Soulís Tune

First thing I did when I finally came home was to go to my bed and rest. Somehow Iíve felt tired all day. My luck, that my mum wasnít here yet. Who knew if she didnít find another reason to yell at me again. She does that all the time.

Iím not Gohan, and she canít accept that fact.

Sometimes I wonder why she wanted a second child at all, if she just needed a replacement for her first. But Iím not him. Never will be.

Maybe itís my cheerful character, I donít know. Maybe Iím too cheerful for her liking, because she lost her gratification when dad died.

I turn around in my bed to face the window.

In some hours Iím going to have to spar with Trunks. Iím not really in the mood, but I promised. Why does he want to spar in the first time? Is he feeling guilty or just the need to get stronger. Like his dad.

When we were young we were sparring day and night, both of us so eager to please our dads. Thinking about it now, I have to confess we were just little fools, who knew it better, but still tried so hard. None of our dads showed interest, really. Vejiita wasnít bothering, big surprise, and my dad died, like he always does. Sometimes I envy other children for having the luck to actually grow up with both of their parents. With loving parents, who support them no matter what.

I bring my hand up in front of my mouth and yawn.

Sleeping would really be a good idea. Else my match with Trunks will be quite onesided and he Ė we - wouldnít want that.

Moreover Iím really tired...


A loud bang interrupts my slumber and I slowly open my eyes. Thereís not even the need for imagination to know who is in charge of that noise.

My head spins when I hurry out of my bed, a strong headache already forming. I rub my temples and make my way down to my mum.


Please, my ears are ringing, my head is burning up, please soften your voice.

I moan slightly, my fingers still massaging my head.

"What is it mum?" Iím forcing my eyes to stay open. How can I be so tired, even after I slept for a while?

"Come help me carrying the bags!! Itís mostly your food after all!!"

Obediently I stumble forwards and take the bags from her hands, bringing them on the kitchen table. Iím too drowsy to disagree or complain.

Taking a short look on my watch I realize that there is hardly any time left before I have to go sparring. Sighing I retreat from the kitchen to shower at least.

How can it be this late? Feels as if I just went to sleep five minutes ago...


Trunks is already waiting for me, when I finally reach the arranged place. Heís wearing spandex and a shirt, his every muscle showing though the tight material. Breathtaking.

The word is formed again and again in my head.

Absolutely breathtaking.

"Hey Goten, youíre late. I thought you wouldnít show up."

He walks closer and all I can do is watch fascinated. I canít tear my gaze from him.

"Hey, buddy. What is it? Letís start."

That snaps me finally out of my dreamland. Buddy. What else. Are we even buddies anymore Trunks? I have the feeling we are just some strangers. Not running parallel, like we used to, but drifting away in a greater angle as time goes by.

I nod and we both go into fighting stance simultaneousely.

Trunks throws the first punch and I dodge barely. I counter with a blow from my part, which he evades easily. I sigh inwardly. I knew it would be an onesided match. Hopefully Iím able to detain the biggest damage.

After about half an hour Iím sent crashing through a small mountain.

I want to stand up and continue fighting, but my body trembles too much to follow my wishes. My head feels like itís packed into cotton wool, my lids are heavy. A quiet craving fills my senses, but I canít make out the source just yet.

"Goten?" My lifeís sweet voice is calling out for me and I open my mouth to answer, but no sound comes out, just a hoarse croak.

"Goten, are you ok?"

What a dumb question, I want to reply. Do I look like Iím alright?

"Y..yeah." I oblige my body to mutter out the calming words. I donít want him to worry about something this nonrelevant, trivial.

He stretches out his hand for me to take and then lifts me up.

"You really look ill, Goten. Whatever you ate, donĎt eat it again." He jokes.

My eyes widen a little at the realisation. I must have forgotten to eat. Maybe that was why I was feeling so weak!

"Yeah. Didnít intend to." I laugh and look up to the darkening sky. In the corner of my eye I see Trunks staring at my face intensively, a certain gleam in his blue eyes again. It cuts my heart slightly and I turn around to him.

"What is it Trunks?"

He shakes his head as if it would banish his thoughts away.

"Nothing... nothing. Must have been the light." He whispers, almost as if heís speaking to himself.

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