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As the three travelers were sleeping on their cliff, Lady Bulma was enjoying herself in her spacious bedroom. She had several outfits that were all ready made for her and her future husband; a formal set and a wedding set. There was also a painting of her and Vegeta hanging over the fireplace. She was currently watching the picture of the prince on the mirrors glass for about the fiftieth time. “Show me again.” Bulma ordered. The mirror raised his eyebrow at her. Lady Bulma rephrased her order. “Mirror mirror show him to me, show me the prince!” She commanded. With an inaudible sigh, the mirror complied. Bulma took a long sip of her martini, her favorite drink that she had made at the private bar in her bedroom. “Ah, perfect.” She whispered as she stared at the picture before her.

The sun had risen just moments before Vegeta silently pushed the door of his small cave open and stepped out. He glanced over at the snoozing saiya- jins and grinned, then ran off into the woods. He felt so alive, so free, and so happy. He spun around in a quick circle and smiled at the golden sunshine. Then he began to sing. Surprisingly, he wasn’t that bad. A small bluebird flitted up on a branch and joined the prince in his short song. Vegeta led the bird on a rising chorus; unfortunately for the bird, the prince’s final, shrieking, off-key note was just too much. The little bird bloated out from the strain and exploded. Vegeta stared at the smoldering legs that still clung to the branch as a few smoked feathers floated through the air. He then looked down at the eggs that were left in the nest. He couldn’t leave them alone; they would get cold and die without their mother.

Vegeta poked at the eggs frying on the small stone over the fire he had started. He smiled as he inhaled the smell of food. Goku rolled over and sniffed the air in his sleep. He sat up and opened his eyes to see the prince hunched over a tiny fire, cooking. He blinked and then glanced at Radditz who was making odd sounds and kicking in his sleep. “Mmm, yeah you know I like it like that. Mmm oh come on baby I said ride-“ Radditz’s sleep talk was hushed by Goku’s large hand. The taller saiya-jin felt his face getting red as he glanced at the prince and hoped he had not heard Radditz’s dream. “Radditz wake up!” Goku hissed at the sleepy saiya-jin. Radditz slowly blinked open his eyes. “Huh, what?” He mumbled. Goku snickered. “Wake up.” He said. Radditz gave him a look that clearly showed he wasn’t up yet. “Oh, what?” He said in a dazed voice. Goku shook his head. Vegeta glanced over at them and smiled. “Morning. How do you like your eggs?” He asked cheerfully. Radditz jumped up and grinned at him. “Good morning princey!” He gushed. Goku wasn’t nearly so perky as he looked at Vegeta. “What’s all this about?” He asked while waving his hand at the eggs. Vegeta gave him a soft smile. “You know, we kind of got off to a bad start yesterday, and I wanted to make it up to you. I mean after all, you did rescue me." He spoke softly as he placed the hot eggs down for them. Goku scratched the back of his head and blinked. "Uh, thanks." He mumbled. Vegeta grinned at him. “Well eat up. We’ve got a big day a head of us.” He said. Goku and Radditz shrugged their shoulders at each other and ate their breakfast.

