Seeing Red

Disclaimer: Dragonball Z isn’t part of my worldly possessions. Neither is the nifty song called “Seeing Red” by Unwritten Law. Yes, another color song – I have a bit of a theme going here.

Dedication: This is for you SMDSP. *lizard eyes* What was this about me not being allowed to write yaoi involving Vegeta? I’ll have you become a raving yaoi fan yet!

Warnings: Lemon, pretty much PWP, and slightly TWT (set during Saiyaman Saga but no World Martial Arts tournament and no Goku or Buu). Oh, and Vegeta gets a little vulgar in his language in this one. And there are cliques but let’s just have fun with them, alright?

A/N: There was never supposed to be another part to “Darker than Ebony” but my muse had other plans. But this time, my muse was Renegade Phoenix. I asked her last night what she wanted me to work on next and this was her number one choice. SWEET! There wasn’t supposed to be citrus in the chapter but just for you girl, I changed it slightly. I can’t disappoint my fans. Oh, SMDSP, this is VEGETA’S pov.

The only thing that comes to my mind when I think of our first few months together is “sweet”. Shortly after Gohan claimed me as his mate, I discovered Earth’s best kept secrete and most addictive substance: Chocolate syrup. As I think back, that part of our relationship started quite innocently. We were sitting in the kitchen one afternoon munching on some cookies the Onna’s mother had made for my son. The brat in question came into the room and made a b-line to the refrigerator. I had watched as he poured himself a glass of milk like Gohan and I had and then he got a squeeze bottle out and put whatever it was in his milk. The substance colored the milk brown and the boy seemed to enjoy it’s flavoring. He quickly grabbed a handful of the cookies and smirked at us as he left the room.

The mystery substance was left to sit on the counter top. I quirked my eyebrow at it and my mate chuckled. I have learned from his friendship with that damn Namek that he is used to explaining everyday Earthling things to people. Either that or he is used to explaining things to his idiotic father. One way or another, he usually catches on quite quickly when I don’t understand something that many of the others would think me stupid for. That was no exception.

The youth retrieved the bottle and smiled at me. He leaned over the counter top towards me suggestively. I leaned closer to him waiting for the explanation. He didn’t really tell me what it was though…I would learn first hand what it was.

“Open your mouth, Vegeta,” he whispered.

I complied not really knowing what to expect. I figured that it probably wouldn’t hurt me since my son ingested some of it but I wasn’t expecting how good it was going to be. He squirted a small amount onto my tongue. As I swallowed, I was pretty sure that whatever that dark, thick liquid was, it was almost as good as sex.

Gohan smiled mischievously. “You like?” I answered him with a lick of my lips as I leaned in closer to him. “You want some more chocolate syrup?”

So that was the name of sex in a bottle. I made a mental note to always remember what it was called. I opened my mouth begging for more. He complied by drizzling some across my tongue and then a little on my lips. Before I could swallow he sealed his lips over mine. We kissed and tasted the syrup at the same time. There is just something about that stuff that makes things better.

Somewhere between licking the last of the chocolate off of the youth’s lips and his reaching for the bottle to start again, I noticed that the brat had returned. He looked at his best friend’s older brother and then me and then back at Gohan. He shook his head slightly and smirked. “I came back for more chocolate milk but it seems like you two are enjoying it more than I would. I’ll just get some plain milk.” I sat there with a drop of chocolate on my chin and Gohan’s taste in my mouth while leaning over the kitchen counter as my eight year old son brushes off my sexual preferences like it’s are yesterday’s news. After the boy leaves, my chocolate-cohort chuckled and kisses me again. I pulled back after a minute and gave him a questioning look.

“Come on, what kinda father are you? Don’t you pay attention to your only son?” Gohan chides me while walking the razor thin line of my patience.

“What do you mean?” I growl slightly at his ambiguity.

“Last week when we were kinda busy in the Gravity Room, he walked in and basically got an eyeful. I thought you had noticed.”

I’ll be damned. I had never noticed. Although, I can have a little excuse for not knowing since I was quite busy at the time breaking in my new mate…or in that case, being broke in yet again. “So he knows?” ”Yeah, although I think both he and Goten suspected as much. My little brother told me that I smelled like you the when I went home the first night. He also said that he liked me smelling like that. So I guess they both are ok with the situation,” Gohan shrugged. “The only one who really doesn’t know in the family is my mom and I’m not quite sure how to break it to her that she’s not going to have grandchildren from me.”

That comment reminds me of what is going on at the present. Given at the time we just brushed off the comment in favor of more chocolate and an escape to a bedroom, now it seems like it had been a bad omen. Although, while I’m still on the topic, that kid’s skin tastes heavenly alone but when covered in chocolate, it’s pure ecstasy.

