Goten woke up, he was in Trunks' room. "Was it just a dream?" Goten hoped it wasn't. He looked under the covers, he was stark naked, it definitely wasn't a dream. He looked behind him. Trunks had already gotten up. From the kitchen a few rooms over he heard pots clanging, cusses were heard as he got up and put on a bathrobe Trunks had laid out over a chair for him. He smelled something burning. Damn, Trunks was trying to make breakfast.

Goten walked out into the kitchen and saw Trunks was fighting with a toaster. Goten couldn't believe it, the boy couldn't even make Toast for god's sake.

"Mmm, nothing like burnt pop-tarts in the morning." Goten smirked.

"Shut up, I'm trying to do this for you, shithead."

"Give it here."

Goten went to the toaster and unplugged it.

"Well for one thing you just destroyed your toaster and you're gonna have to buy a new one. And another thing, you don't put waffle mix inside of a friggin' toaster. Kinda makes it short out, ya know?"

"Fine genius, you make breakfast."

"Such a grouch, are you always like this in the morning?"

"Ha ha, you're the comedian of the family aren't you?"

Goten fixed them up some eggs and bacon for breakfast. They both talked about different things during breakfast, the way they normally did when they got up from a sleepover, just enjoying each other's company. They talked about Goten's new job, the concert from the week before, how things are at home, just bullshit that usually goes on. When they got finished they went to the huge living room to watch TV. They sat down on the couch and turned on the TV.

"So Goten, what do you want to do today?"

Goten cut him off with a kiss that left the older boy's breath ragged. After he broke, Goten gave Trunks a mischievous look and immediately slipped his hands in the older boy's pants.

"God, didn't you get enough last night?" he asked, enthralled by Goten's actions.

"I know you didn't," the boy answered playfully.

Goten worked quickly, unzipping Trunk's jeans, which did not do a good job at hiding the boy's quickly growing arousal at all. When Goten finally release Trunks' quickly growing erection, he bent over Trunks and took it into his mouth. Goten ran his tongue up and down the back and side of Trunks' throbbing erection, making the older boy moan in pleasure. Goten worked quickly, sucking hard, wanting to taste Trunks' sweet seed. Trunks could barely hold it so he grabbed the back of Goten's head and forced him down all the way. Goten gagged on the long cock but was able to take it far down his throat, feeling the precum that gushed out pour down his throat. It was so salty sweet, he wanted more, so he kept teasing the cock, licking its head with the back of his tongue. Trunks' fingers worked through the young boy's hair, parting every different strand one by one. Trunks could feel himself nearing orgasm, Goten was so good at this.

"Goten, I'm gonna cum." Trunks gasped.

This only made Goten pleasure even more, not missing a spot on the penis with his tongue. Goten started to massage the older boy's balls to speed it up. He wanted to taste it so bad, the way Trunks had tasted him the night before. Trunks gasped at this, his hands working faster through the boy's hair, almost trying to rip his hair out. Trunks finally felt his cock start to expand inside the young demi-saiyan's mouth. Goten felt the semen splash against the back of his throat, forcing it's way down. Goten swallowed all of Trunks' seed, a little stream trickling out the side of his mouth. Trunks let go of the boy's hair and let him get up.

"Heh, taste good kid?"

Goten got up and wiped his mouth on his sleeve.

"Pretty tasty, thought you'd have more than that though."

"I'll let you have more later if you're good."

"Oh, if I'm good huh?"

"Yeah, if you're good at fucking me."

"Not right now, I'm gonna go get dressed, I've gotta go get you a new toaster, remember?"


They just walked along, pointing out all the insignificant little nothings that they could, Goten of course wanting to buy all the stupid things, like a pencil holder or a pair of boxing gloves. Trunks knew that he just wanted to use his money, first time he's ever really had any. They stopped at a small convenience store so Goten could use the bathroom. After Goten was done tending to the call of nature, he saw a dispenser next to the stall. He looked at it for a second, wondering if he should snag a few for later on that night. Trunks walked in impatiently.

"What's taking you so long?" Trunks implied.

He saw the dispenser.

"Oh come on Goten, how long have you known me? You really think that's even necessary?" Trunks asked.

