Scent of a Lemon

Chapter Four

Bulma sighed heavily as she carried Vegeta’s clothes up to his room. She had washed, dried, and folded them for him since he refused to open his door when anyone was within twenty feet of it. She had been unable to get the reason for his strange, paranoia, but after a small battle of wills, which she lost, she had given up. The woman rapped on his door two times and waited for him to allow her in. She waited a few minutes and began to get confused as to why he hadn’t answered. For a brief second she thought he might be hurt or sick, but when she cracked open the door she could hear the sound of running water in the bathroom. He was taking a shower, again. Bulma felt her left eye twitch with her irritation. Vegeta had been taking showers all week! Two and three times a day for Kami’s sake! If he didn’t stop soon all the hot water in the house would be gone; it was already merely luke-warm. She dropped his folded clothes onto the neatly made bed and stomped into his bathroom. Her bright blue eyes narrowed at the silhouette in the shower stall as it went through the motions of thoroughly scrubbing itself.

“Vegeta this is the last shower you may have until tomorrow night! Do you hear me mister? The hot water is gone! It needs to build back up and it can’t do that if you’re sucking it all up for yourself!” She yelled over the rush of the water. Vegeta’s head poked out from the stall and narrowed livid black orbs at her. Soapsuds were just visible along the length of his tanned neck, and a fine steamy mist trailed out from the stall door.

“Onna how many times have I told you to stay out of my bathroom?” He snapped at her. Bulma let out a tiny growl as she listened to him.

“Did you hear anything I just said?” She screamed. “I don’t care about being in your bathroom Vegeta! I’m just telling you that if you take one more shower, or bath before tomorrow night, I’m going to come in here and remove the pipes!” Her voice raised with every word as she yelled at him. She had a little satisfaction in knowing she could at least give him a headache; he had been such a pain the past few days, he wouldn’t do anything out of his room. That meant he had to have room service for everything, meals, clothes, and he had even tried to get her to attach the gravity room to his window! Bulma frowned at her second ex. She knew he wasn’t thrilled about being around people lately, especially around men, but Trunks and Goten were going to be stopping by later that night. They were going to house sit for her while she went on a two-day business trip. She only hoped Vegeta would be calm enough around them, or maybe he would hole himself up in his room and never know they were here. She sighed and left the ouji to finish his shower.

Vegeta stretched languidly as he gazed out his large bedroom window at the afternoon sun. He had been inside far too long; a SaiyaJin could not be pinned up forever, and the ouji was more than a little restless. He smirked coolly at the outside world while pulling on a pair of white boots. It was time to take a little flight. He opened his window and stepped out into the brisk breeze; taking a long breath to fill his lungs with the warm, crisp wind that whipped through his hair. He then hovered up until he was safely out of sight of any ningens and blasted off without having any idea where he would go.

He flew aimlessly for about an hour, enjoying the sunlight on his skin and the wind in his hair. Up here, above everything, he could forget about his problem, he could relax and take some pleasure in the simple act of being. No cares or worries needed to come to his mind, he could let go of everything and not have to deal with anyone at all. His enjoyment ended all to soon when he felt the distant ki of Krillin approaching him from behind. He cursed colorfully and looked for somewhere to land. He could have blasted off, but that would make the monk curious and the last thing he needed was for the little runt to follow him. He spotted a small island with a pink house in the center and decided to land there. After all, no males would live in a pink house, so he should be safe till the monk flew past. If the onna inside did bother him, he could scare her into letting him stay for just a few minutes.

The ouji landed on the sandy beach with hardly any sound. He crept hurriedly into the house and shut the door behind him. The SaiyaJin was suddenly aware of a familiar presence, but he couldn’t quite place his finger on who it was he sensed. His alert ears detected a shuffling sound behind him and he whirled around to come face to face with the most horrid thing on Chikyuu.

Master Roshi had been on his way back from the bathroom to watch some more of his porn movies, when he had caught a whiff of the strangest scent. It was something entirely foreign to his senses, but pleasantly exotic, and arousing. He had allowed the scent to lure him towards its source, only to find the SaiyaJin no Ouji standing at his door, alone, and looking all together ravishing. He had wiped the drool from the corner of his mouth and shuffled forward a few steps when the ouji turned to face him. He grinned at the SaiyaJin he knew so little about, and allowed his eyes to wander down the slight, compacted frame. He took in every corded muscle, every sensuous curve, and every glistening inch of skin with hungry eyes. The old man leered at the startled ouji.

“Hey there Vegeta, nice to see you. May I ask what brings you here, hm? It’s not often I get visitors you know. Say while you’re here, you wouldn’t mind helping me with something would you? Do you think you could try this on for me?” Roshi rambled on so quickly that Vegeta didn’t have time to get a word in, and he was suddenly looking not at Roshi’s face, but at a skimpy black satin teddy that was from some onna’s lingerie store.

The ouji’s eyes went wide as he gaped at the tiny garment. He then narrowed his eyes and growled furiously at the old man. He ripped the underwear from the quaking hand and advanced on the frightened Turtle Hermit.

“You dare to ask me, the great SaiyaJin no Ouji, to model onna’s undergarments for you?” He seethed. “Disgusting hentai! Chiksoume! Omea o korosu!” He snarled, his voice growing louder with every word. He raised his fist to smash in the old man’s head, but stopped as he felt Krillin’s ki once more, closer to the island now, in fact the man would be landing soon. Vegeta sneered at the cowering old man.

