Title: A Ripple in Time
Author: Gokou_chan
Rating: R to NC-17
Fandom: Real World/Dragonball Z
Warnings: Er...... yaoi hints, and lotsa yaoi. ^_^ Read at your own risk. Oh yeah, mild bed room scene ::drools::
Disclaimer: I know this idea has been done before, but this time, it has a slight twist. Also, I stole the concept of the overbearing mother from Center Stage and mixed her with Chichi. Hope you don't mind! I don't own any of the characters so don't sue me. You know the drill. Well, on to the ficcie!

Japanese Dictionary

Oi = Hey
Waka ta = okay
Hai = Yes
Tsuden Ikko = Instant Transmission
Shinee = die
So ka = I see
Daijoubu ka = Are you okay?
Senshi = warrior
Futskayoi = Hangover
Kisama = you
Nan da = what is it?
Nuy ta = It worked
Nani = what?
Juuhachico = No. 18
Arigato = thank you!
Doitashimashite = you're welcome
-sama = a term of respect
Aho = moron
Yatta = I did it!

Part Five

"My, is it ever wet out there, Trunks?" Bulma remarked cheerily as Trunks gooed in her arms.

I looked to Vegita who looked slightly annoyed and got up off my lap, sitting down beside me. I looked down as my face heated, but also I was a little ticked that she had had to show up right then. Oh Kami, he had kissed me! Vegita.... I licked my lips, savoring his lingering taste mixed with that of the pizza we had just eaten. It was everything I had ever dreamed of! Ever read about! I looked down at the bed sheets, vaguely aware that he was doing the same. ::I want more!:: That annoying voice was back.

We had turned slightly from one another, neither speaking when I heard Bulma walking up the hallway the led to the room we were in. The door creaked as she opened it.

"Vegita? Are you here? I stayed at Master Roshi's for a while when the storm was the worst, but I had to tell you, you were awesome on TV-" She looked up and saw me and Vegita sitting in the same bed, her eyes widening. She switched Trunks to her other hip. "Gokuh! What are you doing here?"

"He is staying with me." Vegita sneered.

"NANI?!?" Her eyes bugged out and her jaw fell open looking first from me to Vegita then back again. "You... he..."

"Chichi kicked me out." I spoke flatly.

"I offered him a place to stay; now leave us, woman." Vegita snapped, reverting to command mode. "What we do is of no concern to you."

This made Bulma's jaw drop even more, if that were humanly possible. "It's not... possible..." She stuttered in shock. "You... him... How long?"

"Excuse me?" I asked politely.

"How long have you been going out?" She recovered and gave a little smirk that looked very Saiya-jin as she eyed us both up and down, analyzing what we might have been doing before she had arrived.

I looked at her like she was crazy. It wasn't too hard; all I had to do was think about the turn my life had taken in the past day. Damn it, why did all the weird stuff always happen to me? Heh heh... not that I minded the imagery... ::drool::

"What are you talking about, onna?"

"You know... so are you two a couple now or what?" She was grinning madly now that she had gotten over her shock.

"A... couple?" I blushed, not knowing what to say. To tell the truth, the very thought of us like... that was a huge turn on. Couple... I suppressed a low moan and shook my head to clear the thoughts racing through it. No no no no!! I'm not a ecchi!

"Oh... I get it." She grinned sheepishly. "Sorry about interrupting, I'll just get going now. Feel free to stay as long as you like, Gokuh!"

She backed out the door grinning like a Cheshire cat, gave Vegita a thumbs up sign, and closed the door taking her time. Vegita and I were speechless, staring at the space she had just occupied with non-blinking eyes. My lips twitched, one side of my mouth curving up slightly and looking over at Vegita. Of all things, he was turning beet red as he sat there, as still as a stone.


"Kakarott..." He turned his head to face me.

"Hai?" I looked down as I felt his gaze drift over my body. The tension was building again between us, and now with the idea that Bulma had unintentionally- scratch that, we had already had the ideas, and it wasn't accidental about the phrasing she had used, a sexual energy was building around that tension. I licked my lips again as I studied his face, the hardened lines, the sharp angels, and the sense of loneliness that permeated his being. It was as if he was afraid that I would want him now that I knew that he wanted me. He looked broken to my eye, even though I hadn't said anything, but he was doing his best to try and hide it. Oi? Why would he feel that way? He was the Saiyan no Ouji... the Prince.

"That damn onna..." I heard him mutter softly under his breath, so softly I didn't even know how I was able to hear it.

My hand slipped softly up to clasp his shoulder, my fingers tracing soothing patterns along his back. I felt bad for him... I guess having no one to lean on through the years was harder than it appeared. And yet his pride was what he had built his life on. I suppose I could identify with him, the same thing having to deal with in my own house with my family. I wish I could help him. I would do anything to help him.

