Devour Me

By: Hatti Lee* AKA Amalthea* AKA Saiyajin_Peach AKA Saiyajin_Peach_18

Authors Notes: Well, here we go againÖ Another Goku & Vejita yaoi! Woo hoo! ^_^ In this one, Goku, or should I say Kakarotto, is definitely OOC, but itís all good. Youíll see. ^_~ I actually have this entire fic finished. Complete! Seems I'm updating every three to four days, but even that could change, depending on reviews that is. Hint. Hint. ^_^ Oh, and I welcome any and all reviews. Be it from just a fan or a flamer! Itís all good here!

Warnings: If you donít already know, this is a yaoi fic, which means male/male intimacy. If you are uncomfortable with this, or if youíre just narrow-minded, I suggest you go elsewhere.

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I do not own DragonBall Z or itís characters, and, again, unfortunately, Iím not making any money off of this. So, please don't sue me! It's not like you'd get much anyway! ^_^

Okay, if there's anyone left, on with the ficÖ

Chapter Eight

Several days had passed and Prince Vejita was training harder than ever, deep in thought. He felt as if he were going mad. Heíd enjoyed himself with each of his two remaining slaves. Of course it had been pleasurable, but he yearned for something more.

Baring his teeth, he attacked Nappa, throwing swift kicks and punches at full power. He wasnít a faggot!

"Sire, please!" Nappa bellowed, backing away quickly when the prince paused in their sparring. Breathing heavily, the slow-witted bodyguard watched his prince; it was obvious he was deep in thought.

Vejitaís eyes were open, but he wasnít really seeing. MaybeÖ Maybe he needed to enjoy himself with a male, just to see if that was what he yearned for. No. He knew that the aching he felt wasnít something that could be remedied with physical pleasure. He needed more. Love? Love was a weakness, but he could remember not so long ago when heíd felt the beginnings of the cruel emotion.

Vejita opened his eyes at the feel of the boy nudging his thigh with his head as he repositioned himself. Soon, he stilled, and the prince closed his eyes again. Before long, they were both fast asleep.

Yes, Kakarotto. No wonder heíd felt so hurt when his father had taken the boy away. He needed to get the boy back. Even if he was unsure about his feelings, he knew he didnít want anyone other than himself in Kakarottoís presence, touching himÖ The thought caused him to snap back into reality.

"Nappa, your services are no longer need for the day." With that he stomped off, heading for his fatherís quarters. It was quite early, surely heíd still be there.

Before long he was standing before the doors of his fatherís chambers. He paused, taking a deep breath. He hadnít seen his father in a couple of days. Heíd had Nappa inform his father that heíd be unable to come to the throne room each morning, insisting that he didnít want any distractions while he chose a mate. Funny, though heíd rid himself of distractions, Kakarotto haunted his mind. Finally, he raised a hand to knock, knowing full well that his father was inside, since he was able to feel ki now.

"What is it? Oh, Vejita, and to what do I owe this pleasure?" the king said, half-dressed.

"Father, Iíve been racking my mind, trying to think which of the many women Iíve encountered would make the perfect mateÖ"

"And?" the king interrupted, "Iím pressed for time as it is. I have to be in the throne room in less than ten minutes."

Vejita fought back the urge to snap at his father, instead continuing with his charade, "As I was saying, Iím quite stressed, and the truth of the matter is that I was hoping for a slave to relieve that stress."

"This makes no sense. You gave me all of your slaves." The king said, leaving his chamber doors open as he stepped back into the room to continue getting dressed.

"Yes, but Iím afraid you took away the one that I had yet to enjoy." Vejita said, hoping his father caught on, he did not look forward to explaining it.

King Vejitaís eyes lit up at the realization of his sonís words, "I see, but you said that you and the boy were friends, and Iíd gotten word from Nappa that the two of you had conversations like you were brothers, not lovers."

Vejita swallowed, knowing that his father was going to say this, "Yes, well, itís something to be ashamed of when you yearn for male intimacy, and the conversations, have you never had a conversation with one of your slaves?"

The king eyed his son for a moment before smirking, "Then, I was right all along. Well, heís in my slavesí quarters. Help yourself, heís all yours. I need to be going. So, if youíll excuse me."

