Scent of a Lemon

Chapter Six

Vegeta growled as he lied on his bed. If he’d had his tail it would have been snapping through the air to show his irritation. The ouji was frustrated beyond belief with his situation. He had lost count of how many days he had been ‘cursed’ with this odd scent, and he was tired of staying inside a locked bedroom. Perhaps the worst part of it was that he couldn’t spar for fear of someone running into him on his way to and from the gravity chamber. The onna had been little help to him as well, rather than trying to find a way to cure him, she had told him more or less to fix the problem himself. Vegeta was at the end of his rope with the whole thing, and in his mind there was only one solution. Shenron the eternal dragon.

The SaiyaJin put on his tight blue spandex pants and a loose blue tank top. He slipped on his white gloves and gold-tipped boots before creeping down the stairs and into Bulma’s lab. Vegeta snatched a small black backpack from the closet to carry the dragon balls in. He carefully removed the dragon radar from its place in one of the desk drawers, and flew out a window without being noticed. A smirk curved his lips as he sailed along through the clouds high above the city. This was it, just a few short hours of collecting balls and he would be free of this nightmare. He clicked the button on the top of radar and paused while he searched the green screen for the blinking yellow light. It appeared that his first stop would be in a forest not far from where he currently was. Vegeta placed the radar in his knapsack and headed for the ball.

The ouji landed outside a dark cave entrance and took out the radar. He checked it momentarily to be certain he was in the right area, then placed it back in his bag and began searching for the ball. He frowned as he walked into the dreary mouth of the cave. There was an odd smell coming from the cold walls and he could faintly detect a highly powered ki in cave’s dark recesses. His ebony eyes widened when he realized whom he was sensing. He turned abruptly and came face to stomach with a purple clad NamekJin.

Piccolo raised one sculpted hairless eyebrow at his visitor. He was slightly curious as to why the ouji would be in his cave, but he was also confused by the strange smell on the SaiyaJin’s body. He leaned down a little and took a small sniff of the ouji’s spiked hair. He smirked when Vegeta let out an outraged gasp and stepped back from him. The green alien folded his arms over his chest and smirked at the seething ouji.

“So Vegeta, why are you here?” He asked in a calm tone. He watched the SaiyaJin carefully size him up and held back his chortle at the amusing image. To think that Vegeta would be wary of him. His eyes sparked briefly with lust before returning to their calm look. The ouji had better be wary, Piccolo thought with an internal smirk.

“I’m here for the dragon ball.” Vegeta snapped out icily at the tall NamekJin. He scowled as a sly grin spread over Piccolo’s features. It was obvious the NamekJin was up to something. Vegeta had known his scent would affect every male and Piccolo was no exception. His scowl deepened when a green hand reached out to stroke the side of his face. Piccolo smiled toothily and pulled his hand back from the angry SaiyaJin.

“I’ll give you the ball, on one condition.” He said while gracing the ouji with an arrogant smirk. Vegeta tilted his head as he tried to guess what the condition would be. He glared at the smirking alien.

“Nan da?” He asked after a brief silence. Piccolo leaned down till he was inches from the glowering ouji.

“Kisu.” He said softly and puckered his green lips. Vegeta reeled back with a disgusted look on his face. He couldn’t believe what his ears had just heard and the sight of the NamekJin waiting for a smooch was more than a little disturbing.

“So na!” He growled out while curling his lips back in a snarl. Piccolo just smirked at him.

“Iie kisu, iie dragon ball.” He said simply. Vegeta huffed in frustration. He didn’t want to waste the time powering up to fight the scent-crazed fool and after all, it wasn’t like Piccolo was asking him for sex. It was just a harmless kisu. He grudgingly leaned up on his tiptoes as Piccolo bent down towards him. Their lips met in a chaste touch and Vegeta was pulling back within seconds of contact. Piccolo wasn’t satisfied with that though, and he captured the ouji’s waist in a tight bear hug while reclaiming the royal mouth for a deeper, more invigorating taste. He released the irate SaiyaJin after sweeping the warm wet mouth several times with his tongue.

Vegeta held back his urge to retch right there on the NamekJin’s stone floor and glared at him instead. Piccolo smiled contentedly and retrieved the three star dragon ball for the ouji. Vegeta placed the ball in his bag and flew off before the NamekJin could make another move on him.

