Gohan slept quite peacefully this summer night; no worries at all for once. At least until a few subconscious thoughts made their way into his dreams..

Gohan was backed up against a wall, no way out. Juunana advanced on him slowly; studying him.. sizing his "prey". Panic and fear lie in Gohan's eyes, poorly shielded by fading anger. Juunana stood a hair-length away from Gohan now, his breath calm and warm. No matter how warm it was now, Gohan's blood was ice. Juunana placed his hands on Gohan's hips, staring deeply into his eyes.

"..don't worry, I won't hurt you. Too much.." Juunana whispered. With that said, Juunana brought Gohan's lips forcefully to his own in a heated kiss filled with domination. Gohan gasped suddenly, then almost choking as Juunana thrust his tongue inside his mouth. Juunana's lips were surprising soft against his own, and Gohan found himself pressing back, battling for supremacy.

Gohan's started to lift his arms to encircle Juunana, when they were roughly pushed back down. "Tsk, tsk, blondie. This is
my playtime.." Juunana said, biting Gohan's lip. Blood trickled from Gohan's lip. Juunana smirked before spreading the blood down Gohan's chin to his neck. Pinning Gohan's hands above his head with one arm, Juunana ripped the shirt from Gohan's chest.

Juunana lowered his head, dropping soft kisses around Gohan's nipples. Earlier experiments told him that this was one of Gohan's more sensitive areas. Juunana's arm slid around Gohan's waist. Juunana's other hand let Gohan's wrists go, but not without a little warning:

"Keep your arms there, blondie. That is, if you don't want me to hurt you.."

Juunana took his time untying the sash, deriving pleasure from seeing Gohan struggle to keep his arms up; they were getting tired by now. As well as trying to keep his hormones in check. Although Juunana had taken his time with Gohan's sash, his pants came down almost instantaneously.

Gohan's cock stood proud, looking Juunana in the eye. Juunana smiled, "What a fine-looking specimen we have here, eh, blondie?" Gohan nodded, having nothing to say. Juunana's hair brushed Gohan's thighs as his tongue darted out to lick at the head of Gohan's lengthy member. Gohan bit his injured lip, the pain from it pushing out the trace of pleasure that Juunana had given him.

Juunana lapped sensuously at Gohan's erection, before briefly looking up. Gohan's eyes were shut tight, his breath coming in short. "Look at me, blondie. I'm giving you what you want.." Juunana spoke quietly. Gohan's eyes slowly opened - watching Juunana closely. The raven-haired android licked his lips before taking Gohan's erection into his mouth and suckling it with a fervor. Back. Forth. Back. Forth. Gohan moaned, this is exactly what he wanted, this was his fanta--

Gohan woke with a start, a warm sweat covering his body. Gohan blinked rapidly before lying backwards to contemplate his dream. What the hell.. Gohan thought, brows knitting in confusion. He didn't have long to think though, because Trunks was suddenly hovering over him, with a worried look on his face.

"Gohan-san, are you okay? I heard you moaning and came in here to see what was wrong. Did you have a nightmare?" Trunks asked. "I'm fine, Trunks; and no, I didn't have a nightmare." Gohan replied. Trunks looked over Gohan while snickering. "I see you didn't have a nightmare, after all, Gohan-san.." Gohan looked at Trunks funny. "What do you mean?"

Trunks said nothing, but poked Gohan's erection. Gohan gasped and blushed before crossing his legs in an attempt to conceal it. "I'll take care of that.. uh.." Gohan said, not quite sure on what to say. Trunks smiled. He knew what Gohan was going to do once he left the room, and Trunks was going to make it hard for him. I know I'm being mean, but hey, it's not going to hurt him. At least, I don't think it will.. Trunks' mind piped.

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