Title: A Ripple in Time
Author: Gokou_chan
Rating: R to NC-17
Fandom: Real World/Dragonball Z
Warnings: Er...... yaoi hints, and lotsa yaoi. ^_^ Read at your own risk.
Disclaimer: I know this idea has been done before, but this time, it has a slight twist. Also, I stole the concept of the overbearing mother from Center Stage and mixed her with Chichi. Hope you don't mind! I don't own any of the characters so don't sue me. You know the drill. Well, on to the ficcie!

Japanese Dictionary

Oi = Hey
Waka ta = okay
Hai = Yes
Tsuden Ikko = Instant Transmission
Shinee = die
So ka = I see
Daijoubu ka = Are you okay?
Senshi = warrior
Futskayoi = Hangover
Kisama = you
Nan da = what is it?
Nuy ta = It worked
Nani = what?
Juuhachico = No. 18
Arigato = thank you!
Doitashimashite = you're welcome
-sama = a term of respect
Aho = moron
Yatta = I did it!

Part Four

"How did you know that? What did you do?" Oh God, this is so creepy! This was supposed to be role play! Or was it? God.... I have a headache. This was a bit too much for me to take. I groaned in frustration. Why hadn't he responded?

//Jun, try to stay calm. This wasn't supposed to happen like this. You were supposed to be briefed and asked... Gokuh too...//

"So.... what did happen? And why am I here?"

//You are the closest match to Gokuh that we could find through the galaxy. A great evil from the past has escaped hell and the Great Ennma Dao is furious! This evil has conspired to erase Gokuh from existence by using the dragonballs against the Kai, in other words erase the only being alive that could stop him. In order to prevent it, we arranged for your soul to be linked to Gokuh's so that it would never happen. It backfired.//

"Whaddya mean, BACKFIRED?"

//Well.... your souls linked alright.... only, they didn't just link. They were so alike, they merged. Gokuh is no more. You are him... and you. Not in your body of course, but in his.//

I was sitting in shock as the information made it's way to my brain. "So... so I lost my body."

//Yes. This is your permanent body now. You have his powers, his memories, his feelings. You are Gokuh.//

"For good."

//Hello? Have you been listening to what I have been saying? Yes! And now you are earth's only hope!//

Eh. This was bad. Very bad. Oh god, this was bad. Never see my family again, never see my friends... Hey... this could be a good thing... Eh, EARTH'S ONLY HOPE?

//I never said you couldn't see them again.//

"Wai!?" Darn it.

//Never mind that, you have to stop him! He's heading to earth to extract vengence on you!//


//He think's that Gokuh is out of the picture, so you will be a surprize to him, but he also wants to hurt everything you loved... very cliche if you ask me.//

"So... what do I do? Train?!"

//All you have to do is wait. But then again, you are without fighting experience. You might want to brush up on a few techniques.//

"I can't handle all this responsibility! The only thing I ever had to worry about was my test scores! I can't believe I'm saying this but... I wanna go home!"

//You can still visit your family. The coordinates for your earth are and you can go there if you could build a spaceship large enough to get there.//

"Heh? But how the hell am I supposed to do that? It would take years!"

//It's possible, but now listen up. I don't know when this guy is going to be here, so you are going to have to be on your toes. Well, gotta run, I think South Kai found the surprize I left her. ::snicker:: Get it? Ah never mind, and remember what I told you! You'll do great!//

"But Kaio-sama!!" I didn't receive an answer. "Kaio-sama?"

He was gone. This was just not my day!! Earth's only hope? Please, let this be a dream!! I'm not ready for this! I started sobbing, the tears leaking from my eyes as the storm resumed is fury, rattling the window pane. Why me? Even being a Dragonball Z character is not worth giving up my entire identity... was it? I collapsed on the bed and buried my head in my arms. Why did the person they picked have to be me? Why couldn't it have been someone else? Why ME?!? Now I was the hero everyone looked up to, who counted on, who trusted. I wasn't ready for this responsibility! I was just a 17-year-old girl! A scared 17-year-old girl!!! I knew how to fight, sort of, but the only battle I'd ever fought was today and I could hardly remember what I had done! I closed my eyes, tears streaming down my cheeks from them as I did.

Here no one cared for me, I didn't know anyone except from what I'd seen of the show. They weren't supposed to be real; this wasn't supposed to be happening! Heh, go from sort of confident to zero in no time flat, that was me.

I heard the door open behind me; Vegita walked in with the pizza. I hadn't even felt his chi when he had returned I was so distraught.

