The light from the hall filled the room as he slept. The older boy stayed with him the entire night, not daring to leave by his side. The tubes ran from his body off to several different machines that only the doctors could even identify. The sound of the heart monitor was almost melodic, adding to the commotion of people rushing through the halls of the hospital.

The boy's beautiful face had almost been disfigured. His skin was pale as the result of the loss of so much blood. Scars would soon cover his face from where the stitches were applied. Bruises covered his entire body where he was beaten to a bloody pulp. Who knows if he would be able to speak when he wakes up. If he ever wakes up. He could very well be in a coma for all they knew.

The doctors could give him no assurance. The boy had suffered major blows to the head, and the loss of blood was definitely another big thing. No one knew if he would live or not. All they could do was wait, and see what happened.

Trunks lay there. crouched against the bed, holding onto his best friend. He stayed there the entire night, just waiting for Goten to give him a sign. Why did this happen? Why didn't he scream earlier? Maybe he would've been alright.

When Trunks heard the scream, he ran as quickly as he could to find the source. When Trunks had reached the bathroom, the boy lay there in a bloody mess, the culprit long gone. Not that he didn't know who it was. It was the only man capable of doing something like this.

"Godamn you father." Trunks murmured in his sleep, hateful words directed to the saiyan prince.

He needed someone to blame, someone to take this out on, someone to direct his hate to. But all he could do was stay with his friend. This was all Gina's fault, no! This was all Vegeta's fault! No, this was all my fault for leaving Goten alone for those moments. GODAMNIT! Why the hell does it have to be like this! Just because Vegeta is so fucking close minded, he has to hurt the one dearest to me! Fuck!

Tears streaked down the young purple haired saiyan's face. He yearned for Goten so much, he cried in his sleep. The way he had to rush his friend to the hospital, holding him in his arms, the boy crying out in pain the whole way, it was too much for him. Trunks had screamed in anger and pain the entire way. The wounds ran too deep, Goten might not come back from this. But what can Trunks do? The only thing that he needs right now is to hear his friend's voice, to see his eyes locked with his own. To see that warm reassuring smile.

Trunks lay there asleep, head rested at Goten's side, locking his hand onto the injured boy's to reassure him that he was still there. He couldn't do anything, he was totally and completely powerless.


"So what can we do dad? We can't let Vegeta get away with this!"

"Gohan, I know how you feel, but Vegeta will get over it sooner or later."

"That's Bullshit! And you know it!"

"Listen, I think that it's for the best that we can't have Trunks and Goten seeing each other anymore. Just for their safety."

"Godamnit! You're letting that fucking asshole win! This is exactly what he wants and you know it!"

"But Gohan, they shouldn't have been like this in the first place."

"Godamnit dad! You're so fucking close minded about this! We're not the ones who should decide what's right for them! They're in love! We can't just rip them apart because of this!"


"Just shut up! My little brother almost died tonight, and all you can do is to think up ways to keep those two apart?! We need to stand up to Vegeta and make him pay! He can't do this! What do you think he'll do to Trunks?! If he gets the chance, he will do the same exact thing to him! And I won't let that happen!"

"Gohan, we can't just go up to Vegeta and tell him to just leave it alone, he's that boy's father!"

"Yeah! But you're THAT boy's father! Why the fuck are you so afraid of him?!"


"Fuck you then! I guess I'm the only one who gives a shit about those two!"

With that Gohan jumped up from his chair and stormed out of the house and headed to the hospital. Goku just stood there expressionless, staring at the floor.


The room was desolate, almost haunted by ghosts. Maybe even that little fag's spirit was floating around here somewhere. Vegeta mocked that spirit. He hated it. He despised it for making his son out to be some little faggot assed fruit cake. He would do it again if he got the chance. He just stayed there, meditating on the floor of the gravity chamber, counting away the hours. He contemplated his plans to finish the job he started tonight. Even if the dragon balls could wish him back, Vegeta would still just do it again. He anticipated an attack from those other wretched half-saiyans. They were so out of shape, they wouldn't even be a match for him. What could Kakkarot do? That third class soldier could never stand up to this prince anyway. And you, Trunks, you little son of a bitch! You'll pay for your weakness as well!


"It's been a long time."

"I know."

"Do you know why I'm here?"

"It's about Vegeta, isn't it?"

"He's gone too far this time."

"What has he done?"

"He hurt both Goten and Trunks. He can't get away with this. So I need to help Trunks get that through Vegeta's head."

"Tell me what you want me to do Gohan."

"Thank you Piccolo."