"You've got a point, come on, I wanna take you somewhere." Goten replied.

They headed out of the store and walked along the street, passing all the stores on the way. Trunks was surprised, Goten wasn't picketing outside each window looking at all the stupid little trinkets the way a woman does.

"Something wrong Goten? We haven't stopped at a store in ages. You tired?" Trunks placed his hand on Goten's forehead, checking his temperature.

"No, nothing's wrong, I have a surprise for you." Goten said whisking the hand away from his head.

"What kind of surprise? Wait, you're not gonna take me somewhere and make me where girly clothes are you?"

"Definitely Trunks, that's what this whole thing was about."

"Just wondering, cuz you have that weird smile on your face and you're acting like you're dreaming of me in a tutu when you look at me."

"Just shut up, we're here."

Trunks saw the store name, it was a Chinese restaurant, Tung Haio or something like that, he really didn't know what the exact store name was because (obviously) he doesn't read Chinese. He knew what the place was, and how expensive it would be to even consider eating there.

"Wait a minute Goten, isn't this place a little expensive for you?" Trunks asked.

"Well, I am using my entire paycheck from the last two weeks to eat here, so you better enjoy it. If not, I'll just have to kick your ass."

"You wish. Have you planned this out?"

"Of course, I called in a reservation last week, even if you didn't come I'd force you to anyway. Well then, shall we go inside?"

Trunks nodded and they went on in.


The, food, was, horrible. It smelled even worse than it tasted though thankfully. Trunks managed to choke down what he had ordered though. Goten was in the same situation, his was some weird blend of fish that tasted nothing like fish. He felt like he would vomit.

"Um, well I guess I can count this place out for my birthday party," Goten teased.

"Count this place out for anything, I think this thing is still alive... whatever it is." Trunks poked at it with his fork (They had a helluva time with the chopsticks) and he swore he saw it move. Trunks looked up at Goten, who was just watching him affectionately. Trunks smiled at him awkwardly, it was pretty weird. For the both of them. Goten saw it in his face, he always could sense this type of thing about Trunks.

"What's wrong?"

"I dunno, I just feel like everything is going so fast, it wasn't like this last week."

"You want things to slow down?"

"Not really, it's just awkward you know. I've known you my entire life and I never for one minute ever thought it would be like this."

"I like what we have now Trunks, I don't want to slow down, I don't feel the need to slow down with you, I mean, we've known each other long enough. I like this, all of this. Well, maybe not this." Goten poked at his "fish".

"I like the way things are too, the only thing that got to me was how suddenly it happened. Just overnight, like *snap* that. And then last night,"

"Last night was the greatest."

"And already, you know. I'm just glad I finally woke up and actually saw YOU, not my best friend, I saw you. And I realized that I really liked you. Last week, I just felt it deep inside me that I wanted to be with you."

"And I want to be with you too. Trunks, this may be a little deviant from anyone else but I don't even care. God knows that I could never have gotten through life without you and all the times you've helped me, I'd be dead now if it weren't for you."

"So many memories, so much ahead of us."


"I love you Goten."

"I love you Trunks."


"Oh damn, I forgot to give this to Goten," Chichi held out Goten's work uniform. "I knew he wasn't going to be home by Monday so I wanted to give this to him, but I forgot."

"You want me to run out there and give it to him?" Gohan asked from the table, reading a book on World War II.

"Could you? I'd appreciate it."

Gohan closed up his book and got up and grabbed the work uniform from Chichi, "It's no problem, I needed a break anyway. Be back in a while."

He headed out the door to get to Trunks' house.


It was already dark outside when Trunks and Goten got back to the capsule house. The cicadas were chirping, the frogs were croaking, the night was starting to come to life with the various sounds of all the creatures and critters. Trunks fumbled with his keys and finally found the right one. He immediately went and sat down on the huge sofa once he got inside, he was pretty tired, what with eating the horrible food and all. Goten walked in behind him and sat down next to him. They sat side by side, Trunks placed a kiss on Goten's unsuspecting lips. Goten parted his lips immediately, tasting the horrible Chinese food they had had less than an hour ago. After they broke, Trunks got a playful look on his face.

"What?" Goten asked. "What do you wa-. Oh."

