Scent of a Lemon

Chapter Three

The ouji had managed to stay in his room for nearly two days, coming out only to get food or drinks when no one was around. Bulma had assumed he was just being more antisocial than usual but she wasn’t about to waste her time questioning him over it. They would just end up having an argument anyway and nothing would be resolved if she tried. So the SaiyaJin was left to his himself. He had spent most of the time in his room trying to discover a way to remove the arousing scent from his body. Showers had not worked, nor had colognes. He had even attempted to rub off the odor with an abrasive cloth, but he had only succeeded in removing a layer of skin and not the smell. Vegeta was currently brooding on his bed in a pair of black silk boxers.

He thought back over the reactions that he had gotten over the past few days whenever he was around anyone. It seemed that around women the smell had no effect whatsoever. Bulma hadn’t even noticed it until he made a point of telling her, and that had been humiliating enough. He was still miffed by the fact that she had leaned in and sniffed his head as though he were one of her scented candles. Nevertheless she hadn’t been effected by it at all. The effect on males was an entirely different matter. Men seemed to be overwhelmed with the urge to have sex with whoever wore the scent, namely, with Vegeta. This not only alarmed the ouji, but it thoroughly pissed him off. His previous encounters had been destructive enough to his pride as well as to his morals. The ouji had no qualms about the genders in relationships, but for the SaiyaJin no Ouji to be molested by a ningen, well that was going too far. Especially since it had occurred twice in the same day.

Gohan hummed to himself cheerily as he flew towards Capsule Corporation. His mother had asked him to pick up something from Bulma since he was going to be out that day and being the obedient son he was, he had a headed off for the large building immediately. He smiled down at the bag that was tucked securely between his left arm and his chest. He had made a quick stop after reaching West City at one of Videl’s favorite stores. This had been his reason for being out and about, getting his wife a present. Images flashed through his mind as he neared the building where the Briefs lived and he had to change his thoughts before he got himself excited. It would be more than a little embarrassing to greet whoever answered the door with an erection. He ran his free hand through his short black hair and straightened his shirt while walking towards the door. He rapped briskly three times and was greeted with Bulma’s friendly smile.

Vegeta had given up on his musing after two hours of headache. Nothing he could think of helped his situation and the more he thought about it, the more upset he became with it. He had finally decided to take a nap and try again when his headache had gone away. Lying under his satin sheets and a thin blanket, he rested in a dreamless sleep, blissfully unaware that two people were approaching his bedroom door from the hallway.

Bulma had told Gohan that the earrings his mother had sent him for were in her room and he could just come up with her to get them. She strode right past the ouji’s room with the demi SaiyaJin in tow, forgetting that the door was slightly ajar, as well as Vegeta’s current condition. She didn’t even notice when Gohan stopped following her and headed straight for the third staircase while chattering about her new inventions.

Gohan didn’t know what was going on; one moment he had been listening to his friend talking and the next he was outside a door, sniffing at the most extraordinary scent. He took a long whiff and exhaled slowly, a smile creeping over his face as the scent flowed into his lungs. Without really thinking about it, he opened the door and stepped into the dark room, closing the door behind him with a soft click. He blinked into the darkness, trying to see where the smell was emulating. All he could make out was a figure on a bed. Gohan was startled out of his trance by the realization that he had gone into someone’s occupied bedroom and made to exit quickly, when his senses were fully assaulted by the sensual scent again. The reason for the sudden potency of the smell was because the covers had slipped off of the figure’s upper body, exposing the scented flesh to the open air, and to Gohan. The demi SaiyaJin’s eyes glazed over with lust as he silently stalked towards the sleeping person and knelt down over the bared chest. He closed his eyes and inhaled deeply, reveling in the invigorating smell accompanied by the heat of the body on the bed.

Gohan opened his clouded eyes and stared admiringly upon the vulnerable ouji. He placed his hands on the covers that clung loosely around the slight hips and pulled them back with tedious care. He didn’t want the SaiyaJin to wake up just yet. As silently as a cat stalking its prey, he crept onto the bed, careful of his shifting weight, so he didn’t disturb his sleeping target. The demi SaiyaJin paused momentarily to rid himself of his clothes, dropping them to the floor with a hushed rustle of fabric. His glassy eyes remained fixated on the body before him, watching with lascivious awe as the compacted frame shifted on the sheets. He admired the sculpted chest and abdomen that seemed to have been crafted by the hands of a Greek sculptor. His eyes became riveted to the slight hips clad with soft, rich silk. His shaking hands reached forward and delved into the folded waistband with the lightest of touches, but it was not light enough to keep the ouji from stirring a little. Gohan froze in place as the object of his lust blinked sleep fogged eyes at him. Before his prey could grasp the situation, Gohan had changed his demeanor and savagely straddled the smaller SaiyaJin, pinning his arms over his head with one hand and ripping off his black boxers with the other.

