It's been about three days. Goten was too fed up to even try to look for a job. He just wanted to enjoy the rest of his summer vacation as much as he could. He'd find another job next summer. Because at this rate, it just wasn't worth it. He'd probably be forced to work as a janitor's assistant at this rate. Oh well, he had enough money for now.

He didn't really care about anything right now. He was too weary from the stress of the week, the rumor (which escalated pretty far, already on multiple websites on the internet), Speedy's closing, and having to hear his mom bitch and moan, it was just too much. He just sat around all day, listening to music and watching TV. Right now he was in the mood to listen to At the Drive In. Their music was energetic, outspoken, and definitely aggressive and hostile. Right now Invalid Litter Dept. was playing. It really set the mood for him. Friday nights used to be lonely until him and Trunks were together. Now he actually had something to do on the weekends. In fact, Trunks is gonna be here in a few minutes.

Goten just shoved it off as another thing for some reason. He really was in a gloomy mood. His thumbs mashed the x button quickly. His custom skater had fallen down and he wouldn't get up. Only about 20 seconds left in the session. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 never had been his favorite game. He liked some of the old school RPG's like Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Trigger. But Tony Hawk was good for passing the time though, and that's the only reason he ever played it. It just gave him something to do while listening to music and chatting on the phone for long hours (Thanks to Trunks).

When Trunks did arrive, Goten just stared at the screen, still messing hastily with the controls. Trunks gave him an exasperated look.

"Aren't you a little old to be playing video games?" He asked.

"Whatever you think."

"I heard Speedy's got shut down. Did you get laid off?"

"No Trunks, I still work at a closed store. In fact, they even promoted me."

"What's wrong with you?"


"Come on, tell me."

"How can you just overlook this whole thing?"

"About the rumor?"


"Because I don't care. It's just something that will die down once they find something else to talk about."

"I guess you're right, but I'm kind of pissed about it."

"I can see why, you just don't have a social life."


They just sat there, staring at the flickering images on the TV screen, watching as Goten's skater jumped gaps, rode walls, and flipped it's board around. The air was almost stale, thanks to the fact that Goten had barely come out of his room all week long, locking himself in for many hours a day. Only coming out to eat and use the bathroom. Goten finally decided to stop, he was getting bored with the game quickly.

"Sorry I haven't been talking to you."

"I kind of don't blame you. You just lost your job after all." Goten leaned over and kissed Trunks deeply. Trunks was slightly surprised.

"Wow Goten. First you act like I'm not here, then you act like you haven't seen me in years on end."

"I just missed you, that's all." They engaged in another kiss. Goten's mind set finally changed to accommodate his friend.


About an hour later, the room was filled with the smell of burning candles and incense.

"Goten, what's your favorite love song?" Trunks peered into his lover's eyes, whom lay beside him.

"I dunno. That's kind of a hard choice, there's a lot of them out there."

"Just pick one out. One that stands out. Not necessarily by a group who's known for love songs or anything. But one that makes sense."

"Hmm... It'd probably have to be The Waiting Hurt by No Motiv. You know the one about the guy who has to wait three years to see his girlfriend."

"That's a pretty melancholy song."

"Yeah, well it pretty much fits how I feel about this week."

"Good god. I guess you did miss me. Good choice, by the way."

"How about you? What's your favorite?"

"I've got my mind set on that one. It's definitely Days of the Phoenix by AFI."

"That's a love song?"

"Of course. Have you ever listened to the lyrics closely?"

"I remember when, I was told the story of crushed velvet candle wax and dried up flowers…"

"I never actually listened. Davey Havoc's lyrics are hard to follow sometimes." Multiple burning candles illuminated the room. They smelled so lovely. And Trunks' face was so beautiful, as he was lit by their glow.

"So, everyone's asleep. You know what I wanna do?"

"The Figure on the bed, all dressed up in roses calling, beckoning to sleep, offering a dream…"

Goten smiled. They engaged in another kiss.

"I love you so much Goten. Words cannot describe that. I don't care what those horny teenaged girls say. I just want to stay here with you."

"The words were as mystical as purring animals,
The circle of rage, the ghosts on the stage appeared…"

"Trunks, you're right. I shouldn't worry about anything."

