When Goten woke up the next morning, Trunks had already left. He looked over to see his counterpart not there. He must've gone to work thought Goten. Hmph, "work" Something Trunks would know nothing about. All he does is tell people where to put things and how to pack them in a small warehouse owned and operated by Capsule Corp. It was a joke, but he gets payed for it so how can I even complain. But the days he does work seem steep. He usually only gets one day off from work each week.
Man last night, they fought pretty bad. Goten thought that they were going to have huge problems about this. But that kiss, Goten let it go. He had almost forgotten all about that. What happened there? What does this mean? And what do I do about it? He finally was able to let it go. Well at least I don't have to work today, so I might as well go somewhere.
He got up and put some clothes on and went out to the kitchen to get some breakfast. Gohan was there, Chi-Chi was out getting some groceries.

"Morning Bro," Gohan greeted his younger brother. "How was the concert?"

"Same, 50,000 screaming little girls going to yell about how hot Mark and Tom are. Kinda makes me not wanna go anymore."

"Just as long as you like the music."

Goten was getting out some cold cereal. He was not too pleasant about alot of things. The things Trunks said upset him. How could anyone just kick themselves so hard? Maybe he gets it from his father. Gohan sensed a bit of negativity in the air and spoke up.

"What's wrong? You seem upset about something."

"Nothing, just a little tired."

"Come on, I know when something's wrong. You can't fool your older brother."

Goten didn't respond. He just couldn't get over it. Maybe he was just feeling a little weird about the kiss, or maybe he was upset at Trunks for being such a hardcase. He didn't know.

"It's nothing, me and Trunks were talking about a few things last night, and I'm just thinking, that's all."

Gohan let it drop, he knew he wouldn't get much more than that out of his brother. Goten finished his cereal and went to his room to get his jacket, it was a bit nippy out side. The middle of July and only 56 degrees outside. How pathetic. Oh well, he decided it was nice enough outside to take a small trip to the city.

"I'm going into the city for a while. I'll be back later."

Gohan waved, too busy studying (of course). Goten flew toward the direction of the city. He didn't know why he was going, or where he was going. He flew and flew, he had to land near the outside of the city though and walk the rest of the way. He walked on and on, past the endless chains of building tenements, past dirty run-down hotels, sleazy strip clubs, and crime driven alleyways, just walking, not knowing where to go. He was finally starting to get into the more classy parts of the city, past tall skyscrapers owned by major corporations, and huge computer conglomerates. Past the endless rows of warehouses. All owned and operated by Capsule Corp. Goten finally knew where he was going.

"A little more to the left! Yeah that's it, drop it!"

A huge crane brought down a crate full of who-knows-what as Goten arrived. He saw Trunks there tending to things. He got on top and unhooked the crane from the crate.

"Alright take it away!"


Goten called out to his friend. Trunks turned his head and saw his friend. At that moment Goten wondered just how a 16 year old got this kind of job. He may just be more mature than his father.

Goten walked up to his friend.

"Hey, can we talk?"

Trunks blinked, confused. But he said yes. "Hey, I'll be in the office if you need me. You guys know what to do with this job right?"

One of the workes waved, confirming. They went up to Trunks' office. The older boy closed the door behind him. "What is it?"

"I don't really know. I just came out here not knowing what to expect. When I got here I didn't even know I was coming. I'm sorry I'm bugging you at work."

"Huh, not much going on around here today anyways."

"I didn't before, but now I know. I just wanted to see you. Last night was..." He trailed off. He didn't know what he was feeling.

"I'm sorry about last night. I shouldn't have done that. I was just pissed about everything that's been going on. It's just that sometimes I'll never find someone who will like me for me. Kind of the way that you do..."

Goten looked up at Trunks, he realized he had been pacing with his arms folded. Trunks stared into the younger boys' eyes.

"Trunks, I...I," He was cut off. Trunks placed a kiss on the boy's lips. Just like the one the night before. It was warm, and tasted just the way it had the night before. The boys' tongues clashed as they stood there, locked in a haze of passionate embrace, hugging each other, rubbing each other over. Until a rap on the door broke them up quickly. It was one of the workers, he pointed to his watch through the window, meaning it was time for their break.

