Devour Me

By: Hatti Lee* AKA Amalthea* AKA Saiyajin_Peach AKA Saiyajin_Peach_18

Authors Notes: Well, here we go again… Another Goku & Vejita yaoi! Woo hoo! ^_^ In this one, Goku, or should I say Kakarotto, is definitely OOC, but it’s all good. You’ll see. ^_~ I actually have this entire fic finished. Complete! I’ll be adding chapters weekly, but I may update faster, depending on reviews that is. Hint. Hint. ^_^ Oh, and I welcome any and all reviews. Be it from just a fan or a flamer! It’s all good here!

Warnings: If you don’t already know, this is a yaoi fic, which means male/male intimacy. If you are uncomfortable with this, or if you’re just narrow-minded, I suggest you go elsewhere.

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Chapter Seven

"Sire, where have you been?" Nappa questioned, nearly tackling his prince as he rounded a corner.

"I went for a walk." Vejita answered calmly, completely unlike himself.

"Outside the palace? That’s dangerous," with that Nappa decided to change topics, knowing this one was headed no where, "I heard you were in Council… What happened?"

Once they’d entered their quarters, Vejita complied with his bodyguard's questions, "I’ve been ordered to choose a mate by my twenty-fifth birthday. If I don’t, they will choose one for me."

Nappa was dumb, but he wasn’t retarded. Obviously there was something more to the story. Normally being ordered to do something only angered the proud prince, causing him to hurl things at anyone and everyone. Watching as Vejita took a seat on the dull couch, Nappa took a seat across from him. It seemed it was going to be one of those few times where they behaved as friends… Where Vejita would open up to him…

Vejita held his composure for as long as possible, but relaxing on the very couch where he and the boy had been nearly… Intimate… It was too much.

"My father decided that it had been wrong for him to push a male slave on me like that. So, he took Kakarotto away."

Nappa knew that this wasn’t a good thing. The prince had become especially close with the boy. They were like brothers… Best friends…


Snapping out of his thoughts, the bulky bodyguard looked up to see his prince a little stronger, "Uh… Yes, Sire?"

"How many slaves do I have?"

"Near ten, I’m guessing." Nappa answered, narrowing his eyes in curiosity.

"Have them all sent to my father. Tell him that I don’t need any distractions while I search for a mate." Vejita said, the last coming out in his usual hard voice. Besides, this was all nonsense. He quickly rose from his seat and went to his room to change. He needed to train and get his mind off everything.

Nappa bowed slightly before trotting off to do as he was told. It wasn’t far down the hall. He paused in front of the narrow double doors before entering, closing the doors behind him. The room was large, but not nearly large enough for ten women. Quickly he learned that it was actually eight. Prince Vejita owned eight slaves. That was nothing compared to the king; however, Nappa had heard through other guards that the king didn’t have near as many as he’d once had. There just wasn’t time to shop for women when the planet was being threatened so often.

"Ladies, who’s in charge here?" Nappa said, interrupting their chatter.

"I am." The voice was that of the oldest woman in the room. She couldn’t have been older than thirty, but she was the oldest, which automatically put her in charge of the rest of the women.

"You have an hour. Have all these women including yourself gather only your most precious belongings and one change of clothes. Your master, the good prince, has decided to give you to the king himself." Nappa said, pressing a button on his scouter to set a timer before exiting the room.

"Well, you heard him." The brunette said, turning to gather her things.

"Can you believe it! I barely even got to see Prince Vejita!" Hanna protested, throwing her hands on her hips. She was next in line to being the oldest.

"I wouldn’t complain." Came a tiny voice. Hanna turned to see that it had been Emerarudo who’d decided to join in the conversation. Nearly every slave was jealous of the lovely "emerald."

"What’s that supposed to mean?" Hanna said, her voice raising a notch as she lifted her right hand from her hip, using it to flip her shimmering blonde hair.

"Well," Eme began, speaking ever so softly, "You’re lucky the prince never used you."

Hanna glared at the girl trying to decide whether or not that had been an insult. She was enraged just looking at her. Jealousy was a powerful thing. Eme had beautiful pale green skin. It wasn’t like most. It wasn't fleshy, scaly, or smooth. Her skin felt almost like a fine powder, cool and dry at the same time, glittering like sand at her joints. Her fingers and toes were webbed in a strangely elegant way, and her eyes were the deepest green, like emeralds. Turned out that she was from another planet far away, where she’d lived at the bottom of a large ocean. Few had seen the gills behind her ears, but Hanna knew they were there. Eme wasn’t the type to lie.

