Completely nude, Gohan was lying on the couch with his hands casually behind his head. He was smirking to himself, his slender black tail swaying back and forth at the edge of the couch. He was reminiscing back on the few hours of heat and his smile broadened slowly.

“Ah, Gohan, harder!” Goku screamed at his first son while he was on his hands and knees. A flicker of gold caught Goku’s eye before he let out a loud shout when he felt a pounding, larger presence slamming against his sweet spot. Gohan had changed into SSJ.

“This hard enough!?” Gohan yelled as he heaved himself into the sweet ass before him.

“YES!” Goku shouted just as loud and then he felt a trickle of hot warm sticky blood seeping down his thighs. The scent of blood filled Goku’s nostrils and he screamed again.

“Yes, please Gohan!”

Gohan opened his glittering black eyes slowly as Goku’s voice rang in his ears. His father was a very good lover, very much like a pleasing pet. Grinning at that he stretched fully, feeling silent cracks along his back. Maybe he will take him for his mate…

A mate. The word was sort of weird in his thoughts. He didn’t really want a mate, actually. Oh yes, the thoughts of one were pleasant indeed. He would then have someone to share his life with, know his or her thoughts and…oh hell, who was he kidding? He just really, really wanted the sex.

Gohan cursed mentally and closed his eyes again. His father was a lovely pet but that was just it. A pet. Something to screw whenever he felt very horny. He needed some dominance. He needed someone who would screw him silly, like there was no tomorrow. Someone…who would make him bleed and cry in pain…Gohan licked his lips slowly. He knew these thoughts were absurd and he never would have thought of them before. But they were so delicious…so sexy. Oooh, and Kami forbid, so damn horny.

Gohan laid a hand down on his abdomen and played lightly with the hair there with his fingertips. Ah, I see, Gohan thought to himself. I am more of a uke, aren’t I? The grin broadened on his lips. Yes, it was true. He loved being fucked silly, even if he still did have a virgin ass. Yes, he could give this beautiful ass to his true mate…but that meant shopping around.

Of course, this would be no problem. Gohan might be a virgin, but he was also Saiyan. He could have anyone he wanted. Anyone. Even that snobby Prince of the Saiyans. Oh yes, that would be the most difficult task. But nothing Son Gohan couldn’t handle.

Filled with self-confidence, Gohan opened his eyes and smiled at the ceiling. He was all of a sudden incredibly horny.

“Oh father…” Gohan called and stood up in search of his Daddio.

Gohan walked into the bedroom after searching the entire house and was pleased to finally find his father. He was lying on his stomach on the floor bed, sheets curled around his waist. His head was snuggled into the pillows, snoring quietly, while a hand was cuffed under his nose. His other arm laid limply by his other side, clutching the blanket weakly.

And he was naked.

Gohan really liked that fact.

Sitting down beside the said full-bred Saiyan, Gohan leaned heavily on his elbow on his side, grinning crookedly. Goku stirred at the presence of another being in his room, floating between awareness.

Dreams of sex purely invaded his dreams. It was completely intoxicating and the spell that Gohan weaved upon his unexpecting father just made it worse. The boy was always taking him, grunting with pleasure and he always saw himself squirm and cry out for more underneath his body. It felt so real also, when Gohan’s tongue would snake around his hot flesh. It even tickled slightly…

“Father, wake up,” Gohan cooed.

Goku grunted and tried to ignore the voice. His dream was just getting good…Soon his son would take those delicious fingers and stick them right inside him. Goku ached for the feeling on entrance by his sexy mate-

Gohan lightly punched his father in the shoulder. Goku immediately woke up with a snap and cry, grabbing his shoulder as if there was ki hole through it.

“For Kami’s sake, Gohan!” Goku yelled. Gohan just stared dumbfounded as his father whined over his wounded shoulder. Goku turned hot eyes upon his staring son with a hiss.

“Are you trying to kill me!?”

“I didn’t do anything…” Came the meek reply.

“You HIT me!”

“Not hard!”

“Then why does it hurt so much!?”

“I dunno…”

Goku’s fist flew to return the favor. Gohan closed his eyes and turned his head away to accept the blow on his own shoulder, expecting amount of pain to dance across his arm. When nothing happened, Gohan opened his eyes and looked down at his shoulder. Goku was still hitting him like his life depended on it. Gohan thought Bulma might as well been hitting him. She would have been having more of an effect.

“What’s wrong with me!?” Goku cried, drawing back.

“I think you lost your ki and strength,” Gohan said, slightly calm.

“ What!? Why?” Goku sat up confused. A wave of dizziness greeted the older Saiyan so he closed his eyes to stop the swirling room.

“So…” Gohan paused then grinned. “So you can’t fight me.”

Gohan immediately pounced upon his father and they both fell back onto the bed. There was a soft huff as the heavy weight fell upon the feather mattress and pillows.

