Whiter Shade of Pale

Disclaimer: DBZ, nope, not mine! I don’t own the song “Whiter Shade of Pale” either. I am not even sure who sings it, but I heard it on the radio yesterday when I was writing this. It is a really beautiful song, haunting almost, and I thought the color scheme fit the fic.

Dedication: This is for you SMDSP. *lizard eyes* What was this about me not being allowed to write yaoi involving Vegeta? I’ll have you become a raving yaoi fan yet!

Warnings: Lemon, pretty much PWP, and slightly TWT (set during Saiyaman Saga but no World Martial Arts tournament and no Goku or Buu).

A/N: There was never supposed to be another part to “Darker than Ebony” but my muse had other plans. I don’t know if you want to considered this a sequel or chapter 2 since it picks up exactly where DtE left off. Oh, and SMDSP, this is from GOHAN’S pov. Just so you don’t get confused. ^_~

As we lay together on the floor of the Gravity Room, I am blissfully unaware of any repercussions for my actions. Nothing exists besides Vegeta and me. I finally let my Saiyan instincts take control in an overwhelmingly human world. I don’t regret what we did but I wish I had planned things better. I am not quite sure where we go from here.

Here I am, cradling another man’s spent body to mine who is older than my father. It should have felt so wrong instead of feeling so right. I could be myself around him – the fighter and the scholar. I let my Saiyan-side show in all its bloodthirsty glory just moments ago and he reveled in it. But I also know that he has accepted my gentler side, the human part of me that strives to learn and make something of myself. Most people would disagree but I know. The way he always said that I’ve slacked off in my training but never said that I should study less is proof enough for me. Of course, the prince himself is a well-educated man. As the heir to his home-world, he had to be. Even now, I have caught him reading Earth’s classical literature or the occasional political or technical journal.

Of course, my new mate and the world accepting me are two different things entirely. I already hide most of myself from the humans at my school. Videl knows that I am a fighter because she knows I am Saiyaman but she does not know of my alien heritage. Then again, she also had no clue that in human standards, my door swings the wrong way. I say human standards because from what I understand of Saiyan culture, there is no such taboo on same sex relationships. Of course, I never understood how the Saiyan population could remain steady when mating for reproduction was not stressed. I guess I’ll just ask Vegeta later.

Right now, my little prince has decided that his rest is over. He pushes himself up to sitting beside me. I roll onto my back and stretch my sated body like a lazy feline. I open my eyes in time to catch Vegeta gazing admiringly at my nude form. I sit up and start to search for my clothes. I’ve never had the inhibitions my father had about nudity. Although, from the smirk on my mate’s face, I think that I would soon get over it.

“Stop boy. You smell like sex,” the naked may beside me states as if it were something that happens everyday. I look at him questioningly. He just smirks and explains succinctly, “Shower.” I follow him into the adjoining bathroom silently thanking Dende for allowing me to have the exquisite work of art before me. He turns on the water and motions for me to step in. I remain where I am though.

“You go first,” I offer. “I’ll wait until you’re done.” He chuckles slightly at me. “You actually think I want to shower alone right now?”

I find myself blushing at the meaning behind those words. I step under the hot cascade and close my eyes as the water massages my skin. Moments later, I feel two soap lathered hands reach around me and massage my chest. I am in heaven as those hands find every inch of my torso. I lean back into his body as his hands travel further down.

I gasp as he takes a hold of me and brings me back to a point of need once again. I am about to tell him that he should really not start something he isn’t planning on finishing as he takes his hands away from me. I do not get the chance to say anything because he starts teasing my entrance with his fingers. It seems like Vegeta was right when he told me not to get to use to being the dominant one in the relationship. It scares me slightly but I don’t move to stop him.

