Title: A Ripple in Time
Author: Gokou_chan
Rating: R to NC-17
Fandom: Real World/Dragonball Z
Warnings: Er...... yaoi hints, and lotsa yaoi. ^_^ Read at your own risk. Oh yeah, mild bed room scene ::drools::
Disclaimer: I know this idea has been done before, but this time, it has a slight twist. Also, I stole the concept of the overbearing mother from Center Stage and mixed her with Chichi. Hope you don't mind! I don't own any of the characters so don't sue me. You know the drill. Well, on to the ficcie!

Japanese Dictionary

Oi = Hey
Waka ta = okay
Hai = Yes
Tsuden Ikko = Instant Transmission
Shinee = die
So ka = I see
Daijoubu ka = Are you okay?
Senshi = warrior
Futskayoi = Hangover
Kisama = you
Nan da = what is it?
Nuy ta = It worked
Nani = what?
Juuhachico = No. 18
Arigato = thank you!
Doitashimashite = you're welcome
-sama = a term of respect
Aho = moron
Yatta = I did it!

Part Six

I opened my eyes slowly as I woke up, feeling slightly disorientated. Something tickled my chin and I looked down to see Vegita's slumbering form pressed against me. Sunlight streamed in through the windows, playing with little specks of dust in the air, turning them golden. It was so comfortable, that safe feeling, the feeling of being loved; I wanted to stay like this forever. I smoothed my hand along the length of Vegita's arm, moving along to rub his back, delicately teasing him awake. ::Oh... I can wake him up:: Oh, Brain? Take a hike.

After several minutes of rubbing, I heard his breathing change and he cracked open his eyes. When he saw me, he frowned and laid a hand over my bare chest as if to assure him that I was real. I smiled as I leaned down and kissed him fully, exploring his mouth very much as I had last night. We broke the kiss gently, and I leaned down, rubbing our noses together. Vegita smirked teasingly and reached a hand up to grasp my hair, teasing my scalp with his fingertips before leaning against me and licking the bite he had made on my neck the previous night. Hey wait! Oh............ that felt good...

I sighed in bliss and leaned in for another kiss when we heard running footsteps; the door slammed open and Bulma rushed in again. We both looked up in agitation at her. She had the decency to blush, but wasn't intimidated the slightest. Oi, every time I was going to do something with Vegita and BOOM, something happened. Well... not that I had anything to compare it to, she'd only walked in twice.

"Sorry to interrupt you guys again, but we have a little problem."

"What is it now?" Vegita said after clearing his throat with a scowl.

She ran over to the TV set in the bedroom and turned it on.

"That." She said pointing to a huge spaceship that was plastered across the news.

We both looked at it wide eyed.

"But I thought Kaio-sama... Kuso! Damn the faulty information he supplys!!" He threw back the covers and jumped out of the bed and ran to a closet on the other side of the bedroom, throwing it open to reveal a row of his Saiya-jin suits and armor.

::This is Vegita's room?!?::

::Of course it is you baka! I don't know any other part of this dammed house!:: I got in response. I kept my facial features controlled so Bulma wouldn't suspect anything, but inside... I snickered. Didn't know any other part of the house? Excuse me, the 'damned' house? I burst into mental giggles.

::Very funny, Bakarot. Laugh it up, har har har.::

"Could you go out for a minute?" I asked Bulma, getting off the bed myself.

"Uh... yeah, I'd better go out..." She ran out of the room and slammed the door behind her, waking Trunks in the opposite room who she then rushed to settle down.

"We can talk in our minds?" I asked immediately.

"Of course we can you fool!" His words didn't sting like they usually did, I knew how he really felt about me. I grinned. Aw!! I have sweet sappy feelings for Veggie-chan!! Hee hee!

He flushed bright red. Heh heh, mental note, he can hear what your thinking. Cue big grin.

