Trunks' dreams were blurry as he slept. All the faces, all the people he grew up with, all the old and new memories with Goten just rolled into one. Trunks' enjoyed his dreams as of late. He'd never been as happy as he had been of late. Every time he was this close to his new lover, he just wanted to stay that way for the rest of eternity. If only he could remain in this sleep forever here with Goten.

Unfortunately for him though, he had to awake sometime. When he blinked his eyelids open, he felt another presence in the bed. He looked down at his friend who was holding onto him the entire night. How long had they slept? The smell of romance, and sex, was still in the air. Wow, they had really taken their time last night. They were up for hours. "Maybe," Trunks thought, "we can do that again soon. Nah, I think we've both had enough for one weekend."

Goten was coming to as well, for he could feel Trunks adjusting his arm underneath him. He looked up at Trunks and smiled. Trunks peered into those eyes, they were so beautiful. He saw those anticipating lips and placed his own on them gently.

"Good work last night lover boy," Goten said with a seductive smile.

"You weren't too bad yourself. Maybe next time we'll go without interruption." Trunks replied with an equally playful look on his face.

"Man, it just sucks that the working week is gonna start tomorrow. So do you think you're up for it again tonight?"

"Sorry kid, I'm not exactly sure when to expect the folks in, could be tonight, could be later this afternoon."

As though someone in the heavens heard his words and wanted to play a dirty trick on him, Trunks could hear a car pull in the driveway. Shit.

"Wait a minute Trunks, that isn't..." he was cutoff by a fast moving Trunks.

"Come on! We gotta clean up!"

They jumped right to it. They weren't even dressed yet. Trunks searched around the room frantically for his clothes. Goten was searching just as frantically. God has a sick sense of humor. Trunks could hear them at the door already. Trunks had found his pants and placed them on quickly.

"Trunks! Where's my shirt?!" Goten shouted in a whisper.

Trunks spotted it under the bed. He quickly threw it to Goten trying to shove his pants on quickly. He could hear Bulma's footsteps ascending the stairs. They had gotten fully dressed and were sitting down; Trunks had to make it look like they were doing something else the entire time. He switched on the television. They both sat leaning up against the bed. Bulma entered the room.

"Hey boys, what're you up to?"

"Just watching T.V." Goten said almost in a sigh.

"Hey mom, why're you home so early?" Trunks asked quickly.

"Oh god, you would not believe this. When we got there, we were forced to wait in a sleazy Motel 6, and we couldn't even get one of the suites. And plus the air conditioner was busted and," she walked around the room as she told her tale of the business trip.

Trunks almost gasped, on the floor was one of the used condoms that he had forgotten to throw away. Bulma hadn't seen it yet, he had a chance. He couldn't reach it. Trunks elbowed Goten slightly, eyeing at the condom as Bulma still looked around and talking not noticing anything. Goten saw it and snatched it right up as Bulma turned toward them. He hid it behind him under the bed.

"And then, your father has to go and tell the guy to fuck off. That didn't help us at all. *sniff sniff* Trunks? What's that smell?" Bulma asked wrinkling her nose. Oh shit, he didn't think this would be a problem.

"Uh, what smell? I don't smell anything mom." Trunks replied too nervously.

"No, I know this smell, it's familiar." Fuck, who knows how many times her and Vegeta had fucked each other's brains out in the last few years. She'd recognize what they were doing for sure! Dammit! Why does it have to happen like this?! FUCK!

"Oh god! Trunks! What the hell is wrong with you?!" Bulma said with disgust.

"Mom! I can explain!" Trunks stood up, pleading.

"I trusted you Trunks." She said sternly.

"Mom I just had to! You'd understand in my position!"

"You just had to? God Trunks, all you had to do was throw your sweaty socks in the hamper in the laundry room. It's not that hard to wash your clothes once in a while. I won't be around all the time you know." Trunks was slightly embarrassed, but relieved. Oh shit, that was a brain rush.

"WIFE! Why won't this godamn piece of shit work!?" Vegeta was having quite a hard time with the blender downstairs.

"Trunks, get your room cleaned up, I've gotta go help your idiot of a father." Bulma said as she walked out.

"GODAMNIT! DID YOU NOT HEAR ME?" Vegeta yelled angrily.

"Oh shut the fuck up! I'm coming!" Bulma yelled back. Goten was just as flushed as Trunks was when the woman left the room.

"Close one." Goten said as Trunks went to sit next to him.

"I don't think I was ready to face that just yet anyway." Trunks said, sighing.

