The first two weeks with Okashi were indeed hell for Juunana and Juuhachi. Okashi seemed to like waking everyone up in the oddest hours, demanding attention. Although, despite her still babyish ways, Okashi had grown considerably in the two weeks. Okashi already had two teeth, and had grown 4 inches taller. Her tail also was longer, and Okashi could control it somewhat.

Juunana looked over his child, sighing. "I hope you know you've caused me a great deal of trouble so far.." He said. Okashi looked up at her father and giggled. Juunana just huffed. "It's time to take you back to your ..papa.. now, Okashi." Scooping her in his arms, Juunana took to the air eagerly. He was sort of happy to take her back. This child was defenitely a handful, despite her age of two weeks.

A look of intense concentration was on Gohan's face. Inwardly, he searched for the motivation to begin training again. It just wouldn't do lose power because of a little baby. Searching.. looking.. found! Gohan mentally praised himself. The sole reason to train. To help Trunks become a Super Saiyajin, so he could defeat the androids. He didn't know that by training to fight, he was falling directly into Juunana's trap.

Trunks watched Gohan closely, mind flitting back to the previous night. Gohan moaning in sleep, waking up with an erection, and not being allowed to sleep by a devious Trunks. Trunks saw Gohan in a whole new light. For some reason, he felt closer and more in touch with Gohan, even if it was only one-sided.

"Gohan-san..?" Trunks said. Gohan looked up instantly, his thoughts pushed aside by the soft, concerned voice. "Yes, Trunks?" He replied. "I was wondering, Gohan-san.. if you felt any closer to me than before?" Trunks asked, looking slightly nervous. "Hm.. I don't know, Trunks. Should I?"

Trunks shook his head, lavendar hair brushing his ears. "What are we going to do today, Gohan-san?" He asked. "We're going to improve on your kicking.. you rely too much on the strength of your arms." Gohan said, standing and stretching backwards. Trunks stood also, wiping dust from his backside.

"You see, Trunks, when you're fighting a powerful opponent, you need to use everything at your disposal." Gohan lectured. "When you fought me last, I noticed how you hesistated to kick me, and leaned heavily on punching." Trunks raised an eyebrow. He didn't know Gohan was so ..observant.

Juunana touched down in front of the Capsule Corporation household. Okashi looked around, taking in the sights. The grass was green. The house was a blue-ish purple. Walking to the door, Juunana showed a bit of tact by simply knocking on the door. Inside, Bulma heard the faint noise from her workstation. Standing, she jogged to the door, hoping to keep no one waiting.

Juunana tapped his foot impatiently. Someone better answer this door, and quick, or else I'll just walk in. He thought. Then it hit him. Why didn't I just walk in the first place..? Bulma opened the door, blinking with a look of pure shock. "May I help you?" Bulma said, the fear in her chest rising.

Juunana smirked at the look of horror in her eyes. "I'm keeping my word. I've brought Okashi back.." The beautiful android looked down at Okashi, who clung to his shirt, biting a small hole in it. Juunana growled, prying his daughter from his shirt. He handed Okashi to the blue-haired woman, before floating backwards into the air.

Bulma looked at Okashi, who promptly bit her hand.


Juunana chuckled.

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