"Go ahead." Trunks replied.

The worker went away and rang the lunch bell. Trunks turned back to Goten.

"Trunks, what does this mean? I don't know about relationships or anything, but now I feel so close to you. I don't even know why. Is it okay to feel this way?"

"Goten, you're the only one who's ever liked me for me. Not my wealth, not my power. Just me. I want to talk to you a little more, but not now. I've got stuff to do."


"Friday night, mom and dad are going out of town this weekend, business reasons, and I'll be alone at home this weekend. Come over."

"Alright, I'll be there."


"But first," Goten exclaimed. Trunks looked at him confused. "Kiss me again. I want to know for sure this time."

Trunks nodded, smiling, him and Goten embraced one more time before he left again.


The following week was absolute hell for Goten. Work sucked, home sucked, television sucked. Everything sucked without Trunks. Goten realized how much he really did need Trunks. He didn't even need it before. Even if he wasn't in love with Trunks, his week still would've sucked. It was the same routine as the week before. Some kid throws up, Goten cleans it up. Somebody overflows the toilet with shit, Goten cleans it up. After the first week he had already felt like a damn janitor, but this takes the cake. He hated his job, he had the first day. He spent more time cleaning up excrement then he had been checking out people's groceries. Speedy was a major chain of supermarkets so there was always alot of people. Alot of kids. Alot of old people, whom all had bowel problems. Quite disgusting.

Each day when he got home, he couldn't help but think of the following weekend when he and Trunks would meet again. He didn't know what would happen this weekend, but all he knew is that he couldn't wait any longer to be with him. He counted the days away, thinking of the night of the concert, thinking of the moment they shared in his bed, in the office, moments they had when they were children, moments they had in school. Just their entire lives together, how they had been almost as close as brothers. That fact made things awkward though, for how long they've known each other, this was very different. Almost life changing. But all he could do was wait. Wait until the day him and his best friend would be alone, with all the time in the world at their disposal.


"Alright honey, I'll see you Monday, I'm going to try and change your schedule while I'm at it, you're working too hard." Bulma said to the boy.

"Thanks, I guess thing's have been moving at a pretty strenuous pace."

"Alright, call me if anything comes up. (And I think you could probably expect us home early, you know how your father is)," Bulma whispered. Vegeta had that nasty sneer on his face as usual.

"Come on woman, can we get going?!"

"Oh shut up. We're going, we're going."


Trunks waved "Later."

As soon as his parents were gone he went upstairs to the second floor kitchen and went to the phone and dialed Goten's number.


The phone ringed, there was a knock on Goten's door.

"Goten, it's Trunks." Gokou called to him from outside the door.

"Okay, just a second." He got up from his bed, he'd been laying there for three hours, waiting for Trunks to call. God was he bored. He was kind of weary when he got up, tripping over all the crap and clothes that lay in huge piles on his floor. He got to the phone,

"Hi, my parents are gone, come on over. I'll be waiting for you."

"Sure, I'll be there in a while."

They both hanged up.Goten wiped his eyes, still sleepy. Whatever, I've been waiting for this all week, he thought.

"Hey, mom, I'm going over to Trunks' tonight okay?"

"Sure, just make sure to be back my Monday, since you'll probably be over there until Sunday anyways."

"You know me too well, see ya later."

"Have a good time."

Oh I will, thought the young demi-saiyan. I definately will.


Trunks went to his room, he cleaned up his mess. He performed his custodial customs quite well as he cleaned his room, organized his comic and cd collection. He dimmed the lights and lit quite a few candles. He didn't know what to chose to listen to. Something that they both like, something soothing, something relaxing, something romantic. He had a few things in mind, Incubus's new cd, Saves the Day, Jimmy Eat World. None of these really had much of what he wanted for tonight, so he decided on New Found Glory, their favorite cd as friends. Just as Goten would knock on the door he would point the remote at the cd player and NFG would come on the speakers, the mood would be set.


Goten flew through the air, up to the enclosed compound that held Trunks' home within the city. When he got there, he saw no one around, no butlers, no workers, Bulma's car wasn't there. Good, they had the house to themselves. And he didn't want to be disturbed, the only person on his mind right now was Trunks.

