Devour Me

By: Hatti Lee* AKA Amalthea* AKA Saiyajin_Peach AKA Saiyajin_Peach_18

Authors Notes: Well, here we go again… Another Goku & Vejita yaoi! Woo hoo! ^_^ In this one, Goku, or should I say Kakarotto, is definitely OOC, but it’s all good. You’ll see. ^_~ I actually have this entire fic finished. Complete! Seems I'm updating every three to four days, but even that could change, depending on reviews that is. Hint. Hint. ^_^ Oh, and I welcome any and all reviews. Be it from just a fan or a flamer! It’s all good here!

Warnings: If you don’t already know, this is a yaoi fic, which means male/male intimacy. If you are uncomfortable with this, or if you’re just narrow-minded, I suggest you go elsewhere.

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Okay, if there's anyone left, on with the fic…

Chapter Ten

Nappa stood from his seat at the table he normally shared with his prince and the boy. He’d returned late from a meeting and had missed dinner. Only a few warriors remained in the smaller mess hall as he stepped briskly towards the exit. Since Vejita had been insisting on privacy with the boy, he’d signed up for guard duty. It was just something to keep him from mischievous boredom.

Soon, he was out of the prince’s dull wing of the palace and traveling through the elaborate corridors towards the main entrance of the palace. Many guards were standing at their posts in the large room that served as the entrance to the palace. Nappa, being well known, wasn’t questioned as he exited the palace, the cool are being an open welcome.

"Ah, Nappa, you’re late." Came a deep, somewhat raspy voice.

"Yeah, it’s been awhile since I’ve been reduced to guard duty." Nappa answered, smirking wickedly at the second class warrior known as Raditz.

"And what the Hell’s that supposed ta mean?" the longhaired warrior questioned, resenting the comment.

"Nothing. I didn’t mean…" Nappa sighed, leaning against the cold metal of the palace’s outer wall, "The prince has been demanding privacy recently, and I find myself more than bored."

"Don’t tell me that you’re not bored having to follow him around all day?"

"It’s better than this." Nappa said, chuckling.

Raditz couldn’t help but join in as he playfully punched his friend in the arm.

"Wow. It’s been a long time since I’ve been outside." Kakarotto said, eyes wide as he looked around at his surroundings. They’d exited the palace through a back way and were walking along its outer walls towards the main entrance.

"Ever since I was a child, I’ve hated coming out here." Vejita mumbled, trying his best to ignore the few weak Saiyajin scum that were moving about in the dark. His eyes, along with a few of his other senses, being able to pick up easily on all that was around him even on the blackest of nights.

"Why?" Kakarotto asked in amazement, "I love the outdoors. Everythin’s so… I dunno."

Vejita smirked, "Were you born near farmland? You seem more like a farmer’s son than a warrior’s son."

"Nn… I lived just near farmland. Growin’ up, my dad was hardly ever there and I played with the slaves’ kids outside. I barely remember it, but I miss it."

After hearing that, Vejita was sorry for voicing his comment and looked up, trying to avoid the need he felt to stare at the boy. The sky was the deepest red, nearly black, and the bright stars shown exquisitely. Unable to hold the gaze for long, the prince glanced at the boy, who was innocently staring at the stars just as he’d been doing. Vejita wondered if it was for the same reason. Then, he noticed the boy’s tail.

"Kakarotto, why do you hold your tail like that?" a question he’d never thought to ask before.

"I dunno… It’s just easier."

Vejita nodded, accepting the simple answer.

"Why are there so many people out here? Don’t they have homes?"

"Probably not."

Kakarotto seemed to be shocked, his pace slowing somewhat, "Why?"

"There’s economic trouble at the moment. The rich are extremely rich, and the poor are extremely poor. There’s no in-between."

"Are ya doin’ somethin’ about it? I mean, the king." Kakarotto questioned, coming to a stop, leaning against the outer wall of the palace.

"He’s supposedly working on it, but I’ve yet to see progress. Why? Are you okay?" Vejita asked, his tone becoming concerned when he noticed the sadness in the boy’s eyes.

"I hate it here."

