Scent of a Lemon

Chapter Two

Vegeta had taken four showers that evening but no matter how hard he scrubbed his body, the scent stayed on his skin. It smelled like a mixture of spice, roses, and some other fragrance he couldn’t place. The ouji frowned at his red skin. He had rubbed himself raw during his last shower and had finally given up when the cold water had begun to run out. If he used all the water in the house, the woman would scream at him all night. He pulled on a pair of loose black gi bottoms and headed to the kitchen for a snack.

As he rounded the corner to the brightly-lit room, he heard the sound of laughter echoing from the hall beyond it. A small snarl of annoyance passed over his lips at the racket. He had sensed the ki of the small group in the living room earlier, but he had no intention of socializing with them. He would get himself a few sandwiches and then head back to his room for some peace and quiet.

Vegeta didn’t pay any attention to the merry sounds as he replaced the sandwich items into the refrigerator. He did notice when one of the members of that pathetically happy group walked into the kitchen and stared at him. The ouji glared down at the small figure that dared to gaze with such concentration at him. It was as if the person were seeing him for the first time and trying to memorize every last detail about him. To be honest, it made the SaiyaJin a little uncomfortable, but he didn’t show any of his unease.

Chaotzu stared at the ouji with a confused and slightly curious expression on his painted face. He had smelled the most intoxicating scent when he entered the room, but the wonderful smell seemed to be coming from the scowling Vegeta by the refrigerator. He inched closer to the irate SaiyaJin and sniffed cautiously. There was no doubt about it; the fantastic scent was rolling off the ouji in fragrant waves that practically drowned the small warrior with the pleasing aroma. Without thinking about it much, he took hold of the SaiyaJin’s right hand and held it against his cheek, nuzzling the warm fingers while deeply inhaling the fabulous scent on the warm skin.

The ouji was too shocked to move or speak when the little clown boy began to snuggle his hand. He was getting angry after a few seconds and started to pull his hand away so he could backhand the little fool, when he suddenly felt a tongue tickle the skin of his right palm. He stared down with wide eyes as a small, pink, warm tongue slipped back and forth along the curves of his hand. It slipped up his fingers, around the pads of the long slender digits and then down the back of his hand to his wrist. The SaiyaJin was at a complete loss in this situation. He wasn’t sure whether he should run away screaming or blast the little freak to hell. He had never been licked before, and the fact that his body seemed to be enjoying it was alarming him. He had actually felt his pulse increase and his muscles tense, then start to relax. Before he could decide whether to kill himself or Chaotzu though, he felt something touch his upper left thigh. The touch was gentle, almost timid, but it was there, and it was moving upward. Vegeta’s eyes were the size of dinner plates by the time the small hand had reached its destination, which happened to be the ouji’s groin. The small hand cupped him through his pants and squeezed gently. Fingers stroked him through the material of his jeans before unzipping his pants and slipping inside. The SaiyaJin was still as stone, too shocked to move or speak as the small hand stroked him. He lowered his gaze to stare at the one who dared to assault his royal personage in such a bold manner. Dark eyes narrowed at the tiny warrior who seemed spellbound by the ouji’s hardening member. Vegeta held back a horrified gasp at the realization that this little bastard was arousing him. He quickly shoved the small hand away from his shaft and zipped his pants back up. In an instant he was gone, leaving a confused Chaotzu on the kitchen floor. The little warrior shook his head and blinked his eyes as he stared around the room. He felt a fog lift from his head and stood up slowly.

“What happened? Where did that wonderful smell go?” He asked while scratching the back of his hairless head. He shrugged to himself and went back to the living room with his friends.

Vegeta stared hard at his reflection in his bedroom mirror. He had taken a long cold shower to get rid of his erection and cleanse the feeling of the small hands from his body. He ran the soft towel over the back of his neck while lowering his eyes to look at his limp member. He frowned deeply at the remembrance of its rigid stance that he had forced away with icy water moments ago. The fact that someone could have that affect on him so easily was proof enough to the ouji that he needed to get into a stricter regiment of training, his body needed to be stronger, to have more discipline and more control over itself. This could not be allowed to happen again. As for the offender, he felt it would be better to just act like nothing had happened. The last thing he needed was for the all the Z Senshi to know that he, the mighty SaiyaJin no Ouji could be aroused by the clown boy. He sighed in frustration and went to change.

He slipped into his training outfit this time, readying himself to head straight to the gravity chamber. A good three hours of intensive training should help him forget about the incident in the kitchen, as well as give the group gathered in the house ample time to leave.

Yamcha hummed contentedly to himself as he dumped the last of the trash bags into the garbage containers near the side of the house. He had offered to help clean up after everyone else had left, and he was almost ready to go home. He glanced over at the large, circular structure a few feet away. The lights were on and a steady hum was droning from within the thick metal walls. The former thief shook his head at the sight. Vegeta always made certain to avoid socializing with any of them. No matter how hard they tried to include him in their activities, the SaiyaJin would have nothing to do with them. Of course he probably still felt they were beneath him, though he didn’t go around shouting such things anymore. Yamcha supposed improvements in the ouji would be slow in coming. He turned to go back to the house and say goodbye to Bulma, when the door to the gravity room opened and the sound of the ouji’s booted feet sauntered down the walkway. He turned to give the SaiyaJin a quick hello, but a strange, exotic scent overwhelmed his nostrils before he could so much as open his mouth.