The ouji sped through the sky as the sun began its slow decent behind the mountains. He had one more ball to collect before he could call the eternal dragon. He had run into a few horny ningen teenagers, but they were nothing to him and he easily avoided the cat calling teens. Other than the ChikyuuJin and the NamekJin he hadn’t been confronted and he found the day to be more relaxing than he had thought it would be. He glanced at the changing colors of the sky with a small frown. If he could have, he would have been finished with this before nightfall. The ouji didn’t want to be out for very long and he was sure the onna would be upset with him for taking the radar and running off without telling her. He snorted.

“Baka Kakarot and his tsuden ikko.” He mumbled enviously. The SaiyaJin could certainly have used that trick at the moment. It would at least have made his trip home easier. He shook his head and pressed on for the last ball. According to the radar it should have been somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. Vegeta groaned inwardly at the thought of night diving, but the sooner he got it over with, the sooner he would be free from his aromatic problem.

Vegeta dove beneath the surface of the cool salty water without making a splash on the calm sea. He swam quickly down towards the floor of the ocean while holding his breath in his powerful lungs. His toned legs propelled him swiftly to the sandy bottom and he began scanning the sea floor, using his ki to light the dark sands. He smirked triumphantly when he located a small orange sphere with five red stars nestled in a coral bed. This was it, the last ball had been found.

The SaiyaJin emptied all seven dragon balls onto the cold sand of a small island. He rubbed his hands together and smiled almost insanely as he thought of how wonderful this was. He would finally be free! He could train again, he could eat whenever he wanted, he could go wherever he pleased, and he wouldn’t have to worry about being groped or harassed by anyone. The ouji calmed himself and prepared to call forth the eternal dragon. He paused when his senses picked up two fast approaching kis. Vegeta sprung into action and stashed the dragon balls back into his bag with the radar. He leapt into the air just as the two figures of his son and Goten came into view on the horizon. Vegeta wasted no time in tearing off in the opposite direction from the young men. The last thing he wanted was to have a repeat episode with the demi SaiyaJins. He careened through the white clouds at break-neck speed in his attempt to escape the others. Unfortunately that brought him back to Roshi’s island, where Krillin and Tien, were enjoying the evening stars. The rest of the people visiting Roshi were inside the house with the old turtle hermit.

Krillin took a long sip of his grape soda and sighed contentedly. He glanced over to Tien and frowned when the other man seemed to look distressed. All three of his dark eyes were focused intently on the sky, but not at the stars. He was leaning forward out of his chair and his drink was clutched tightly in his fist.

“Oi, daijoubu desu ka Tien?” Krillin asked with a small amount of concern in his voice. It was then that he realized what had his friend on edge. He could sense a powerful ki speeding towards them. Krillin’s eyebrows shot up when he recognized it as Vegeta’s ki. The two of them stood up and floated just above the house, hovering in the air as the ouji approached. What could possibly make Vegeta fly that fast must be something bad; at least Krillin assumed it had to be. He waved to the SaiyaJin as he came into view and called out a short greeting. Though Vegeta wasn’t exactly his friend, they were allies and he wasn’t going to be rude.

Vegeta came to an abrupt halt when he heard the voice of the monk yelling at him. He cursed himself for being in such a hurry and not paying attention to where he was going. He was about to turn and fly off again when the short man zipped closer to him and opened his mouth to ask him something. Vegeta groaned when he saw a familiar look cross Krillin’s face. For a split second the ouji wondered how a noseless person could be affected by his scent, but he ignored pondering on it as Tien drifted nearer to them and began to get the same look in his eyes, in all three of them. Vegeta glared at the two senshi. He held tightly to his bag while deepening his scowl at them. Tien ran a hand back over his smooth bald head and gave the ouji a sly smile.

“Konbonwa. We weren’t expecting to be visited by such a lovely creature tonight.” He winked his third eye at Vegeta and chuckled when the SaiyaJin blanched. Vegeta rolled his eyes at the two of them; he had more important things to do then waste time with weak, sex-crazed senshi. He was about to blast away from them when Krillin got in his way. The small ningen sighed longingly at him and murmured something under his breath. Vegeta listened closely and was able to catch what the monk was muttering repetitively.

“Itooshi yume. Kirei tenchi.” Krillin’s voice was just above a whisper but his words were clear enough to Vegeta. The ouji felt a few beads of sweat form on the back of his neck as he watched the entranced monk. He shook his head at the pathetic display and left the two of them hovering in the air above Roshi’s house.