Vejita barely picked up on the mumbled statement, "Here? Here where?"

"Oh, I don’t mean I hate it with you… I mean, on this whole planet, you’re the only thing that’s good."

"You should be proud of your home planet and your people. We’re the strongest race of people in all the universe." Vejita said, his eyes narrowed in confusion.

"There’s always someone stronger. Always. And how can I be proud of the terrible things my people do?" Kakarotto said, his voice a solemn echo of his feelings.

Vejita stepped closer, "Terrible things?"

Kakarotto suddenly looked up, anger glinting in his eyes, "Yes, terrible. All the hate, murder, and rape… It’s terrible. Can’t you see that, Jita? Can’t you see what it’s doin’ to me? What it’s doin’ to you?" the boy paused, his voice calmer as he lifted a hand to his master’s face, "It’s hard to love in a world like this, but I love you, my master, my prince. I always will."

Vejita’s eyes immediately began to water, his lips trembling as the boy’s tender fingers traced them gently before reaching his hand behind his neck, pulling them together. The kiss was short and chaste, leaving them both aching for more.

"I’m sorry." Was all the proud prince was capable of as he quickly worked at wiping away his tears.

"Sorry?" Kakarotto questioned, unsure of his movements as he pulled the fragile prince closer, holding him in his arms.

Vejita finally gave up and let the tears flow as he rested his head against the boy’s chest, circling his arms around his waist. His world was falling apart. It was true. It was all true. This planet, this way of living… It was terrible. He’d been on many purging missions, even as a child. He’d seen things he could never voice. Why was he so proud anyway? He was soon to be the leader of it all, and through it all, this boy of only fourteen, found reason to love him. Love! How could anyone love him?

Kakarotto could sense Vejita’s mind struggling with things he’d just recently become aware of. He hadn’t meant to hurt him… All he could do now was just be there. He lowered his head, resting his chin in the gravity-defying locks of his master, inhaling the prince’s masculine scent.

"Jita, you smell so good. Can I taste you?" He whispered, tightening his embrace.

Vejita couldn’t help but crack a smile, a genuine smile, as he lifted his head to look up at Kakarotto, "Devour me if you like." He whispered as the boy’s lips came down on his again, passionately exploring his mouth, his entire being, with his smooth, velvety tongue.

Finally, they pulled apart for much needed air, both of them breathing deeply.

"Let’s go back inside." Vejita said after recomposing himself, looking as if nothing had happened.

Kakarotto knew better, however, and nodded as they continued their walk. Soon, they turned a corner and found themselves not far from the main entrance.

Nappa was surprised when in the middle of their conversation Raditz took up his formal composure. That meant only one thing. Nappa turned to see Prince Vejita and the boy nearing.

"Good evening, Sire. I had no idea you had plans on leaving the palace. It’s dangerous for you to be out here alone at night."

"Really, Nappa, you act as if I’m a child." Vejita said through a smirk.

Raditz glanced to his right to see the prince dressed similar to any other guard except for his lack of armor. He was surprised that Nappa was allowed to speak so casual with him. The longhaired warrior’s scouter blinked for but a second and realized that there was someone else with the prince. Taking a chance, he glanced again to his right to see what appeared to be a young male slave, judging from his attire, but his behavior said otherwise. Suddenly, his mouth fell open. The boy looked… Looked just like his…

"Soldier," Vejita growled, stepping forward, "I suggest you remember whose presence you’re in. I do not appreciate others gawking at my property."

Raditz quickly snapped out of his trance, "Sorry, Sire."

Vejita shook his head, "Nappa, how long is your post here?"

"Until just before the suns rise I’m afraid. Why? Am I needed?"

"Hn. I was just wondering. Well, I’m going to retire. Goodnight." Vejita said quickly, walking past the two.

Once the prince had entered the palace, Nappa turned to his friend, "What the Hell was that all about? You should be more careful. Prince Vejita’s been known to kill guards for less than that."

"Who was that with him?" Raditz questioned, still amazed at the resemblance.

"Oh, that’s his newest slave. They’re practically inseparable." Nappa answered, rolling his eyes.

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