"Hanna, come on. Let’s just get our stuff together." Chiisai pleaded, hoping her friend didn’t get into another argument. They’d all told their sob stories. Chiisai, Hanna, Kurisutaru, and Eko had been sold into slavery when they were just toddlers. Their parents couldn’t afford to feed them, much less themselves, and had been forced to give up their precious daughters but never their sons. Riko had been stolen from her parents, so she said, but many guessed that she too had been sold. It was quite depressing to think that even your parents hadn’t seen your importance. No wonder there weren’t many Saiyajin women. They were all slaves! Jiyu had offered herself into slavery. She was a very strange girl indeed and the youngest of them all, having just recently turned twenty-two. Seido, the oldest of them was also different. She was Saiyajin, but her skin was much darker than most had seen, rich like chocolate. Her hair and eyes were also a deep, rich chocolate, much darker than her skin however. (A/N: Emerarudo translates to Emerald, Kurisutaru translates to Crystal, Eko translates to Echo, Riko translates to Clever, Jiyu translates to Loose, and Seido translates to Bronze.) Eme was like the many other slaves that populated the Planet Vejita. Her planet had been taken over by the Saiyajin and she’d been taken into slavery.

Wait a minute, are you saying he’s used you?" Hanna questioned out of curiosity now.

Eme ran a hand through her dark green hair, her fingers working quickly to twist it into a long braid, "Yes, only a few times though."

"That can’t be true. Everyone here says that he’s never enjoyed any slave." Hanna said, her tone much calmer now as she watched the green girl slip a few pieces of jewelry into a cloth bag resembling a pillowcase that had been altered.

"That’s enough. Most of the girls here are new like yourself," Seido interrupted, "Eme and myself are the only slaves that Prince Vejita purchased himself. I was only twenty then. That was nearly eight years ago."

Many of the girl’s mouths hung open in disbelief. Seido had waited until now to tell them this!

"Are you saying you were his first?" Eko questioned, her extremely short red hair bouncing as she stepped closer. Normally she was much, much more talkative.

Seido nodded, causing Hanna to gasp, "So, you’re saying that you and Eme are the only women that he’s ever been with?"

"No, I’ve heard that he’s taken many of the slave women that work in the palace. I’ve even heard that a few didn’t survive it." Eko said, letting the gossip bug take hold of her. Her last sentence caused the room to gasp in shock and fear.

"Okay, okay, that’s enough of this. You know how much trouble we’ll get into for talking about our master like this?" Seido said, not really knowing what had gotten into her. The women continued with what they were doing, nearly all of them finished packing what little jewelry they’d collected, a few personal items, and a single change of clothes. They’d be provided with more clothes later, clothes that better suited their new master’s tastes.

Vejita watched out of the corner of his eye as Nappa began walking out of the room, "Where are you going?" the prince questioned, stopping his training in midair.

"You ordered me to give your slaves to King Vejita." Nappa said, a little confused that his prince had forgotten already.

Vejita landed swiftly, wiping the sweat from his brow. He remembered giving the order. It was only right. He didn’t need slaves any more. It wasn’t because he needed to choose a mate. It was because there was only one person that he wanted.

"No." he mumbled, shaking the thought from his head. This was crazy! Why couldn’t he get his thoughts clear?

"Sire, do you want me to do it or not?" Nappa questioned, a puzzled look coming over his face. His prince didn’t answer though. Instead, he gestured for him to follow him. Nappa smirked as they made their way to his slaves’ quarters, Vejita was reminding him of the king.

There were many gasps as the prince barged into the colorful room, "My father will be pleased. Take them to him immediately. It’s late, he should be in his quarters."

"Yes, Sire." Nappa said, stepping forward to count the women and get them together.

Vejita watched as his bodyguard worked. He didn’t recognize any of the women. Wait, he did recognize that one. The lovely bronze one. She’d been a present from his father on his seventeenth birthday. His father had taken him to shop for a woman to be his first. He’d chosen this one. He stepped forward, quickly capturing the woman’s chin in his hand, surprising everyone in the room.

"Master?" Seido questioned, keeping her gaze to the floor.

"Nappa, I think I’ll keep this one."

Nappa was a little shocked. He’d never seen the prince act intimate with a woman in his life. Vejita said it was a weakness to be so soft and romantic. Nappa quickly remembered what he’d been told and nodded.

That’s when the lovely green one caught his attention. Yes, he remembered her. He’d gone with his father to prepare a shipment of slaves that were to be sent to a nearby king to repay him for sending his most powerful soldiers to aid in a battle. He remembered seeing her shivering in one of the many cages and demanded that she be his. Vejita smirked, eyeing his emerald.

"And this one." He said, making sure Nappa knew which he was talking about before he exited the room, heading back to the training hall.

It was obvious to Nappa why his prince wanted to keep the two slaves; they were both very beautiful, "Well, you heard the prince. You two stay here. The rest, follow me."

Kakarotto nearly cried out in surprise as the front doors flew open. The boy could tell that it was the king by the scent of him.