"But how? And why did I bite you?" I ran over to the drawers I had shoved my clothes in earlier and pulled out a clean gi. The rain had stopped sometime during the night; I never realized how much time me must have gone by during the bond. Oooooooooooo.... bond...

Vegita had stripped and was pulling up the legs of his suit. Heat flushed my face at the sight of my mate... ogh... mate.... ::drool:: but I pulled myself into check at the thought of what we might be facing.

"It's the bonding ritual. Saiya-jin are naturally telepathic and along the course of our history there formed this tradition. It's sealed with the bonding mark, the mark showing that the person in question was taken and linking the two minds together to form a new level of trust. Since the Saiya-jin are a warrior race, it was a good thing to be able to have in battle."

I had slipped out of my torn and stained clothes I had been wearing while he was talking and pulled on the one I had just taken from the drawer.

"So ka."

He had pulled on a new pair of gloves and leaned against the wall waiting for me to finish. I tied the belt firmly, my lose clothes fitting me comfortably, and I walked over to him. I was halfway there when I tripped on a pizza box. I thought I was going to hit the floor, but Vegita caught me before that actually happened.

"Thanks." I blushed. "I guess we were a little messy last night."

"Don't worry, one of the woman's robots will come and clean it up later." He grabbed my wrist and grinned slightly, tugging me towards the door.


"Come on, I smell food downstairs."

Come to think about it, so did I! I took one last look back at the rumpled bed sheets before letting Vegita lead me downstairs. He's so KAWAII!!!! ::snigger::

"Ah, there you two are!!" Bulma said from the kitchen where she was eating and feeding baby Trunks at the same time. She grinned innocently. "I had the 'bots make up a lot of stuff for you guys, I know that you're probably hungry."

There were huge pots of rice on the stove, along with several heaping pans full of eggs and bacon. On the table she was sitting at there were two place settings for Vegita and I, and a huge container of orange juice. I checked myself to make sure I wasn't drooling, it seemed I was hungrier than I thought.

"Thank you, Bulma." I smiled.

"Oh, it's nothing, you are my best friend."

I sat down on the empty seat next to Vegita and helped myself to some of the orange juice, sipping on it and savoring the taste. But my mind wandered to the problem we were facing. What the heck were we going to do about the aliens? I wasn't ready for this yet!! Grr.... damn logic!

"Here you go, now dig in!" Bulma said cheerfully as she dumped the contents of one pan onto my plate. It looked to be a lot of food, but my appetite was more than enough to compensate. I looked over at Vegita who was in the process of lifting his chopsticks holding eggs to his mouth. He looked so calm, almost eager for the battle to begin. I wished I could be as confident. I gently took my own pair of chopsticks from the table and scooped up some of the eggs. To my surprise, they weren't that bad and I quickly emptied my plate though I made sure to mind my manners. Bulma didn't comment, just raised an eyebrow.

"Anyway, about the spaceship." Bulma said as she sat down opposite us. "The defense force says that it is still several days away from earth and that they are doing everything in their power to ensure that the aliens will be made welcome. Yeah, right! I don't even know how their inferior sensors detected the ship before me!"

She snickered. "I'll bet 100,000 yen that announcer will be killed first."

"Really, these people have no brains. How many time do we have to save their asses before they realize that any alien coming here is either out to destroy earth, take over the universe, kill us, or any combination of the three?" Vegita sneered before talking another bite of his eggs.

"Yeah, Vegita, I mean when will they learn? Didn't Cell teach them anything?"

We ate in silence for several minutes.

"Hey, what happened to your neck, Gokuh?" Bulma asked suddenly.


"That mark... it looks like a bite. Let me take a look at it."

She got up from her seat and advanced on me. I chuckled nervously. "Um, it wouldn't happen to involve a needle, would it?"

"Nope, at least not unless it's infected."

"And why would it be infected?" Vegita interjected with a scowl. I could tell he was offended at the comment.

"Ah..." She smirked. "So you two got a little rough last night, ne? So ka..."

Vegita blushed. "To satisfy your curiosity, that is a Saiya-jin bonding mark."

