Soulís Tune

Those tired eyes rivet on my own, while her hand trembles slightly, not demanding but offering.

I take the needle from her hand and look at it closely, then my gaze wanders to her again.

"I... I have never done..." My voice is shaking, the whisper fades away, before I even finish my sentence.

She shakes her head and moves closer.

"Doní worry, Iíll show ya."

She rolls up my sleeve and attaches a flexible tube to my arm.

"First ya have ta look for the vein. Veins are bluish, ateries invisible and pulsating. See?"

I nod.

"The levelled side of the needle is on top."

She looks up and raises her eyebrows, making sure Iím listening. When I nod again she smiles and takes the syringe out of my hand. She holds it above my vein for a second and then pushes the needlepoint forward. Only a little.

After that she takes off the tube and injects the fluid slowly into my veins.

I can only look.


A small line of blood forms its way out of the place of trepan and the girl quickly pushes it together.

"There done."

A rush of euphoria runs through my body immediately. An experience of nausea and vomiting along with elation.

Balance and peace combined with dizziness.

Forget. Forget. Everything.

I lean my head against the wall and sigh contentedly.

My body is floating, Iím save, Iím free, Iím all I ever wanted.

No pain, no agony, just felicity and bliss.

Memories fade.

Soothing. Calmness. Everything.

I want to run, I want to dance, I want it all.

I feel ... detached.

And it feels great

No sorrow, no Trunks, no giggling girl in his arms. Just me. And no sorrows...

If I had only known back then of what was to come.


My mouth feels dry when I come to my senses again. I donít know how long I have been sitting there. One hour? Three? Too long. My mum will certainly go berserk, when I finally come home. Shit.

I gaze at the prick of the needle and then pull my sleeve down again.

When I stand up, I finally notice, that the girl has vanished. The alley is empty. No sign of her existence except for a small piece of paper on the ground.

I bow down to pick it up.

A short note written in a clumsy handwriting.

--- Come again, Iíll wait for you. ---

No name with it. An impersonal contact with no names needed.

But... as good as it had felt. I knew of the consequences. I wouldnít come again.

I pushed the paper into my pocket and followed my way home.

As already expected Ė and feared Ė my mother was waiting for me in front of the house.

She must have yelled at me for about two hours about Dende-knows-what. I didnít really listen to be honest. I didnít care at that moment.

After a while she must have realized my absence as well for she sends me to my room to study.

I sigh audibly and hurry to my place, only wanting to escape from her shouting and screaming.

I donít even bother about food, I just jump onto my bed. Within the next five minutes I am already sleeping.


My alarm clock rings far too early and I slam it against the wall with my hand unconsciously. Thereís a bang and the sound stops instantly.

"Blast it." I mutter and maneuvre my pillow over my head to block the light.

"Yeah. Thatís exactly what youíve done. Word-for-word." No, not the harpy again. Not in the morning. Not at that time. Not now.

Kuso, I must have been around Vejiita too much lately.

"Just a sec. Iím coming." I mumble. My lids feel heavy. Damn the stupid school.

My door is closed softly and I swing my legs out of the bed. My hand runs through my hair and a certain spot catches my attention.

I sigh.

No more t-shirts until the wound healed up.


"Where have you been yesterday, Goten. Your mum called at least five times to see if you were with us in CC." TrunksĎ voice behind my ear.

I turn around.

"Donít worry. I was just walking a little. Arranging my thoughts, you see?" I smile my happy-go-lucky smile for him.

"Ah. Ok." He looks at me closely for a moment. "You look a bit pale today. Not feeling well?"

"I didnít get enough sleep, my mum shouted at me for hours for being late." I shrug nonchalantly and he laughs.

"Fits. So... still sparring tonight?"

He is so very unsure around me. I donít bite, Trunks. You of all people should know that.

"Sure, same time, same place." He grins and gives me a thumb up. Then he walks away into the opposite direction.

I turn around to see him disappear into his classroom. Just before he enters it, a familiar figure steps up to him and he greets her with a usual kiss.

I avert my eyes immediately and make my way to my class.

Maybe I should visit that girl in that alley again.

Just to make sure she is alright.

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