It was about a week later when things started to go down hill. Gohan’s damn school decided that they needed to give tests halfway through the school year that he should study for. I think he referred to them as midterms or something like that. His mother called the Onna and told her that he was not allowed to “work” at Capsul Corps until after midterms were over. She thought that he needed to study for three solid weeks prior to the weeklong examinations. That bakayaro actually thought that he needed to study to pass. What an idiot! Although, his absence from my life was doubly cursed for what happened to me during those weeks.

Other than being violently ill, thanks to that kid, I was now getting weaker. I know exactly what was happened but I’ll be damned if I’m going to admit it to anyone. Hell, my culture demands that my mate figure it out himself. Although from now on, I now understand that human men have one thing better than Saiyan men. I wonder if Gohan’s Saiyan-human genes are human enough that he would be safe from this. I’d asked the Onna but in doing so, I would reveal my predicament.

I think she already suspects something from my behavior. How can she not when I have quit training as intensely. Hell, I’ve practically quit training period. When I am not unwillingly revisiting my previous meals, I am too weak to use the Gravity Room. Towards the end of Gohan’s confinement to studying, I have taken to spending most of my time alone and away from that Onna and my son. I knew if I were wearing my usual spandex body suit that it would be quite evident why I was hiding but I had taken to wearing the sweat pants and oversized t-shirt she had bought me years ago before she had my training suits made.

I quietly snuck into the kitchen one afternoon to see if I could find something that my stomach wouldn’t reject immediately. It was then that I noticed that Bulma was sitting at the table talking to my mate. When I entered the room, they both looked up at me with the most worried looks on their faces. I just scowled at them; I knew what they were discussing. I’m just offended that they decided to talk about it behind my back when neither of them had spoken with me first. I just turned on my heels and retreated back towards my room. Suddenly my stomach decided that it didn’t want any food.

About halfway down the hall, Gohan caught my arm and turned me around to face him. Worry was deeply etched in his usually bright eyes.

“What’s wrong, Vegeta?”

I almost regretted not being able to tell him. But in my opinion, if he was Saiyan enough claim me as his mate, and then he was Saiyan enough to figure it out himself. I quickly changed the subject.

“Where have you been?” I hoped that my icy tone would put him on the defensive. “Trying to reconnect yourself to your mama’s apron strings?” He shifted us slightly so my back was against the wall. “I told you that I had to study. My education is very important to me, you know that.”

It seems that I was able to change the subject but not to put him on defense. I made an indifferent sound and tried not to look him in the eye.

“I missed you,” he whispered as he put his hands on my shoulders. He leaned down to kiss me gently. Seeing that as another distraction, I kiss back and deepen it. I should have been paying more attention to our surroundings.

Just then, a harpy’s screeching broke our tender moment. My mate was brutally pushed away from me and his mother glared down at me. I knew that I was in deep shit.


“Woman, I am doing nothing to you ‘baby’ that he hasn’t already done to me!”


“Hn. You can’t rape the willing. And believe me, he was very willing.”

For once in my life, I regret not being able to keep my mouth shut. My weakened state was no match for a furious mother. She laid into me with a slap across the face that normally would not have done anything. This time however, it sent me off balance and tumbling to the floor. Damn my weakened strength making me about as helpless as a kitten. Before she could strike me again, my stunned mate restrained her. I do not quite know what happened with them after that because I decided to retreat into my room in defeat. I lay on my side on my bed with my back to the door trying to ignore the screaming scene outside my door.

Moments after the yelling ceased, my door opened and then was slammed shut. I felt the bed sink slightly as someone sat down behind me. I stole a glance over my shoulder to see my mate seated with his elbows on his knees and his head resting in his hands. His shoulders trembled with what I assumed were sobs of anger and sadness. I didn’t know what to do so I just turned back around and remained silent.

“She disowned me,” he said quietly. I had already guessed as much. Even though I hated the bitch, the youth still had some emotional attachment to her. I understood that to him he had now lost both parents. Poor kid, but I wouldn’t say anything to him though. He knew how I felt about him and that was all that mattered to me.

After a few more minutes of silence, his trembling voice came to my ears again. I was actually surprised this time. Gohan always surprises me I guess.

“I don’t know how, but you’re pregnant aren’t you?”

I didn’t answer him but he knew. I felt the bed shift again as he moved. He spooned himself around me and cradled my body. I felt his warm breath and moist tears on the back of my neck as he pressed his face there. His hand slowly made its way to lie across my stomach. He knew. After a moment, his hand moved timidly so that it slipped up under my shirt. He ran his palm over the now stretching muscles of my lower abdomen. I put my trembling hand over his and closed my eyes. He knew.

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