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Warnings: Yaoi/Lemon, slight language

Pairing: Gohan/Vegeta

A/N: The title’s been floating around in my head since I heard the Shakira song “Eyes like yours”. It was a line in the song but that is the only part of the song I am using. The title also has little to do with the fic, I just thought it fit very well.

What the hell? It’s the third time this week that he’s come here and the countless time in the past few months. It’s really making me wonder if that kid’s got ulterior motives for the amount of time he spends here. He’s been asking the onna to modify that idiotic suit of his and then while she’s busy with that he comes and bugs me. Well, actually he visits my brat but since Trunks has been sparring with me at the times he comes, then he’s still bugging me.

Last time he was here, Bulma went on and on about how grown up he is. She said he spoke of some girl at his school so she told him all about our brief “courtship” as she calls it. If the kid asked me, I would have said it was more like a fling – a momentary lapse of judgment. She then had to inform me of how interested he was in the details. She actually giggled when she said that she thinks he’s in love. Saiyans don’t fall in love, they go into head, succumb to passion, to lust.

Of course, the boy is half-human and raised as a human. I highly doubt that he has an inkling of Saiyan mating instincts. If he did, he’s at the age where he would be starting to show them. He would start to show interest in his intended mate – the one he felt would compliment him the best mentally and physically. He would find the person whose power level was closest to his own but still low enough for him to dominate. Saiyans love a challenge and nothing is more arousing than a battle for dominance with one’s mate.

Once he finds this match, he would watch them to learn everything he can from them. He would look for a weakness to exploit when he finally makes his move. Usually by this stage, it is quite well known who his target would be. Everyone around the two would realize what was going on but somehow the victim would always claim ignorance. I saw it happen a few times as a boy and it was always the same, the intended mate would be completely taken by surprise. I always thought that they were either faking it or were just stupid.

Then finally, once he is satisfied that he has found a way to dominate his chosen one, he would state his challenge in terms of a fight. This battle of dominance turns from a physical on to a sexual one supposedly before the victim realizes what is going on. Once he dominates his mate, he would then claim them by marking them. He would sink his teeth into their flesh and taste their blood. The whole ritual is instinctual, primal, animalistic and downright erotic. He wouldn’t know an instinct from a case of flatulence.

Well if the boy has come to me for advice on how to mate with the weak human girl, he’s come to the wrong place. I know nothing of these pitiful humans and their love; all I know is Saiyan lust and desire. He should go ask the onna but then again she’s not here right now. The what could he want if not her? ”Boy, the onna’s not here,” I snapped at him finally slowing my workout to show that I knew he was there.

“I know,” was all he said. He was starting to baffle me as to why he was here.

“The brat was going to go play with your little brother.”

“I know.”

“If you came to pick him up, I don’t know where he is right now.”

“I watched him leave with Bulma a few minutes ago to go to my house,” he replied nonchalantly. He was starting to worry me- he wasn’t acting like him self and I had no clue what he wanted.

“Then who are you here for, boy?”


”Well you found me, now what do you want?”

”A fight.”

”Why don’t you find one of your little do-gooder friends and spar with them? I don’t have time to waste playing patty-cake with a child.”

”I don’t think so. They don’t challenge me. I want a real fight,” he said coming close to smirking like I usually do. “With you.” Well if he wants a real fight, I’m going to give him one. He no sooner finished what he was saying when I lunged at him. Surprisingly, he wasn’t taken off guard but blocked and countered. This was going to be fun. It had been a long time since I had got to fight with someone. I would have to show him how hard I’ve been working during these peaceful years.

It wasn’t long before we both went Super Saiyan. He wasn’t lying when he said he wanted a real fight. I don’t think he was holding back much because he’s matching me blow for blow. After a particularly vicious tangle, we break apart only for me to lunge at him again. Right before I would have made contact with him he smiled at me. It was very unnerving; like he knew I had made some fatal mistake and he was going to watch me suffer for it. I hesitated for a split second.

That momentary lapse was all he needed to evade my punch and appear directly behind me. I moved to elbow him in the abdomen but he caught my arm firmly in his one hand. The contact startled me in to ceasing all movement. He kept my upper arm in his grasp. As the seconds ticked by while were frozen there, I could feel his breath on the back of my neck. It sent chills down my spine.

What was this boy playing at? I was not in control of the situation and I hate that. I had to find a way to get back in control. I tried to elbow him with the other arm but he caught that, too. He then swept my feet out from under me and drove me forward into the floor knocking the wind out of me. He pushed me down with such force that if I had not turned my head, I would have broken my nose and drove the shattered bone into my brain.

By the time I got myself to breathe again, I realized that he was on top of me. He still had my arms pinned behind me but now only with one hand. He had his weight effectively distributed over my body so that it was impossible for me to get up. I closed my eyes and waited for the finishing blow that was sure to come from his unoccupied hand.

