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Vegeta sighed boredly as he listened to Radditz chatter away at him. Goku was still holding him over his shoulder and after yelling and fighting for several miles; the prince had exhausted himself and settled down. He gazed at Radditz through half-lidded eyes. “Ok, so here’s another question. Say there’s a guy that digs you right, but you don’t really like him that way, how do you let him down real easy so his feelings aren’t hurt, but you don’t get burned to a crisp and eaten. How do you do that?” He asked. Radditz watched earnestly as Vegeta thought for a few seconds. The prince waved his hand in the air as he spoke. “You just tell him he’s not your true love. Everyone knowest what happens when you find your- whoa, ah! Hey!” He yelped as Goku’s shoulder jerked, bouncing him roughly. Vegeta glared silently at his smirking captor. He tossed his head into the air and remarked in a snide tone. “The sooner we get to Capsule the better.” Radditz grinned at the arrogant, annoyed prince. “Oh yeah, you gonna love it there princey! It’s beautiful!” He said cheerfully. Vegeta grinned down at him and tilted his head to the side. “And what of my bride to be, Lady Bulma, what’s she like?” He asked eagerly. Goku slowed his pace as they got to a small swamp. He cut in before Radditz could respond to Vegeta. “Well, let me put it this way princey.” He hid a smirk as he unceremoniously dropped Vegeta on his butt and walked over to the water. He splashed some on his face and continued. “Women of Bulma’s stature are in, small demand.” Radditz snickered at Goku’s reference to the lady’s flat chest. He grinned and felt the need to add his own comment. “I don’t know Goku, there are those who think little of her.” He and the taller saiya-jin chuckled merrily as Vegeta glared at them. The prince was idly rubbing his rear as he listened to them berate his future wife. He scowled darkly. “Stop it, stop it both of you! You know, you’re just jealous that you could never measure up to a great woman like Lady Bulma.” He sneered. Radditz made a confused face as he thought about this, but Goku just nodded to the prince. “Yeah well, maybe you’re right princey, but I’ll let you do the ‘measuring’, when you see her tomorrow.” He said off-handedly as Radditz giggled. Vegeta suddenly looked panicky. “Tomorrow? It’ll take that long? Shouldn’t we stop somewhere to make camp?” He asked in a nervous tone. Goku raised an eyebrow at him. “No, that’ll take longer. We can keep moving.” He said calmly and started off again. Vegeta glanced frantically at the setting sun. He tried again. “But, there’s, robbers in the woods!” He was really fishing for a reason now. Radditz was concerned at the thought of murderous robbers cutting his throat while he tramped through the dark woods. He grabbed onto Goku’s arm and stared at him with wide eyes. “Whoa, time out Goku! Camping is definitely starting to sound good!” He stated. Goku frowned at him. “Hey come on! I’m scarier than anything we’re gonna see in this forest.” He reminded his smaller companion. Radditz was reassured now, but Vegeta was more upset than ever. He dashed around the trees and cut the two saiya-jins off. “I need to find a place to camp NOW!” He roared at them. Goku and Radditz looked into each other’s wide shocked eyes and then down at the seething prince.

Goku had finally found a suitable looking cave for Vegeta to camp in. He pulled the rock away from the opening and yelled out to Radditz and the prince. “hey, over here!” Radditz narrowed his eyes at the small, dark, dismal cave. “Goku, we can do better than that! Now I don’t think this is fit for a prince.” He hissed. Vegeta glanced at the setting sun and felt sweat building up on the back of his neck. “No, no, it’s perfect. It just needs a few homey touches.” He babbled quickly. Goku and Radditz gave him an odd look. “Homey touches?” Repeated the larger saiya-jin. He scratched his head and looked inside the cave. “Like what?” He asked. Vegeta ran past them and ripped a large piece of bark from a tree. “A door.” He said as he walked back to the cave. He smiled politely as he walked backwards into the cave and pulled the door firmly against the opening. “Well gentlemen, I bid thee goodnight.” He said as the door locked into place. Radditz leaned towards the door. “Uh, you want me to come in there and read you a bedtime story?” He asked hopefully. Vegeta snarled back at him. “I said goodnight!” Radditz sighed and stepped back. He glanced in confusion at a smirking Goku that was trying to push the boulder back over the cave entrance. Radditz’s eyes widened. “Goku! What are you doing?!” He hissed in shock. Goku laughed softly. “I was just, oh you know, I was just kidding!” He huffed and walked away. Radditz shook his head.

Goku and Radditz lay on their backs and stared up at the thousands of twinkling stars. The fire behind them popped and crackled in its pit. Radditz glanced over at his friend. “Hey Goku, what we gonna do when we get our swamp back?” He asked. Goku gave him a quizzical look. “Our swamp?” He questioned. Radditz waved his hand in the air like the prince would do. “You know, when we through with rescuing the prince and all that stuff.” He explained. Goku turned over to face his companion. “We? Radditz, there’s no we, there’s no our, it’s just me and my swamp, and the first thing I’m gonna do is build a ten-foot wall around my land.” He said, ignoring the slightly hurt look Radditz was giving him. The smaller saiya-jin sighed. “Ya cut me deep Goku, ya cut me real deep just now.” He grinned a bit. “You know what I think, I think this whole wall thing is just a way to keep somebody out.” He leaned over and smiled down at Goku, who looked irritated. “No, you think?” Goku said sarcastically as he rolled over. Radditz popped his head in front of him again. “Are you hiding something?” He asked slyly. Goku rolled back the other way. “Never mind Radditz.” He warned. Radditz peeked at him and grinned. “Oh this another one of those onion things.” He said. Goku growled softly as he rolled over once more. “No, this is one of those drop it and leave it alone things.” He growled out. Radditz looked him in the eyes. “Well why don’t you want to talk about it?” He asked. Goku sat up and glared at him. “Why do you want to talk about it?” He snapped. Radditz countered with another question. “Well why are you blocking?” Goku replied defensively. “I’m not blocking.” Radditz raised an eyebrow at him. “Oh yes you are.” He said matter-of-factly. Goku snarled at the smaller saiya-jin. “Radditz, I’m warning you.” Radditz gave his friend a suspicious look. “Who you trying to keep out? Just tell me that, Goku, who?” He pressed. Goku threw his hands into the air and yelled at the other saiya-jin. “Everyone! Ok?” He glared at Radditz as the other saiya-jin blinked widened eyes and then grinned. “Oh now we getting somewhere.” He said. Goku wanted to just disappear. “Oh for the love of Pete!” He complained as he stomped over to the cliff edge and sat down.

Vegeta had heard the commotion outside and carefully cracked open the door to the cave. He leaned over just enough to see Goku and Radditz and listened quietly.

Radditz narrowed his eyes at his friend. “Hey what’s your problem Goku? What you got against the whole world anyway?” He asked. Goku sighed heavily. “I’m not the one with the problem all right? It’s the world that seems to have a problem with me! People take one look at me and go ‘Ah! Help! Run! A big stupid, ugly saiya-jin!’ They judge me before they even know me. That’s why I’m better off alone.” He said sadly.

Vegeta looked down at the ground. He was suddenly feeling very guilty for his earlier actions towards his two rescuers, Goku in particular. He silently pulled the door closed and went to bed.

Radditz sat down next to his taller friend and laid a hand on his shoulder. “You know what? When we met, I didn’t think you were just a big, stupid, ugly saiya-jin.” He said softly. Goku nodded. “Yeah, I know.” He mumbled. The two of them went back to watching the stars and talking about the stories that each celestial body told. As they talked, their mood improved and the rest of the evening passed in a more cheerful manner.

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