"A Saiya-jin bonding mark..." Her face took on a devilish tint to it. "So then you to must have done it! I knew you two were perfect for each other! So how was it? Did it feel any different from a girl, Veggie-chan? Spill!"

I blushed and looked at my plate. "We didn't exactly do it."

Bulma got a funny look on her face like she usually did when she was figuring out a difficult problem. I chuckled nervously as she drew to her conclusion and stepped up to Vegita's side; before he could realize her intentions, she turned down the neck of his training suit to reveal the red mark I had given him the night before. She smirked. "Well I see you have been busy, Gokuh. You'd better take good care of him."

"Hai, I will." I blushed harder.

"By your standards, Vegita, this would make Gokuh you're... husband right? I thought so. The thought of you two... who could have guessed!" She smiled happily. ”And you both make such a cute couple! Heh heh, lil 'ol Veggie-chan's gonna be a lil 'ol housewife!"

"NANI?!? ME A... WIFE??? IF ANYTHING, I'M THE HUSBAND!!!!!" Vegita exploded. I couldn't really blame him, but it was kind of funny. I held back my laughter and just focused on eating.

"Nah, Veggie-chan, you'd make a cute wife!"

"Not in a million years! I'm a MAN and a Prince!! There is no way I could be mistaken as a pitiful ONNA!!!"

"Heh heh, Veggie-chan's angry! Awwwwwww!"

He flushed. "Shut up!"

"Let's just drop this, k?" I interjected before they could start their own little war.

After giving a little grunt Vegita returned to eating, as did I.

"Well, then, we have two days before the aliens arrive. I think we should train, Vegita. Who knows how powerful they will be this time?" I commented around a mouth-full of rice.

"From what Kaio-sama said they should be pretty powerful. Training would not be such a bad idea."

I finished my food and pushed the plate away from me, standing up to go. Vegita scraped the last of his eggs into his mouth and swallowed before wiping his mouth on his napkin and doing the same.

"Well let's go, Kakarott."

We turned to leave the room when Bulma squealed. "Oh my God! I've got such a good idea! You guys run along, I'll see you later. Now the specs would be..."

Her voice trailed off as she picked up Trunks and stepped around us, heading to her lab.

"I wonder what she's going to make now?" Vegita scowled.

"I don't know. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. I can't believe how quickly she caught on to the bonding mark." I smiled and looped my arm around his shoulders as we continued to move towards the front door; I was secretly pleased that he let me do so. Heh heh! ::mental hentai dopey grin::

"Yeah, even though I hate to admit it, she does have a brain."

We paused to recover our boots and slip them onto our feet before stepping out into the sunshine. It was moderately warm and smelled of the rain from the night before, fresh and moist. Birds chirped as they flew in and out of the rafters of the nearby buildings. It was refreshing.

"Well, do want to use the gravity room, Kakarott?" Vegita asked me.

"I guess we could, but I kind of wanted to spar outside first, it's such a nice day."

He smirked up at me. "Well, if you wanted to spar outside first, Kakarott, I guess we could."

"Arigato, Vegita!" I grinned down at him.

"Where should we go?" He started walking along the grass.

"Um..." I grinned sheepishly. "I don't really know."

"Baka." He muttered, a loving tinge to his voice. Eh?! YAY!!

"Well, why don't we walk around for a bit then?

"I've got a better idea, Kakarott, follow me." So saying, he turned and blasted off into the air leaving a quickly fading trail of chi in his wake. I quickly followed him, gathering my energy to support my as I flew through the air. He led me to a lush forest. We set down lightly on the lush green floor of a meadow. The meadow was framed by tall trees gathered into an uneven ring; several small creatures leapt from branch to branch as they chattered over the new arrivals. I light breeze ruffled my gi and I turned to face Vegita.

"It's peaceful." I commented quietly. He blushed so slightly I though I might have imagined it but he covered it quickly with a smirk.