“Kuso. You’re lucky today kisama.” He smirked evilly as he lowered his fist, allowing Roshi to think he was safe. Before he blasted off, he suddenly took hold of the front of the man’s shirt and hurled him into the wall. Roshi’s head smashed through the entire wall and stuck out of it next to his front door. He made a small groaning sound before passing out. Vegeta kept his smirk and flew off before Krillin got any closer.

The evening was coming on, and Vegeta was still out enjoying his flight. He had not seen anyone since the episode at Roshi’s island, and he was more than grateful for that. He shuddered as the memory of the incident came back to him. If he had known that was where the old man lived he would never have landed there. The very thought of the man’s voice and face gave him disgusted chills. Vegeta felt the need to have a drink, a strong one, something to wash the image of the Turtle Hermit from his mind entirely. He made a fast stop at a liquor store and got the strongest drinks he could find. He wasn’t concerned by the strange looks he got from the men in the store because he could easily knock the ningens away without having to worry about anyone caring. After getting his drinks, he sped back to his room and shut the window.

Vegeta wasted no time with getting a glass; instead he drank the liquor straight out of the bottles. He had little stamina for drinks, and he was taking in far more than a ningen could hold, but he was feeling too good to stop. On Vegetasei he had been much to young to drink, and when he went to be with Freiza, well the IceJin felt that drunks made poor soldiers so alcohol was never around. Bulma had been the one to introduce the ouji to the taste of liquor. First it had been wine, then sake, whiskey, gin, cherry, bourbon, vodka, tequila, and so on. The onna knew every drink under the sun from every country on Chikyuu. Vegeta had tried them all at one time or another, but now he wanted all of them at once. He smiled stupidly as the drinks took affect and ripped through his system, stealing away his inhibitions and ability to think straight. The ouji stumbled away from his stack of empty bottles and headed for the staircase. He had a sudden urge to watch the weather channel.

Trunks and Goten laughed at some private joke as they waltzed into the kitchen from the back door of the house. They would be here until tomorrow night watching over the place for Bulma while she was away. The two demi SaiyaJins paused in front of the refrigerator and grinned at each other. Without a word they dove into the icebox and pulled out half of the contents. They made themselves a large meal and ate it within minutes, leaving a nice mess for the robots to clean up later. Goten patted his stomach as Trunks turned off the kitchen light.

“Hey Trunks, let’s watch some TV before we go to bed ok?” He asked while giving his friend a pleading look. He could act so much like his father at times it was frightening. Trunks blanched at the ‘Goku-Puppy-Dog-Eyes’ his friend was giving him and sighed.

“Okay, okay, just stop looking at me that way.” He smiled at the happy shout Goten made and followed his cheerful companion into the living room. Both of them came to a sudden halt as they looked at the person occupying the room.

Vegeta was sprawled over the couch in a pair of red boxers that were cut short enough to show off the under curve of his butt, and were small enough to leave nothing to the imagination about his slender hips. He was grinning widely at the television set and laughing now and then at the actors in the movie.

Trunks and Goten became worried when they saw which movie the ouji was getting hysterical over, ‘Gone With the Wind’ played out one of its more dramatic scenes on the classic movie channel, while the SaiyaJin no Ouji roared with laughter on the couch. The two young men took a step towards the ouji to find out what was wrong when it hit them. A warm, alluring aroma invaded their nostrils and tenderly took possession of their minds. The demi SaiyaJins became aware of only one thing, Vegeta. They both pounced on the drunken SaiyaJin and began to kiss him with fervent mouths. The ouji was too drunk to even think about what was happening, instead, he kissed each of them back and smiled at their grins. Trunks frowned when he noticed Goten on the other side of his SaiyaJin. He growled at the other young man and pulled Vegeta into his lap.

“Mine!” He hissed. Goten latched onto the ouji’s other arm and yanked him off of Trunks, causing the ouji to fall belly down over his lap. He laid a firm hand over the SaiyaJin’s rear and glared at his friend.

“No, mine!” He growled. The two stared each other down for several minutes, each trying to scare the other away with threats and growls until Trunks got an idea. He licked his lips and glanced from the prone ouji to the lust filled eyes of his friend.

“Why don’t we share him Goten?” He purred to the other. Goten’s eyes widened a bit as he let the thought sink into his brain. He did have an interest in Trunks, but he would never let his purple hanna know that. Then again, Trunks was offering a threesome here and Vegeta seemed more than willing. He nodded his head to his friend.

The two of them scooped Vegeta into their arms and scrambled upstairs to a bedroom. The ouji laughed as he was carried by them and looked up at their faces. He beamed uncharacteristically at the lewd grins he received and wiggled in their arms. He made them stumble once or twice but they managed to get to a bed and dropped him on it. Vegeta wasted no time in removing his clothes and eagerly helped his two soon-to-be lovers off with theirs. The demi SaiyaJin’s stood before him, erect and ready as they watched the ouji through hooded eyes. The slender form on the bed lowered his gaze and positioned himself near the head of the large mattress, toned thighs spread as he began to fondle and caress his own rigid flesh. He only got out one moan before two horny half-breeds pounced on him. A free-for- all began moments later where no one knew whose hand was stroking whose member, or whose mouth was claiming whose. All they knew was the heat and passion of the night. If Vegeta hadn’t had been drunk he might have been able to stop himself, but there was no proper thought process going on in his mind now. Trunks grinned at Goten as he pulled his purring toosan into his lap and pumped his arousal, earning a cry from the ouji.

“Goten, what do you want, fill or filled?” He asked huskily. Goten pressed himself to Vegeta’s back, grinning as the ouji squirmed against his member.

“Fill.” He said firmly. Trunks nodded and then leered at his toosan.

“I guess that means I get to be filled.” He said with a small chuckle. Vegeta just smirked before leaning in to kiss him.

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