Goten turned his head away from the T.V. to look at his friend. Trunks had a wicked smile on his face.

"What?" Goten asked. Trunks pounced his friend playfully, hugging him and kissing him deeply on the neck and cheek. Goten was laughing at how much Trunks was tickling him.

"Haha! Trunks, not here! Your mom's down stairs! Ha Ha!"


The next week, as always, sucked ass. Goten hated his job, his job title was Checking Clerk, but he should've been labeled as janitor. That would make more sense. God, why did big business always attract big messes from many customers? It was just one mess of upchuck after the other. Maybe something was wrong with this place. Maybe there was some kind of chemical being mixed into the ventilation. Goten had been suspecting it since the end of the first week. Who knows? It wasn't his job to question the large amounts of excrement. His job was to clean it up. And he was doing a good job at that, lord knows. His mother had used him as her little slave for years, cleaning up the residue from carpets and such. It was a dirty job but somebody had to do it.

Not only did he have the task of dealing with all the shit and vomit from customers who couldn't control their functions; he had to spend the entire week waiting for the weekend. God he wanted this week to end. He wanted to be with Trunks. He wanted to sit and hold him, to touch him, to make love to him. But, unfortunately, he had to wipe the aisles down. By the end of the first day, he was already tired out of his fucking mind. He hated having to work at a job where his custodians were so laid back by his job, and the pay sucked anyway. What the hell have things come to? Maybe he should quit, but then ChiChi would be too pissed at him, and he'd have to come back and beg for his job. Double edged sword. Shit.

But there was always Gina. She was one of Goten's coworkers. The only one his age. She had been working there for a month and she tried to help Goten anytime she could. She was quite a bit nosey though too. Gossip was her middle name. For a while, Goten thought she had a crush on him. But then she made it so obvious she didn't want him by oogling over every hot guy that walked into the store. That kind of made him feel rejected, but he always remembered just who his boyfriend was. He didn't tell her that cuz it would make any girl homicidal toward him or extremely jealous and upset. That boy was too popular. Everywhere he went he had at least five fangirls jumping on his ass. Even on the day they went to the restaurant he had some crazy chick jumping on him. But Trunks didn't care, he loved being the center of attention, he thrived on having all these girls screaming about him and trying to get in his pants. It was a pretty intense life that Goten didn't want Trunks to get him involved with. It was pretty entertaining though, seeing all those groupies falling over a taken man.

Goten was stocking the shelves in the freezer when he saw his boyfriend unexpectedly leering in at him.

"Hey there Wonderboy."

"Jesus! You scared the shit outta me Trunks!"

"A little jumpy are we? Maybe you need a little 'special treatment'"

"Oh god, not here Trunks. It's bad enough I'm being forced to work here, but if I get fired, I'm gonna have my mom all over my ass."

"I can see why you'd hate this place. It smells horrible in here. I'm starting to feel a little nauseous."

"Yeah, I don't think the management has been doing too well with the health inspections. Oh well. So Trunks, why are you here?"

"I missed you, so I thought I'd stop by."

"Thanks, this'll probably be the highlight of my shitty assed day." Goten finished packing the various bottles of sports drinks and bottled water on the shelves. He went out through the back room and met Trunks on the way out, heading for the cereal aisle with a cart behind him with boxes in them.

"So what're you doing this weekend?" Trunks asked as Goten started stacking cereal boxes.

"Same as usual, nothing."

"Stay up all night, go on the internet, look up pornography, beat your meat?"

"Hey, what the hell?"

"Oh come on, I know you're into that stuff."

"Well gee, I'm glad you're so interested."

"So, can I come over? I'm kind of nervous about having us go to my house again."

"Chicken shit."

"Just trying to save your ass."

"Yeah whatever. You're so macho."

"So um, when do you think we should tell our parents?" Goten stopped what he was doing and stared Trunks right in the eye.

"What is this all of a sudden?"

"Well you know, you are my boyfriend and everything, and I just want to show it."

"Yeah, and I just want to stay alive for a few more years. Could you even imagine what your dad would do to the both of us?"

"Well, I could handle him. Besides, Gohan already knows, he could probably back us up." Goten caressed the side of Trunks' face with his hand with a warm smile.

"Trunks, I know you love me. You don't need to tell the world to show it to me. I'm glad you were this concerned, but things are fine the way they are right now."

"Goten." They made out right there. Luckily nobody was around as the two boys probed around each other's mouths with their tongues. No one except for Gina, who was leering around the corner at them, well hidden from their view. After a minute, they finally parted.

"Trunks, I've gotta get back to work."

