Title: A Ripple in Time
Author: Gokou-chan
Rating: R to NC-17
Fandom: Real World/Dragonball Z
Warnings: A little horseplay and veggitable gnawing…. You’ll find out if you read! LoL, it’s pretty funny!
Disclaimer: Since I don't own the characters, and the best you could get from me is a few broken pencils and some paint, don't sue!

<><>Japanese Dictionary<><>

Ohayo = Good Morning!
Oi = Hey
Waka ta = okay/I understand
Hai = Yes
Tsuden Ikko = Instant Transmission
Shinee = die
So ka = I see
Kawaii = Cute
Kakkoi = Cool
Daijoubu ka = Are you okay?
Daijoubu = I'm fine.
Senshi = warrior
Futskayoi = Hangover
Kisama = you
Chikusho = Bastard
Nan da = what is it?
Nuy ta = It worked
Nani = what?
Juuhachico = No. 18
Arigato = thank you!
Doitashimashite = you're welcome
-sama = a term of respect
Aho = moron
Yatta = I did it!
So na = No way
Baka = Idiot
Onna = Woman
Boku wa = I am
Ka = the
Ouji = Prince
no = of
Gomen = Sorry
Ja matta ne = formal good bye
Minna = everyone
Koibito = Lover
Kuso = Damn
Tousan = Dad

<><>Part Nine<><>

“Gokuh? What’s going on?” Yamucha spat Vegita’s sock covered foot out of his mouth.

“Get off of me, baka!” Vegita snarled, struggling against the weight of our tangled bodies. He only succeeded in tangling us up more.

“Hey! Just who are you calling an idiot?” I tried in vain to extract myself from the tangle of limbs.

“I’m not talking about you this time, Kakarott. Kuso, do you know where your hand actually is?”

I blushed. Heh, heh, oops? “Gomen…”

After several more minutes of trial and error, we stood separately facing each other, glaring. Bulma was doubled over in laughter and even Trunks, who was seated in his highchair, was gurgling too.

“Baka!” Vegita cuffed me in my head. “This is your fault!”

“But Vegita,” I whined, rubbing at my head. I turned the deadly puppy dog eyes at him. I could feel his resolve cracking. “I didn’t do it on purpose.”

“Fine. But I get the first share of the eggs.”

Yamucha’s mouth hung open. “I- is Vegita actually being civil? Or am I hearing things?”

Bulma stauntered up behind him and slapped a friendly hand on his shoulder. “You don’t know the half of it.”

Vegita turned a warning glare at Bulma who gave him a knowing wink. Yamucha was left staring around wildly and wondering how he had been left out of the loop this time.

“So, what’s the deal? What did I miss?”

“Nothing much.” I pulled up a chair and piled my plate with what was left of the eggs and sausages. After stuffing my face for several minutes, I paused to see everyone staring at me.

“What?” I mumbled through my mouthful of food.

Vegita huffed and crossed his arms. //Kakarott…did you forget about something?//

//Not that I can recall, why?//

//You were supposed to tell your friends about the new threat coming to earth. Remember now?//

//Oh… yeah.// I flushed in embarrassment. “Sorry guys. Yamucha, I think you should get everyone for this, it would be better if you all heard it together.”

“Why? What’s happening?”

“We have a new enemy to fight.”

“’Tousan!” Came the joyful cry from beyond the door as it flew open and Gohan bounded in. I stood up with a smile as he tackled me with a hug.

“Gomen… I haven’t been able to get away from Kassan. She’s been really mean since you left.” He sniffled.

I looked at Vegita over his head. “Once the divorce is final, you can come and live with me Gohan.”

Taking his hand gently, I led him to the living room, asking the others to give me a moment alone with him. They assented, Bulma taking the job of bouncer near the entrance. Funny, she almost reminded me of Mr. T. Weird…

Gohan sat down on the couch, and I sat down beside him. “Gohan… How would you feel if I loved someone other than your mother?”

He looked at me in confusion. “Well, I’d try and like them, if they made you happy. Why are you asking me this?”

I sighed and looked at the ceiling. “It’s a long story but… I’m in love with Vegita.”

“It’s about time.”

I looked at him, gaping openly. “Wha…?” Where did that come from?

He grinned and hugged me. “I’ve known for a while you liked him, Tousan. Does he know?”

“Yeah, he does.”

“Good. I’m happy for you, Tousan. Does this make him my new Kassan?” He asked with an impish grin.

I burst out laughing and ruffled his hair. “Maybe… you’ll have to ask him. I wonder what he’ll say…”

“Kakarott!!” Vegita bellowed from the kitchen. Oh well, got my answer. I stifled a few giggles. Man, was I in a good mood! My mate came stomping in to the living room dragging a certain blue haired woman who was trying desperately to put him in a headlock. I face faulted.

“Get her off me!” Was he whining? Or growling? Gohan dissolved in giggles. Yamucha was still looking around in confusion. The coupe de grace came when Bulma decided to take a chunk out of poor Veggie’s head. Chomp. “YAHHHHHHH! KAKAROTT!!!”

I took pity on him and dragged Bulma off. She held on with her teeth. There were tears in Vegita’s eyes as he held on to his hair.

“Let go! Let go!” I finally got her off with a loud pop, sending us flying into the wall at the other side of the room. Everyone in the room scuttled to the far side, hunched over in fear. Gohan finally got up the nerve and poked her with a stick.

“She’s out cold.” He announced.

“Thank Kami. What in the world made her do that?” I held Vegita, rubbing his poor abused scalp. Yamucha stuttered, pointing at us.

“What the, G- Gokuh? Wha- wha- what the heck are you doing?”

