To Change the Past Changes the Future - Chapter Five

Juunanagou was paralyzed with disbelief. "Did...did he just say what I think he did?" he asked himself, unable to believe that he had just heard a declaration of love. He looked at Trunks with wide eyes, and finally whispered, "What?"

Trunks was feeling uncomfortable. He had admitted what he felt to the android, but wasn't sure if his emotions were returned. He looked into unbelieving eyes. "I love you," he repeated.

Juunanagou didn't reply. His thoughts were unable to focus. "He... he loves me? But how... how could he? After all the things my future counterpart did?" His mind was reeling. But suddenly he realized something. "Is what I feel for Trunks love? Is this what he feels for me?"

"Trunks?" Juunanagou said softly, looking back up to the purple haired fighter. "I... I love you too." He was a little surprised at himself, but was almost positive that what he felt was, in fact, love. He trusted Trunks completely, and knew that Trunks wouldn't make such a statement unless he truly meant it.

Trunks looked into the android's face. He smiled slightly, resting his face in Juunanagou's hair. "Juunana..." his voice trailed off as he felt the android snuggle closer into him, and then raise his face up to Trunks', his lips brushing lightly against the other's.

Juunanagou smiled at him, feeling a new emotion: happiness. He felt safe; none of the fear was present from his horrible remembrances. He was sure that Trunks would never hurt him like he had been, that Trunks truly did love him. He could tell; something about Trunks' look said it all.

"Trunks?" Juunanagou said, his voice shaking slightly. He lifted his face up, and pressed his lips against Trunks'. Trunks moaned at the feeling, and opened his mouth as he felt Juunanagou's tongue seek permission to enter. It was something that Trunks had never experienced before; the feeling was almost unreal. He let his mind go, emotions controlling his actions instead. He pushed against Juunanagou's tongue with his own, now entering the android's mouth. Juunanagou brought his arms up and wrapped them around Trunks' neck, pulling him deeper into the kiss.

Finally, Juunanagou pulled back. He looked at Trunks in a daze, the taste of the kiss lingering on his lips. But he could still feel a need for something more, and upon seeing the android's expression, Trunks seemed to understand, also feeling the want for more.

"Come on," he said, his voice soft. He flew into the air, and waited until Juunanagou hovered beside him. He then proceeded to lead him back to Gero's lab, which was now deserted. Juunanagou, getting the idea, led Trunks into the lab. They walked in and through the dark rooms, further back. He finally opened the door to a room with a small bed in the corner. They entered the room, shutting the door behind them.

Trunks glanced over at Juunanagou to make sure that he was all right, and could see traces of fear in the android's eyes. Trunks, who was slightly fearful himself, recomposed himself and rested a hand reassuringly on the android's shoulder. "Don't worry," he said, taking his hand off of the shoulder and instead wrapping it around Juunanagou's waist, "everything will be okay." Juunanagou nodded, and sat down on the bed. He looked at Trunks, who came over and sat beside him.

With a trembling hand, Juunanagou removed Trunks' jacket, while Trunks untied his bandanna. After he had removed it, he slowly brought his face to Juunanagou's neck, trailing kisses around. Juunanagou groaned, and pushed Trunks back a little, pulling his skintight black shirt off. He stared for a moment at the perfect skin on Trunks' muscular chest, and moved his hand up to a nipple, rubbing it softly in circular motions. Trunks closed his eyes, lost in the feeling.

Juunanagou watched the expression on Trunks' face. He removed his hand from the nipple, and saw Trunks slowly open his eyes. Trunks then proceeded to remove Juunanagou's shirt, exposing the bare skin of his chest. He traced a line of kisses down the center of the android's chest, and then back up again, finally meeting his mouth. Juunanagou sighed into Trunks' mouth, and felt Trunks lie back on the bed, dragging him on top. Trunks pulled him down, pushing hard against the android's mouth. He bit the bottom lip softly, and Juunanagou opened his mouth, allowing Trunks to explore it with his tongue. This continued for a few minutes, until Trunks moved his hands down, and felt Juunanagou's hard member beneath the fabric of his pants.

Juunanagou gasped as he felt Trunks' hand move between his legs. It felt so good, and he let his eyes close for a moment. He then followed Trunks' move, and brought his hand down to the bulge in Trunks' pants. Trunks moaned as he felt the pressure on his hard member, and felt his need growing.

"Juunana..." he whispered, and the android looked at him. "Please...take me...I need you."

Juunanagou was unsure. He recalled the pain he had felt, and didn't want to put Trunks through that. Upon seeing the android's hesitant look, Trunks said, "Please... don't worry about hurting me, but I need you so much."

Juunanagou was still slightly uncertain, but seeing the look on Trunks' face made him consent. The two quickly rid themselves of the rest of their clothing. Juunanagou was scared, scared that he would hurt the only one he had ever loved so much. As carefully as he could manage, he pushed a finger into Trunks' opening. Trunks tensed; it didn't hurt, but it felt odd. Juunanagou watched Trunks' expression, making sure that he wasn't hurt. He added a second finger, again checking to see if Trunks was all right. Finally, he added the third finger, and Trunks jerked suddenly in response to the small amount of pain present. Juunanagou moved in and out of him, slowly, until he felt Trunks beginning to relax again.

Trunks felt the pain leave, and waited. He was determined to hide any more pain from Juunanagou, and prepared himself for what he assumed was to be the most painful part.

Juunanagou positioned himself and slowly began to enter. Trunks clenched his jaw at the sudden onslaught on pain. Juunanagou forced himself to continue, even though it was hard for him to bear seeing Trunks in so much pain. Finally, he was completely inside, and felt the pleasure rush through his body. He started thrusting deeper into Trunks, taking a slow pace, and steadily increasing. Trunks began thrusting back, the pain now retreating. Juunanagou drove deep into him, and hit a spot that made Trunks lose all conscious mind. He cried out in sudden pleasure, pulling Juunanagou nearer.

Juunanagou, upon hearing Trunks' cry, started thrusting harder into him, and felt himself nearing his climax. He reached down to Trunks' member, pumping him with his hand. Trunks was not ready for the feeling this produced, and was lost in ecstasy. He felt himself suddenly spill out onto Juunanagou's hand, screaming as he came. Juunanagou's release wasn't far behind. He buried himself deep inside Trunks and cried out as he released. Juunanagou collapsed on top of Trunks, both of them covered in sweat and breathing hard.

Trunks looked up at Juunanagou, and saw his contented smile. Juunanagou carefully removed himself from Trunks, and turned to kiss him softly. Trunks wrapped his arm around Juunanagou, pulling him closer. "I love you, Juunana," he whispered, before closing his eyes, sleep overcoming him.

Juunanagou laid his head on Trunks' shoulder, and replied, "I love you too, Trunks." Sighing, the android let his tired eyes fall, and slipped into the most comfortable sleep he had ever known.

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