"Just let me take you away Goten. You'll never regret this."

"Time was so tangible I'll never let it go…"

Their embrace was heated as they started to undress each other slowly. Goten tried to take it all in. The smell of the green apple candles, the feeling of Trunks' warm breath making it's way down his bare chest. Feeling his hands rub over his older lover's almost sweat soaked back.

"Ghost Stories handed down,
Reached secret tunnels below…"

Goten and Trunks were all alone, exploring each other's anatomy once again. Rubbing their naked bodies against each other. Trunks' hips placed between Goten's thighs. Goten loved this embrace. No one could harm them like this.

"No one could see me.
I, I fell into yesterday…"

Goten wanted this moment to last forever. He wanted to feel the deep sleep that only Trunks could offer.

"Our dreams seemed not far away.
I want to, I want to, I want to stay.
I fell into fantasy…"

Goten could stay like this all night. The sex didn't even matter, just as long as he could be with Trunks the way he was now, holding him, feeling his lover's hands caress his thighs. Goten loved it.

"Goten, I love you."

"The words were as mystical as purring animals.
The circle of rage, the ghosts on the stage appeared…"

Goten could just feel him on top of him, already making his way down. Wanting to pleasure him. Goten could barely contain himself, it was much more exciting this way, not being able to do a thing. Entrusting Trunks just made Goten so, damn... horny.

"Time was so tangible I'll never let it go.
Ghost stories handed down,
Reached secret tunnels below.
No one could see me…"

Goten gasped as Trunks took him in, tasting the sweet fluids. Goten had never felt better than this in his life. It was so overwhelming.

"I, I fell into yesterday
Our dreams seemed not far away
I want to, I want to, I want to stay.
I, I fell into fantasy…"

Goten just lay his head back, letting Trunks take complete control of the situation.

"The girl on the wall always waited for me, and she was always smiling.
The teenage death boys, the teenage death girls. And everyone was dancing…"

Goten gasped when Trunks hit a nerve. It just felt too good to be true. Goten could see nothing anymore. He was blind now, only able to take in these feelings of sensual warmth.

"Nothing could touch us then,
No one could change us then,
And everyone was dancing…"

Goten didn't even worry about getting caught anymore. They were all alone on another planet. No one could ever bring them to reality. No one could even touch them.

"Nothing could hurt us then,
No one could see us then,
And everyone was dancing…"

Goten's release came quickly. The void was filled when Trunks took it all in, not letting a drop escape, savoring the flavor. Goten could barely even contain himself as Trunks quickly positioned himself.

"Everyone was dancing…"

Goten readied himself for what was to come. In fact, he welcomed it.

"No One Could see Me…"

Goten's eyes slammed shut. He left the face of the planet, getting lost in the tangle of the two bodies coming together.

"I, I fell into yesterday…"

The pace was quick and the boys both became lost, only able to find each other by the sounds of each other's voices.

"Our dreams seemed not far away…"

They never wanted to leave. This was their own heaven.

"I want to, I want to, I want to stay…"

Trunks couldn't even slow down, not that Goten cared. He waited too long for this. He wanted to stay forever.

"I fell into fantasy.
Our dreams seemed not far away.
Our dreams seemed not far away.
Our dreams seemed not far away…"

Trunks exploded. Leaving them both in a nasty mess, but neither one minded. This was their time, and no one else's'. The older boy collapsed into his lover's chest, cherishing the warmth of his body.

"I fell into yesterday…"

They lay there the entire night. Not daring to part for one minute, even if somebody came in and saw them. It just didn't matter right now.


"*YAAAAAWN!*" Gohan was just waking up.