This was the edge, I knew, I was accepting what had happened to me. I would never return to who I was before, I was accepting the responsibility of Gokuh's memories, his life. And yet, if I had Vegita beside me, I knew I could face anything. I love him. My arms encircled his torso from behind, rubbing our cheeks together before nipping at the corded muscle of his neck.

He shuddered as I started to suckle gently, almost purring in pleasure in response to my ministrations. At the low sound I felt something stir deep within me and an urge... a Saiya-jin urge I think, both mental and physical, that was driving me to... bite him? With a posessive snarl, I continued to lick and suck at his throat.

He was surprisingly submissive as he leaned into my arms, letting me do as I wished with him, and purring all the while. I pulled my lips away from my teeth as I scraped them lightly across his skin, making him shudder. Heh heh... cool. I wouldn't trade this for all the tea in china. I let instinct take over, my thoughts over-ridden.

I bit down suddenly drawing a curse then a moan from him as my teeth penetrated his skin. Warm blood flowed into my mouth and I sucked at the wound I had created, flicking my tongue across the mark. My mind suddenly went numb as I felt a presence brush my thoughts. It felt familiar, and safe, I knew this person. I dropped all shields that I had, never even knowing I had them up, and let Vegita enter my thoughts.

I moved my mouth up his neck away from the... bonding? mark and pressed my lips gently against his cheek. I could never get enough of him, no matter how hard I tried. Not that I was trying or anything... This was both weird and cool and god! It felt good...

Our minds were merging as we kissed long and deeply, Vegita's hands sliding up and down my back as our lips and tongues meshed together, a fluid dance to last all eternity. I'm getting pretty poetic. I gasped for air as we drew away, nuzzling against his neck as I nipped his earlobe. Vegita buried his head in the crook of my neck, licking my throat, slowly torturing me ever so sweetly. Oh god! ::I'm yours!:: He bit down on my neck as I had his, and as he did I was unprepared for what was to follow his memories flooding my brain and his life flashed before my eyes. Was this for real?

/He opened his eyes wide as he woke up, a beam of sunlight playing across his chubby stomach as he lay in the bassinette. He cooed as he saw his mother in front of him; reached out for her and she picked him up/

/His mother bringing him to the training area at the age of three as she showed him the proper stances and attack methods to disable or kill your opponents; after he had been hit pretty hard during the spar she consoled him, told him that Saiya-jin don't cry and wiped his tears away, telling him what a good prince he would grow up to be/

/He stared into the flames at his mother's funeral pry, dressed in the royal family's crest, hoping to catch one last glimpse of his mother's face as he so desperately tried not to cry. One tear escaped and trickled down his soft cheek/

/"Here take him. He is yours to do with as you wish."

"I will train him well. You have made the right decision, King Vegita." Frieza's voice was oily. His father smirked with Frieza, giving him a glare that broke his heart, as he comprehended what his father was doing with him.

"He never measured up to any of our standards anyway./

/"Hold still you little monkey," Frieza grunted as he thrust into the small body beneath him, wringing a cry of pain from the little boy's lips as his skin tore inside and coated his legs with his own blood. Later, wishing that it would just be over.../

I felt tears trickling down my cheeks as I felt his pain and betrayal. Oh my god. I'm going to kill that bastard!! Oh wait. He's already dead. I think I might be able to pull a favor with Enma Dao...

His memories took to when he had first come to earth and had battled me, confounded at my mercy as well as angry at his defeat. On Namek as he saved my son's life, as he shed tears as he told me what Frieza had done to our people. How he had trained so hard to surpass me, but never succeeded, batting down his growing feelings for me, telling himself that it was a weakness.

And then to the Cell games from the sidelines as he watched me anxiously, afraid I might be hurt but afraid to show it. The urge to protect me, his pride masking it up with an insult. And then now, to what we were doing at this moment.

I pulled away from him for a moment to look into his eyes. They were a mix of confusion, as he looked into my own his hand tracing the outline of my face. The same thing I had experienced must have happened to him as well. Oh god, now I had nothing to hide, he knew everything that had happened. Maybe he wouldn't be... angry?

"You are Kakarott. Nothing will ever change that. No matter what happens, I will always be here, always."

"Asheirtu, Vegita." I was touched. He cared enough for me to reassure me? Through all his pride? I ran a hand through his hair. Somehow we had ended up under the covers through all of that and I paused to smooth the wrinkles out and make it a bit more comfortable for Vegita. His eyes closed softly as his breath slowed to a rhythmic beat, keeping time with my heart. I wrapped my arms around him protectively and soon fell asleep as well. I love you my ouji.

Author's Notes

Kakkoi, ne? *does a dance* Cute little Veggie-chan and Gokuh-kun! Stay tuned for the next part of a Ripple in Time... oh wait, it's already up. ^^ What are ya waiting for, read!!

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