Vejita nodded his thanks to his father as he left, his cloak billowing behind him as he turned a corner. Pausing again before another set of double doors, slightly narrower, Vejita finally worked up the nerve to enter, throwing the doors open to see quite a large number of slaves.

Kakarotto lifted his head to the sound, forgetting his manners as he laid eyes on the face of his true master. He couldnít stop the grin that spread across his face.

"Jita!" He exclaimed, jumping to his feet and running to the prince, his tail flowing behind him as he tackled his master.

Prince Vejita smirked, "Hey, chibi. Letís get out of here." With that, the two of them left, leaving the remaining slaves in shock.

"Can you believe it?" Hanna questioned, turning to gape at Chiisai who only shook her head. It was unbelievable. Their little Kakarotto had won the heart of the prince.

"Jita, I didnít think youíd come. Iím so glad to see you." Kakarotto went on as they made their way to their quarters.

Vejita became suddenly all too aware of the warm hands that were holding his left arm in a near death grip. Actually, it was a strong yet very, very gentle hold. Almost like anÖ Embrace. Vejita pulled away as they reached their destination, but he found himself pausing before yet another door.

"Kakarotto, I have a lot of things on my mind. I want you to stay in my slavesí quarters, okay?"

Kakarotto nodded. Was it him? Why did his own master refuse his touch? He took a few steps back as Vejita began to show him to the doors.

"No, itís okay. I know where it is." Kakarotto said, entering the room, closing the doors behind him.

Vejita sighed. He knew this wasnít much better, but at least he knew that the boy wasnít being used. Now he was free to his thoughts, and the only way he could think was to train.

Emeís eyes grew wide when she saw the strange man step into the room. She glanced to Seido. The dark woman was keeping her manners. So, Eme followed suit. Whoever this was, he was Saiyajin, which meant he was above her.

"Hi. My nameís Kakarotto. I guess Iíll be stayiní here for a while."

At that, both womenís heads snapped up, "Are you saying youíre a slave?" Seido asked, watching the boy wearily as he came closer, plopping down on the floor near them.


"Iím guessing youíre Prince Vejitaís slave since youíre here." Eme said, pulling at her unruly dark green tresses.

"Yeah, but I donít think he wants me. He just doesnít want anyone else ta have me." Kakarotto said, sulking. He wasnít a complete moron. He knew well enough what he was. Heíd never actually started his training, but heíd lived there nearly all of his life. He belonged to the prince. He belonged to Jita. Why didnít he enjoy him?

"Well, thatís a lot better than you think." Eme said, leaning back against some of the plush satin pillows that filled the room.

Two months time had passed and Vejita found that heíd gotten absolutely nowhere.

"Sire, I donít think this is good for you." Nappa said, leaning against the cool dull metal walls of the princeís training hall.

"What?" Vejita snapped, turning from his invisible training partner, hovering in midair.

"I know itís not my place to say but somethingís wrong, isnít it?"

"Hn." Was the princeís only answer as he floated down out of the air, landing with a tap of his boots.

"All this training isnít helping. If you donít choose a mate within the next four months, theyíll choose one for you."

"Do you think I donít know that?" Vejita yelled, storming towards the daft bodyguard.

"UhÖ Sorry, SireÖ It just seemed that youíve been deep in thought for some time now. MaybeÖ"

"What Nappa?" Vejita yelled when it seemed the bulky warrior wasnít going to continue, "By all means, grace me with you intellect!"

"Maybe you should just act on instinct. Do what feels right." Nappa said, starting off yelling and ending in a soft tone.

Vejitaís eyes were wide. That was perhaps the smartest thing the man had ever said. Maybe he was right. Maybe he should stop worrying about his brain and stick to his heart.

His brain told him that homosexuality was disgusting. His heart could care less. His brain ordered him to be proud and arrogant and strong. His heart wanted him to seek what his body ached for. His brain told him the boy was nothing more than a third class, orphaned pleasure slave. His heart told him that Kakarotto was the love of his life.

Vejitaís eyes grew wider, if that was possible. Love of his life? Where had that come from? He wasnít even sure if he wanted to go through with this.

"Maybe you should just act on instinct. Do what feels right." The words echoed in his mind. Quickly, he regained his composure.

"Nappa, thanks. Take leave for the rest of the day." Vejita said, blurting out the last as he turned and bolted for the door.

Nappa wasnít quite sure whatíd gotten into his prince, but what heíd said really seemed to shock him.

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