ChiChi’s mouth opened and closed repeatedly as she stared at her relaxed son. He stared at her with almost innocent looking eyes, finding nothing wrong with situation…I mean come on, screwing your father is normal! And what's that on his chest…? Oh my…

And Goku! First he was just shocked to see his wife standing there and watching them. But after a moment he relaxed and watched her with almost a lazy look in his eye. How dare they both be so calm about this!

And to top it all off, ChiChi couldn’t seem to find her voice. But when she did, her son immediately reacted.

“What the-!?!” ChiChi started but Gohan stood up and rushed at her. Completely taken off guard, he pushed her to the wall forcefully, meshing the liquid on his chest against her. ChiChi couldn’t help but be completely disgusted as her skin felt the warm cooling cum all over her son’s chest.

“Shh, mother,” he cooed. “No need to shout.”

ChiChi opened her mouth to scream at her son to get the hell away from her when a scent entered her sense unaware. Oh god, was it strong…Melting against the wall, she closed her eyes to lose herself in the fragrance. It surrounded and caressed her weary body with gentle fingers. It was extremely pleasant and oddly familiar but she didn’t really want to think…No it was nice to just sit back and let someone else take control…

Gohan smirked at his now relaxed mother. No one could stand up to him. No one. Cockily, he lowered his lips upon hers and grinned when she easily responded. Ah, it was all too easy.


(AN: I’ll save you guys from the hentai scene. *chuckles*)

Vegeta gave a second glance out the window, growling. Where was that stupid Saiyan!? He was 15 minutes late for their sparring session and the Prince was already in a sour mood. Having to listen to two wild brats was enough to make him send them to another dimension. Hissing, he stood and began to pace. He could just start sparring and Kakarott, that lazy baka, might show up. But that would only fuel his fire. Strangely, it has started early that morning.

Again, Vegeta looked out the window. Again, he felt a weird tug. He needed to be somewhere…Closing his eyes, he concentrated on the deep, restless feeling. It felt like he had to claim something before someone else. Yes, that’s the feeling. Claiming, taking. He had felt it before once, on Frieza’s ship. It was odd and he had given in to it. He found himself in Radditz’s room where the sleazy Saiyan had been tossing and turning. The room was hot and wrench, but it was filled with an odor that Vegeta had been almost unable to resist. To this day, he could probably smell that stench and know it was a good time to run. Even for a Prince.

Grunting, Vegeta ignored the feeling with his all might and turned away. No, he would NOT find out where this crazy feeling was coming from! If it wanted him, then let it come to him! A Prince of the Saiyans doesn’t go around because of a useless feeling.

Disgruntled, Vegeta took his seat at the table again. No, he would stay right here. He would not go off. He would not…

Vegeta absently looked out the window again.


Gohan stretched, a few cracks running down his back, as he stepped out of the bathroom. His body was soaking with water and it dripped to the floor. Gohan didn’t seem to notice, for he was in too deep of thought. After going through another round of happy sex, Gohan found himself bored and left his father and mother. He still hadn’t seen them emerge from the room. Grinning slightly, he chuckled, and grabbed the towel around his waist before it slid off. Now to move on to find his dominate mate.

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