Gohan played peek-a-boo with Okashi. The baby merely giggled, pressing her hands on her face. Soon though, Bulma took Okashi to the incubator across the room. Gohan still wasn't completely well. The stitches in his stomach hadn't fully dissolved yet, and one of his ribs hadn't healed entirely.

Gohan sighed. He'd had the baby, now what? Would Juunana come and take the baby? So many questions raced through Gohan's head. He didn't know what to expect next. It was almost like one of those horror movies on television. Gohan felt as if something didn't happen, he'd explode. Waiting is the hardest part of everything.

Trunks was sleeping, Bulma was reading, Okashi was looking out of the window of the incubator. Everything seemed to be at peace. Gohan closed his eyes. Sleep would come easy since he was truly tired. He hadn't been this tired after fighting the androids.

All of a sudden, a loud crash brough Gohan out of his thoughts. "What the hell.." Gohan said, getting out of the bed and standing weakly. Just then, Juunana strolled into the medical room. Gohan's eyes widened as the android tossed his hair behind his head. "So. What's her name?" Juunana asked.

Stunned, Gohan mumbled. "Her name is Okashi." "Oh, that's too cute. I'd like to spend some time with her." Juunana said, peering at the blinking baby. Jumping to conclusions, Gohan sped to separate his daughter from the 'invading' android. "No. You won't take her." Gohan said, glaring at the android.

"Who said I was taking her? Then again, how would you will stop me?" retorted Juunana. Gohan blazed Super Saiyajin, intending to fight for Okashi. Gohan blocked the incubator, turquoise eyes spelling murder. "Move aside, blondie." Juunana said, hands on his hips defiantly. "I'm not going to take her. I'll make a deal with you."

Shocked, Gohan dropped all defenses for a moment. Seeing Gohan offguard, Juunana walked close to Gohan, and leaned inward. "You see.. I only want her for two weeks every month..," he whispered. "I'm trying to make this fair for you. If I wanted to, I could knock you aside and take her."

Juunana's silky voice raised the hairs on Gohan's neck, and tickled his ear. "And if I refused your offer?" Gohan asked. "If you refused? I have Juuhachi out there kill the purple haired kid. And that blue haired woman. Simple, really." Juunana replied. Inside the incubator, all Okashi could see was her papa's back. She didn't cry though. Babies' rule number one: never cry in the middle of something interesting.

Gohan sighed inwardly, his hair turning back to black. "Oh, I so love it when you look like that." The raven-haired beauty murmured, running his hand down Gohan's chest. Gohan grimaced, and glared at Juunana. He knew when he was beaten. "I agree to your proposition, android. By the way, my name is Gohan. Not 'blondie'."

"Well. My name is Juunana. Nice name, Gohan. But I think I like blondie better." Juunana said, backing off of Gohan. Looking quickly around the room, Juunana noted all the things he'd need to take care of Okashi. Picking up a bag, Juunana stuffed various things into it. Diapers, bottles, powdered milk; Okashi also had a few cute little baby clothes that Bulma managed to pick up when she went out for groceries. Not many stores were left, but she had made the best of it. Juunana stuffed those into the bag too.

Gohan followed the android's movements with his eyes, noting the grace he walked with. '..look at him, so confident..' Gohan thought, before he mentally smacked himself. 'Remeber, he's the enemy.. so what if you had his child! It was rape!' One part of Gohan's mind shouted. '..But you liked it, didn't you? It felt divine, didn't it?' Another voice protested. Gohan squeezed his eyes shut and pushed out the offending thoughts. They could wait.

Gohan decided to be a reluctant help, and dress Okashi in a little outside suit Bulma had come across. Okashi yawned as Gohan dressed her, her small hand curling into fists. Gohan smiled slightly, she was so cute. Juunana stood at the door, tapping his foot. "Okay, enough mother-daughter bonding." he said, smirking at Gohan's face when he said 'mother-daughter'. "Before I let you have her, tell Juuhachi to let Trunks and Bulma go." Gohan said, holding Okashi with one arm.

Juunana sighed, but poked his head out of the room. "Juuhachi. Let them go, he agreed." Juuhachi frowned at that. She hadn't had a good fight with anyone lately. She thought her brother's action was stupid, having a child with the enemy. Juuhachi had to hand it to him though, in the long run, it'd be a big surprise for Gohan to find himself near the brink of death for trusting Juunana.

Hesistantly, Juuhachi let go of Bulma and Trunks. Trunks rubbed the back of his neck, while Bulma sniffed slightly. Bringing his head back inside the room, Juunana looked at Gohan. "She let them go. Hand her to me. It's not like I'd hurt my only child." Juunana said, stretching his arms out for Okashi. Gohan didn't want to, but handing Okashi to Juunana was easier than he thought. "Later, blondie." Juunana said and left the room.

Exhaling the breath he didn't know he kept in, Gohan winced as all the standing out of bed took his toll on him. He heard the front door of the Capsule corp. close, and believed Juuhachi and Juunana were gone. "Two days," Gohan mused. "Wait.. it wasn't even two days.. and she's already gone."

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