Vegeta’s eyes flew open with the realization of what was on top of him. He let out a warning growl and began to power up, but his attack was cut short when two fingers were roughly shoved between the globes of his rear and into his anus. He bit down on his tongue to keep back his scream of pain at the harsh intrusion, not noting the small trickle of crimson that filled his mouth from the force of his bite. The ouji clenched his eyes shut as his attacker gave him no reprieve, instead he was painfully stretched by the two probing fingers. His body trembled slightly with the knowledge of what he was being prepared for, and he tried to talk some sense into his assailant. He stared at Gohan’s hazed eyes with worry and anger.

“Gohan! Look at me! What the hell do you think you’re doing? Kudaranai baka! Hanase kisama!” His order went unheard by the possessed half breed above him. With a small grunt, Gohan removed his fingers and sheathed himself up to the hilt in the tight passage of the other SaiyaJin. He stilled there for only a second, allowing himself to breath as he adjusted to the delightful heat. Then he pulled himself out halfway and took hold of the ouji’s slim, shaking hips. With a small groan of enjoyment he plunged back in. He completely ignored Vegeta’s snarls and demands for him to stop; pummeling the other with his erected member instead. Gohan kept changing his pace, making it difficult for Vegeta to power up and attack him. He would start off slow and steady, groaning in pleasure as he delved into the warm, sensual flesh below him. Then he would suddenly begin to piston in and out of the SaiyaJin like a stallion, burying his hard shaft deep within him and ripping it out with enough force to make the smaller body bounce on the bed. His groans slowly grew louder and more primal as his thrusts became frenzied, his hips plunging his member deep into Vegeta’s body and scraping against his insides as his arousal pulled out. The demi SaiyaJin didn’t notice when the movements became slicker because of the warm red fluid spilling down the thighs of his captive. All he could feel was the incredibly tight heat, all he could see was the enticing body of some ethereal creature, and all he could smell was the intoxicatingly seductive scent from before.

Vegeta had given up on trying to reason with Gohan, it was obvious his demands fell on deaf ears. He held onto his pride as best he could and refused to give into the begging screams that welled up in his throat. He would not humiliate himself before this onore. No matter what, he wouldn’t scream, he wouldn’t beg for it to end, he wouldn’t, oh Kami, he was crying! The mighty SaiyaJin no ouji felt his body tremble with rage and pain as silent tears steamed their way down his anguish-contorted face. His only comfort was that once he got away, Gohan would come out of his trance and remember nothing. As long as he could hold onto that thought, he could go on and act like it didn’t happen, like it wasn’t happening. Though he knew full well that it was, the stabbing, rending pain in his lower anatomy wailed with the truth of that fact. He grit his teeth in bitterness as he felt a sudden surge of liquid that was not blood fill his body. He listened as Gohan extracted himself and fell onto the bed with a small huff of satisfaction. He dared to glance at him and found the half breed too sated to even look at him. The boy was grinning like a fool and gazing dazedly at everything in the room. The ouji painfully gathered his strength and literally rolled Gohan’s unresisting body out of his room. He threw the boy’s clothes into the hall with him and slammed his door shut.

The ouji trembled from the battering his body had received, but the trembling of his emotions was greater than that of his body. His anger and damaged pride swelled within him, raging through his soul like a vengeful devil. He dragged himself to the shower and made a solemn promise to kill the people responsible for creating the solution that had gotten him into this mess.

Gohan woke up moments after Vegeta was in his shower. He scratched his head and flushed crimson when he realized his state of undress. He finished putting his clothes on just as Bulma rounded the corner at the end of the hall. She chided him for vanishing on her and gave him the earrings he had come for. He left shortly thereafter and puzzled over what had happened all the way home. He couldn’t remember anything at all, he had been following Bulma, and then he was on the floor, naked and strangely satisfied about something. He shrugged his shoulders; maybe it was best not to wonder about it. He needed to get home anyway, it was late and he still had to give his wife her gift. A grin spread over his face as he sped towards home.

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