He finally enters me after stretching me. I did not know that it would hurt like that and my knees get weak. I find myself leaning heavily on the shower wall as he starts to move within me. He is no gentler with me than I was with him but somehow I did not expect that he would be. The pain quickly ebbs as he slams into me again and again. Gasps and moans reverberate in my throat as I struggle to keep up by moving in rhythm with him. I fall quickly over the edge into hazy oblivion. My legs start to buckle under me causing Vegeta to use his arms to keep me upright. I wait for him to have his release but he withdraws from my body first and then comes. I whimper because I wanted to feel his completion come within me.

I exit the GR with a slight limp and a feeling of contentedness I had never experienced before. I make my way to the back door of the house so I can head home only thinking about the events that just conspired between Vegeta and I. Lost in thought, I almost run into Bulma.

“Sorry, Bulma-san,” I apologize. “I didn’t see you there.”

She looked at me for a minute smiling and asks, “Have fun sparring with Vegeta?” ”Uh…yeah,” I stutter getting slightly uncomfortable with the look in her eyes.

“Your mom called asking if you were here since you were late coming home. I told her that I’d send you home as soon as you were done.”

“Okay, I guess I’ll head home now.”

“Well, before you go, you should do something…” she snickers slightly as her sentence trails off.

“What’s that?” I have no idea what she is talking about and it is worrying me. But, I bite the bated hook and wait to find out.

“You should wipe that silly grin off your face before everyone knows you just got laid.” I think I am going to choke on my tongue. My mind reels. “What?! …How…”

“The GR is equipped with cameras so I could make sure the-royal-pain-in-the-ass doesn’t kill himself when he works out in there,” the blue-haired genius laughs. “Although, I think he’s now got a pain in his ass. Then from the way you’re walking, I can assume that he can give as well as he takes.”

I don’t think I can breathe,” You saw?” ”Only enough to see that you were the one on top,” she is reminding me of the girls at my school talking about their favorite soap opera couples. I swear, Bulma has little hearts in her eyes. “I can’t believe it, little Gohan’s become a man!”

I can actually feel the blood drain from my face. I’d been caught. Not only had I been caught, I’d been caught by my mate’s son’s mother. I don’t know if I should laugh at the irony or cry. Then again it is kind off odd that Bulma was acting thrilled that I had just made wild, passionate love twice with Vegeta.

“Aren’t you upset that I and your husband just…well… you know?” I ask while my mouth goes dry.

“Husband?” she laughs. “Vegeta and I haven’t been together in eight years! The day of Trunks’ conception and the day Vegeta discovered my father’s wine cellar were one in the same. It seems our dear prince can’t hold his liquor very well. It also seems that Saiyan men are quite virile because it only took once.”

”I think that was too much information, Bulma.” There are just some things a person should not know – like the circumstances of one’s brother’s best friend’s conception.

“I’m not kidding, Gohan. Your mom was on the pill both times she got pregnant.”

“Now I know that was too much information!”

Bulma laughs again at me, “It’s probably time that you head home then.”

“Yeah, Mom’ll be worried,” I state. I really don’t feel like leaving. All I really want to do is go back to Vegeta but I have to go home.

“You can stop by anytime you like. I told your mom that you’re going to be helping me out after school for a while,” she winks as she speaks. This day cannot get any weirder.

“Why are you helping me?”

“Because silly, you two are perfect for each other,” I swear those hearts are back in her eyes again. “And besides, this way everyone wins. You and Vegeta get to see each other as often as possible; I get to keep my ‘husband’ around for show; Trunks gets to live with both his parents; and no one suffers the wrath of Chichi.”

Her odd logic does make sense to my sex-numb brain. “Deal, then, as long as you don’t tell mom. I don’t think she is going to like this one bit.” ”You’re going to have to tell her sooner or later.”

“I know,” I reply paling slightly. “I just hope it’s a lot later!”

I finally take my leave at that. As I fly home, I replay the events of the day in my head. I did not think that anything mom would say to me tonight would dampen my good mood. I know I’m going to get chewed out for coming home late but I think it is worth it. The only question in my mind is: What did Bulma do with the camera footage of Vegeta and I?

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