He walked up to the front door and rang the bell. Trunks rushed downstairs, he had just gotten done putting on cologne and putting on some clean clothes. He turned on the music first and rushed to the door. When he opened he greeted the young boy.

"Hey, how's it going?"

"Better now."

"Good, come inside."

Goten entered the huge capsule home and looked around, the lights were dimmed and NFG was playing on the speakers that ran throughout the entire house. Trunks helped Goten with his coat and hanged it in the closet.

"Come on upstairs, I've been waiting for you."

"Of course."

They hurried upstairs into Trunks' room where the room smelled strongly of candles and cologne. Goten looked around, it was obvious that Trunks had been planning this ahead. He looked around the room, it was unusally clean. This kind of made Goten feel uneasy.

Trunks saw it in his face.

"What's wrong?"

"It's just that we've known each other for years and this special treatment is so much different from all the other times I've been with you."

"Sorry, it's just that..."

"No I understand. It's okay, I just feel weird that's all."

Trunks sat on the edge of the bed, he motioned for Goten to sit with him. They sat there for a moment just listening to the music that played there, adding some depth to the candlit room.

"Trunks, this is just too weird, I can't stand it, we haven't been acting the way we always do, that's one thing that shouldn't change between us at all."

"You're right, and I knew you were going to be the one to say that. Ha, always was your style wasn't it."

"What the hell? What's with the attitude all of a sudden, I'm just stating that we shouldn't change over this."

"Well you're proving me right."

"Fuck you Trunks."

"Maybe in a bit."

That surprised both of them. They looked at each other, Trunks gave his younger counterpart a warm smile for this. Goten leaned over and placed a kiss on his friend's lips that left them both breathless. Goten was taking charge, probing around inside of Trunks' warm mouth, tasting the chicken that he'd had for dinner an hour earlier.

"*sniff*, Trunks? Are you wearing cologne?"

"Yes, unfortunately."

"You really do care don't you?"

"Yeah, well you better cherish it, cuz this is the last time I wear this shit. In fact I'm just gonna get a shower right now."

Trunks got up and blew out all of the candles then walked to the door. Just as he got to the door, he turned and looked at Goten.

"You can come too, if you want."

Then he hurried off to the bathroom. Goten couldn't believe it. Maybe it was going to be like this sooner or later, they just hadn't realized it until now. Now his friend is asking him to come and take a "shower" with him. But Goten didn't exactly know how he felt about the idea of having sex. He hadn't even thought about it until now. Have sex with a guy? Not just some random guy, his best friend since childhood. The one whom he had grown up with, playing hide and seek in his back yard with. The one whom he'd had countless sleep overs and slumber parties. The one who was there for him whenever his brother or father had gotten hurt. Or the times when he had no one to talk to, he was the one who was there. The one who was close enough to be his brother. He had never pictured Trunks as being someone he would make love with. This all surprised Goten, and confused him, but then he realized how aroused this thought made him. He was upset, was this wrong? But we're being honest with each other, we've both made it clear that we want each other. One part of his mind is saying "No way, this just can't be, you were going to be a lady's man is what mom told me." And another part is saying "What the hell, go for it. No one's home, there's no chance of getting caught, and you know you want it. Just think of what it would be like with Trunks." He never thought he'd ever even come close to having gay urges, now his best friend is offering this to him. He finally decided that if he should go, he should go now. So he decided to go with his friend into the shower.


Trunks undressed quickly, turning on the warm water which squirted out of the shower faucet. As he got in Goten followed behind quickly. He saw Trunks was already inside. Goten found himself tugging at his shirt quickly and trying to get his clothes off with tremendous force, almost trying to rip it off. He was finally able to get all of his clothes off, throwing them to the floor. He saw through the shower door the outline of Trunks' muscly body. He found himself just standing there staring at the site of his friend, no, his lover, he couldn't decide. The sight almost confused him. He saw Trunks washing his hair through the door.

"Are you going to come in, kid?"