It never did come; instead he leaned down to speak to me. I could feel his breath on my face and his lips touched my ear as he spoke.

“Submit, Vegeta,” he said in an almost crooning tone. Was he trying to mock me?

“Never,” I rasp still not opening my eyes.

His lips were on my ear again as he replied, “I knew you would say that.”
I could feel his lips curve into a smile but did not have time to ponder why. I acutely became aware of his other hand as it slowly made its way down my side to my hip. My eyes shot open and I gasped at the gentle contact. What in the hell was the boy doing?
I could feel a chuckle shake his body as he pressed it closer to mine. He spoke in my ear again, “You, my Prince, don’t like it when you aren’t in control of the situation.”

I started to ask him what he thought he was doing but stopped when his warm mouth closed around my ear lobe. The pure shock of the sensation alone was enough to knock me out of Super Saiyan. I was now completely at his mercy.

The reality of the situation hit me like a ton of bricks. This Saiyan on top of me has been studying me for weeks, he waited until we were alone, started a fight, he tried to get me to submit to him, and was then trying to dominate me by teasing me sexually. How could I have not seen this coming? I must be blind and stupid.

I did not get any more time to contemplate the situation because his free hand started to migrate again. It retraced its path down my side but this time catches the waistband of my shorts on the way down. I don’t remember moving but I must have helped by lifting my hips off the floor because seconds later I was naked from the waist down.

His weight shifted slightly, I assumed to start to strip him self. I used his distraction to try to free myself. It was to no avail though; he just pushed me harder into the ground. He leaned down again to speak to me.

“Are you telling me that you don’t want this.”
I wanted to, the last rational part of my mind wanted to say no to all of it but my Saiyan body had other ideas. I quit struggling and tried to relax under the youth. I had to admit, barring a slight age difference, on Vegeta-sei this would not have been out of the ordinary. Thinking back, I should have seen it coming, I was the only one of Saiyan blood that he was not related to that was an adult. Maybe that was why I started to feel like I wanted him as much as he wanted me.

“That’s a good prince,” he cooed into my ear. “If you keep this up, I may release your arms.”

I closed my eyes and wet my lips as he shifted his body again. He was stripping off his clothes faster than before. The whole situation was starting to get to me. I could feel the blood coursing through my veins causing my flesh to heat and my breath became more rapid with each passing moment. I went to wet my parched lips again and found his fingers pressed against them.

“Suck,” was all he said to instruct me as to what he had planed on doing. And then I, like an obedient child, complied with great enthusiasm. Satisfied with my duty, he removed his fingers from my mouth and pressed one of them into my body. I held my breath at the intrusion. He lowered his mouth to my ear and crooned soothing words to me as he slipped another inside me. I tried to concentrate on his voice and lips while I was stretched. I was finding it hard because of the pain it was causing me until his dexterous fingers found a hidden spot within my body that almost made me cry out.

He chuckled at my reaction as he moved his fingers again and again. I started to writhe beneath him. Then all of a sudden he stopped and withdrew his fingers.

“If I give you back your arms, will you submit and let me finish what we started?”

I couldn’t find the word to answer him and ended up growling my wishes at him in Saiya-go. I doubt he understood me but the rocking of my hips up into his gave him no doubt of what I meant. He let go of my arms only long enough to roll me over to face him. He then pinned my shoulders down to the floor and drove himself to the hilt within me.

My eyes squeezed shut in pain as I arched my body beneath the youth. He waited only a moment before he started to move. The pain was quickly forgotten as pleasure flooded every cell of my body. I found myself reaching my newly freed arms around him to pull him close as I wrapped my legs around his waist. He was the master and I was just faithfully following him looking for my reward for good behavior.

His pace quickened and I found myself racing to keep up. I pulled him closer as I neared my completion. My release came quickly flooding between our bodies. As my muscles contracted in its effects, he drove into me harder than he had before and bit down where my neck and shoulders meet. I could feel his passion spill into my body as he hungrily nursed my wound.

I must have lost consciousness because when I opened my eyes I found myself curled up on my side. Strong arms cradled my smaller body into his. I looked up into black eyes that shown with passion. I took a few deep breaths reveling in the scent of my new mate. After a few minutes of bliss wrapped in his arms I finally found my voice again.

“There’s more Saiyan in you than I thought.”

He just chuckled shyly looking more like the Gohan he usually was. A blush colored his youthful face as he dropped his eyes from mine. “I thought you’d kill me if I tried to do that…”

“I still might,” I said in a wry tone. His momentary doubt was all the time I needed to sink my teeth into his flesh sealing our union. “Just don’t think that you get to be dominant all the time even if you are good at it.”

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