Vegeta lifted his dark eyes to stare at the ningen across the yard. He was somewhat puzzled by the stillness of the other man, not to mention the strange way his head was raised, as though he were sniffing for something. The ouji’s eyes widened as he realized what was going on. It wasn’t possible though! It couldn’t be! He was standing more than ten feet away and next to the damn trashcans for Kami’s sake! The SaiyaJin no ouji took a breath to steady himself. Surly the ningen hadn’t been reacting to him, he was just paranoid after what had happened earlier. He put his customary scowl on his face and stepped resolutely towards the house.

Yamcha inhaled the luscious scent with deep breaths. He had never smelled anything so incredibly good before. He wasn’t sure a scent like this could even be described, and if he tried to, it certainly wouldn’t do the aroma justice. He had to know where the smell was coming from; his mind couldn’t fathom what could emit such a marvelous odor. When he opened his eyes and looked in the direction of the smell, he was startled to see an angry SaiyaJin giving him one of those ‘open your mouth and die’ looks. He furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. The splendid smell was coming from Vegeta? Was it possible for the SaiyaJin to smell like this? He had never thought much about the ouji’s scent before, he hardly ever noticed it actually, unless the SaiyaJin had been fighting, then his odor was rather strong. That could be said of anyone though. The warrior shook his head; none of those thoughts were helping him understand this strange, wonderful scent that was undoubtedly coming from Vegeta. As the ouji neared the ningen, the scent became more potent, filling Yamcha’s head and clouding his mind with a warm, sensual fog, similar to the heady feeling one had after sex. The ningen was struck with an overwhelming desire to touch, taste, and take the one who dripped with the fragrant odor. He would try anything and everything he could think of to pin the lovely creature under him and submerse himself in the glorious scent.

He stared at the approaching ouji with hooded eyes that burned darkly with his new lust. The taciturn SaiyaJin was covered in a thin layer of sweat from his workout, tattered straps of blue spandex allowed parts of his chiseled chest to be seen, and what remained of the lower half of his suit stuck to his curves in all the right places. All in all, the ouji looked delicious to Yamcha, and he smelled even better. The ningen stepped into the path of the shorter man and smiled down at him.

“Hey Vegeta, how about a spar?” He asked casually. The ouji raised incredulous eyebrows at his grinning face. He contemplated the seriousness of the ningen’s comment before replying curtly.

“Can you not see that I have just finished my training? Besides, why would I want to waste my time on a fucking weakling like you? I could kill you with one of my weakest attacks.” He snorted derisively and stepped around the fool. The SaiyaJin was halted once more by the ningen, who seemed to be smirking now.

“Oh Vegeta, I think I could give you a workout you’d never forget. It would be well worth your time, trust me.” He whispered into the ouji’s ear. He slid around behind the puzzled man and pressed himself firmly against his back. Letting the ouji know just what kind of workout he intended to give him.

The SaiyaJin froze momentarily as he felt something hard press against his rear. He cursed himself silently for not wearing anything under his spandex. A growl made its way out from the back of his throat as Yamcha ground his erect member into the ouji’s pert behind. The SaiyaJin could barely contain his snarl when the ningen leaned over and whispered to him again.

“You SaiyaJin’s like it rough and hard don’t you? Well I promise Vegeta, nothing could be harder than what I’m about to give you.” Yamcha smirked as he felt the muscles in his captive tense. He ground his growing need into the firm curves of the ouji’s tight rear and flicked his tongue along the outer shell of the SaiyaJin’s sensitive ear. His hands began to move down the well-sculpted chest until they came across Vegeta’s nipples. With a knowing smirk on his lips, Yamcha pinched the dark buds till he felt them peak between his fingers. He also felt Vegeta tense even more and take in a deep, silent breath. His hands toyed with the SaiyaJin’s nipples for a little while before heading further down. He grazed his fingernails over the taught abdomen and lightly circled the ouji’s belly button with the gentlest of touches. His eyes narrowed with determination and he quickly dropped his hand inside the ripped spandex.

Vegeta let out a startled breath when he felt large hands take hold of his member and jerk it roughly. He bit down on his tongue to hold back the shout of pain and anger that he felt as his length was stroked with harsh movements. He only allowed his attacker a few seconds to get away with his audacious crime before he sprung into action. A quick punch to the side of the head had his assailant on the ground. He glared down at the stunned ningen and spit on him.

“Pathetic, disgusting onore! How dare you think that you could touch me! Get out of here before I rip off your head and shove it up your ass kisama!” He hissed.

Yamcha stared up at him and blinked as though he hadn’t heard a word the ouji had spoken. He gave the SaiyaJin a predatory smirk. He would have jumped to his feet and tried to recapture his fiery ouji once again, but the sound of Bulma’s voice calling him stole his attention from his goal just long enough for the SaiyaJin to disappear into the house. The ningen looked around for a moment in a panic as he tried to find his SaiyaJin again. After a couple minutes though, he began to feel a little dizzy and couldn’t remember what he was looking for. He shrugged his shoulders and went back inside to say his good-byes for the evening.

Vegeta looked on with unbridled furry as he watched the ningen leave the house. He snarled and slammed his fist through the wall and into the bathroom. First it had been the little clown freak, and now it was the onna’s weak ex-boyfriend! Who would try to fuck with him next, the monk? Or would it be the NamekJin? Maybe it would be Kakarot! He paused for a moment at that thought. For some reason, that idea didn’t seem as repulsive as the other ones. The ouji shook his head. What was he thinking? Maybe the damn scent was starting to affect his mind as well as everyone else’s. He could only be certain of one thing; he had to stay away from everyone until he could figure out how to get the smell off of his body.

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