I looked at him. “I’m holding Vegita, what does it look like I’m doing?”

“B- but… He’s Vegita!”


Gohan spoke up before I could. “Oh, Tousan and Vegita-san are going to get married, and Vegita’s going to be my new Kassan.”

A shocked expression passed over Vegita’s face. Yamucha fainted. Trunks yowled. I stared. Oh, very good way to break the ice. I couldn’t keep the grin from my face; it was just too funny!

“Vegita? Daijoubu ka?”

He stared at me. Then he stared at the sheepishly grinning Gohan. And then he sighed, resigned, and shrugged. “Aa. Daijoubu.”

“I thought you’d be a bit angry to have the subject discussed so openly… you’re not upset about being called kassan?”

He sighed again before turning to Gohan. “Just don’t call me that in public.”

“Hai, Kassan.” He grinned at him. And for a moment, Vegita grinned back. Man, I’m so lucky!

Small movements from the other side of the room called our attention back to Bulma, who was awake… with red glowing eyes. We all gulped nervously, backing away slowly. With a snarl, she leapt at us and we ran screaming out of the house, leaving Trunks with Mr. Briefs for safety and Yamucha… oops. I think we forgot about him… A scream sounded from the house as Bulma dragged Yamucha to her bedroom.

We sighed in relief from our position in the air as is became apparent that she wasn’t following us.

“What do you think happened?” Gohan asked.

“The aliens?” I offered, looking around. “It could be possible. Remember what happened with Garlic Jr. and his black water mist?”

Gohan looked at me oddly. “You weren’t here when Garlic Jr. attacked. How did you know?”

Uh… I looked to Vegita for help. //Should I tell him?//

Vegita shook his head slightly in a negative answer. I nodded briefly.

“I heard about it from Piccolo. I’m proud of how you took care of him, son.” I fluffed his hair again and hugged him. “Now we need to tell the others of the new threat, they may already be here.”

Gohan nodded and we started flying to Kame House.

Over the endless blue of the ocean, a seagull cried as we passed it; we drew closer to our destination. Vegita had been silent the entire trip, contemplative. I didn’t press him and gave him the space he needed to think.

The island appeared at the edge of the horizon and we put on a burst of speed to quickly end our journey.

I saw a small figure waving at us from the beach, and I waved back. We touched down on the sand, Krillen running towards us.

“Gokuh! How are you feeling?”

I smiled. “I’m fine. And you?”

“Hai, hai. I’m fine. You’ll never guess what happened though!” He beamed.

“You have a girlfriend?”

“Eh? Are you psychic? Never mind, though you’ll never guess who!”

I looked over his shoulder as Juuhachico emerged from Master Roshi’s house. “I think I have an idea…”

Krillen followed my gaze. “Oh… so much for the surprise. What do you think of her?”

I slapped him on the shoulder. “I think she’s great. I wish you both luck, but this isn’t the reason I came here.”

“Why then?”

I sighed. “There’s a new threat.”

“NANI? But we just finished with Cell!”

“Hai, I know. But Kaio-sama spoke with me about it, and he says that it’s stronger than Cell. I wanted to let you know about it; we may need everybody this time.”

Krillen glanced at Juuhachico. “I don’t know, Gokuh. I wasn’t even able to follow your movements this last time, I may just get in the way.”

“Don’t be such a coward. I’ll go with you.” Juuhachico walked up behind Krillen. “There’s sure to be some minions or whatever, right?”

I nodded.

“Well then, there should be enough of them to go around.” She had a really good point.

“There’s a problem though. I don’t know when they will get here. For all we know they may already be here.” I explained. “Kaio-sama said it would be about another week or so, but the media is already tracking their ship.

“So… it seems that at best it would be several days before they land. Does anyone here know where Piccolo is?”

Krillen shrugged. “I haven’t seen him around. Maybe he’s at Kami’s Lookout.”

“And Mirai Trunks?”

Everyone but Vegita looked at me strangely. “Who’s he?” Krillen asked. “Isn’t Bulma’s kid named Trunks?”

It appears that there is another imperfection in this dimension. I sighed. “Ok then, Tein and Chow-tsu? Maybe we should just leave them out of this one. Yamucha’s at Capsule Corp with Bulma.”

Vegita was standing quietly to my right, his arms crossed in his classic brooding stance.

//Are you okay?//

//Yes, I’m thinking. It wouldn’t be that bad to have a family, would it?/

//You already have one, koibito. You have me.//

Vegita looked slightly startled as he glanced at me, and I felt a warmth pulse through our link. I smiled slightly as I turned back to the group who was staring at me oddly. A confused Gokuh look passed across my face as I stared back at them.


“Nothing, Gokuh.” Krillen stuttered. “Aren’t we going to get Piccolo?”

“Nah, but we should stay in touch until the aliens come. Piccolo will show up without us bothering him.”

“Something’s different about you, Gokuh.” Krillen looked at me oddly. “I just don’t know what.”

“It’s nothing major, right?” The phrase earned me another round of odd looks.

//GOKUH!!!!// The mental shout rang through my head. I clutched my ears in pain.

“Kaio-sama! You don’t have to yell!” I pleaded.

//The aliens are coming! They’ll be on earth within the hour!!!//

“NANI?!” I gaped. “Doko?”

//New York City!//

<><>Author's Notes<><>

Well… are you surprised? You should be! The next part is in the works; if you leave me feedback maybe it’ll make me write faster! (It sure did for chapter eight…) Anywho, drop me a line if you have comments of suggestions! My e-mail is at the top of the page. Ja matta ne, minna!

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