Goten finally snapped out of his trance and opened the door to the shower and stepped inside. Trunks and Goten nearly gasped at the sight of eachother. Trunks motioned for Goten to come under the water with him. Both boys could barely contain theire arousal but they held it, they didn't want to go TOO fast. Goten placed a kiss on Trunks lips again, the water washing the both of them. As they embraced, Trunks reached up for the shampoo and squirted a good amount into his hand and ran it through Goten's hair. Goten broke their kiss and looked at Trunks dismayed, still not believing they were actually together like this.

"What's wrong kid? You need cleaning up. You seemed pretty dirty when you came here. That wasn't very polite of you."

"Just shut up and kiss me."

Trunks and his friend embraced again. Goten turned around for Trunks to cleanse his hair. Trunks ran his soapy hands through Goten's mattty raven hair, soap cleansing his thick hair. Goten could feel his best friend's length rubbing up against his ass unintentionally.Goten didn't know how he felt about this, it was just an idea that never popped into his mind, no matter how much he tried to go over it. As the shower sprayed down over the two demi-saiyans' bodies, Trunks' hands had already finished washing his lover's hair and were making their way down the boy's body. Trunks was just like his father, impatient. Trunks' hands made their way down the boy's body as he deposited kisses to the side of Goten's neck. Goten grabbed the hands and held to them as they made their way down Goten's chest. The 15-year old moaned as Trunks' hands were caressing his abdomen and finally made his way down. Goten gasped as Trunks latched onto the boy's now growing erection. Trunks started to pump, slickening Goten's penis with the salty precum that was making it's way out of the tip. Goten moaned, his mind was still in a state of confusion, he already felt himself reaching release. He was sure he was about to spew all over Trunks' hand before Trunks let go.

"There we go, now I've got you all horned up. Maybe we can dry off and finish this in my bed huh?"

"Typical, you're always such an asshole, you know that?"

"But that's just me baby boy."

They both gave each other wicked smiles before they decided to dry off and continue to his bedroom. They held onto each other the entire way to Trunks' room, both plainly aroused. Trunks lay his lover on the bed, stretched out and clearly ready to go.

"So how do you want to do this?" Trunks asked, sitting down next to his young counterpart.

"Here let me try this. Lay down."

Trunks acknowledged by laying down on his back on the bed so Goten could take advantage of the situation. Goten grabbed his friend's hardened penis and darted his tongue out around the side, licking at the flesh as it quivered in his hand. Trunks never felt anything like it, he had gotten his cock sucked before, but this was better than he had ever gotten it. And Goten was just starting, he couldn't help but think of what it would be like to gain complete entrance of his lover's mouth. Goten ran his long tongue up and down the penis that he held in his hand, licking at the salty sweet precum that glistened at the tip of his friend's shaft. Goten's tongue flickered out with kittenlike quickness that made Trunks almost gasp. He craved more, he begged to be taken completely.


Trunks gasped his friend's name. This made the younger boy happy in knowing that he was doing a good job. Goten answered his friend's pleas by taking the older boy's hardened cock into his mouth, tasting the goodness that he now felt throbbing inside of his mouth. Trunks gasped as his young lover sucked gently on the long length that was being tasted inside of his mouth. The boy knew he was doing an even better job because Trunks was holding his hair, moving his fingers through the tangled mat as his manhood was being licked, nibbled, and sucked tenderly. Goten took more of the length into his mouth, enjoying how the penis felt inside of his mouth, he wanted more. He took as much as he could and tried not to bite as to hurt his friend. Goten was getting so into sucking and pleasuring his friend that he had no idea that anyone else even existed right now. His worries went away as he tasted the precum that slowly slid down his throat. He forgot all about the helletic week at work and he forgot all about Trunks' problem. Trunks felt himself throbbing harshly inside of Goten's mouth, and with that, Trunks forced Goten down onto his long penis, causing Goten to deepthroat down to the base. Goten winced, but was able to take it. He stopped sucking for a moment to get used to having it this far in his mouth, when he finally was able to swallow it whole. Sweat slid down the boys' bodies in long beads, raising there body temperatures.

"Here Goten, let me try something. Swing up here."