"We should get started, we only have two days to prepare, if that. Kaio-sama never told you who we were to face, did he?"

"You know the answer to that, koi." My eyes took on a predatory glint.

"We should spar."

"Yes." My voice was husky as it lowered in timber. He scowled slightly, confused. I walked to the opposite side of the clearing and settled into a fighting stance, Vegita performing the same action. We stayed that way for several minutes, sizing each other up.

I dug my feet into the ground and launched myself at Vegita, flying through the air at an impossible speed. Vegita's fist met my face as he flashed in front of me as my leg flew up to kick him in his side, doubling him over as the air rushed out of his lungs. I immediately pressed my advantage and followed up with a sharp uppercut that he managed to block at the last moment, flipping up into the air and landing smoothly to whip his leg through mine toppling me. I quickly regained my feet as I retook my fighting stance facing him once again.

"Not bad, Kakarott, but don't think you can go easy on me just because we're mates."

"Believe me, that is the farthest thought from my mind." I growled as I prepared myself for another onslaught. Oh go me. I'm bad, I'm bad. "It won't happen again."

Vegita shivered as he heard some subtle note in my voice before bracing himself and attacking. I barely blocked his fist intended for my jaw and the other swift blows that followed. I felt his chi rise slightly as he came at me again, growling low in his throat as I was in mine. If anything the bonding had made me even more competitive. I was relying on instinct as I blocked all of the blows that he threw at me, I would not lose this battle! Lookit me, I'm Jackie Chan.

One of his fists slipped through my defenses knocking me back through several trees. They broke with a loud crackling sound as they splintered and fell shaking the ground with their force. Vegita hung in the air watching me with a smirk on his beautiful face and a lustful gleam in his eyes. Hello Mr Happy! Ack?! No no no no.... bad, bad, evil thoughts... and whoa. I never thought that was possible. My eyes narrowed and I glared at him, pushing myself to my feet and launching directly into the air to bring my fist to connect directly with his jaw and send him flying backwards into a cliff face, releasing bits of crumbling gravel to trickle down the mountainside as his form was indented in the stone.

I don't know why winning this battle meant so much, but I was beginning to learn to trust things I never knew existed. Instinct had brought me to mark him, although I hadn't known about the bonding mark at the time, and instinct had led me to defeat Cell. I bared my teeth as I flew towards him once again and began to pummel him further into the rock, the rock shattering with every blow. A final punch pushed him deep within the mass of granite, blood coating his lips from where it had flown from his mouth. A smirk crossed my face as I waited for him to unearth himself. I wasn't disappointed. The hillside shook as he gathered his chi and exploded into Super Saiya-jin, blowing up the prison he was entrapped in as well.

With a scream of rage he attacked me, his golden aura snapping and blazing around him as he sped through the air. I left no time to contemplate the change of events as I went Super Saiya-jin myself, drawing my chi into the center of my being before letting it wash outward, shaking the surrounding area with shock waves similar to an earthquake's tremors. Vegita halted in mid-flight as static electricity flowed over my body; my eyes glowing white as I screamed, leaping into the second level.

A semi-shocked expression crossed his face before he resumed his attack, leaping forward to drive his fist into my face. I glared at him as I absorbed his blow and smirked. His eyes opened wide and he tried again to hurt me, throwing a left hook into my gut. Again, no result; I hardly felt a thing. My muscles had hardened to where they were like steel and I floated, confident in my power.

I thrust a fist into his stomach, causing him to lose his breath and followed it with a large number of quickly thrown punches placed to his chest and face. He vainly tried to block, but the change of positions was to much. I grabbed his arm from his side and whirled him around in the air, throwing him into the earth below, the ground shacking with the impact. I followed him down and lifted him from the crater where he was lying.

I smirked at him, all of his energy drained from the rigorous fight and he hung limply from my grasp.

"You... Win again... Kakarott..." He gasped out from his bloody lips. My expression softened and I relaxed my grip on his training suit and set him on his feet. He wavered as he vainly tried to stand, almost falling backward before my arms enveloped him, drawing him to my chest.