Trunks was tugging at the bottom of Goten's shirt, trying to get it off, the boy helped him out.

"God you're horny." Goten implied.

"So are you," Trunks said, noting Goten's already growing erection. "Want me to take care of that for you?"

"If you think you can handle it."

"Oh, tough guy huh? Two can play at that game, take off your pants tough guy, and let me get that."

Goten stood up and removed his pants for his older lover, revealing a very stout erection. Goten sat down next to Trunks, who had already removed his clothing. Trunks sat down with his knees on the ground in front of Goten, making him spread his legs. Trunks teased the skin around the head of Goten's cock, licking at the semen that was starting to spout out already.

"God Trunks, I wonder if there'll be a time when we're not having sex after this." Goten exclaimed as the older boy continued to tease his quivering penis.

"Hopefully we'll do this as much as we can, huh Goten?" Trunks replied, still teasing the cock with his tongue.

"Just shut up and keep going." Goten replied demandingly, starting to feel the effects of having the boy licking him up and down, not stopping for any rest.

Not wasting any more time, Trunks granted complete entrance to Goten's member. He tasted more of the semen immediately. He ran his tongue up and down the front of his pulsating member, nibbling a bit at the tip. Goten was in heated delight when he felt Trunks take more of him into his mouth. Goten spread his legs further as Trunks continued to pleasure him.

"Oh yeah I forgot!" Goten exclaimed.

Trunks let go for a second, "What? What's wrong?"

"I forgot to get a new toaster!"

Trunks rolled his eyes annoyingly and took the cock back into his mouth.


Gohan hurried to the house, he wanted to get there, give Goten his suit, and get back home before dark. But at this pace, it didn't seem he would make it. Gohan sped up.


Goten's hands made their way down to Trunks' back, feeling the muscles with his fingertips, examining the texture of his skin thoroughly. Goten felt the head of his penis hitting the back of Trunks' throat. Damn, Trunks is good at this! So good that Goten whimpered when Trunks let go of the member.

"Why'd you stop?" Goten demanded.

"Come on, you didn't think it'd just be that did you?"

"Then what?"

Trunks motioned for Goten to move aside on the couch. Goten followed his command as he told Goten to come and kiss him. Goten got on top of his lover and kissed him senseless, savoring in the sweet warmth of Trunks' mouth. Goten's hands ran along Trunks' thighs, one hand stroking Trunks' pulsating member. Trunks grabbed Goten's wrist and guided his hand down and behind. Goten felt Trunks guiding his left hand to his thigh, to his buns, and finally to his entrance.

"This is what." Trunks whispered.

Goten pushed one finger into Trunks' tight entrance, trying to reach his g-spot. Goten reached his other hand underneath of Trunks and pushed in another finger. Trunks gasped at this, it felt alot better than he thought it would, in fact, it felt much better than actually giving it. Goten wriggled his fingers around, expanding Trunks' tight entrance. Trunks started to moan in pleasure as his lover continued to push further in, searching for the right spot. Trunks let out a much louder moan this time, Goten found it. He massaged the spot thoroughly, making Trunks' fill bright red, raising his body temperature.

"Alright, do it now," Trunks demanded, ragged breathed.

Goten slid his fingers out of Trunks' now stretched barrier. Goten got up and positioning himself between Trunks' legs, pressing his cock against Trunks' entrance. Trunks nodded to the younger boy, and Goten penetrated the barrier of Trunks' ass, causing him to moan loudly.


Gohan was finally able to see the old capsule home where Trunks lived. He went down and landed in the soft grass. It had just gotten completely dark out. Oh well, just take these in, give them to him, and be on my way he thought.

Gohan went up to the door and was going to knock when he heard something. He didn't know what it was, but it sounded sort of like a struggle. Not wanting to hurt the situation, he decided to sneak in as quietly. If it was a burglar, he'd have to catch him off guard.

Gohan creaked the door open as quietly as he could. He went in and took a look around. It looked like they were home somewhere, but he didn't know where.