"Kakarott?" I turned halfway around on the bed and sat up; he had seen my tear streaked face. "What the fuck happened to you, why are you crying?"

He put the stack of around twenty pizza boxes by the door and walked quickly to my side. I wiped my face off with the back of my hand.

"You wouldn't understand," I mumbled. I felt his hand clasp my shoulder again and a shiver ran through my body. He was so warm! Without thought I leaned over and hugged him tightly, sobbing into his rain-soaked training suit. He brought his own arms down to wrap around my waist and let me hold onto him, purring soothingly deep in his throat.

My sobs gradually tapered off as I lay my cheek against his chest. I take back what I thought before. When he was here I felt... complete, unafraid. I think.. God, I think I love him! Heh? Where did that come from? But... I was a man now; it would never work. I couldn't ever return to being a woman again, Kaio-sama had said so! This was my body now.

"We should eat now, Kakarott." Vegita whispered into my ear. I nodded and pulled away from his comforting embrace, drying my face off again. He retrieved the pizza boxes from where he had left them by the door and walked back over to the bed, sitting down next to me and setting the pizzas down gently beside us.

"Here." He opened one of the pizza boxes and placed it on my lap. The smell of the pizza wafted up to my nose, my stomach rumbling again in response. It smelled of cheese and herbs, buttery and fresh. I looked back up to Vegita. He hadn't taken one of the pizzas and was just sitting there looking at me.

"Well, aren't you going to eat it? Did I get one of the toppings wrong? Don't tell me I went out in this rain fro nothing." He asked, looking a little upset. "No, no, Vegita, the toppings are fine it's just... thank you." I blushed.

"It's nothing, I was just hungry and so..." He looked down blushing as well.

I eased one of the slices from the whole and lifted it to my mouth. It tasted as it smelled, light, crunchy, slightly salty, and cheesy. I chewed slowly, savoring the taste, swallowing before I took a second bite. I finished the slice and reached for a second when I saw that Vegita still hadn't eaten anything. I took up the second slice then scooted closer to Vegita and lifted it to his lips. He started slightly in surprise then sighed softly and took a bite. He chewed daintily and swallowed before speaking.

"If I had known that humans make this kind of food, I never would have tried to destroy this planet." He admitted, almost shyly, taking the slice from my hands and eating a bit more. Aiii??!?! ::mental faint:: Nice to know you're still there, brain, you were starting to worry me. Vegita? SHY? NO WAY IN HELL!!! NICE?? Yeah, if HADES FROZE OVER!!!

"Yeah. But that's in the past now, Vegita." I smiled slightly. Oh yeah, I'm good, I'm bad. ::mental dance:: All of my problems went away when I was with him. His eyes and his voice were so addicting, whenever he smiled... I took up another slice and ate quietly, sneaking a glance from time to time at Vegita who was doing the same. Ah?

In a short time we had finished all but the last pizza.

"Do you want it, Kakarott?" He asked, pushing the box towards me.

"No, it's fine. I'm not that hungry anymore. You can have it." I blushed. He was sitting so close to me, his leg was brushing against my thigh and when he leaned over for the box, his shoulder brushed against my arm. I shivered at the contact. He turned his head to look up into my face with questioning eyes. I bit my lip to keep from moaning and blushed. He would never want me, who was I fooling? I was a man. He was a man. If anything he felt- Eh?

My thoughts were cut off as he kissed me, his lips soft against my own. My eyes closed of their own accord and I reached around his slim waist to hold him more fully against my body. I was faintly aware of his arms around my waist but I was more than aware of his mouth meeting with my own. Heh heh, first kiss...

My fingers danced along his back, smoothing over his sides as the kiss deepened. I licked his lower lip and he opened his mouth to me with a sigh, my tongue sliding into his warmth. His hands splayed across my upper back, rubbing and teasing as they slid under my shirt. His every breath was sweet against my skin as we parted for air. Ohhhh, heh heh heh, I think- I don't wanna think, too good...

Our cheeks rubbed together as we leaned into each other's arms, Vegita moving to straddle my waist. He pulled back to look into my eyes, questioning what he saw there, his own pits of ebony. One of his hands reached up to thread through my hair and he brushed back a strand that had fallen into my face. I gazed at him in shock, he was being nice! Vegita... ah what the heck, if he didn't mind then why should I? I'm gonna go all out I think... Ah, fuck Cody! The bum. This... this I could live with forever. I leaned my forehead against his. And then.... the front door slammed.

Author's Notes

Awwwwwwwwww!!! Veggie-chan's too KAWAII!!!! ::drools:: Heh heh.... These notes seem to be getting shorter.... ah well, what the heck

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