"It's ok, Vegita. Let's go get you fixed up. You know I love you."

He smiled faintly into my chest. "Hai, I do, Kakarott. I do."

I lifted Vegita into my arms holding him securely to my chest as I flew slowly back to Capsule Corp. I hadn’t meant to beat him so badly but now that he was almost unconscious, I had to protect him; I'd kill anyone who dared touch him. Ok, this is kind of scary.

He stirred slightly, pressing his cheek to my chest. I smiled gently down at him; I loved him so much! ::No one will ever hurt you again as long as I live,:: I vowed silently. I hugged him slightly as I flew onward. We touched down at Capsule Corp landing lightly near the front door.

“Bulma?” I called, closing the door behind me with my foot. I toed my boots off and dropped them beside the door, shifting Vegita in my arms to do the same. After I finished, I moved him so that he was comfortable again and proceeded to search for Bulma. The corporation was empty save for the slight hum of air coming from the air vents; my only conclusion was that she was still in her laboratory. I padded softly down the corridors and paused in front of her lab door. I moved Vegita so that his head was resting on my shoulder and I was cupping him thighs for support so I could ring the intercom.

“Bulma?” I waited as the machine took my voice to her receiver.

“Gokuh? You’re back so soon?” The door’s locking mechanism beeped and the door hissed open. “Come in.”

I stood there with Vegita in my arms and my arm still raised at the intercom a blank look on my face. I dropped my hand back to the side before bringing it to help support Vegita’s weight. I saw a lot of machines but no Bulma as I stepped inside as I looked around.

“Bulma?” I called.

“Over here!” Came a shout from across the lab followed by a loud wait as she woke Trunks. I smiled faintly before following the sound of the wails. Bulma was sitting in front of her computer looking at schematics for her latest invention, Trunks in a playpen beside her. She looked up as I approached and grinned as she saw how I was holding Vegita. “'Toussan couldn’t take care of Trunks today, some convention or something, so I had to have him with me. Sorry for the noise.”

“It’s ok, really.” I grinned through my blush.

Her eyes widened as she took in our disheveled appearance and the blood spattered across out bodies.

“What the heck happened to you?” She asked, concerned. Hell, anyone would have been if they had seen us. Both our clothes were ripped and multicolored bruises dotted our bodies, several cuts still seeping blood over our skin.

“We were training, and well, we got a little carried away…” I managed to mumble under her stares.

“Well that’s not unusual. For a moment there I almost thought the aliens had come to earth and I had missed the fight!”

She was walking around Vegita and I like a predator sizing up her prey. I sweated nervously. Heh heh....

“You would get me when they arrive, wouldn’t you?”

“Of course I would Bulma! Why would you think otherwise?” I grinned throwing my hand behind my head and almost dropping Vegita. I dove for him, a panicked expression on my face, barely managing to catch him before he hit the floor.

“That was close,” I gasped.

“Oh my god! Vegita! I didn’t know he was that bad off! Here, put him on that table.” She gestured to a metal examining table to the right of a bunch of heavy equipment. I walked over slowly and laid him down on it with care, careful not to bump his head.

“What do you plan to do, Bulma?” I asked.

“Fix him up of course!”

“Fix him up? How are you going to do that?”

“Well, duh! I’ve been studying those senzu beans that Korrin grows and I think that I have come up with the formula to reproduce them artificially!” She beamed.

“You have.”

“Yes! Isn’t that cool!”

“But Bulma, they are MAGIC beans. How can you reproduce magic?”

“You’ll see!” She grinned babyishly like always when she had come up with a brilliant idea. She leaned over a large container and pressed a button, programming the machine she was talking about. A humming sound sounded and the container rattled for a moment after Bulma had backed away and was waiting patiently. A sort of ding sounded and a door in the front of the container popped out revealing two beans that looked like senzu put were round and purple.