Goten sped up with his thrusts, pushing in deeper each time, causing Trunks' breathing to come out in short pants. Goten thought he could feel the presence of someone else in the room, but he couldn't tell with all of this going on, too much for him to take in. Goten pressed in even harder this time, he knew Trunks would like it this way, which he did. Fast and furious, that's the way Trunks liked everything. Trunks knew that Goten wouldn't want it as fast as him, he knew Goten liked to savor each moment, to feel everything, to be able to take it all in.


Gohan still crept around the living room, he heard someone's moan. Where did it come from? From in front of the couch. Someone was on the couch. Gohan crept around the couch. Gohan kind of hoped it would be a burglar sneaking around, he had been so damn bored today. Puh, I'm getting to be like dad anymore. Unfortunately for Gohan it wasn't a Burglar.


Trunks couldn't believe how magnificent it felt, it was much better to take it than it was to actually give it to his lover. He thought of how hard Goten was giving it to him, how big his cock was, he thought of the horrible food they had for dinner, he thought of Gohan... Gohan?!

"Goten! Uh, Stop," Trunks tried to spit out. Gohan was right there, jaw dropped and staring in disbelief, not even able to make the simplest of noises, just a little squeak popped out of his mouth.

"What is it my love?" Goten asked, still thrusting.


"What about Gohan?!"

"Right there!"

Trunks pointed behind Goten, to his older brother. Goten looked behind him, and his face turned bright red.


Goten couldn't even respond, there he was, butt naked, screwing his best friend, and all of a sudden, his brother stops by for a visit!

"G-Gohan! It's not what it looks like!!" Goten stammered.

"Then what the hell is it Goten?!" Gohan demanded.

"Um, uh, well, uh, it's," Goten couldn't even finish what he was going to say before Gohan started making his way to the door. Goten pulled out of Trunks in a hurry to stop his brother.

"Gohan wait! Listen to me!"

"Well, mom had a feeling you'd be staying until Monday, I can see why she'd think that!"

"Gohan stop! Why the hell are you here?"

"Mom wanted me to drop off your work clothes for you, she thought you'd be staying here until Monday!"

"Then what's the big deal?!"

"Well, why don't you try being me for about three minutes. You fly all the way from our house, hoping to make it home before dark, you stop outside the door here, thinking that you hear a burglar in the house. You creep inside trying to find out what's going on in here, and then when you get inside, you find your kid brother having sex with his best friend! It's kind of unnerving Goten!"

"Well, I can see why you'd be angry then!"

"Why the hell are you doing this?! You guys have been friends for too long to be doing something like this!!! You guys need some help at this point!"

"Hey, What the hell is this?! How the hell is that even your business?!"

"Are you two in a relationship?"

"...Yes, does it matter to you?"

"Of course! I Never Thought My Brother To Shoot This Way!! It's Not Right Goten!"

"How the hell is it not right? Is it not the same kind of love that mom and dad share? That you and Videl share!? Just because it's between two guys, you freak out! God, I'd figure you to be the supportive type Gohan! I was gonna tell you ya know."

Goten turned around, facing away from his brother, arms folded across his chest. Goten felt ashamed that his own brother would be mad. Not over the sex, but the fact they were in a relationship was pissing Gohan off, and that made Goten mad. Trunks just sat there and watched from a safe distance, embarrassed and eyes wide opened. Gohan felt a little uneasy about this, Goten was partially right, what the hell was it his business? Hell he should be supportive to his brother.

"I'm, I'm sorry Goten. It's just a little hard finding my brother doing, well, you know, with his best friend."



"Are you using protection?"


"Are, You, Using, Pro-tec-tion?"

"...uh, no, why? Is it that important?"

Gohan sighed in disgust. He snatched his wallet out of his back pocket and pulled out two condoms. He tossed them one by one to his brother. Goten looked at him shocked and confused.

"Oh come on, you don't think me and Videl just hold hands for a living, do you? It's typical of you, runs in the family. Dad was always that way too."

Gohan let out a small chuckle and made his way out the door.

"Gohan! You won't tell mom or dad about this, will you?" Goten pleaded.

"Don't worry bro', I have your back, you know that. Just be careful not to get caught again okay."

With that he flew off. Goten closed the door behind him. He looked over at Trunks.

"Well? Are we gonna finish this?" Trunks asked impatiently.

Goten nodded. He opened the wrapper and placed the condom on himself. Then they continued their lovemaking.

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