The forest was peaceful in the morning; the animals went about their activities and the birds sang happily as the cool breeze blew through the trees. The serenity was shattered by a loud belch that erupted from Goku as he walked a long the road. “Goku!” Radditz cried. Goku gave him an odd look. “What? It’s a compliment. Better in than out I always say.” He smiled at the prince as he spoke. Vegeta surpressed a chuckle as he listened to Radditz admonish Goku. “That’s no way to behave in front of a prince!” Radditz snapped. Vegeta ruined the smaller saiya-jins efforts by belching nearly as loudly as Goku had. “Thanks.” He said to Goku as he walked past the pleasantly shocked saiya-jin. Radditz stared on in disbelief. “He’s as nasty as you are.” He muttered. Goku laughed a bit at that and gave the prince a small grin. “You know, you’re not exactly what I expected.” He said. Vegeta returned the tiny smile as he replied. “Well, maybe you shouldn’t judge people before you get to know them.” He winked at the slightly confused saiya-jins and walked on. He started to sing the same song he had sung with the bird as he walked a long; he was cut short as a strange man in a green tunic and a red cape swung down on a vine and whisked him off the road. Vegeta yelped in both surprise and anger as the man landed on a tree branch with him. The prince glared at the tall stranger. “What are you doing?” He demanded angrily. The guy grinned at him and lowered his sunshades to wink at the short-tempered prince. “Be still Cherie, for I am your savior, and I am rescuing you from this pink beast.” He said in a lame French accent. What was more annoying to Vegeta was the fact that the man had slobbered kisses all up his right arm and was now closing in on his face. The prince had never felt more in need of rescuing than he felt now. Vegeta growled at the strange man. Just then, Goku and Radditz ran over to the base of the tree and yelled up at them. “Hey! That’s my prince! Go find your own!” He snarled. The man gave Goku an annoyed look. “Ha! Please, monster! Can’t you see I’m a little busy here?” He shooed at the two saiya-jins, unaware of Vegeta’s enraged look. “Oh! Look pal, I don’t know who you think you are-“ Vegeta’s rant was cut short by the man. “Ah of course, how rude of me. Please let me introduce myself.” He said to the irate prince. He then yelled over his shoulder. “Oh Merry Men!” He grinned as several men jumped out from the bushes, one playing an accordion, and began to dance and sing. The strange man, known as the Great Saiya-man, led them in a rousing song and several absurd poses; he then took out a small knife and sang about how he would kill Goku. Just as he was crooning out a long note, Vegeta swung down on a vine and kicked him in the head. The Great Saiya-man smacked a rock and fell to the ground, unconscious. Vegeta smirked at the fallen body. “Man that was annoying.” He huffed. One of the men behind him glared at him. “Why you little-“ He rushed at the prince and was swiftly knocked to the ground like his leader. The rest of the men were all on the ground in less than five minutes; courtesy of Vegeta’s impressive karate kicks and flying fists. When the prince realized that he had knocked them all out, he smiled nonchalantly at Goku and Radditz. “Ahem, um, shall we?” He said off-handedly as he walked past them. Goku stared after him in shock. “Hold the phone.” He dropped Radditz, who had jumped into his arms when an arrow was shot in their direction, and ran after Vegeta. “Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on now.” He caught up to the prince and gave him a confused look. “Where did that come from?” He asked. Vegeta smiled at him. “What?” He asked while shrugging his shoulders. Goku waved his hand back towards the fallen bodies. “That, back there, that was amazing!” He smiled broadly at the short prince. Vegeta grinned, trying desperately to hold back his blush. “Where did you learn that?” Goku asked, still amazed. Vegeta thought quickly as he tried to explain himself. “Well, when one lives alone, uh, one has to learn these things, in case there’s, there’s an arrow in your butt!” Vegeta completely confused Goku with his strange explanation. “What?!” He cried. He glanced at his behind where the prince was pointing and raised his eyebrow at the shaft of wood protruding from his posterior. “Oh, would you look at that.” He mumbled in surprise. He tried to tug it out and yelped at the sudden pain in his rear. Vegeta looked horrified. “Oh no, this is all my fault! I’m so sorry.” He said sadly as Radditz joined them. “Why? What’s wrong?” He asked. Vegeta sighed. “Goku’s hurt.” He mumbled. Radditz felt the color drain from his face. “Goku’s hurt? Goku’s hurt! Oh no! Goku’s gonna die!” He cried in a panic. Goku rolled his eyes. “Radditz I’m ok.” He said. Radditz wasn’t listening; he was in a blind panic by now. “Oh you can’t do this to me Goku! I’m too young for you to die! Keep your legs elevated, turn your head and cough.” He ranted while Goku just rolled his eyes again. “Does anyone know the Heimlich?” He raved wildly. Vegeta grabbed hold of him by the shoulders and looked him in the face while shaking him firmly. “Radditz calm down! If you want to help Goku, run into the woods and find me a blue flower with red thorns.” He ordered. Radditz nodded his head rapidly. “Blue flower with red thorns. Ok I’m on it! Don’t die Goku, and if you see a long tunnel, stay away from the light!” He cried. Goku and Vegeta gave the hysterical saiya-jin twin glares. “Radditz!” They growled. Radditz blinked. “Oh yeah, blue flower, red thorns.” He mumbled to himself as he dashed off into the trees. Goku scratched his head. “What are the flowers for?” He asked. Vegeta gave him a sly smirk. “For getting rid of Radditz.” He snickered. Goku raised an eyebrow in the direction Radditz had gone. “Ah.” He understood the need to have done that; Radditz could be, difficult to control at times. Goku didn’t notice as Vegeta moved around behind him. The prince spoke softly as he walked up to the saiya-jins rear. “Now you hold still, and I’ll yank this thing out.” He said. Before Goku could react to what he had said, the prince was giving the arrow shaft a firm yank. Goku jumped into the air with a roar. “Ow! Hey! Easy with the yanking!” He cried as he hopped away from Vegeta. The prince put his fists on his slender hips. “Well I’m sorry, but it has to come out. Now, now let me-“ Vegeta tried to reason with Goku as he chased the saiya-jin around the clearing. Goku ran ahead of Vegeta in an attempt to keep the prince’s hands away from his rear, and the arrow. “No, no it’s tender!” He yelped as he barely managed to evade Vegeta’s hand. The prince ran after him. “Now, now don’t move!” He huffed. Goku gave him a quick glare as he dodged him. “No, what you’re doing is the opposite of help! Ok look, look! Time out!” He growled as he turned around and put his hand over Vegeta’s face, stopping the prince in his tracks. Vegeta grunted at him. “Would you!” He huffed as he pulled Goku’s hand from his face. “Ok, what do you propose we do?” He asked.