He heard noises coming from both rooms beside him. It really sucked, whatever his parents and Goten did in their rooms, Gohan heard it. He knew damn well what his brother was doing last night. He didn't care as much about that as much as hearing his parents. Jesus they were loud. They were moaning so loud, you'd probably hear it for miles and miles. Slightly disturbing. At least Goten was subtle about it for his age. But Gohan's sensitive Saiyan ears could pick it up easily. In fact, his Saiyan senses were picking up something else. Somebody was headed this way. A strong power, it was closing in quick. Somebody was flying to the house. He was still too groggy to figure out who it was though. He rushed to the kitchen to fix himself some Cap'n Crunch cereal. Nasty stuff, but anything would work in the morning. He'd probably eat five boxes at a time anyway. Ugh, it tasted worse than it smelled. Whatever, it still doesn't matter. The feeling was growing stronger. Who the hell is coming here this early in the morning? Whoever it is, he's powered up to max. Maybe it's Krillin? No, he wasn't this powerful. Maybe it was Gokou? No, he's still asleep. Probably having follow-up sex from last night. God, his family IS horny. But who the hell is coming this way if it isn't him? Gohan stopped slurping up his cereal for a moment, wide eyed. Oh shit… He knew exactly who it was. Just a moment later, a large pounding came from the door, and he was yelling.

"OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR!" Vegeta screamed.


Trunks stirred, who's making all that racket? And at what hour? He checked the clock at the side of his bed. It was about 8:00 in the morning. Goten was still sleeping. He could sleep through a bomb raid. How convenient. All of a sudden Gohan rushed into his room, almost in a sweat.

"Trunks! Goten! Get up! You've both gotta get out of here!" He said in a whisper.

"What's going on? Who's at the door?" He replied.

"It's Vegeta! You two have to get the fuck outta here!"

"SHIT! Goten wake up!" Trunks shook Goten fiercely until he finally came to.

"W-what's going on?" he said groggily.

"My dad is here! He's fucking pissed! We have to get outta here!" Trunks replied quickly.

"You guys get up, get dressed, and sneak out the back door. I'll try to hold off your dad and my parents as long as I can. Just get the hell out of here," Gohan offered.

They both nodded and thanked Gohan. He really was being selfless about this. Once Gohan left the room, the boys were up and at it quickly. Dressing themselves as quickly as they possibly could. Dammit they were reckless with this whole thing. They had gotten caught twice, and they were about to be killed by a very pissed off Vegeta. They could hear Gohan trying to persuade Vegeta to calm down.

"Where's the little fag that corrupted my son!?" they heard him yell.

"Vegeta, what are you talking about? Who are you looking for?" Gohan replied.

As they continued to dress, they heard Gokou and ChiChi making their way out to the door where Vegeta was. That's their chance, they would sneak out the back door when no one was looking, while keeping their power down at the same time. They finally finished dressing and crept out to the back door. They could hear Vegeta and Gokou yelling as they left. They knew that their fathers were fighting, so they just ran as quickly as they could without being noticed. Ran from the homicidal maniac named Vegeta.


They went to the city. The run was kind of long; they had to keep going on foot until they were far enough away to fly. It was quite tiresome, but they managed, they always did. They went to Central Park to just sit there for a while. A lot of things are going to happen now, and they didn't know what to do. Was everyone going to be mad and disgusted at them, or are they going to be supportive? Who knows, the only thing they did know is that they're fucking scared out of their minds. They didn't know if this would condemn them from their families, or if life would just continue on. They already know that Vegeta is quite pissed about the whole thing and that it will be difficult for him to get over it. They found a park bench and sat down side by side, still thinking about what would happen.

"Dammit, why the hell does he have to do this?" Trunks exclaimed, pissed at his father.

"…" Goten didn’t reply.

Trunks had always been the stronger one of the two, and he always looked out for Goten. But he didn't know if even Trunks could protect him this time. Trunks keeled over his knees and started to cry silently. He couldn't help himself; he was too damn scared, this was worse than anything that had happened against the likes of Majin Buu. Trunks could see him crying. He bent down to look into Goten's face.

"Goten, why are you crying?"

He couldn't respond, his words came out in choked moans, he couldn't understand himself. He just leaned over and embraced into Trunks. They held onto each other for a long time, Goten trying to get a grip on himself.

"What? C'mon, he doesn't have a thing on us. I promise I won't let anything happen." Trunks tried to comfort.

"But, w-what about everyone else?"

"Well, I guess maybe we should just tell them. There's no way out of this other than embracing it."

"But they'll probably be mad at us."