Chi Chi and Bulma rushed past the numerous doctors, nurses, and patients that littered the hallway. It was busy in that hospital, slightly un-nerving for the two mothers. They kept racing as fast as they could down the hall toward the room where the injured boy was being held. When they got there, Chi Chi shoved the door open, yelling her youngest son's name as she entered.

Trunks woke from his nightmare, still holding onto his friend's hand. He had experienced this too many times, the call from their mother's at all hours of the night to find out that Goten had gotten hurt again. So many times this has happened, but Trunks had never gotten used to it. He stood up, exposing Goten's battered body. When Chi Chi caught a glimpse of her beaten son she nearly flipped out. It was too much, any other trip to this hospital could never compare to the present moment. So pale, so cold, and so lifeless was Goten's body. Chi Chi made a beeline for Trunks.

"YOU LITTLE BASTARD! HOW COULD YOU LET THIS HAPPEN TO MY SON?!" she was crying and nearly screaming.

"Chi Chi! Calm down! This wasn't my fault!" He tried to explain, but to no avvail. Goten's mother was on a rampage, pounding on Trunks's chest as hard as she could. Trunks could only stand there and reluctantly take it, not that he couldn't handle something like this anyway.

"Godamn You! You son of a Bitch! Why?!" Chi Chi cried heavy tears. You could almost hear the splash of the liquid that ran down her face as it hit the ground.

"Chi Chi! Calm down! This is a hospital!" Bulma tried to stop.

"Godamn you..." she finally ended her assault, falling into the boy's arms. Trunks tried to calm her down, but she still cried.


Hours ticked away. He still anticipated the attack. He never really expected himself to go to this length, but the little fag deserved it. He deserved every hit, every blow, every kick. The boy brought it on himself. Weak just like your father, you worthless half-breed. How would they attack him, and where from? Would they cook up some wonderfully devious plan to destroy him, or would they do nothing other than bombard him in full force? Who knows, the only Vegeta knew was that he had to be careful. It's a good thing for him that he never stopped training. That was his advantage, the other fighters were rusty, allowing their fighting skills to drop over the last few years. He was in good shape, where as they were no where close to being one hundred percent. Oh yes, Vegeta would have the edge. They can't do a thing to him. Kakkarot won't even show. He just knew he wouldn't, the coward never did want to fight him anyway. Why would he? The last time they met, Vegeta kicked his ass. Ha ha! It was perfect, without Kakkarot, they were as good as dead. Not even Gohan could rescue them. And while he had them on the ground, he would kill that boy.


"Trunks, why didn't you tell us?" Bulma inquired as they sat outside on a bench in the hall.

"Because we thought everyone would hate us for it. We were just trying to keep everyone from interfering with our lives." he responded, his blue hair hanging down into his eyes.

"Trunks, I'm your mother, I'd never hate you just because of something like this." Chi Chi stayed silent, not saying a word.

"Right Chi Chi?" Bulma followed up.

"Oh yeah, of course." Chi Chi said half heartedly. Bulma elbowed her in the side lightly.

"It's not my decision what you two do, Goten should be aloud to make his own decisions."

"Chi Chi, I know you don't like the idea of your son being in love with me, but I love him back. It's not a one way thing, and you're gonna have to deal with it." Trunks said calmly.

"I'm sorry Trunks. I'm just a little pissed, my son was just attacked and nearly killed. And I just found out that my son is going out with another boy. How do you think that would make you feel?"

"Please, I don't want to get into an argument with you."


"Trunks, what are you going to do?" Bulma asked.

"What else?! I'm gonna go and beat the shit out of dad!"

"Trunks, I know how you feel, but to get into a confrontation with your father won't help anything."

"Bullshit! You know how he is! Once he gets the chance, he's gonna come back and kill Goten. I know he is, I just can't let him go free on this. I have to show him that he's gonna have to deal with this whole thing."


"You know I'm right mom.I have to stand up to him. I've always been afraid of him, but I can't let him do anything more to Goten."

"Trunks, I say you do whatever you have to do to keep him away from my son. Just try not to get hurt. And I promise I will support you two every step of the way. But if you ever hurt my son, you will feel my vengance, I promise you." Chi Chi added in. Trunks nodded, getting up and leaving the hospital.


As he sped through the sky, he felt somebody approaching him from behind. He stopped and peared through the starry sky. He could see two figures approaching. He could tell immediately it was Gohan. But who was following him? He stayed there and waited for him to catch up. The other figure was outlined by a cape with shoulder pads sticking out across his arms, and a round cap on his head. Of course, it was Piccolo. He waved to them, signalling it was Trunks. When they reached Trunks they stopped to catch their breaths.

"Wassup?" He greeted.