Goten was confused for a moment but caught on quick as he swung his ass end up to Trunks face. Trunks grabbed the younger boy's hardened cock and took it into his mouth all the way, just as Goten had done. Goten could feel his own erection start to swell as his lover took him in all the way, deepthroating him. Trunks placed his hands on the young boy's round plump cheeks, squeezing them softly in a way that excited the boy. Trunks lapped up the sweet semen that had already begun to pour out the of the young boy's throbbing penis. Goten and Trunks were both in a different world now, where nothing but them could exist, their own little place that was hidden to that of any other person on the planet. Somewhere only they could take each other. Goten felt something different now though, he felt something slide into his tight anus, probing around trying to expand the area. He knew at once it was Trunks' finger. Goten moaned as he felt his older friend insert another finger and wriggle it around.


Goten knew at once that he liked it, there was no doubt. It hurt a little to, but the pleasure far out weighed it. Trunks continued to finger the young boy as they dined on each other's long erections, lapping at each other's seed that spilled out the tip and slid down their throats. As Trunks continued to wriggle his fingers around, Goten felt his cock starting to expand. Trunks felt it too, he knew he was about to cum. This only made Trunks speed up with his sucking. Trunks desired to taste all of his young lover's seed. He wanted to get all of it to pleasure the young boy fully. Goten moaned even more as he felt the warm liquid speeding up through his urethra and out into Trunks' mouth. Trunks barely winced as the warm semen slid down his throat, some spilling out the side of his mouth, down his cheek. Trunks enjoyed the taste of the bittersweet liquid that he had just ingested, he enjoyed every second. But Goten had picked up his pace and Trunks could feel himself close to release.

"Stop Goten, that's enough of that, come up here."

Trunks took the fingers out of Goten's ass, the boy wincing as he did. Goten reluctantly let go of the penis that was inhabiting his mouth for so long. When his face met his older lover's, he saw the white trail that slid down Goten's face. He kissed the side of Trunks' face, lapping up his own seed from the boy's face.

"Wow, I knew you'd be this eager."

"Yeah, yeah. What now big boy?"


Trunks was rubbing his hard erection against the younger boy's anus. Goten looked at Trunks as the two sat up at the head rest. Goten positioned himself over the throbbing erection, getting ready.

"Ready?" Trunks asked.

Goten nodded. The boy lowered himself slowly onto the long erection, gasping as the older boy's cock penetrated him. Goten could feel nothing but what was going on inside of him, he'd never felt anything like this as when he impaled himself on his best friend's long length. Trunks helped the boy lower onto him, cherishing the warm tightness of his best friend's anus. Goten moaned as he finally got all the way on. He moved slowly back up, then dropped back down, savoring the feeling. It was all new to him, the only thing that outweighed the pain was the pleasure. Goten just couldn't believe it, is this what it's all for? Oh well, just as long as it's from Trunks. Trunks moaned as the pace started to pick up. The older boy grabbed hold of Goten's already re-erected penis and started to pump as the pace got faster. Goten lifted and dropped onto the cock faster until the pace was starting to get strenuous. Both of the boys moaned in erotic pleasure as they continued to move in rhythm with each other's bodies. Sweat covered their bodies as the pace still continued to rise. They went faster until it was impossible to go any faster. The cock slid in further each time the young boy dropped onto it, until it was getting to the base. Trunks could feel his cock start to expand inside of the younger boy.

"Goten, I'm gonna, I'm gonna, oh god."

Goten still continued to go. Trunks continued to pump faster. Their climaxes reached in unison with each other. Trunks released his seed deep within the younger boy. Then Goten exploded all over Trunks' chest and into his hand. Good god it felt good, better than Goten could have ever imagined it. When he felt Trunks release into him, it was the most full filling pleasure he'd had the entire night. Goten collapsed into Trunks' arms, and they lay for a long time, holding each other's sweat covered bodies.

"Well I guess it's over." Goten finally spoke up.

"No, you're wrong."

"Good lord! How much more can you take?!"

"No more, I'm talking about this."

Trunks placed a deeply impassioned kiss on the lips of the younger demi-saiyan. Cherishing the taste of his lover's hazy breath.

"This is only the beginning, kid."

And so the two tucked in and fell asleep in each other's arms. For them, this was definately a night to remember.

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