Title: A Ripple in Time
Author: Gokou_chan
Rating: R to NC-17
Fandom: Real World/Dragonball Z
Warnings: (Serenitatis: Aparrently, Gokou-chan forgot to put any warnings in here O.o *shrugs* Oh well. I'll tell her. Maybe she'll write one for me to put in here. Who knows?)
Disclaimer: Since I don't own the characters, and the best you could get from me is a few broken pencils and some paint, don't sue!

<><>Japanese Dictionary<><>

Ohayo = Good Morning!
Oi = Hey
Waka ta = okay/I understand
Hai = Yes
Tsuden Ikko = Instant Transmission
Shinee = die
So ka = I see
Kawaii = Cute
Kakkoi = Cool
Daijoubu ka = Are you okay?
Daijoubu = I'm fine.
Senshi = warrior
Futskayoi = Hangover
Kisama = you
Chikusho = Bastard
Nan da = what is it?
Nuy ta = It worked
Nani = what?
Juuhachico = No. 18
Arigato = thank you!
Doitashimashite = you're welcome
-sama = a term of respect
Aho = moron
Yatta = I did it!
So na = No way
Baka = Idiot
Onna = Woman
Boku wa = I am
Ka = the
Ouji = Prince
no = of
<><>Part Eight<><>

I opened my eyes slowly as the room came into focus. It wasn't very bright, although a light grey light was dusting in through the windows. It was just before dawn I would think. I closed my eyes again with a groan and tried to turn over. But for a body pressing down on my chest I would have.

Wait a minute... this wasn't my bed. I guess old habits never die; this would have been monday if I hadn't switched. This was taking longer to adjust to than I thought. Damn... I kind of miss- no, can't think like that. Kaio-sama said I never could get my old body back, so pining about it was just a waste of time.


I started at the sleepy voice in my head. I looked down at the sleeping man in my arms and smiled fondly. I think it was safe to say I was in love. Heh. Who would have thought? He was a dream come true and... I'd give my life for him. The thought should have surprized me, but it didn't. I ran my fingers through his spiky hair holding him close to me.

//Ohayo gozaimasta, sleepyhead.//

//Baka.// His head nuzzled under my chin, seeking more warmth.

//You going to get up?//

//Five more minutes...//

I sniggered, reaching down to lightly brush his sides. He jerked upwards, gasping in surprize and laughter on his lips. Heh heh, someone was ticklish! Well... very ticklish! I sat up as well, rubbing the sleep from my eyes.

A rumble issued from my stomach, followed by a sheepish grin.

"It's always your stomach, isn't it Kakarott?" Vegita snickered, poking me in the ribs.

"Easy for you to say, I haven't eaten since yesterday morning!"

Vegita raised his eyebrow. Oh yeah, he hadn't either. I flushed. I moved to get out of the bed, the covers slipping from my body, bringing to my attention that I was completely and gloriously nude. And the events which had transpired last night. Oooo..... was I drooling? I think the flush covered most of my body now, quite a remarkable feat.

A low whistle rose from the bed behind me, and I turned with a victory sign and a grin. Something I never would have done in my other life. I walked over to the chest of drawers and pulled out a gi and some underpants. Quickly slipping them on, I ran a hand through my wild hair trying to get it in order. It didn't work though. I glance behind me showed my mate had fallen back asleep, and was snoring lightly.

He was beautiful, his muscular body relaxed, the covers accenting his frame, making him appear as innocent as a young child. A smile seemed fixed to my face as I backed out of the room slowly, trying not to make any noise to wake him.

The halls were silent as I tred through them, the dull light making the spaces appear a shifting expanse. True to her nature, Bulma was still working in her lab, the bright lights temporarally blinding me as I stepped inside.


"Ohayo Bulma-san."

She bounced in front of me, juggling her baby Trunks and three clipboards. "Can you hold Trunks for a sec?"

I assented and gently lifted him from Bulma's arms. He was remarkably light and I cradled him gently in the crook of my arm, being carful to mind his head. He seemed tuckered out; he had probably stayed up with Bulma all night. Poor thing. I rocked him as his eyes closed, humming to him as I did. He was soon asleep.

It was amasing how much he looked like Vegita, from his eyes right down to his little nose. I think the only thing he recieved from Bulma in way of features was his hair. The light purple fuzz was about an inch or so and covered his entire scalp. I knew he was going to be a heart-throb when he grew up, but he was just adorable right now!

Bulma was zipping around the lab, typing things into several large computers and consulting her clipboards minutly.

"What are you doing?" I asked as she passed me again.

"I don't know if you remember me barging in on you last night. I finished the machine I was working on last night and tested it on myself. It was supposed to amplify chi energy without having to train endlessly. It worked... but it blew all the circits in the lab and erased all my research right down to the very program."

"That sucks."

"Tell me about it. I'm just trying to reconstruct the data that was lost. Somehow I don't think it's feasable." She grimmaced.

That would be an understatement. If the data was scrambed enough, it would be irritreavable. I knew this from personal experience.

"It was a good try though."

"Yeah. Now maybe I'll be able to help you guys a bit more!"

"With the proper training." I smiled, shifting the sleeping baby in my arms.

"Bulma?" A raspy voice echoed through the lab. A short man with a small black cat on his shoulder walked slowly into the lab. He waved at us as he saw Bulma and myself and walked over.

"Hey, Dad! What is it?"

"That boy... Yamucha? He's here to see you." He smiled and nodded to himself as he spoke.

"Oh great! Tell him I'll be there in a minute." Mr. Briefs nodded again and exited through the door which he came in by. Bulma turned to me, her eyes sparkling.

"Here I'll take Trunks and get him to bed before I go meet Yamucha. You go get Vegita up, breakfast will be ready when you hit the kitchen."

I assented, handing the small bundle over to her, said bundle emitting soft snoring sounds like his father as he was carried off to his bed. God he was cute! Heh heh, now to check on Veggi-poo!

Grinning like a mad woman... er.... man, I lept up the stairs back to Vegita's bedroom. Maybe kawaii chibi Veggie-chan would still be asleep! ...no luck. Vegita was in the bathroom brushing his teeth... no sleeping Veggie watching for me. Mental pout. I walked into the bathroom and cuddled Vegita from behind, nuzzling his neck until he swatted at me in exasperation.



//Stop that! I'm trying to brush my teeth!//

//Awww but it's fun! Alright! Alright!// He started pinching my butt and I jumped away from him laughing. //Bulma said there's food in the kitchen.//

//Good, we can eat then. I'm starving!//

//This coming from the one who is always teasing me about my insatiable appitite?//


I poked him again in the side, giggling as he growled as me and started chasing me down the stairs. I skidded into the kitchen only to crash into Yamucha and fall down in a heap of limbs.

"Uh... morning?" I grinned as Vegita skidded into the lump of bodies on the floor.

<><>Author's Notes<><>

Heh heh... just keeps getting outta hand.... almost as if it's writing me! o.o;; Well, I'm gonna stick with this to the end. ^_^ You can bet on that! I have the rest planned out, and I'll get cracking on chapter nine. Till next time! Ja!

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