"We're going to Capsule Corp." Gohan replied.

"So am I..."


"Well, since we both have the same thing in mind, I guess we should just go then. I'm sure he's expecting us anyway."

"Trunks, don't worry, we'll make sure he doesn't hurt either of you two anymore." Gohan assured. Trunks nodded, and they were off.


"They're coming." Vegeta smirked to himself. He had no intention of killing them, he just wanted to show them that he was not one to be fucked with. This was his time to show them that he would be the one in control. They can't do a damn thing about what he would do to that boy. And you Trunks, you'll know better than any of them. He counted the powers, three of them. Hmm, it doesn't seem that Kakkarot is with them. That fucking coward. Vegeta always knew that Kakkarot would chicken out. That saiyan was worthless. He had no right to even call himself a warrior. Let's see, Trunks. He can barely stand up to Vegeta if this was all the more powerful he was. Gohan, he was even worse. That moron had let himself completely go to waste in the past few years. Now he could barely even reach super saiyan. But who is this third power? It is familiar, but way too strong to be anyone he knew. Was this power actually stronger than him? No, hell no. No one can stand up to Vegeta. He could destroy this entire planet if he wanted to. He would destroy them. He would make sure that his name was not disgraced because his son was a godamned fag. His reputation would not be ruined by that. He would not allow that.

The powers were growing closer. It would only be ten seconds before their destination was reached. But he would be ready. Vegeta began to break his meditation. He had already begun to power up when his son, Gohan, and Piccolo entered the gravity chamber. He looked at them and smirked.

"So then, have you come to take revenge for your precious little friend?" he remarked coldly.

"Father, why did you do it?"

"Because I will NOT let you destroy the reputation of my proud race. No saiyan, no son of mine will ever be some damned faggot!"

"But father, the saiyans are gone. There's no point. It doesn't even matter anymore, nobody remembers them and nobody cares to be honest."

"Of course you wouldn't understand Trunks. You're just a worthless half breed, just like that fucking idiot standing beside you." he pointed to Gohan. "So then, Kakkarot didn't come after all. Of course he wouldn't, he understands just as I do, that the reputation of us as saiyans is far more important than the love between two queer half-breeds."

"That's not true! My father didn't show because he doesn't want to hurt anyone more than he has to!" Gohan replied angrily.

"Hmph. Is that so?" Vegeta replied crossing his arms.

"Of course."

"Then tell me, Gohan. Why are you here?"

"Vegeta, I don't want anyone to get hurt either, that's why I'm here. But if you force me to, I won't be reluctant to kill you."

Vegeta broke out in an almost insane laughter, it was enough to send chills down Trunks' spine.

"So then! You truly think that you could stand up to me? You aren't nearly as strong or powerful as I! And here you are saying that you're going to kill me?! Such irony! You're just as idiotic as your father!"

"That's enough Vegeta!" Piccolo was starting to get pissed at Vegeta's overly exerted confidence.

"Oh you. The Namek. So then, Namek, what brings you here?"

"Vegeta, you know damn well. You must stop this nonsense. Nobody has to get hurt here. If you denounce what you did and just walk away from this and let it be, nobody will get hurt. You don't even have to apologize."

"Bullshit. And you're going to make me do that all by yourself?"

Piccolo laughed quietly. "Be realistic Vegeta. Every day of my life is a training session. With my power helping these two, you have no chance. And you know it."

"All I know Namek is that you are starting to get on my nerves, and I'm just about ready to do what I should have done to you years ago." With that, Vegeta started to power up to full strength.

"Father stop! We don't have to fight!"

"Is that so? If you denounce your pitiful love to that boy, I will stop."

"No! Because even after that, you'd kill Goten anyway!"

"You're very perceptive! I guess then that's it. I hope you're all ready to die then!"

"Father! I've come here tonight to stop you! You've gone too far this time! I've never asked anything of you before, but now all I want is for you to accept us!"

"..." Vegeta said nothing as he continued to power up.


"Son, I'll kill you."

Vegeta then raised his hand and blasted a hole through the roof. He flew out of the hole at top speed. The others followed him out of the hole, one after another. Vegeta smirked and gathered his energy into one giant mass. He held it in his hands. Gohan and Piccolo gathered energy for a Masenko to counterattack. Trunks readied himself for a power blast. The air was colder than before, it was almost freezing. The sky had started to cloud up, blocking the light from the full moon that shone brightly. Storms started to gather as the four warriors raised their energy to something almost incomprehensible. And then, they attacked.


"Why can't I do anything?" he thought to himself. Why can't he help them? He could put a stop to this whole thing single handedly, but he just cannot attack Vegeta as well. Everyone else may die because of this, his own son would probably be killed over this. But he still only sits there with his hand under his chin, not able to budge.

