Soul痴 Tune

The small sound of fingers tapping against wood.

I知 bored. I don稚 know what to do with my spare time anymore. In the past I used to go to Trunks, playing games, sparring, going out. I never bothered making new friends, I had him after all. Now I知 sitting on the chair in my room, listening to soft music in the background with my eyes closed.


My muscles are arching, my hand trembles slightly.

I知 suffocating in here. I have to go out. My mum is gone shopping anyway. She値l never know if I知

If I知 what? I don稚 know. I don稚 care. My mind screams out for me. Loud. Again. Yearning. Longing. Wanting. Pleading for...

... Release?

I run out of my room and fetch the telephone in a precipitate manner. Trunks help me, I don稚 know what痴 happening to me anymore.

My body shivers and my fingers are hovering above the dial.

I stare at the phone for another minute. And then I lay it back down slowly and turn to walk out of the door.

I come to a stop in front of a club. People come in and out, laughing and talking and kissing and I watch them with a certain amount of envy, before shaking my head and entering the building.

Loud music fills my sensitive senses and I close my eyes for a moment, concentrating on anything but the heavy noise all around me. It works. The beats seem to soften a bit and I breathe out relieved.

I struggle past the dancing persons and head towards the bar. What am I doing here? This was once Trunks and my favorite place to hang out. What am I doing here. I wanted to forget but still... but still I知 here, here at a place with thousands of memories.

I turn towards the barkeeper and order something to drink. I don稚 know what, I just tell him to give me something strong.

A girl next to me looks up and smiles. Her red hair is curled, her green eyes are piercing. A black dress covers her slim body. She truly is a beauty. Too bad I知 gay and in love.

She stands up and comes closer. Her hips slightly swinging with her movements, a carefree smile on her lips.

"Hi. I致e never seen you here before."

I raise my brows and chuckle.

"Actually I知 quite the regular guest."

She blushes, then laughs.

"Ok, got me. Let me try another one. Wanna dance?"

Now it痴 my turn to laugh. She sure is direct.

"Maybe later. I just ordered something to drink."

She smiles and nods, before walking away again.

I look after her for a moment before a small glimpse of lavender catches my attention.


Damn. What is it that brings us together all the time. I came here to forget, not to see the sourge of my sorrows yet again.

I turn around to the bar just in time to see the barkeeper appearing with my drinks. The fluid is red and the curious part of me is wondering what the hell I知 going to drink. It sure smells strong.

The barkeeper must have seen my prying look for he answers my unspoken question with a slight grin.

"Tabasco, escorial and captain morgan."

I nod slowly and pay for the drinks. The barkeeper is still grinning and I have the disturbing feeling he痴 just waiting for me to start drinking.

After a moment I do him the favor and raise one of the glasses to my mouth, skipping the strong liquid down with one single gulp.

Oh shit.

I breathe in deeply. Bad idea. My throat is burning. Shikushou, what amount of tabasco did the idiot put into my drink?!

I close my eyes and force my body to relax. The alcohol is slowly going into effect. I open my lids again and take the second glass, swallowing it like the first one. It goes down easier. By the fifth glass my mind is slightly fogged. It feels good. It really does.

"Care to dance now?"

The girl痴 green eyes are watching me friendly and I stand up, nodding.

My sight is fuzzy. No, not bad, just a little.

She takes my hand and moves towards the dancefloor. In the back of my eyes I seem to sense a head jerking up and ice blue eyes staring into my direction.

I shake the feeling off and devote my attention to the girl in front of me and the music all around.

My body moves with the fast beat automatically, the alcohol surpresses any touch of restrain.

Just dancing and feeling free.

Some part of me registers absently the arms that are coming around my neck as a slow music sets in.

I seek for... release.

"Wow. You池e dancing really well." A small breath into my ear.

She brings her body closer to mine and her lips are getting into dangerous range as she moves them along my cheek... downwards.

"Excuse me!" A furious voice interrupts her and I thank Dende for whoever it might be. Tough as I turn around to meet my rescuer my eyes widen and I知 not too sure if I should offer Dende my thanks after all.

Blue eyes are glaring down at me and I feel Trunks grab my hand to tug me outside. The girl is watching helplessly, not quite knowing what to think of the situation.

I don稚 even know her name.

Cold air stripes my skin when we finally get outside.

"What the hell was that all about?!" Rage. Ruthless, wild rage. Trunks pushes my body against the wall forcefully and lays his hands on both of my shoulders in order to keep my position.

"Answer me?! What kind of sick joke are you playing!"

I open my mouth to reply, but nothing comes out. I don稚 know what to say.

He narrows his eyes even more and raises his hands to slap me. Hard.

A small line of blood is forming in the corner of my mouth. My eyes are open widely. Staring, but not yet comprehending.

Then I bring my hand up to my lips, running my fingers over the fluid.

Has he... Has he...

Trunks removes his arms and takes a step backwards. "Oh God. Oh God, Chibi...I知 so sorry. I知 so sorry. I never wanted to..."

My eyes are watering and struggle to hold the tears back.

One word is repeating itself again and again in my mind. Betrayal.

I lean my quivering hand against the cold stone of the wall to push myself upwards.

"Don稚 be." My voice sounds tired and flat. Maybe the indifferent tone is alarming him, for he tries to take my hand again. "Goten..." He sounds desperate, but I don稚 care. I don稚 care about anything at this moment, just let the wind run through my hands before I turn to walk away.

Lycra greeted me with a warm smile and her friendly eyes that day.

And I surrendered.

With body and soul.

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