Running breathlessly, Gohan fell as a wave of pain punished him. Standing, he began to run again, trying to get to the nearest place.. the Capsule Corp. As he ran, Gohan tried to use his ki once more. Lifting into the air, only a few inches, he dropped back down to the ground.

As Gohan hit the rain-slickened, mud covered street he realized why he couldn't use any ki. "..This baby.. I know.." Gohan thought as another contraction rendered him temporarily immobile. _

Gohan moaned as Juunana pressed pass the tight ring of muscle. Gohan didn't want this.. yet he did. Something compelled him to be submissive towards the ebony haired android. And it wasn't just the fact that Juunana was stronger.

Half-way inside of Gohan, Juunana thrusted inward, bringing with the pain of entry, a hot pleasure. The android didn't wait for Gohan to adjust; he started to drive into Gohan with an amazing pace. The small moans coming from Gohan escalated in pitch - low groans to harsh screams that seemed to be torn from his throat.

Gohan liked what was happening.. he could hardly hear over his own screams, but his mind's ear was deaf to the outside. '...this is wrong... not supposed to fuck the enemy...' said one part of Gohan's mind. But just as quickly as that small voice had spoken, it had been silenced by the overriding pleasure.

Gohan's voice suddenly stopped as he reached his climax, bringing Juunana over with him. Falling over the cliff of oblivion, Gohan's mind was momentarily muddled with sensation. Juunana immediately pulled out of Gohan, and began to clean himself.

As Gohan shook his head to clear his mind, Juunana smirked. He had donned a look of, "I-know-something-that-you-don't." Gohan was puzzled at the look, and his face said so, clear as day. Juunana then spoke silkily, forcing a chill to go down Gohan's spine.

"Guess what, blondie? You're pregnant."

The fleeting look of blissful contentment vanished instantly, leaving an air of disbelief on Gohan's face. Gohan thought for a few seconds, then a skeptical look settled on his features. "Men don't get pregnant, android." Gohan stated firmly. It was true.. men just don't get pregnant.

"Yes they do. They can, and they have. Just like you have." Juunana retaliated quickly. "I don't believe you. How could I possibly be pregnant?" Gohan asked.

"To put it in laymen's terms, after coming inside you, a chemical in my sperm triggered the mating mechanism inside of you. Tricking your body into thinking you have chosen a mate for yourself, therefore able to bear children," Juunana said. "Now really, you should put some clothes on. Haven't you ever heard of modesty?"

Gohan blushed slightly despite the news he had just heard. When he looked up to the android, he noticed that Juunana was just about finished dressing. "Oh, by the way.. the child grows quickly."

"How quickly?" Gohan inquired. "A couple of hours and she or he will be ready to be born. Thats the good part. Unluckily, the quick growth will cause lots of pain." Juunana winked as he said the last part, starting to walk away.

Strapping his sash around his waist, Gohan stopped Juunana again. "Why? How do you know these things?!" Juunana turned half-way once more. "Dr. Gero was a genuis. He studied you saiyajin for a long time before we were made. All information he discovered was implanted into Juuhachi and I." The black haired android then floated upward with a smirk. "Good luck, blondie.."

Speeding past broken streetlamps and whizzing from asphalt roads to rarely traveled paths in the woods, Gohan's mind wandered. Jumping from the most mundane things, trying to ignore the pain, as well as the resurfacing dirty images from earlier. The one thing that bothered Gohan the most, wasn't the 'pregnancy', it was the fact he had enjoyed the android's touch. It made him feel dirty inside. And he liked it.

Coming upon the broken house of the Capsule Corporation, Gohan was somewhat relieved that he had made it to a safe place. Part of him was hesistant to tell Bulma what had happened to him, but that side of him was silenced as another wave of burning, breathless pain washed over him. Sinking to his knees, Gohan cried out as the baby inside of him kicked with a violent force.

'The baby.. its almost ready to be born..' Gohan thought as he hurriedly knocked on the door of the home of Trunks and Bulma. Trunks' voice could be heard as he told his mom he'd answer the door. Trunks opened the door to see a sputtering and gasping Gohan.

"Gohan-san! What happened to you?! We have to bring you inside..!" Trunks said as he started to hoist Gohan upwards. "MOM! Gohan-san is hurt... and his stomach has a bulge in it!" Trunks shouted, not really paying attention to his last sentence. Gohan tried to reduce his weight on Trunks' shoulder as he was half-dragged into the Capsule corp.

Rushing into the medical room, Bulma took a quick glance at Gohan while rapidly setting out different tools that treated wounds. "Bulma-san.. I'm not hurt.. I'm pregnant..." Gohan said, a contraction leaving a hot feeling in his belly, and a stitch in his side. "P-pregnant?" Was all Bulma could say. She had little time to question him though, as Gohan suddenly clutched his stomach, breath coming in heavy gasps.

"Trunks, run and get me hot towels and blankets!" Bulma instructed. Slipping on a pair of gloves, Bulma tried to hurry to soothe Gohan's pain. "Ssh.. breathe.. breathe.." Bulma cooed. Gohan's breath hitched in his throat and his face turned a blueberry shade. "Gohan! Breathe! Breathe!" Bulma started to shout as Gohan's world faded to black. "..breathe.. breathe.." the last words Gohan registered...

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