Krillin blinked and glanced at a confused looking Tien. Neither of them knew why they were floating around at this time of night, but they supposed it didn’t really matter that much. There didn’t seem to be anything dangerous around that they could detect. Krillin scratched his head. There was a funny smell in the air, but it was faint, more like a lingering aroma of a scent long gone. He shrugged his shoulders and headed after Tien towards the house. A grape soda sounded great to him at the moment.

Vegeta smirked to himself as he flew further away from the tiny island. Just a few more miles and he would touch down to call the dragon. He spotted an unpopulated island, covered in dense shrubbery, and surrounded by tall sea cliffs. This would be a perfect spot to make his wish.

The ouji landed lightly on the flat rock and carefully set all seven glowing orbs onto the ground in a small circle. He stepped back a few feet, lifted his face to the evening sky and called forth the eternal dragon with a commanding voice. There was silence for a moment and the SaiyaJin wondered briefly if these balls needed a special pass code like the NamekJin balls did. He was relieved when the sky turned from its sapphire hue to that of the darkest obsidian. A bright flash of yellow erupted from the glowing spheres and shot upward into the black sky. Lightning flashed brilliantly accompanied by the booming clap of impressive thunder as the dragon began to take shape before the ouji. Vegeta watched in stunned awe as Shenron’s serpentine body arched and twisted between the streaks of lightning. Its massive coils spiraling down from the heavens towards the orange balls a few feet from him. Ruby eyes alight with an ever-burning fire gazed down upon the SaiyaJin as a massive emerald head lowered and a growling voice addressed the ouji.

“I will grant you two wishes within my power. Speak, tell me your first wish now.” Commanded the great dragon. His voice seemed to be a bit terse to Vegeta, but the ouji wasn’t going to rant at Shenron for being impatient. Although it seemed odd to him that the dragon would be in such a hurry, considering all he had to rush back to was a year locked away in round stones. He licked his lips and raised his eyes determinedly to the dragon.

“My first wish, is for the pheromones that were spilled on my body to be removed.” He waited silently as the dragon considered his wish. Vicious looking red eyes gleamed brightly in the darkened sky and a sharp set of fangs glinted at him as Shenron spoke again.

“Your first wish has been granted. Now make your second request.” Ordered the booming voice. Vegeta furrowed his dark brows in thought. A second wish hadn’t been considered yet; what could he wish for? He didn’t really long for immortality anymore, and though he wanted to beat Kakarot, the idea of doing it without his own strength was unappealing. The ouji pondered quietly while the eternal dragon hovered above him and grew increasingly impatient. Shenron narrowed his fiery eyes at the small figure below him.

“Make your wish, ask it now!” He bellowed threateningly. Vegeta stumbled back from the force of the snarling dragon’s voice. He then glared back at the powerful creature.

“I’ll make my fucking wish whenever I please you impatient onore eki!” He raged. Shenron snarled with outrage but remained silent. Vegeta thought a few more minutes before he got an idea. He glanced at his lower back a moment and then turned to face Shenron.

“My second wish, is for my tail to be restored.” He said calmly. Shenron’s eyes began to glow and Vegeta was aware of a strange tingling sensation running up and down his spine. There was a sudden pang of intense pain at the base of his back bone and then a loud shredding noise echoed in his ears as his tail ripped out from his clothing to lash back and forth behind him. He stared at the soft, sable appendage with a mixture of pride, longing, and joy in his ebon eyes. Shenron raised his head and bellowed once more.

“I have granted your wishes and now, I bid you farewell.” He thundered. With that said, the dragon’s image flickered and faded away. The seven spheres rose into the changing sky, flashing as they circled upwards and then shooting out into different parts of the earth like small comets.

Vegeta watched them disappear and turned to gaze at his tail. He ran a hand over the sinewy length of fur, unable to repress a shudder at the pleasurable sensation he felt. He wrapped the appendage around his waist and picked up the black bag; a contented smile graced his lips as he headed for Capsule Corporation. At last, he could return to his normal routine, at last he could train again, and then he would beat Kakarot and see him bow to his ouji. Vegeta’s mind toyed with that thought, playing the mental image to the SaiyaJin over and over again as he flew, but each time it replayed the scene, Kakarot was wearing less clothing than he had been in the previous image. The ouji halted his train of thought before he imagined the other SaiyaJin completely nude. He shook his head and snorted at himself. Perhaps everything that had been happening to him had taken a toll on his mind. He smirked to himself. It was nothing that a little training in the gravity chamber wouldn’t fix.

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