Devour Me

By: Hatti Lee* AKA Amalthea* AKA Saiyajin_Peach AKA Saiyajin_Peach_18

Authors Notes: Well, here we go again… Another Goku & Vejita yaoi! Woo hoo! ^_^ In this one, Goku, or should I say Kakarotto, is definitely OOC, but it’s all good. You’ll see. ^_~ I actually have this entire fic finished. Complete! Seems I'm updating every three to four days, but even that could change, depending on reviews that is. Hint. Hint. ^_^ Oh, and I welcome any and all reviews. Be it from just a fan or a flamer! It’s all good here!

Warnings: If you don’t already know, this is a yaoi fic, which means male/male intimacy. If you are uncomfortable with this, or if you’re just narrow-minded, I suggest you go elsewhere.

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More: I know, I know… It was (officially) Friday 15 hours ago (as one reviewer pointed out), but I was experiencing some technical difficulties. *Damns her iMac to Hell!* Anywho… This chapter is the one many of you have been waiting for… The lemon! ^_^ Enjoy! Oh, and Christopher, I'm afraid I can't send you the entire fic… That would be unfair to all my other readers! So, I'm afraid you're just going to have to wait like all the others.

Okay, if there's anyone left, on with the fic…

Chapter Eleven

Kakarotto sat patiently on Vejita’s bed as he’d been told. His heart raced as the evening’s happenings came back to him. It was true. He hated this planet and it’s purpose. He’d just never dreamed he’d tell anyone, especially the prince but that was just it. He’d been honest when he’d declared his love. Sure, he’s young and naïve, but he knew what love was. He couldn’t imagine his life without the arrogant prince.

Rising from the bed, he began undressing. He and Vejita had grown accustomed to sleeping together in the nude. Kakarotto was about to untie his sash that would allow his pants to drop to the floor, where his shirt lay, when the prince stepped into the room clad in only a large towel that had been secured around his waist. His body still glistened from his recent shower.

The prince had used the excuse of needing a shower to find some alone time where he could think. Smirking, he stepped forward, pulling at his towel, and letting it drop to the floor. His expression became all too serious though at the look of affection in Kakarotto’s eyes. Reaching forward, he placed his hands on the boy’s arms, running his callused palms down to his hands, taking up the task of untying the white sash. With several easy movements, the sash dropped to the floor, along with the boy’s pants, leaving them both naked.

Swallowing, Kakarotto let his eyes fall shut as Vejita pulled him down for a chaste kiss that slowly moved down his neck. The prince’s hands were on his stomach now, moving to his sides, and slowly sliding up to his shoulders.

Vejita gently push the boy down onto the bed, climbing in with him. They lie side by side, Kakarotto on his back, Vejita leaning over him.

Kakarotto gasped as the prince planted wet kisses up and down his chest, finally finding his hardening nipples, worrying them gently with his teeth.

"Say it again." The prince whispered, moving his lips down the boy’s abdomen, caressing his sides with his hands.

"Nn… What?" Kakarotto questioned, finding it harder to think as a sensual, oh so talented tongue dipped down into his navel.

"What you said outside." Vejita answered, his voice still just a whisper as he placed a chaste kiss on the tip of the boy’s desire.

"Jita, I… Ah," Kakarotto’s thoughts slipped from his mind as a warm mouth enveloped his erection, slowly taking in more and more. Instinctively, he lifted his hips off the futon-like mattress, moaning lightly.

Vejita smirked into his work, using his hands to hold the boy’s hips down as he pulled back, "Say it."

Kakarotto turned his head, looking down at Vejita through half-lidded eyes, smiling at the pleading look in the prince’s eyes, "I love you. I’m yours… Always." He said through deep breaths.

Vejita smiled, moving up to kiss those lips, those sweet lips. They both moaned into the open mouth kiss as heated flesh met heated flesh.

Kakarotto could feel that the prince was about to pull back, and he quickly wrapped his arms around him, crushing them together.

Vejita smirked into the kiss, allowing the boy to hold him close as curious hands moved down his muscled back until they came to the base of his tail. Suddenly, Vejita broke the kiss, growling deeply and arching his back at the sensual pleasure of the boy’s finger’s working their magic.

Kakarotto paused, unsure of what had just happened, "Jita?"

The prince smirked, running a hand down the boy’s side and around until he found his tail, administering the same sensual movements. He smirked as Kakarotto moaned loudly, arching his back as well.