Radditz was tramping through the forest with a frustrated look on his face. “Blue flower, red thorns. Blue flower, red thorns. This would be so much easier if I wasn’t color blind!” He growled as he stomped through a small gathering of blue flowers with red thorns. A sudden scream made him snap to attention and grab a small cluster of flowers. “Hold on Goku! I’m coming!” He yelled as he ran back.

Goku groaned as Vegeta tugged on the arrow again. He was lying belly down over a log, while Vegeta yanked on the arrow to try and remove it. “Ow! Not good.” He sighed. Vegeta licked his lips in determination. “Ok, ok, I can move this thing, it’s just about-“ He muttered while pulling hard on it. Goku’s eyes widened. “Ow! Ow!” He cried. He rolled over to get Vegeta to let go of the arrow, and ended up with the slight prince on top of him. Vegeta and Goku blinked into each other’s eyes and fought off the urge to blush as their bodies lay against each other in a delicious position. Goku couldn’t help but notice how well the prince fit between his powerful legs, or how wonderful his smaller chest felt as it pushed against his own whenever Vegeta breathed. It was at that moment that Radditz returned. He stared silently at the two for a second before clearing his throat and raising an eyebrow at them. Goku and Vegeta looked over at him in surprise. “Nothing happened!” Goku yelped as he threw Vegeta off of him. The prince landed with a small thud on the ground, wincing as he rubbed his rear. “We were just, uh-“ Goku trailed off miserably as Radditz walked past him with a snort. “Look, if ya wanted to be alone, all ya had to do was ask.” He said. Goku waved his hands in the air. “Oh come on! That’s the last thing on my mind! The prince here, was just-Oh!” He groaned in pain as he looked down at a wickedly smirking prince. Vegeta gave the saiya-jin an evil grin as he waved the arrow at him. “Ow.” Goku whispered painfully. Radditz glanced at them and paled a bit. “Hey what’s that? Is that blood?” He promptly fainted after asking his question. Goku hoisted the limp saiya-jin over his shoulder and started walking, or rather, limping down the road with the prince. Their journey seemed to brighten after the arrow incident. Goku would hold trees down over rivers so Vegeta could cross, and the prince used a spider web to catch some pesky insects that were bothering Goku as they walked through a field. He had even twirled the web into the shape of cotton candy for the saiya-jin. To top it all off, the two caught a poor frog and an unlucky snake and made balloons for each other. Radditz noted with a small grin that they seemed to be getting very close. He smirked to himself. Things were looking good.

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