"Fuck what they think, if they can't handle it, then I guess we'll do this ourselves. Fuck what they think, I could give a shit less what they think to tell you the truth. I've got you, remember?"

Goten was finally able to look up at his older lover. Trunks really was stronger than him, he always broke down like this, no matter how hard he tried, he just couldn't help it. Things always ended up like this for him. But, he finally was able to nod in agreement.


They had found a small fast food restaurant to eat at. The food was tasteless but better than nothing at this point. They were just hungry. They hadn't eaten since lunch yesterday. They didn't get a chance to. They talked over their disgustingly bland soy burgers.

"So Trunks, when should we tell them?" Goten asked, he still had rings in his eyes from crying.

"Well, maybe tonight we should just find a hotel room to stay for the night. Then tomorrow morning, we fly back home together and tell them."

"Sounds good."

"Are you still scared?"


"Don't be Goten, I promise I'll watch out for you. I won't let anything happen to you."

"Please Trunks, don't leave my side for a minute. I'll break down with out you there."

"I promise I won't. Just stay close to me, then we'll work from there."

Goten was still scared, he knew what Vegeta was capable of, and he knew that his and Trunks' strength combined wasn't enough to bring him down.

"Don't worry about my dad, I'm telling you everything will be okay."

"Trunks, I hope so."

"Why don't you go wash your face? I'm gonna step outside for a breath of air. Meet me outside when you're done." Goten nodded and started to the bathroom.


Trunks went outside. He sat down on a small public bench right outside the restaurant. He let out a long sigh. Trunks was just as scared as Goten. But he was always the dominant one of the two and he just didn't want to make Goten more afraid. He had to show him that he would be able to control himself and bring them both through this alive. It was a very dangerous situation, and he just had to try to take it for Goten. He smelled the air. The scent was of something he knew. He didn't know what though. He'd smelled this many times. But it wasn't of Goten. What the hell is this? It smells like Trunks.


Goten finished doing his business and headed for the sink. As he ran the warm water of his skin he could've sworn he felt something. His Saiyan senses kicked in; maybe it's Trunks?

"T-Trunks? Is that you?" He said nervously.

The restaurant was going slow that night and they were the only ones there. It had to be him… right? He heard a footstep. He looked toward the noise. Nothing. He couldn't see anyone. Goten immediately turned off the faucet and waited for another noise.


"H-hello? Is someone there?"

Still no reply. He shrugged it off and went back to cleaning up, splashing warm water in his face. He closed his eyes, allowing the water to drip down his face, erasing all presence of the tears he had released earlier. He reached for the paper towel dispenser and dried his face off. When all the water was dried away, he saw a figure in the mirror. Oh god. It was Vegeta!


Trunks loved nights like these, the air was cool and clear. No smoke or dust was being released into the atmosphere by cars whizzing by. The streets were completely empty. No one was around. Trunks longed to share this night with Goten. The stars filled the sky, not a cloud in sight. The streets were illuminated by the light reflecting off of the full moon. Everything was perfect. So why is the smell of death in the air too?
He hit the ground hard. Vegeta smashed the boy's face into the ground, not giving him a chance to retaliate. Vegeta pulled him up quickly and threw him against the wall, hands around the boy's neck choking him.

"So boy! You like to play perverted games with my son do you?! Well now I'm going to play a little game with you! And trust me, it isn't all that fun for you!" He smirked.

Goten couldn't even scream, Vegeta was choking the life out of the poor boy. He tried to beg for him to get off, but he couldn't do a damn thing. How could he have found out about this in the first place? Why does it matter so much? You were never there for Trunks anyway! So many thoughts went through his mind. Anger, fear, confusion. But all he wanted now was to be with Trunks. That name raced through his mind even as Vegeta flung him to the ground, still clenching his neck while pounding his face. His head was being knocked back and forth from side to side. Goten could only try to pull the hand off of his neck. Vegeta continued to pummel the poor boy, taking him closer to death. Goten couldn't even flail his legs, he was growing too weak to do anything. Somehow, just somehow, he finally was able to scream one word.

"TRUUUUUUUUUUUUNKS!!!!" The scream could be heard from miles away as Vegeta continued to destroy the young demi-Saiyan.

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