Scent of a Lemon

Chapter Five

Goten leaned forward and placed a series of delicate, teasing kisses down the ridge of the ouji’s spine. His lips traveled over the heated, supple skin until they reached a small, faded scar just above the SaiyaJin’s rear. The demi SaiyaJin realized what the scar was since he had one of his own, and he smirked wolfishly just before lowering his velvet soft lips over that small area. He was rewarded with the sudden gasp from the ouji and the sight of his lithe body arching sharply from a burst of pleasure. Goten pressed his lips closer to Vegeta’s body and let his warm wet tongue trace delicate patterns over the ouji’s tail spot.

Trunks had been watching his friend over his toosan’s shoulder and had been holding the writhing ouji as he was sweetly tormented by that teasing tongue. He decided not to let his friend have all the fun with their toy and gave his father a meaningful smirk in warning. He dipped down while pushing the ouji back just enough so that he had easy access to the SaiyaJin’s peaked nipples. His pale lips encircled the left breast of his father’s chest, and his tongue slowly brushed over the darkened bud in his mouth. He flicked the tip of his wet pink muscle over the sensitive nub in several lazy strokes before scraping his teeth down and pulling away. He then switched sides and repeated the process to the nipple on the ouji’s right breast.

Vegeta arched and huffed in a mindless mixture of pleasure and drunkenness between the two young men. He couldn’t tell who was doing what to him, but he didn’t want them to stop. His hands clenched into fists, drawing the bed sheets up between his squeezing fingers. His lips parted in a silent ‘oh’ as another wave of pleasure washed over his body, starting at the base of his spin and moving over his entire frame till it melded with the teasing sensations on his chest. His erect member throbbed as every touch on his body seemed to send a jolt of pleasure straight to the aroused organ. The ouji needed more than just the teasing tongues and kissing lips on him, and he needed them in other places. He took a small breath and tried to catch hold of one tormenter with his unsteady hands.

Trunks watched as his father blindly searched for him and Goten with hands trembling from need. He smirked and pulled one slender palm to his lips, kissing each fingertip and lashing his tongue over the palm. He then lowered the delicate hand and leaned around his father to look at Goten. The dark-headed half-breed was sucking fervently on the ouji’s tail spot, reveling in the tiny gasps and twitches he wrung from his captive. Trunks’ blue eyes glinted with amusement and lust as he watched his friend tease his father, forcing the ouji to arch against him in a pleasing manner. The lavender head jerked back and a cry fell from his parted lips when his father’s member bumped into his and rubbed between his arousal and his left thigh. Vegeta’s last movement had pushed him right into the rigid member of the person in front of him, causing a wonderful burst of sensation as their erections slid against each other. Trunks groaned as he pushed his father’s body back into Goten’s tormenting mouth, and leaned over again to look at the other half-breed.

“Hey Goten, yamero. Let’s move on now. I think he’s ready, and I certainly am.” He said while flashing his friend a smirk like that of the ouji. The ouji managed to hear and comprehend what Trunks had said, but he was still too drunk to be rational about it. Instead, he gave his son and his son’s friend a naughty smirk of his own.

“Hai Trunks, we’re all ready I believe.” Goten whispered with a husky voice. He sat up behind the ouji and let his eyes get a good view of the SaiyaJin’s firm behind as he decided how to make the best entrance. His eyes glanced up at his friend and he began to re-think his plan. Vegeta was the one he wanted to take right now, but he wanted Trunks as well. A glimmer of inspiration flickered in his black orbs and a small smirk played over his lips. He pulled the ouji down onto the bed, laying him on his back and nudging his slender, muscled thighs apart. Then he positioned Trunks on the SaiyaJin’s abdomen, straddling his father, but facing his friend. He grinned at the slightly puzzled look Trunks gave him.

“Listen Trunks, I’m going to take Vegeta, and you are going to ride him. At the same time, I’m going to pump you.” He licked his lips while waiting for Trunks’ reaction, and was thrilled when the other man nodded breathlessly. Goten slid up between the ouji’s toned legs and rested the head of his dripping erection against the cleft in Vegeta’s rear. He parted the SaiyaJin’s cheeks and rubbed a finger against the tight, puckered hole. He massaged his finger over the ring’s surface until it eagerly allowed him entrance into the ouji’s heated depths.