“You wouldn’t ever fight me, would you father?” Gohan cooed as he licked Goku’s ear. Goku grew still under his son when that tickling sensation was felt throughout his body and he sighed, breathing back in a lovely mass of Gohan’s scent. So familiar…so delicious…

“Kami, you smell so good…” Goku breathed.

Gohan grinned, pleased, “I know.” Their lips met gently, parted and together their tongues met. Goku groaned softly at the sweet taste that entered his mouth, growing even weaker then he felt before. It was good to give in…It was good to have someone else have control…It was very nice to be fucked…

Gohan hissed, biting his father’s tongue gently and drawing his sharp canines back. A scent of blood filled the air and their mouths mashed together to greedily suck down the blood of Saiyan spirit. This only intensified Gohan’s eagerness. With a huff, he arched his hips, grinding them into the sheets that covered his nude father. Smiling, Gohan felt the growing arousal with his own and continued his lip-bruising kiss, pressing harder. Goku whimpered underneath him.

“Do you want me, Daddy?” Gohan said breathlessly, trailing wet kisses down his hot neck. “ Do you want me to screw you like before? Do you want this?” Jerking his lips away, and mostly his body, he shoved his father forcefully down. He grabbed Goku’s unoccupied hand and rested it upon his hardening cock, arching his hips forward. Goku’s fingers curled around his son’s member and stroked it lightly.


Gohan grinned, eyes closed.

“Good, pet.”

Suddenly, both of Goku’s hands flew over his head and held down on the ground as his son powered up ever so lightly. Goku grunted as the boy’s ki surrounded and pressed him down on the bed forcefully. Completely trapped.

“Kami,” Goku grunted out before his mouth was forcefully shut when Gohan’s twinge of ki floated over him. He wouldn’t be able to scream if he wanted to.

“Mommy will be home soon,” Gohan cooed with a wicked smile. He loved the way his father looked so helpless at the moment. Completely taken down by the smallest amount of his ki…that was how weak he was. Too bad Gohan didn’t know the half bit of Saiyan customs and habits, or he might understand why his father was so pathetic at the moment. Oh well, that really didn’t matter anyway.

Gohan stroked the side of his father’s face, “You wouldn’t want her to see this would you?”

Of course, Goku didn’t answer.

“Or maybe she should…” Gohan lipped curved into the smallest smile. “She loved to see you being fucked by her son, wouldn’t she? Maybe I’ll screw her too. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

No answer.

“Good, sexy pet,” Gohan cooed, a mad glint in his eye. “ You’re my pet, aren’t you?”

Gohan wanted this answer. He lowered his ki just slightly, giving freedom to his father’s mouth.

“G-Gohan,” Goku croaked, something burning below his stomach.

“Answer, Daddy.”

Goku couldn’t take it any longer. With a grunt, he nodded.

“What? I couldn’t hear you.”

Goku nodded again, not trusting his own voice.


“Oh Kami, yes! I’m your pet, fuck me please!” Goku suddenly shouted and the burning between his legs intensified. Please, Gohan, please…

Gohan grinned again and licked those luscious lips.

“Good pet. You’re a good pet, aren’t you father? I should award you, shouldn’t I?”

“Yes. Award me, please.”

Gohan seemed to think about it for a while, leaning back. This only added pressure to Goku’s stiff member and he groaned loudly. If only he could move!!!

“All right, Father. I’ll reward you.”

Their lips met again with a fury of passion. Goku cried inside, completely overwhelmed with joy. Soon the sheet between them was ripped away. Even if Goku couldn’t move his body, Gohan sure could. He spread his father’s legs apart hurriedly and jerked Goku’s hips up for a better passage.

Gohan didn’t even wait to prepare his father.

Gohan thrusted forward with all his might and shoved himself into that tight hole. It was soon followed with a cry of pain, something that resembled a protest…Gohan didn’t care. He shoved himself hurriedly into his pet, eager for completion. Blood coated the entrance as it was ripped apart making it easy to pull and push in and out.

Goku continued to grunt in pain.

Eager to make this a little pleasurable for his pet, Gohan shifted and searched for something…that was indeed easy to find. Hitting Goku’s pleasure spot, it was immediately followed by another cry…this one of pleasure. Grinning to himself, Gohan attacked that spot merciless.

Gohan could have sworn they were only at it for 5 minutes before they both exploded. Goku’s seed was shed over his son’s chest as the boy leaned over him when he released. It was dripping…soaking…completely sexy on his master.

Grinning once again, Gohan slowly straightened, the substance now sliding down his chest to his stomach.

“We have a visitor,” Gohan whispered. Goku’s eyes widened and jerked his head towards the doorway, Gohan dropping his ki when he came.

Goku’s wife stood dumbfounded in the doorway.

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