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Gohan was sitting on his bed, head in his hands and elbows on the sill of his window as he looked up at the reddish moon. Since none of the Saiyans had their tails anymore, Bulma had wished it back. That was a few months back. When Gohan had asked her why she thought the moon was so special, she said it made her think better. Gohan thought she was joking.

But as he looked up at the red orb in the sky, he had to agree it was nice to look at instead of seeing endless darkness with specks of white dots. It kind of made Gohan puny in a way…Just to think of how space that surrounded him every day could be so large and he be only one man.

Gohan sighed heavily, giving the moon a longing look. The moon had never affected him anyhow, physically or mentally. He just liked to look at it.

He also liked when it would change colors at night. He knew that it was simply the atmosphere and the chemicals that were floating about in it, that gave the moon such a fiery red flow tonight. But he liked to pretend that it was the mood of the moon that changed its surface. This was the first time he had ever seen it turn red before also, so that was something to take into account too.

"Gohan, time for bed," Chi Chi’s voice broke through the young student's thoughts. Sighing, the 17-year-old obeyed and crawled under the covers of his bed.

"Good night, sweetheart," ChiChi said softly.

"Night, Mom," Gohan whispered back before closing his eyes.


The next morning, Gohan woke up to the sounds of shouting and yelling. The voices preferably are belonging to Piccolo and Gohan's father, Goku. Giving a big stretch throughout his body and a long yawn, Gohan crawled out of bed to greet his fellow fighters.

Goku yelled and threw a hard punch into Piccolo's stomach, receive a satisfying grunt from the Namek. Piccolo thought, in turn, returned the favor and slammed his fist across the Saiyan's face. They both stumbled away from one another, sweating normally under their training clothes.

"Nice work out," Goku grinned, wiping sweat from his brow.

"Calling it quits, Goku?" Piccolo taunted a smirk on his own face.

"Of course not!" Goku defended and smiling, he crouched down for another attack. They were about to go at it again when Gohan emerged from the house.

"Hey guys," Gohan said softly, more like a mumble, while he butted up his white T-shirt. Goku chuckled when he noticed his son still in his boxers.

"Hey Gohan!" Goku greeted back in cheer. "Sleeping in today?" In response, Gohan made a small grunt that resembled Vegeta's, as he struggled with a refusing button on his shirt.

"Just wake up?" Goku asked, a little swung from Gohan's cranky mood. But before Gohan could answer, there was ruffle of soft wind that blew in the two warriors direction and carried with it was an incredibly delicious scent.

"Oh," Goku moaned aloud when he got a nice whiff of the smell and nearly stumbled backwards when he felt a weird flutter in his stomach. How wonderful…Goku thought…

Piccolo noticed too at the strange scent. Having never smelled it before, he raised his head slightly to get a better try. But the scent was gone when the wind changed course.

"What was that?" Piccolo asked, trying to find the source of such a wonderful smell.

"I know I've smelled it before…" Goku murmured, sniffing the air like crazy.

"What are you guys talking about?" Gohan asked crankily, his unknown foul mood coming full force.

The two sweaty warriors though didn't seem to notice.

"Didn't you smell that?" Goku asked disbelieving. Then surprisingly, he swooned. "It was so wonderful…" Piccolo stared at the boy like he was completely whacko.

"Um…" Gohan trailed off.

"I guess that's a no," Piccolo grunted, not bothering to hide his disappointment from the overwhelming the scent.

Goku hung his head and kicked the dirt, also disappointed and strangely, a little mad.

"Man," he cursed with venom.

"I'm going to go," Piccolo said suddenly and without anyone's say so, he took off.

"Oh well," Goku sighed.

"Where's Mom and Goten?" Gohan asked, thinking the change of subject was in for best interest.

"ChiChi went to the store," Goku explained. "And Goten is, of course, at Vegeta's, hanging with Trunks."

Gohan nodded, " Figures. I'll go make something for us to eat." Gohan turned around to reenter the house when Goku let out a sharp gasp, halting the young teenager. Gohan turned around with a questioning look with a raised eyebrow.


"Gohan! Look behind you!"

Expecting some ugly monster, Gohan whirled around again, ready for a fight with tight clenched fists.

"No! Your…tail!"

Tail? He thought and relaxed visibly before looking behind him, almost calmly.

Sure enough, there was a long black furry tail, swaying back and forth lazily.

"Oh," Gohan acknowledged with a nod before he promptly fainted.

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