Vegeta let out a gentle moan as he felt Goten’s finger moving in and out of his opening, stretching it wider by adding a second, and then a third finger to the process. His chest heaved from his pants, brought on by the overwhelming sensations Goten’s fingers were making inside his body. He bit back a moan of loss when those fingers were removed, but a sharp cry did escape him at the feeling of a hard thickness easing its way into his prepared channel.

Goten huffed with his effort to not bury himself to the hilt in one abrupt shove. He wanted this to be good for all of them and Vegeta was much to tight for him to just wildly fill him. He slowly penetrated the ouji’s trembling body with his full length and paused to let them both adjust to the new sensations. One had to get used to being inside a fiery tunnel of pressure, and the other to a hard fulfillment.

Trunks watched his friend enter his father through cloudy blue eyes hazed with passion. He wet his pale lips and let his sight fix on the thick length pushing into the ouji’s body below him. The demi SaiyaJin couldn’t help but feel himself getting harder as he played the part of the voyeur. He waited until Goten was fully seated within Vegeta’s heat before he made his move. Graciously, he slid forward over his father’s dripping member and held himself over it on his knees. He was about to lick his fingers for the preparation when he felt a pair of slick digits rubbing between his pale cheeks. Trunks looked down in startled, he followed the arm up to find that Goten was pushing warm, wet fingers in and out of him just as he had done the ouji moments ago. He moaned as he watched the darker-headed young man tease and stretch him. When he was ready, those delicious fingers were removed and Goten’s steady hands guided him onto Vegeta’s hard shaft.

Vegeta clenched his sharp teeth at the overwhelmingly good feeling of being filled, and filling another. His fingers twitched in their fisted position, his knuckles beginning to turn white from the force he was using. The ouji waited until he felt the body around his member relax, then he began to move. He rolled his hips back, pulling his length from the smooth, hot channel; at the same time, his motion made the erection in his body bump against his tight walls. He hissed softly when that organ also began to move, pulling out of him and thrusting back in. The three of them moved slowly until they managed to get a rhythm going. Goten would thrust into the ouji, who would in turn thrust up into Trunks, who was being driven up and down on Vegeta by Goten’s hands. Vegeta’s legs were firmly secured around Goten’s tapered waist anchoring him to the thrusting man’s body. Trunks was fastened to his father by their nether regions, and he was connected to Goten by two sets of hands, the ones on his hips, and his own which were clutching his friends shoulders in a vice-like grip.

Slow, gentle movements became faster as the hours wore on. Soft growls turned into shouts of passion and pleasure. Bodies ground together in a slick, sweat-covered dance of desire and drunken lust. As they neared the peak of their pleasure, Goten took hold of Trunks’ oozing member and pumped the shaft its full length with a steady gliding motion. Trunks arched high from the pleasing touches, his body curving backwards until his hair tickled Vegeta’s nose. The lighter demi SaiyaJin froze in that position as he let out a long scream of ecstasy and sprayed Goten’s hand with his seed. Trunks’ climax caused his muscles to clench around Vegeta’s member with a tight spasm. The ouji allowed his own short scream to break through the night air as he emptied his essence into the body of his son. Goten followed after them moments later, spilling his creamy fluid into the ouji with a shuddering moan.

The three men slowly pulled themselves free from one another and lied down on the bed side by side. Goten pulled both his friend and his friend’s father in for a chaste, three-way kiss before they curled together and went to sleep.

Vegeta woke from the warm arms of sleep with a pounding headache. He rubbed his eyes and slowly blinked them open to greet the cheerful sunlight pouring through the window to his right. He lowered his hand onto the bed while his brow furrowed in confusion. He knew something was off, but he couldn’t quite place just what it was. His fingers twitched when something soft tickled over the skin of his hand. The ouji blinked down at the spiked, black head of hair beside him, and then further over, to the lavender head of his son. Vegeta paused in shock while realization set in. He was in bed with his son, and his son’s friend; he was naked, and, he checked under the covers, so were they.

Trunks sighed contentedly in his sleep and rolled over, throwing an arm loosely around Goten’s shoulders. A small smile of satisfaction spread over his pale lips as he snuggled closer to the dark headed demi SaiyaJin.