“Bulma… are you SURE that you worked out that formula?” I asked dubiously, my eyebrow raised.

“Yes, I’m sure! Now here!” She slapped the beans into my hand. “I really don’t know why I help you, you’re just going to get hurt again.”

“No, no, that not what I meant! Thanks Bulma!” I laughed. She walked back to her computer slightly less maddened.

“Well, you’re welcome. It’s nice to know I’m appreciated.” She sat down and turned the chair to face me crossing her arms and legs. “So?”

“Oh, yeah, righ...” I looked down at the beans she had given me. Well, I guess I should try it first, I don’t want Vegita to get any worse it if didn’t work. If I died, I could be wished back by the dragon balls. At least the ones on Namek. I gulped nervously then lifted one of the beans to my lips. I glanced over at Bulma to see if she was watching; if not I would have chucked the bean. She was watching like a hawk. I shoved the bean into my mouth and chewed it quickly swallowing just as fast. It tasted weird. Not bad, but weird. I stood there waiting for something to happen, or to fall down dead, but neither occurred. I went cross-eyed.


“Tastes like chicken.” Which it had, by the way.

“Of course, silly! I used chicken enzymes in the component matrix.”

“You did... what?”

Just then, I felt a tingle in my right arm and I looked down at it in apprehension. It was glowing softly and I saw a large cut on it slowly closing; I gasped in surprise.

“No way! Cool!” My eyes widened as the glow spread over my entire body and went to work on my injuries. The glow moved to my torso healing as it went before moving down my other arm and my legs. I suppose my face was glowing as well, but I didn’t have a mirror and so couldn’t see. The glow faded and left my body. As far as I could tell, all of my injuries were healed.

“Told you.” She smirked.

I looked over at Vegita on the table in concern as he moaned through his painful haze. I rushed to his side and slipped a hand under his head.

“Hang on Vegita, this will help you.” I whispered to him lovingly. I brought the bean to his lips and inserted it gently into his mouth. After several minutes the glow crept over his body and began it’s healing. It seemed to take longer than it had for me, but I guess that was to be expected since he was more severely injured than I. God, I hadn’t meant to hurt him that much! I held him tensely till he was done healing and the glow had left his body. His breathing evened out and his face became more peaceful as the effects sunk in and he rested in my arms.

“Aren’t you two so sweet!” Bulma chuckled from her chair. “Hey I have an idea! Why don’t you take a shower?”

“Yeah, I am a little dirty.”

Bulma sweated. “Gokuh, you nitwit! I mean take a shower WITH him! How can you be so naïve?”

I gulped nervously. “W- with him?”

“Well, yes! You ARE married to him, at least by Saiya-jin standards.”

“Really?” I blinked. “You think I should?”

Ok, this was getting a bit out of hand. I was acting too much like Gokuh and too little like myself. Get a grip girl! Well... technically I was a guy now so that term wouldn’t apply, but I still considered myself to be a 17-year-old girl no matter what my body looked like. I was trapped in Gokuh’s body with his memories; of course I would start acting like him! I’m such a baka. Well, I wouldn’t screw this opportunity up... well, maybe I would... ::Snap out of it!:: I mentally kicked myself. Truth be told, I was a little scared of the prospect of having sex, period. Ah well, with Vegita it wouldn't be so bad, right? But then.... the male anatomy parts in question... heh heh...

“Gokuh? Hello?” Bulma waved her hand in front of my face. “Earth to Gokuh!”

I jumped back in surprise almost losing my grip on Vegita. “Bulma! Don’t do that!”

“Well you were acting spacy.”

“I was thinking. Please don’t do that again.”

She jaw dropped. “Gokuh, are you feeling alright?” “I’m fine.” I scowled. She giggled suddenly.


“It’s just that you look just like Vegita when you do that! It’s too cute!”

I sweated.