"Ah, such a good slave." The king said, forgetting his stress as he laid eyes on the lovely boy. As he’d expected, the boy didn’t make a move. He was going to enjoy this. The king quickly removed his gloves and boots, followed by his red cloak and shinning armor, leaving him in only a navy blue bodysuit much like the ones the prince wore.

"Now, Kakarotto, is it? Undress."

Kakarotto shuttered at what was to follow. He hated having to do this. It wasn’t that he was shy, he just hated what he knew was to follow once he was naked. Slowly, he untied the white sash around his waist, letting it drop to the floor along with his dull blue gi pants, which he soon stepped out of. Ignoring the king’s approving remarks, he continued by pulling the dull blue sleeveless shirt over his head, letting it too drop to the floor. Now he was completely naked and feeling more than a little vulnerable.

"Very nice." The king said, stepping forward to fondle his newest slave. The boy was exquisite with his pale white skin and black features.

"Get on the bed." He ordered, quickly discarding the rest of his clothing and joining Kakarotto on the bed. It seemed the boy wasn’t the type to enjoy himself. It didn’t matter. The king leaned forward, licking the boys ear as he whispered what he wanted.

Kakarotto grimaced inwardly, watching out of the corner of his eye as the king lay back, spreading his legs. He’d been taught to follow orders. He’d been taught to follow orders. Repeating the thought didn’t help as he lowered his face to the king’s large erection. He had to do as he was told. What good would it do to disobey? He’d only be killed. Without another thought he lowered his head to carry out his king’s… His master’s request.

King Vejita closed his eyes as the boy’s tongue intruded his body, causing him to breathe deeply, groaning from time to time. He groaned a bit louder, lifting his hips off the mattress as his erection was nearly swallowed. A finger had replaced the tongue and he was on the verge of completion.

Kakarotto nearly gagged as the king’s seed filled his mouth. He quickly swallowed as he’d been ordered and withdrew, waiting for his next order.

The king gasped for a few moments before sitting up, "Now…" he began, glad that he was finally going to get the chance to fuck the boy senseless. Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

Growling, King Vejita rose from the bed, pulling on a large navy blue robe, "It seems we’ll have to finish this later. Get your clothes and get cleaned up. There’s another door in the washroom that leads to my slaves’ quarters. That is where you stay unless called for."

Kakarotto quickly rose, gathering his clothes, and making his way into the large washroom, closing the door behind him. It seemed that the king wasn’t used to living without his luxuries. Prince Vejita lived with the minimal, insisting that any and all frills were for the weak.

King Vejita threw open his door, surprised to see Nappa, his son’s bodyguard, accompanied by six slave women, "What the Hell is all this about?"

Nappa swallowed nervously, "Prince Vejita ordered that these slaves be sent to Your Highness immediately, saying that they are too much of a distraction while he searches for a mate."

"Hmph. Very well. Take them to my slaves’ quarters." The king said through a smirk, gesturing to the narrow double doors just down the hall before closing the door in Nappa’s face. His son was being awfully spiteful. Oh well. Maybe it was enough to calm him down and set his mind to what was at hand. The king stopped his worries; it was pointless. What he needed was some sleep.

Kakarotto used the soap, since he couldn’t find any toothpaste or mouthwash, to rinse his mouth again. Once he was satisfied, he pulled on his clothes and opened the door to the room he’d been told was his new home. Upon entering, there were many gasps from at least twenty women. The room was enormous, slightly larger than the king’s own room.

"Who are you?" demanded a tall, yellow-skinned woman. Her hair and eyes were a bright red, contrasting nicely to her pale yellow skin. She was tall and stout. Here ears were pointed, she had no nose, and it seemed as though she only had four fingers on each hand.


The boy was surprised when he was suddenly tackled by, "Hanna, Chiisai…"

"You’re a slave?" the yellow woman questioned.

"Yes, he’s one of us." Hanna said, throwing the woman a look that said, "No shit!"

"Well, like I told the others… My name is Nikko, and I’m in charge since I’m the oldest." (A/N: Nikko translates to Sunshine.)

"Okay." Kakarotto answered simply, causing the women to roll her eyes before walking away, leaving him to be greeted by Hanna, Chiisai, and four other women.

"I thought you were Jita’s slaves, why are you here?" the boy questioned, looking from the blonde to the brunette.

"Prince Vejita has given us to the king," Chiisai answered, "What about you? I thought you were one of the prince’s slaves too?"

"Are you saying that Prince Vejita had a male slave?" Jiyu asked, her eyes bulging in shock.

"It’s pretty crazy. I don’t mind tellin’ ya, but right now I just wanna sleep. Kay?"

After receiving several nods and a blanket and pillow, he made his way to an empty space along one of the bright-colored walls. Soon he was lying comfortable and on the verge of sleep. The truth was, he didn’t want to talk about it. In his mind, Vejita would always be his master.

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