He leaned down, licking one of the boy’s ears as he whispered, "Do you know how bad I want you?"

"Nn… Jita, please…"

"Of course." Vejita answered through a smirk, reaching down to grasp one of Kakarotto’s legs, pulling it up and to the side, causing the boy’s legs to spread so that he was able to position himself between them.

At the feel of hot flesh pressing against his virgin entrance, Kakarotto gasped, "Jita, I’ve never…" he said, leaving the sentence unfinished.

"I thought…?" Vejita questioned, finding himself doing the same. He was answered as the boy shook his head ever so slightly. He couldn’t help but smirk. He was glad that he was to be the boy’s first.

Leaning down, he kissed the younger Saiyajin ever so sweetly, "Don’t worry, I’ll always be gentle with you, Chibi." Slowly, he continued to press forward, knowing this was going to hurt the boy, but it was tradition during mating rituals for it to be pure raw ecstasy with little to no preparation. Kakarotto let him know just how much pain was involved in his pleasure as he moaned loudly, clutching his back with strong hands. Vejita gasped at the feel of such tightness. He never imagined it could be this wonderful. The prince stayed still, waiting for Kakarotto to adjust.

"You okay?" he whispered, watching carefully for any traces of pain, which there were a few.

"Nn… Yeah…" Kakarotto mumbled, moving his hips in time with his master’s slow movements. He reminded himself that he’d endured worse pain when training, that it would soon fade. Suddenly, all pain was forgotten as lights flashed before his eyes.

Vejita smiled when the boy practically screamed in pleasure as he found his sweet spot. Slowly, the pace quickened, and he could feel it coming. Lowering his lips to Kakarotto’s, he trailed wet kisses down his neck, sucking lightly at the place where his neck connected to his shoulder.

Kakarotto could feel it building as well, the moaning and groaning that filled the room lost to him when he felt his master’s callused hand take hold of his desire, pumping it in time with his thrusts. A new wave of pleasure flooded through him. It was so close. Suddenly, an electricity shot down his spine and throughout his body at the feel sharp canines puncturing his skin.

Kakarotto could feel a mix of emotions and memories flooding his mind.

A young prince slowly stood, wiping the tears from his smudged face.

"Enough! Saiyajin don’t cry!" came the bellowing voice of the king.

"Sire, perhaps we you should call it a day." Nappa’s voice suggested.

"No! I have to be the strongest! I have to be the best!" yelled a furious prince of fifteen as he powered up to his maximum even though he couldn’t remember the last time he’d slept or eaten. Suddenly, he passed into unconsciousness from exhaustion, his head slamming against the floor as his body crumpled.

"No… No… What have I done? What have I become?" mumbled the prince, decked out in bloodstained armor as he stood before a foreign city that was crumbled and in flames. He instantly hardened himself. Saiyajin don’t cry! It had been his first purging mission, and he had murdered… He’d taken the lives of warriors, men, women, and children like he would on every other purging mission he’d go on from this day forward.

A more recent memory surfaced, "I love you." a familiar voice echoed. An inner struggled followed by a solution…

Vejita was experiencing similar emotions and memories as he lapped at the savory crimson.

An innocent child shuffled his feet as several women, obviously slaves, stood before him.

"Kakarotto, your father was killed in battle." One of them said, placing a hand on the small child’s shoulder.

Suddenly a sorrowful crying filled the silence.

A young Kakarotto stood just outside the room, peeking in the doorway at the women within.

"We don’t have any other choice." One said, pacing the room.

"How can you even think of it." The youngest one protested.

"She’s right. We have to sell him to the slave traders, otherwise we’ll all starve." Another said, hands on hips.

"Listen, boy, don’t do too much of this." Said the shop owner as he glared at a ten-year-old Kakarotto.

"No, I have to get stronger. I have to be the best." The boy muttered, suddenly receiving a fierce slap in the face, knocking him to the ground.

"None of that!" the shop owner yelled, storming back into the shop.

"I will be the best." Kakarotto muttered, clutching his already swelling cheek.

A more recent memory came forward in the form of thoughts, "Jita. I can’t live without Jita. I may be naïve, but I know what love is."

The Saiyajin howled in unison as the memories faded from one another’s mind to be replaced by the intense pleasure they had far from forgotten. Kakarotto came first, his entire body tensing, causing Vejita to reach his peak with one final thrust. He then collapsed onto the boy, both of them breathing heavily. It didn’t take long for them to slip into a deep, deep sleep, lying in one another’s arms in the damp bed.

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