Vegeta shook his head at the sight. He knew what had happened, but he couldn’t remember any of it. If he were to be honest with himself, he didn’t want to remember it. The ouji suppressed a shudder of disgust as he crept stealthily from the bed. He padded silently out of the room and closed the door with a gentle click of the latch. Then he headed straight for his bathroom and a long, hot shower. He growled to himself as he turned the silver handle and looked up into a thundering spray of heated water. The warm cascade helped to relieve a little of his anger and stress, but he couldn’t shake the odd feeling of knowing what he did, but not how he did it. Dark ebon eyes narrowed with disdain while possibilities made themselves known to him. Vegeta finished his shower quickly, stepping into his bedroom wearing a fluffy towel around his waist and still tense from his nerves. The SaiyaJin paused when he noticed the empty bottles of alcohol scattered across his carpet. That had been the cause of his troubles. He groaned in anger and embarrassment once he realized what obviously had to have happened. He had gotten drunk, well sloshed actually, and Trunks and Goten had stumbled upon him sometime last night. The next events he did not care to try and figure out, but it was clear there had been sex. Vegeta rubbed his forehead with his fingertips and sighed.

“At least the onna wasn’t here.” He grumbled. The ouji dressed himself in a pair of baggy gi pants and began the arduous task of collecting the empty liquor containers.

Trunks yawned and stretched his arms up over his head. He felt incredible for some reason. His body tingled with an odd, but comfortable satisfaction and he’d had a restful sleep filled with pleasant dreams. He snickered to himself. Those dreams had been very pleasant, and very lewd. A small smirk flitted over his lips as he thought of the star of his nightly visions, Goten. The second son of Goku was always in his dreams. Teasing, taunting, dominating, and always completing him. Trunks moaned at the very remembrance of one of his vivid, wanton fantasies. He stilled suddenly as he heard an answering groan beside him.

Goten sat up from under the blankets, blinking groggily at the new day. He turned his head to the side and became wide-awake when a pair of large blue eyes stared back into his own. Wide, confused blue eyes that reminded him of a deer caught in headlights. Blue eyes that were Trunks’ eyes. Goten felt his mouth drop open and the two of them just sat on the bed, gazing at one another in slack-jawed silence.

“What are you doing in my bed?” Trunks demanded after he found his voice. Goten closed his mouth and swallowed thickly. He tried to think of a reason but nothing came to him so he just shrugged. Then he peeked under the sheets and gulped.

“That’s not all Trunks, we’re naked.” He whispered in a shaky voice. Trunks glanced under the covers and let out a small squeak. He slammed his arms down around the sheets, protecting himself from wandering eyes by pinning the blankets down around his legs.

Goten chewed on his lower lip. He didn’t feel any different than he had last night. In fact, he felt better. For some reason though, he couldn’t remember anything about the past evenings exploits after he and Trunks had come into the kitchen. He stole a shy glance over to his confused friend.

“Trunks, do you, feel strange? Like, in your lower back maybe?” He asked in a small voice. He hoped he hadn’t raped his best friend. He silently prayed that Trunks would say no.

The lighter demi SaiyaJin was quiet for several minutes, and then he nodded.

“Yes Goten, I do.” He blushed while admitting. “In my backside, I feel kind of sore.” He looked over at his friend and was surprised to see the other half-breed on the verge of tears. Goten was paler than he was and his body trembled as he sniffed violently, barely holding back a waterfall of shamed liquid.

“Trunks, sumanen, gomen nasai! I didn’t mean to do it! Honto! I don’t even, I don’t even remember it.” He trailed off in a hushed voice that seemed filled with longing and sorrow. Trunks tilted his head as he regarded his friend. He didn’t feel angry with him, in fact, he felt relieved it had been Goten and not someone else. He smiled and gently lifted his lover’s downcast face by the chin. Before the worried young man could say anything else, a pair of pale lips was pressed firmly to his own in a searing kiss. The two of them broke apart panting from the force of the exchange. Trunks grinned at his shocked friend.

“I can’t forgive you Goten. There’s nothing for me to forgive.” He said gently. He smirked at the other’s surprise and pulled him in for another kiss. Goten moaned into his lover’s warm mouth and pulled away just long enough to look his friend in the eyes and whisper to him.

“Ai shiteru Trunks, kirei purple hanna.” He smiled lovingly at Trunks’ touched look. The other demi SaiyaJin cupped his cheek in his hand and rubbed his fingers over his cheek while a small blush graced his skin.

“Ai shiteru ni Goten, zhutto.” Trunks whispered back to his lover. The two of them stared at each other in silence once more, but this time they were thinking over how much time had passed while they had secretly loved one another but never spoken of their feelings. They wouldn’t let any more time slip through their fingers from now on. Twin smirks spread over their faces before they dived under the sheets to begin making up for that lost time.

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