Gohan awoke blearily, his eyes cloudy from unconsciousness. Taking in his surroundings, Gohan sighed. "...where am I? Last I remember.." He said quietly to himself. "Gohan-san! You're awake!" The 13-year-old boy chirped happily, glad to see that his best friend was awake. Bulma rushed to the left of Trunks, looking over Gohan.

"Gohan.. you're awake.. good to have you back. At first we thought we might lose you.. during labor you had somehow fractured a rib or two. And you fell unconscious before we could give you a painkiller.." Bulma said, checking Gohan for any bloody bandages.

"Gohan-san, you had a baby. She's a girl! What do you plan on naming her?" Trunks said. There weren't any questions in his mind about exactly how Gohan had managed to have a baby. All those answers would come when he was older. That's what Bulma had told him.

"What will you name her? She's pretty you know! She has hair that my mom says will look like mine, except it'll be black." Trunks rattled off, randomly telling Gohan things about his child. "Could I.. see her?" Gohan said quietly. "Sure, hold on." Bulma replied. She then walked across the room to the small incubator, and opened it.

Holding the sleeping baby, Bulma walked back to Gohan. "Here she is, Gohan-kun. She's beautiful, even if she isn't really wanted." Bulma handed Gohan the child in a small blanket. Gohan looked at the baby, cradling it in his arm. The baby had soft, silky black hair. It also felt real.. unlike her 'father's' synthetic hair. For a strange reason, the baby's skin was a more bronze colour than it should have been. Both Gohan and the android's skin were a paled colour.

"So what do you plan on naming her?" Bulma asked, noticing as the furry tail on the small child tried wrap around Gohan's forearm. "..I don't know. I've never had a baby before.." Gohan replied thoughtfully. 'Rape or not.. she's my child..'

"I'll name her Okashi." Gohan said, smiling at the sleeping baby. "That's a pretty name Gohan.. and its sweet." Bulma whispered, keeping her voice at a low tone. "Mom, am I an uncle or something?" Trunks asked, touching Okashi's tail and marveling at the softness.

Okashi blinked as she woke up. Immediatly, she started to wail. Gohan was startled, to say the least. Gohan looked at Okashi, then Bulma, then Trunks with a questioning, pleading eyes. "I expected this Gohan. Okashi's just hungry." Bulma smiled. Bulma hurriedly walked out the room to get the bottle of milk she had put on.

Not knowing what to do until Bulma came back, Gohan stuck a finger in Okashi's mouth. Temporarily silenced, Okashi nibbled on her papa's finger. Bulma walked silently back into the room, testing the bottle. "It's a little too warm, but I think she could handle it," Bulma said, handing the bottle to Gohan. "Make sure you let her breathe in between sucking the bottle, or else she'll suffocate."

"Okay.." Gohan muttered. He took the bottle from Bulma and tilted Okashi. Raising the bottle to her lips, he let her take hold of the nipple. Okashi suckled happily on the bottle, making gurgling sounds as she ate. It seemed that all the tension had faded from the room. Okashi's mere awakening had brightened Gohan's mood immensely.

'..maybe having a baby wasn't so bad after all..'

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