"How about I get you lunch after you're off today?"

"Alright, why not?."

"Alright then, meet me at Joe's Pizzeria." When Trunks left, Gina popped right out of her hiding place.

"GOD! Why are all the hot guys like that?!"

"Jesus! As if he didn't scare me enough." Goten said to himself.

"I can't believe you Goten!"

"What are you talking about?" He asked, annoyed, as he continued to stock the shelves.

"I cannot believe you are dating the hottest guy on the planet! And I always thought you to be a lady's man."

"Well, those are your impressions. Besides, I'm not that into guys, I've just known him since childhood."

"I don't believe you."

"Believe what you want, I'm done here. Gotta go... clean up vomit, or something." He left from there hurriedly, not wanting that conversation with the girl.


Goten was ecstatic when the day finally ended. Thankfully the messes were cut to a minimum, but Gina kept asking him stupid ass questions like "So where did you guys meet?" or "What's your favorite movie to see together?" She just couldn't get it through her head that they had just really gotten together and there wasn't much to talk about. He left the store with his head held high. He was tired, but he'd try to hold out. He headed towards the Pizzeria. Trunks' choices were so tasteless sometimes. The way the pizza tasted there, he'd rather have had the poisonous fish from the Chinese Restaurant. He saw Trunks sitting down at a table, already pigging out on a fresh cut piece of pizza. He went to join him.

"Here, I got you a half with nothing but pepperoni and cheese cuz I know you hate all the toppings." Trunks' greetings were always a little off beat.

"Oh, thanks."

"So uh, anyway, like I was saying before, are you sure you don't want to tell our parents?"

"And I said I want to live for a few more years before your dad decides to murder me for it."

"But I won't let him, if he doesn't like it, too fucking bad. I'll be there to help you."

"Trunks, I don't know about this… hm?" Goten's sensitive Saiyan ears were now listening to a pair of girls sitting at a table across from them. Trunks heard them too.

"Did you hear about that billionaire kid, Trunks Briefs?" One girl said.

"No, what happened?"

"I heard it from Gina, I hear he's dating another guy."

"God no!"

"Yeah, and I heard the guy wasn't even that hot."

"What is wrong with him? He's leaving us girls out in the dark! I wanted a piece of him too ya know."

"I probably would've gotten him before you."

"Hey! What does that mean?"

"Nothing, how about some more pizza?" Wow, word travels fast these days. Thanks a lot Gina, really appreciate it.

"Well, maybe we won't have to tell them. Goten, who's Gina?"

"Some girl I work with. Dammit, I'm gonna kill her!"


Word indeed traveled fast these days. By the end of the night word of Trunks' new relationship reached each corner of the city. And not only that, it was being twisted with each person being told about it, until it was turned into this major production.

"Did you hear the guy, he's dating is bipolar?"

"How about the fact that he's HIV Positive?"

"Did you hear he only has one eye?"

"I heard they were long lost brothers and they were having an incestuous relationship."

Just stupid things that didn't make any sense if they knew Goten. Thankfully Gina hadn't told everyone his name. That's one thing he was thankful for. Once he got to work the next day, he'd have a nice little chat with her. Trunks' reputation was basically ruined, and he was pretty upset about the whole deal. Maybe if he could sleep tonight, he would actually be able to make it to work in the morning.


Goten went through the whole morning routine, wake up, clean up, and wake up completely. He didn't even realize when he finally got to work and everyone was standing outside the store. They were looking at something on the big window in front of the building. He went to go see what was wrong and was surprised to see his very pissed off coworkers.

"Shit! Now what'm I s'posed to do!?"

"Dammit! My booky's gonna be pissed!"

"There goes a week's hard work, down the shitter." Goten spotted Gina in the crowd and tugged on her sleeve.

"Goten! Did you see what happened?"

"No, what is it?"

"Just look." She pointed at the window.

Goten peered over people's shoulders and saw a huge banner that said "Seized" across the window. What luck. It seems that there actually was a problem with this place that was making people sick. An underground stock of Asbestos was making its way into the ventilation, and sickening some of the younger and older customers. Dammit. This is typical.


"That's what I said." Goten thought things through for a second, and just decided to go home. He'd already had enough for one day.

"Hey, what're you gonna do Goten?"

"What else, go home and face my bitch mom." As he walked off Gina called out to him.

"Sorry about what happened with the rumor. I only told my closest friend. I didn't tell her your name though."

Goten didn't even care, he'd had enough. Now the only thing he had to truly look forward to would be to have Trunks over this weekend. So Goten just went home.

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