“Gohan!” Goku shouted when he saw his son collapse onto his stomach. Frantic, he ran over and turned him over, cradling him in a death hold.

“Gohan wake up!” Gently, he shook the demi-saiyan’s shoulder…when that lovely scent entered his nostrils.

“Oh…” Goku moaned once again, completely forgetting his unconscious son, as he was lost in the heavenly scent. It surrounded his very being, he was sure, and fogged his brain. Nothing but this scent mattered. NOTHING. He had to have this scent. His very life depended on it.

Eagerly, with eyes hazed over, he looked for the source of something so wonderful…so incredible…so…

Gohan…Goku’s eyes stopped on Gohan and leaned down over him, whiffing at the boy’s body. Oh god, yes, it’s coming from him! Delicious…let me have it…Gohan…the scent was so strong that Goku was losing all rational thought. And it was making him so god damn HORNY! Moaning softly, Goku raised his hips to rub them against his son’s side and the friction caused a heated sensation. Nothing in his life ever felt so good; nothing in his life was so strong to make him totally want to lose control.

Goku licked his suddenly dry lips and stared down at the sleeping face of his son. The scent wafted his nose and surrounded him in a sexual blanket and all he could think about was Gohan. Gohan crying out in pain as blood ran down those perfect thighs. Oh, even the thought of Gohan doing that to his father made Goku want to rip off his clothes and screw his first son right at the spot.

Okay, so maybe he was already beyond that point.

Goku kicked the door shut with a grunt, grabbed his son and ran for the nearest place to make love…that fortunately was the kitchen table. Goku threw Gohan on the table none to gently and poor boy’s head slammed against the hard wood. Gohan grunted in half sleep, face twisting in pain before relaxing again. Meanwhile, Goku was tearing off his clothes in quick haste (which, meant ripping his shirts into two, and his pants into shreds that it would be difficult to know they were pants before.). Grabbing his sash that vaguely was the only thing left intact, he crawled over his son and tied his wrists together tightly. Grinning, he started working on tearing Gohan’s shirt apart.

That was, unfortunately, when Gohan woke up.

“Eh…?” Muttered the dazed teenager.

Goku stilled and looked up at Gohan’s face, waiting for an enraged outburst. He really didn’t care though. HE JUST WANTED HIM NOW! What he did fear though was if he was going to left with this undying need between his legs…

“What the hell are you doing?” Gohan hissed, staring or more like glaring, as his completely naked father.

“I was going to make love to you…” Goku answered truthfully, almost sheepishly.

“Make love?!” Gohan’s voice boomed, face twisting into fury. “Did I say you could make love to me!?”

“No…” Goku said weakly.

“Damn right!” Gohan shouted then suddenly shoved Goku harshly off the table with his foot. Goku landed with a thump on his butt, his erection pointing straight at the ceiling. He looked up Gohan through his bangs, trying his best to look completely innocent when in fact; he looked like a complete wanton.

Gohan slid off the table, leaning against it in all his glory…black boxers that neatly clung to his framed thighs and tattered white shirt. Goku caught sight of a small button with the corner of his eye, which was once attached to Gohan’s shirt. Sighing silently, he returned his eyes on the core of all his desire, the scent wrapping around him like rain.

Gohan was staring at him also, hard before looking down at his captured hands and tugs gently. Frowning, he stopped his fighting and returned his burning gaze to his father.



“Can I make love to you?”


Goku recoiled backwards and lowered his eyes…but as soon as he did, Gohan moved and they were back up again. They were now nearly nose-to-nose, and Gohan sneered looking like Vegeta in the haunting view.

“No, you can fuck me, Father. You can fuck me.”

Goku paused but not for long. In seconds he was upon his son.

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