"Why am I being so cowardly? Is it because I don't want anyone else to get hurt? But it would be justified, he attacked Goten. But to hurt anyone else is unnecessary. But then Trunks and Gohan. Shit."

Goku didn't know what was the suitable choice for this situation. But now it was too late to talk this whole thing out. Vegeta's skull is too thick to stop anyway, and they'd still be stuck fighting if he tried to talk to him. Was he afraid of him? Or was he afraid of hurting him? He just didn't know. Shit.


"Where... am... I?" he could barely speak. His head was killing him. Damn it hurt. What happened? The last thing he could remember was being in the bathroom and then, all was a blur after that. He could remember being scared shitless, but that's all he could remember. He tried to open his eyes. No use. He was still way too groggy. He could sense four different powers colliding in the distance. Was someone fighting? He couldn't tell for sure. He could hear voices around him calling his name. Was it his mother? He couldn't really tell. He tried to speak, but it came out a weak gasp. He was certain he could hear someone crying. He felt somebody holding his hand. He knew that touch. Everything would be all right. But if he didn't die from the loss of blood, he'd die from the throbbing headache that nailed his tired eyes shut. He wanted to see Trunks, but he knew that his friend wasn't there. But he was definitely somewhere. He could just feel it. He didn't know exactly where, but he knew that he was one of the powers he was sensing. Was he fighting? If so, who was he fighting? And why? How long had he been out? So many unanswered questions, but all he wanted right now was to get some sleep.


They all attacked at once, circling him. Somebody, it was undertimanable who the first attacker was, but they were all lost in a violent rush. Figures flew through the sky at unintelligible speeds that would be totally impossible for normal human beings. Punches were exchanged landing on one another's faces and bodies, leaving bruises behind with each impact. The thunder and lightning picked up from the clouds, causing power outages throughout the entire city. People gathered underneath the action as it progressed slowly. Vegeta fled from the insane mess of the four fighting bodies and flew quickly one way, but Gohan was quick enough to pummel him from behind, knocking him down to the streets. He quickly jumped to his feet and dodged around the crowd, disappearing in the mess.

"Where is he?!" Piccolo shouted.

"I don't know, I can't see him!" Trunks replied.

"Search for him! If he gets away he'll go for Goten!" Gohan commanded. He was right, Vegeta was planning on making way straight for the boy. He felt that killing Goten was the only way to clean the saiyan race's slate that Trunks had dirtied. And now, it seemed as if he would succede. Trunks wouldn't let it happen though. He searched through the pondering crowd quickly. People still in awe about the fight, trying to figure out what was going.

"Shit. I can't lose these idiots. What should I do?" Vegeta pondered his options.

"Hmm. I still have one more trick up my sleeve."

Vegeta took to the sky, people staring wide eyed as he did.

"Up here you fools!" Vegeta screamed, seizing the moment. This immediately grabbed the fighters' attentions. Vegeta rose through the air.

"Father! Stop this!" Trunks yelled.

"Well Trunks, I realize now that I've taken the wrong course of action thus far. So I think I'll solve this in a different way." he replied, hands behind his back.

"And what way is that?"

Piccolo saw it from a mile away, it was so obvious, but it was too late. Before they could cover their eyes, the solar flare had already been launched, blinding them instantly. Vegeta smirked and left for the hospital.

"NO! GODAMNIT! GOTEN!" Trunks screamed, trying to regain his vision.


Goten blinked his eyes again. Somebody else was there, he could sense it. He strongly hoped it was Trunks. How he missed his friend, it was too much to go through this without him. He gained his vision partially to move his head to the side and see his mother, unconscious. What the hell? What happened?

"Don't worry about her kid. She's just taking a short nap. You will be too, but I don't think it'll be as short as hers." And then a laugh,

Goten panicked. No! It can't be! NO! He tried to move away, but no such luck. The boy was way to weak. He could only stare as the madman sat down beside him on the bed, crushing his IV tube. He had no way of escape.

"So then where were we? Games? Of course, I know one little game. But don't worry, the game will be over soon enough."

Shit, so this was it then. His life would end here, and he thought Trunks would protect him. Guess things just aren't always that simple. Guess he can't do anything but embrace it. Trunks. Vegeta's fist was raised. A loud crash followed. Vegeta was flung from the bed through the wall. Goten opened his tightly shut eyes. What happened?

"W,w,what the fuck was that?!" Vegeta stammered. He looked through the hole where the window used to be in Goten's hospital room. Goku was there with a piercing sneer on his face.

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