“Now why don’t you two run upstairs and get cleaned up? Maybe take a nap...” Her voice trailed of in suggestion. I flushed again. Would she ever stop? Well, maybe when we actually... arugh! Stop it! Evil thoughts, evil thoughts, evil thoughts... I almost laughed at myself. I was behaving so childishly.

I snaked my other arm beneath Vegita’s legs and lifted him to my chest again.

“arigato gozaimashta, Bulma-san.” I smiled.

“Anytime, Gokuh. You just have fun now!” Ok, she was downright evil! I left the room blushing fiercely. The door slipped closed behind me as I walked through it and out into the hall. Which way was the bedroom again? I started up the stairs to the left of the front door, remembering it was somewhere on the right. Yeah, here it was. I toed the door open after shifting Vegita’s slight form against my chest and eased into the room not bothering to turn on the light. The bed had been made in our absence; I guess Vegita had been right about the robots. I made my way to it as Vegita stirred softly in my arms and pulled down the covers on it slipping him between them.

His eyes cracked open as I pulled the covers up around him.

“Kakarott?” He whispered, his voice cracked.

“Vegita! Don’t talk.” I placed my hand over his lips.

“Where are we?”

“Back at Capsule Corp. Bulma gave us some of her synthesized senzu. As you can see it worked.”


“Let me get you some water.” I walked slowly over to the bathroom in the dim lighting.

The bathroom was dark as I stepped inside and looked around for a cup. It was spacious, a good fifteen by twenty feet and covered in what I thought to be white tile, but in the meager lighting I wasn’t too sure. There was a shower directly in front of the door on the far wall and a small sink to the right of it. A towel hung from a rack also by the shower, only to the left, with a blue ‘V’ monogrammed into it. A small medicine cabinet with a mirror hung above the sink.

I padded over the cold tile in my bare feet to the sink coming to stand in front of it. I saw myself reflected in it and gasped, reaching up to touch my face. My eyes were a little wide as I saw my reflection for the first time in this body. My hair stood out from my head like Gokuh’s, dark locks hanging in my face brushing my equally dark eyebrows. My nose and chin were tapered, perfectly chiseled and angled in the right places complementing my moderate lips. God! Gokuh in Three-D! ::drool:: Shut up, I do not need nagging me voice in head.

I was amazed I looked so good. Well, this was like the anime. What the heck was I thinking about? This world was almost nothing like the anime! Besides everyone being in real life the people’s personalities were different. I frowned, staring at myself as I did so. I was gorgeous! I admired myself for several minutes before I felt a presence behind me. I felt Vegita’s hands snake shyly around my torso.

“Vegita.. you shouldn’t be out of bed.”

“And you Kakarott... shouldn’t you be getting me some water?”

I blushed; I knew he had realized what I had been doing. I turned in his arms and looked down on him wrapping him up in my arms.

“I got a little side tracked...” I whispered apologetically brushing his cheek with the palm of my hand. He smiled and closed his eyes.

“It’s fine Kakarott. I understand.”

“Have I told you I loved you today?”

He smiled softly.

“Yes. But once more could be acceptable.”

I pulled him close, enfolding him totally in my arms. “I love you, Vegita.”

“And I... I... love you too... Kakarott.” He whispered into my chest. My heart leaped as I heard those meaningful little words. Tears sprung to my eyes. He had actually said it out loud! I hadn’t even prompted him.

“Vegita...” I nuzzled into his hair.

"Baka..." He buried himself deepened into my embrace. I never would have thought Vegita as the type to need comfort yet here he was clinging to me. And somehow that made him all the more attractive in my eyes. Awwwwwwww!!! Huggies! Eh? What am I thinking? Was Gokuh always this demented?

We just stood there for several long minutes just holding each other basking in each other’s presence. I trailed my hand along his bare back; his training suit had been destroyed down to his waist excepting several shards of cloth across his chest and his left sleeve.

