his senses again, having them go into overload. But this time the Prince was prepared. He knew this smell. Oh yes, there was no mistaking it. It was stronger though, much, much stronger. So strong that Vegeta got horny just thinking about it!

Yes, Radditz had had this when he had gone into heat. Radditz, that lowlife scum, nearly raped him, and he himself almost willingly, to release the passion to mate and reproduce. Of course, he beat that vermin off of him and ran like hell. The next day, Radditz was back to normal.


Gohan turned around, the lazy grin still placed upon his face.

“I know what's wrong with you,” Vegeta threatened.

“You do?” Gohan said, not at the least bit surprised. Suddenly he chuckled and laughed at the ground. Then he took his glasses off and black eyes met black eyes. Vegeta felt himself want to stumble back; the eyes were so compelling.

“No, Vegeta,” Gohan purred. “I don’t think you have any idea what's wrong with me.”

Vegeta opened his mouth to speak but Gohan moved forward quickly in a single blur. He felt a sharp sting on the side of his head before there was darkness.


Bulma held Trunks and Goten’s tugging hands as they walked through the busy mall, filled with chatting people and excited saleswomen that stood outside their stores.

“Hold down on the turbo juice!” Bulma laughed.

“Hurry, hurry, Mom!” Trunks squealed with childish excitement. “I can’t wait to try out my new game at home!” He held up a paper bag to show his wrapped gift.

“Me too!” Goten agreed.

“All right, all right! But I have to have my arms to drive!”


Vegeta began to stir from his unconscious slumber and vague pictures formed in his head. Things about Radditz, a beautiful smell, and Gohan. The last thought brought a small smile to his lips as he hovered between sleep and reality. If that half-breed dressed like that everyday…

Hold on.

Vegeta opened his eyes and took in a sharp intake of breath when he met two other black ones.

“Nani!?!” Vegeta shouted

“Hello Vegeta,” Gohan purred, lying on top of the Prince. They were in his bedroom and his shirt from missing from its proper place: his body. Instead it was thrown on the lamp that was above and right next to them.

“Get off, you baka!” Vegeta shouted, bringing his hands up and hit the horny teenager in the back. The boy grunted and grinned.

“So you want to be on top?” Gohan purred once again and rolled, taking the freaking Saiyan with him. Now Vegeta was on top, straddling the slender hips below them.

Oh what a turn on, Vegeta thought. And that’s when the scent invaded all his thoughts, twisting everything around and letting his guard down. It was relaxing, it was soothing, it was good to give in to it. Giving in would bring wonderful, unbelievable experiences that would make you crave for more. Like candy. Never enough until you would get a tummy ache.

Oh, how much Vegeta just wanted to surrender just then. He almost did, except one tiny little factor:

He was a goddamn Prince.

“Boy, you are going to regret trying to screw with me,” Vegeta warned before he drew back a fist.

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