“We should probably wash up.” I commented softly into his ear as I rubbed his shoulders. I really didn’t want to but I felt so dirty with the dirt and dried blood clinging to my body, I could only imagine that Vegita felt the same way. He lifted his head from my chest and gazed deeply into my eyes mutely. After one last caress I let my arms trail down his arms and stepped back from Vegita holding his hands.

“Do you want to go first?” I asked him. “No, it’s fine Kakarott. You take it first. I’ll just wait in the bedroom.” He sounded slightly disappointed as made to move towards the door. I reached out and caught his departing hand.

“Wait, Vegita.”

He stopped, not turning around.

“I... I don’t really… know my way around this bathroom... maybe you could help me?” It was the closest I could come to an invitation without infringing on his pride.

“Baka. You would need help, wouldn’t you?” He turned smiling slightly. I smiled in return. I really didn’t know what to do when it came to sex. Deep inside me I wondered if it was the right time, if I was really ready for this. I was unsure; I had never done anything like I was about to do now. Literally. I looked down into Vegita’s eyes again, their depths lit with a fire of passion and... Love. I would do this. I wanted to do this. He smiled faintly as led me to the door of the shower. I blushed deeply as his hands found the knot of my belt and began untying it as he leaned up for a kiss. I readily complied as sensation overwhelmed me and my tongue entwined with his. He succeeded in untying the knot and my pants fell pooling loosely around my feet and leaving the top to my gi hanging to my thighs. More of my clothes had survived then Vegita’s; most of the damage consisted of tears and loose threads.

His hand slid upward under the fabric touching my bare skin once again. His touch became provocatively erotic as he traced my muscles to rub gently against my hardened nipples. I never knew how many areas of the male body were erogenous; I had thought men to be hardened, callous even. In a way they were, I supposed, but just the shivers elected from his touch were enough to drive me crazy. I felt a stirring between my legs that was strange to me yet that felt almost natural. My eyes widened slightly as I realized what the implications of that feeling were. Oh my, heh heh....

Vegita slipped the shirt from my shoulders, falling softly as it joined its counterpart on the floor by my feet. I was left standing naked before him... yet it felt right. I was not embarrassed as I thought I would be; Vegita was looking at me with such admiration in his eyes any qualms that I might still have had left as a soft breeze. His touch light on my forearms, Vegita stood before me, a perfect masterpiece that some great creator had spent loving hours creating and now he was mine. I slid my hands up his arms and around his back brushing away the remaining scraps of clothing that littered his chest, pushing down his spandex suit to reveal his sculpted abs... and erection. ::homina, homina, homina:: I knelt before him pushing down his suit further, taking care to remove every piece of it from his newly healed body. He was so beautiful! I caught a gasp in my throat as the last piece of cloth slipped from his slight frame.

I rose to my feet looking down at him standing motionless in front of me and swept him to my chest kissing him fierily. His arms came up to wrap around my neck as he leaned into it, wanting more which I quickly gave. Our bodies pressed together, bare skin to bare skin, the slight to the larger. The kiss went on as we inched towards the shower, finally leaning against the door as I rigorously explored Vegita’s mouth and body.

“Vegita...” I whispered against his lips pressing him to the cold glass. His hands came up my back rubbing soft circles across it, teasing. His touch was like fire, bringing all my senses to crystal clarity, my world spinning out of focus as I concentrated on his every move.

At that moment something instinctive inside me kicked in… I growled softly as I lowered my lips to his bonding mark, bathing it in the warmth of my tongue before biting down on the wound I had created before. A hash purr was wrenched from his throat and he stiffened slightly in my arms as I suckled.

::You are mine.:: I thought possessively. ::I won the fight; I have claimed you. You are my mate.::

::And you are mine. Don't you ever forget it, bakayaro. If you do, I'll do worse than kill you.::

I tightened my grip on him slightly as I pulled us both into the shower, shoving him up against the tile as I resumed our kiss.

::I'll never leave you.::

Author's Notes

O.o I'm getting very short of things to say. Well, review if you want more, I'm FINALLY going to write the lemon. Stay tuned!!

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